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It was 9:02 P.M. and her plane was to arrive in a few short minutes. My heart was beating out of my chest and my hands were quivering. Would I recognize her ? Would I be what she had expected? Is the online attraction the same in real life? The passengers were exiting and I quickly glanced at each one trying to recognize Karen. And there she was, I felt a warm glow throughout my body and a smile came to my face. Our eyes met and she smiled at me and I thought she too was not disappointed. She was more beautiful than I could have imagined as her online pic does not do her justice. She has dark soft hair past her shoulders, deep brown eyes, and a smile that begged to be kissed. I handed her the rose from my clammy fingers and said, "God, it's so nice to finally meet you". She said, " Me too" and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

Karen and I had been chatting for several months online and I knew more about her than I did my ex-wife. We came to know each other's secret desires, our likes and dislikes and over time we had become best friends. It had started with an innocent IM and exchanging pictures. One night we were in cyberland and ended up phoning till early morning. Our phone bills were out of control over the next few months but we loved to talk about our favorite subject in great detail (sex) and other things. Her voice was so sweet and calming it made me smile just to hear her words.

The walk to the exit seemed like miles, talking face to face was difficult to say the least. When we stepped outside, Karen smiled and said, "Unbelievable". There was two feet of snow on the ground and it continued hard with flakes the size of half dollars. Being from the south, Karen had never seen this much snow. That seemed to break the ice as we chatted like best friends as we drove to my house. The serene quiet of the snowy night and the beautiful snow covered trees was like the snowy Budweiser Christmas sleigh ride commercial. When we arrived, Karen quickly jumped out of the car and jumped in a 4 foot snow bank. Soon the hour making angels in the turned into a snowball fight. After an hour of play our hands and faces red from the cold, we headed inside. We removed our coats and stood there with wet hair as the snow continued to melt. Karen began shivering so we quickly toweled off and I lit a fire and gave her a blanket to warm herself. I put on my favorite Sade and Kenny G Cd's and headed to the kitchen to heat some spiced cherry wine. When I returned, Karen was nestled in front of the now blazing fire. I sat down next to her and we sipped the wine, you could feel it's welcomed warmth all the way down. As she stared into the glowing embers, I had my first chance to really look at her. She was stunning! Oddly enough, I couldn't help thinking about her ex-husband. How could this guy never appreciate this woman? How could he love his work and sex with his female partner while she is such lovely devoted wife and mother of his two children? I knew of her deep love, her unselfishness to give to others and her sensuality he never had chose to explored. How could he only make love to her twice in the last eight months and only to please himself? Pondering this, I somehow felt I owed him! What a jerk!!

I poured us another glass, and sat behind her as to not block her heat. I wasn't quite sure what to do next but said what the hell, and I put my arms around her from behind and gave her a hug. She responded by squeezing my arms for which seemed like 20 seconds or so and rested her head on my arm. This sent a warm feeling throughout my body and I felt very comfortable with her. I gathered her damp hair in my hands and lifted it off her shoulders and gently kissed the back of her neck. Her neck was soft and her perfume was one memories are made of. I stroked my fingers through her hair and gently massaged her scalp with my fingertips. I returned my lips to her neck and she quivered and I could feel her goose bumps and little hairs on my lips. My kissing turned into gentle sucking and I opened my lips to take in more of her flesh. The back of her neck was wet from my mouth and the sucking turned into gentle bites as I moved up towards her ear. She leaned her head down to accommodate my kissing and when I reached her ear I kissed her soft lobe. I let out a soft whisper into her ear and slowly inserted my tongue inside. Holding and touching her so, made me tingle with excitement. My penis was beginning to awaken and my whole body was in a state of arousal, a numb glowing feeling I had never had.

