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The Affair...Part 3

One week later...

As much as Michael wanted to just leave, and fly into Sara's arms straight away from Tombstone, he knew there were arrangements to be made, loose ends to tie up.

His first day back to work, Michael was excited. Not so much to be going back to work, but, as many letters and cards as he had written to Sara, he hadn't been able to check his mailbox in three weeks and so had heard nothing from her. He couldn't believe how much he missed not hearing from her.

The mailbox wasn't at all on his way to work, but that didn't matter. He wasn't about to go to work without stopping by to check. It was a typical sized box, in one of those Mail Express type places. He slid his key in the slot and could hardly believe his eyes when he opened the door. Mail literally came tumbling out of the box...big envelopes, small envelopes, letters, cards. After they finished pouring out, he still had to dig a bit to extract what was left. He never realized how much mail could fit into one of those small boxes. As he gathered them from the floor, he noticed something on the back of one: #14. He turned others over and found that they all had #something or other on them. He smiled as it dawned on him, of course, he would have no way of knowing when each was written, and it was just like Sara to let him know, somehow, which order to open them in. Every little thing she did for him, to him, emotionally, physically, mentally just convinced him more he was doing the right thing. The knowledge that he had finally made the decision to be with her, a decision that he knew would not change, no matter what, was comforting to him.

Now if he could just figure out a way of making it happen. He had tried just leaving, but he knew he couldn't, wouldn't, just do that. His wife and stepsons had moved up here from Texas to be with him. Their entire family was in Texas and they were never comfortable living in the Northwest. That was one of the big reasons that brought him back from Denver in the first place...the feeling he was abandoning them in an area they wouldn't have come to in the first place, if not for him.

Having no time to read Sara's letters now, as much as he wanted to, he headed into the office. He had just signed on-line (Sara had promised to be there on the day he got back). As the screen was coming up, the door to the clinic opened. He minimized the window on his computer and went up front to see who it could possibly be. To his surprise, it was the clinic owner. He NEVER showed up early, in fact it was an accomplishment for him to get there on time to see his first patient. Without any pleasantries, he told Michael he needed to see him in his office.

"Michael, I know you've been having some personal problems in your life, and we've tried to help you through those, but something has come up that we can't turn our backs on now."

Michael could feel the cold sweat forming, his stomach churning...whatever was coming, he knew it wasn't good.

"While you were gone, we did some checking into the accounts receivable. It seems that the receivables haven't been being worked properly and the billings haven't been being sent out in a timely enough manner. We've talked with our accountants and to be quite blunt, they told us we ought to fire you as soon as you got back, but you've been with us for five years and you're not just our office manager. You are our friend, as well, and we don't want to do that. Instead, effective immediately, you are on a fourteen day suspension, with pay, until we can research this further and talk to a couple more people. We'll then have a meeting with you and decide where we need to go from there."

Michael was thunderstruck, for about 5 minutes, then the plan began to form in his mind. Oh, yes, God DOES work in strange and mysterious ways, his wonders to behold. If he had wanted some kind of a sign, he had just run smack dab into a billboard!

He went back to his office, quickly typing an email to Sara that something had happened, telling her he was okay, but wouldn't be able to get on-line. He would call her as soon as he could.

The next hour and a half were spent in a parking lot of a local grocery store, reading all of Sara's cards and letters. More surprises in store, as he discovered while he read. It seemed her husband received a short notice transfer and she had moved! To Texas!! To a small town north of Dallas. In fact, she had been on the road that ran in front of Wet and Wild while he had been there! God, so close, yet... His mind was reeling. Just about the time a plan formed in his mind, something came along to require an amendment. But the plan was there and it was workable. The one letter that meant more than anything was the one that began:

Dearest Michael,

As I wrote to you in my last letter, my printer was packed, but I've had to unpack it and hook it up again because my hands are shaking too badly to write this out. I just received your letter from Tombstone. My love, Halloween? Really? I can't believe it, that is less than three months away. Yes, Michael, I believe you. I know you would never do anything to hurt me ever again and I do want to be with you...forever.

Love Always,


Now that Sara had moved, there was no way of contacting her. She had closed her old mailbox, so there was nothing to do but wait for her to either call him at the house or write to him, giving him a new address or phone number. That was going to be even harder than waiting the two weeks to find out if he had a job or not, although the second part didn't matter. He already knew he wasn't going back. He was moving the family to Texas.

Plans were made and they listed the house with a realtor. While his wife stayed with the house, the kids would be able to stay in their old schools, and Michael would go to Texas ahead of time, to pave the way for the move. After some touchup work on the house, he loaded the van, along with a large U-Haul trailer to pull behind and he was off.

Of course, Sara was aware of everything that was happening at this point. The letters continued. In fact, the day after he returned from vacation, an express mail package arrived in his box with her new address and phone number, accompanied by an anxious note wondering what had happened. He had called her at once and explained everything as he knew it at the time. They both were excited about the prospect of being together so soon. Just knowing they would be in the same state, even as large a state as Texas, was an achievement.

He had written her his itinerary for his return trip to Texas. He was going to drive to the town she was in and spend a couple of days with her, whatever time she could allow him, before continuing down to South Central Texas which was his final destination. He gave her the name and location of the motel he would be staying in and the time he expected to arrive. As luck would have it, thanks to a flat tire in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma on a Sunday, he was late.

"Somebody is going to be glad you've arrived," the pretty young desk clerk told Michael when he checked in.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well, I've had a call about every half hour for the last three hours asking if you have checked in yet. Some lady that wouldn't leave her name," she smiled.

"Oh. Well, thanks for telling me," Michael responded, unable to stifle a smile of his own.

