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I began writing erotic stories in 1992 when I found an online partner that had a shared interest in doing that. Over the years I've had a few different writing partners and everyone's style is a little different, but interesting in their own way. Cindy's is by far the most romantic with the most attention to relational detail. All of my partner stories have also been written via email. I began writing my own stories while I was involved with an individual that enjoyed receiving them. Most were based on fantasies or experiences we shared. I continue to write them because I enjoy doing it, thanks in part to the encouraging comments I receive from time to time.

As with all writers, I also value comments, suggestions or ideas. If you have read my stories then you already know which direction my tastes run. Love making should be romantic, sexy and totally hot...but never forced or with children or relatives or animals...particularly if those animals happen to be know what they say, you can choose your friends, your relatives you're pretty much stuck with.

My favorite things, aside from erotic writing of course, would include photography...most preferably expansive landscapes and unusual architecture but now and again a beautiful flower or an ugly bug can be just as intriguing. I also enjoy traveling, though I don't get to do nearly enough of it, sitting and reading a good novel and just spending quiet time with someone I soon as I find her, I intend to do a lot more of that!

Definitely the two most important characteristics in anybody, male or female, is a sense of humor and intelligence. Anybody who says "looks don't matter" is either lying or carries a white cane, but in the whole scheme of things it does come farther down the list than those two qualities. Someone who can really take the old cliche to heart and stop and smell the roses has acquired a serenity and peace of mind that I aspire to.

Happy Reading!