Karen turned around and brought her warmed hands to my face and began stroking me softly and gently. We stared into each others eyes and I could see her sensitivity, her femininity and passion so deep inside. Bringing my hands to her face, I slowly pulled her head to mind in anticipation of our first real kiss. As we kissed so tenderly, I could taste the sweet cherry wine on her soft lips. I never knew a kiss could be so intimate! During my marriage I had become indifferent to kissing , but this kiss was different and reminded me of the feeling I had during my very first kiss. I put my arm around her and guided her to the soft pillows. We laid there in each others arms and necked like we were young teenagers once again. Our legs became intertwined and I could feel the heat of her inner thighs on mine. It was as if we were swept away in a dream as the we felt the heat of the crackling fire and the sensual saxophones echoed from the walls. It felt as if time had stopped and nothing else in the world mattered……what an overwhelming warm feeling!

I rolled her on top of me and held her tightly as I massaged her back through her soft angora sweater. Her stressed muscles began to relax in my fingertips as I kneaded them with my strong hands. Pressing my fingers hard next to her spine, I ran them all the way down its length several times. I concentrated on that sore spot at the bottom of the spine that never seems to hurt unless it is rubbed but feels so good when it is massaged. My hands moved down to her tush and each cupped one of her soft cheeks. As I rubbed her tush I pulled it towards me. I could feel her warmth against my now hard penis. She moved her hips from side to side and up and down. My penis felt like a flag pole and I knew if we continued this I would erupt in my pants. I rolled her over and straddled her hips with my legs. I brought my tingly lips down to her left breast and kissed it though her soft sweater. Cupping each breast with my hands, I gently massaged them and felt her nipple grow between my lips. Occasionally I would gently bite her erect nipple. My lips found their way to her right breast to find a semi-aroused nipple, but shortly it too joined its mate in arousal as I gently nibbled it through her clothing. I lowered my hand to the outside of her thigh and began stroking it. As my hand moved up her leg she brought up her left knee. My hand fell to the inside of her thigh and I could feel the warmth increase every inch as it caressed it's way up. My whole hand now covered her vagina and I could feel the heat and dampness through my fingertips. I put the palm of my hand just at the bottom on her pubic bone and rubbed it up and down. My lips returned to hers and we were locked once again in a passionate kiss. My fingers wandered up and down the seam in her slacks. While rubbing my middle finger on the seam, my other fingers enjoyed the feeling of her restrained bulging labia. Karen was rubbing my back and my body melting. She slowly unbuttoned by shirt and rubbed my hairless chest. Tingles went down my body as she took her fingernails and lightly rubbed them up and down from my neck to my to my pant line. She circled my nipples with her nails and they became hard. She placed her lips on my right nipple and softly kissed it, sending shivers streaking down to my feet like lightening. I slowly slid my hands up underneath her sweater towards her breasts. Her skin was like that of a baby's so soft, warm and tender. My thumbs and index fingers found her nipples as they rolled them between them. Her cupped hands squeezed my rear, as my bulge rubbed against her pubic bone. I could feel a bit of semen escape the tip of my penis as well as her warmth through all those layers of clothing. I rocked on top of her for several minutes as she had done and managed to release her black satin bra and threw it aside. She had told me that her breast were medium sized and were sagging due to good ole mother nature. Her description was modest as her soft breasts were shapely and her dark protruded nipples darted out a quarter inch. My lips were longing to tasted them as I lower my head. As I suckled them her hand moved under me and began to massage my hard-on through my tight jeans. My penis was now larger than it ever had been and I felt like it was going to burst through my zipper as she stroked it with her finger tips.

