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"The man who has no imagination has no wings." Muhammad Ali

Let me first take a moment and thank you for spending a little time today reading my stories. This is a new venture for me into the realm of erotica and I appreciate and encourage your comments. Since I am new at this, your story ideas are welcome, too!

In the story titled "Audrey" I bring up a very important issue. I would like to think that we can be open enough in our sexuality to explore those things that excite, intrigue, and stimulate our minds and bodies. Though for some, the fantasy may never become a reality, it is exciting to imagine the feel of another woman and ponder that thought. It may make the sex that you have with your partner that much more exciting. There is no harm in fantasy. Sometimes, I think the fantasy is much better than the reality. The real message here is to be free with your imagination and allow yourself to think about those things you may never speak aloud. Spend some time getting to know yourself and what pleases you. The time is well spent and I can assure you that you will reap the benefits of a very active imagination.

About me: I live in Indianapolis, IN. I work full time and attend school full time. I love to get lost in a great novel, fiction of course! (my theory is, we have enough reality every day in our lives, why bore myself with the facts?) Mystery, romance, thriller, magazine, newspaper, if it's printed and partly interesting, I'll read it. My second great love is any movie with an interesting plot. I cannot tolerate scary movies but just about anything else goes.

I am a Capricorn, so I am constantly on the go, drive and initiative are my key words. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so it is important to me to succeed with flying colors. I am fascinated with the world of domination/submission, though I know I would not be successful at either role, it is still interesting. The idea of giving up total control is thrilling to me. I think it is rather limiting to classify yourself as one or the other. I enjoy the idea that my lover may not know which role I will take, and the element of surprise is erotic on it's own. Pain, blood, animals, kids, or non- consensual sex are not acceptable. This de-humanizes erotica and sex and has nothing at all to do with love or emotion.

Romance is my true passion. Candles, flowers, music, a little wine, and something silky are my ideal settings for a wonderful interlude. Making love is made up of more than what is physically happening between two people. You have to set the scene and the mood. A truly intimate connection between two people of thoughts, feelings, and dreams are great foreplay and cannot be confined to a physical level. This, to me, is the true recipe for happiness.

Finally, a thought.
"Only as high as I reach can I grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,
Only as much as I dream can I be." ~~ Karen Ravn