"Y'all have a real nice stay, now," she teased.

Ten minutes after arriving in his room, the telephone rang.

"Hello?" he said into the receiver, as if he had to say it like a question. Sara was, after all, the only one that had a clue where he was.

"Hi..." that voice again that could always make his heart race, no matter how often he heard it.

"Hi, darling. I love you. I miss you. I want you so badly right this minute," Michael whispered.

"I know, Michael, but you know I can't come over tonight. I'll be over as soon as I can in the morning, though. What room are you in?"

Michael gave Sara the room number. "I know you can't come over right now, but that doesn't mean all of the other things aren't true."

"I'll see you in the morning. I'm in the garage supposedly calling my sister. Gotta run, honey. I love you so much, Michael," and then the line went dead.

Michael slept well that night. He didn't think he would, but just being so close to Sara this evening made him feel almost at the home he always wanted to be at, the home he had been searching for all these years.

He awoke and took his shower. He knew Sara couldn't be here until 10:00 or so and he went out to change the tire on the van from the spare back to the road tire. As he was working, he looked up. She was standing next to the building, leaning against it, watching him. She was even more beautiful than he remembered. Her porcelain skin, the sun reflecting off her silky red hair, her hazel eyes. Her lips were so sensual, the faint trace of freckles on her face so appealing. Leaving his tools on the ground, he stood and walked to her. He didn't want to run, he wanted to take all of this vision of beauty in. She was wearing a black skirt, a few inches above the knee, showing off her wonderful legs. Even at 45 she had the best legs he'd ever seen. Thoughts flashed back to Denver and how they had felt wrapped around him as he was in her, how they felt draped over his shoulders as his tongue was upon her. Her sweater was black and red striped, accentuating the swell of her near perfect breasts. God, how he loved the way they swayed toward him when she was astride him. He was mesmerized, his eyes locked onto hers as he walked toward her. Taking her into his arms, hers folding around him, they kissed in the parking lot of that motel like lovers who had not seen each other in months, as indeed they were.

"God, Sara, I love you," he whispered into her hair as they embraced. "I've missed you as I have never missed anybody in my life and I promise never to hurt you like that ever again," the tears welling up in his eyes again at the thought of what he had put her through.

"It's okay, baby, I know. I KNOW you did what you felt you had to do and I really do understand. That's all behind us now. We're here with each other now and that's all that counts. All I want right now is to make love with you, to feel us together, to know that soon we'll spend the rest of our lives together, making each other happy, never hurting each other."

Abandoning his tools, the tire still half off, lying in the parking lot, he led her to his room, to their room. Once inside, they were two lovers possessed. They slammed and locked the door and were upon each other. Their mouths and tongues exploring, his hands slipped beneath her sweater, releasing the front clasp of her bra, separating the halves and cupping his hands to her breasts, her already erect nipples hard against the palms of his hands. As they continued their passionate kiss, she reached for his shirt, tearing the front apart, sending buttons scattering everywhere. He shuffled out of it and raised her sweater over her head, discarding it and her bra on the now increasing pile of clothing on the floor. His mouth was upon her breasts, tasting her for the first time in so long, yet remembering her flavor perfectly. Her back arched, pressing herself more tightly against him.

Twirling her around he pressed her against the dresser, raising her skirt over her hips, exposing the white tops of her legs above her black stockings, and her pantiless pussy. She leaned back against the dresser, her ass sliding upon it and he immediately knelt before her, his mouth pressing on her already wet pussy, his tongue sliding into her, invading her very core. Her hips thrust hard against his mouth, his mustache tickling her clit, she was ready to come already and as he sucked and licked her she climaxed. Not backing off, but pulling his tongue from within her, he circled her clit with it, bathing it, washing it, stimulating her mercilessly until she came again. He loved making her come and continued to manipulate her clit, sending her on a rollercoaster of miniclimax after miniclimax until she begged him to fuck her.

Standing, his throbbing tool in his hand, he entered her like a man possessed. Her back was against the mirror of the dresser, her ankles over his shoulders, almost doubled in two as he slammed his hard cock over and over into her. Her words of encouragement, how much she loved the feeling of him inside her, how he could fuck her like no man ever could, how he made her feel as she never had before, spurred him on. He was an animal, filled with animal lust and he couldn't get deeply enough into her. His balls tensed and she could feel him expanding within her.

"Oh, God, Michael...yes, I feel you getting bigger...give it to me harder. Michael, I'm going to come again with you inside me!" And so she did, as Michael unleashed the most intense orgasm he had ever felt in his life. He remained hard inside of her for a long time, but finally, nature being what it is, he slipped from within her.

They lay together on the bed, talking, planning dreaming. They made love many times in the next two days, and if Sara wasn't telling Michael that she loved him, then he was telling her. No hesitations this time. Never another hesitation for as long as they would be together. Sara still had to leave at the end of the day, much to Michael's dismay, but he knew the realities. They were planning on destroying two marriages for their own benefit, not that the marriages weren't pretty well shot already, but still.

The plans continued whenever they were not making love and, by the end of the two days, they were pretty well established. They discussed it, and considering the sale of the house up north and things that Sara would have to do, Halloween probably wasn't a realistic date. But they decided Christmas should definitely be workable and discussed spending their first Christmas together.

Little did they know that something neither of them had any control of would lay waste to those plans as well...

Author's note: This is not the end of the story...this is actually a continuation of a nearly three year relationship that, as of this writing, is still tenuously viable. This is also a true narrative. I would appreciate comments, either pro or con on the main characters' choices and whether you are interested in how this relationship progresses.
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