We were both so aroused that we began to quickly shed our remaining needless clothing. When she slithered her slacks to her ankles I noticed her sexy skimpy black satin panties revealed her dark hair escaping from the sides. I gently lowered her panties and threw them aside. Her femininity was breathtaking! Her legs and her tummy were smooth and she has a soft dark mound covering at the top and a small patch of hair surrounding her labia. Her pussy looked like a sweet flower as her protruding lips opened like a budding flower. I stroked my fingertips through her soft hair and her light feminine aroma was heavenly. I was in a trance and I wanted to please Karen like she had never been pleased before but yet so much deserved. My middle finger moved down from her mound as it found her moistness. Her clitoris was already aroused and her pussy was wetter than I had ever touched before. As I stroked it up and down, her moans increased with each stroke. Her labia were soft and I alternated rubbing them between my thumb and index finger. My finger now on her wet flower and I gently inserted it inside. The inside was even warmer and I could feel her flesh gripping it as I slowly pushed it in as far as I could. Pulling it back out slowly till my fingertip caressed her lips and I guided it back inside. During the thirty or so strokes I could feel her pussy easing it's grip. I brought my wet finger into my mouth and tasted her juices. It was almost tasteless but had a touch of her sexuality which I can't even put into words. I sucked my finger until her sweetness was gone and put it back into her warmth. After a few strokes, Karen grasped my hand and brought it to her lips. She sucked my finger as if it were a penis drawing her lips around tightly as she moved it in and out. We both sighed and let out a soft moan. I moved down between Karen's legs and slowly parted them to exposed her. I sat cross legged between hers and put a pillow under her soft cheeks. My hands parted her sweet lips as her pinkness glistened from the rays of fire. I drew my head toward her in my longing anticipation of tasting her and she placed her hand on my forehead. I looked up at her with a puzzled look on my face. She shyly whispered, "my ex-husband tried that a few times and you don't have to really." A smile came over my face as I moved my lips to her ear and whispered softly, "Do you love the taste? "Aaaaaaaaa..yes", she uttered innocently as if not wanting to answer. "Well not as much as I do!" I whispered. I kissed her on her lips and slid my tongue slowly down her body until it returned to her moistness.

I laid down on my stomach and brought my face towards her once again. My eager tongue touched her lips. She tasted so sweet like a feminine kind of nectar. My penis was throbbing and so hard it almost hurt as I rubbed him on the softness of the blanket. My wet hot tongue moved up and down between her juicy folds. It swirled around her labia and in between as if I had no control of it. She moved her hips from side to side so I cupped her warm cheeks with my hands and drew her closer to my face. The motion was quickening and I was licking her like a starved kitty with fresh cream. She became wetter and wetter as I lapped her sweetness. I opened my mouth and sucked a labia inside. While sucking harder I pulled my head away letting her lips fall from mine over and over again while switching back and forth from side to side. Like a penis, my tongue darted inside like it wanted to make love her. It stretched as far as it could reach as it wiggled from to side to side trying not to miss a single spot. My finger found her clitoris and was rubbing her. Karen's moans were above the music as her hands pushed my head harder against her. She arched her back lifted herself off the pillow as her legs squeezed my head. "Ohh….Yes, Yes, Yes, I'm I'm , going to ……….I am cum, cum, cumming…oh yes, yes, yes!!! as she lowered herself back down on to the pillow.

I sat up and was rubbing my hands slowly up her smooth silky legs past her thighs, up her hips and over her tummy and breasts and back down again. Her warm body was glistening with small droplets of moisture. Placing the wine glass to her lips, she gently sipped. After a few moments of gentle massaging my fingers once again found her wetness. My index and middle finger quickly slipped inside. Together they reached upwards searching for the magic spot. I knew they had found it when she gasped, "oh my God"! My fingertips quickened their pace as I moved them up and down like a pair of scissors. After few minutes, I began stroking them in and out. I lowered my lips to her clit and gave her a kiss. Karen twitched, and I began swirling my tongue around and around. Her sweet aroma warmed by the fire filled her femininity throughout the room. My fingers still scissoring her g-spot, I flicked by tongue over her sensitive nerve endings. I drew her into my lips avoiding touching it with my teeth and held her clit tightly with my lips. Her clit was so erect it felt like a tiny sensitive penis. My lips were sucking her in and out as my tongue was licking the end. I wasn't sure who was enjoy this more, but I didn't really care. Karen, was moaning louder and I continued stroking……licking………sucking. A minute later her hips lifted again from the pillow and my lips lost her clit and quickly found it again. She was moaning louder and faster and her body twitching wildly……and her hips shook as she released her sweet love juices into my cupped hand.

My wet face nuzzled slowly up her body. I could see her body quickly going up and down as she tried to catch her breath. Moving up to her face, I laid closely along her side and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She lowered her head on my shoulder as we once again embraced. She whispered softly, " I think you are wrong". "About what"?, I asked. "I don't think you love that as much as I do! Give me a minute O.K.?"…….I pulled the blanket over our bodies and we hugged tightly………

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