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Sue At Home

I hope enough has been changed to disguise the players.

This story is written mainly to bring me pleasure in remembering some details. Readers should be mature adults.

You need some background to appreciate this story.

A year earlier, Sue, my wife, and I fulfilled a voyeur- exhibitionist/seductress fantasy, and our sexual lives often exploit those memories. That story I called "Sue and Baton Rouge" and describes her - opps, our - adventures with a guy we now call "Tom". It should be around the 'net somewhere.

Sue, however, had taken to worrying. "Don't you feel bad or cheated that I had sex with Tom, and you only watched?" was a common question, even though I assured her that sex with her, especially since last year, was exciting enough for me. In fact, she knows that if I think about her, lying on her back while Tom held himself in a push-up position, shifting her body so that it could receive a stranger's penis, I almost immediately ejaculate while we make love.

This adventure started innocently.

Sue had gone to "The City" - in Boston that means a trip to New York - to present a paper at a professional conference. As was her custom, she stayed with her old college room mate and her husband.

I had a call the evening Sue was due home. "Honey, Jan (the ex roommate) is having some problems, and asked me to stay an extra night. OK with you?" Well, it really wasn't, but there wasn't much to do. Interesting, but I had never met Jan, or her husband Bob, even though Sue visited there about once a year for the 21 or so years (at the time of this story) we were married.

Don't get the wrong idea here. I trusted my wife then, and still do now.

Sue came home the next day, and as was our custom, we were holding each other, and talking in bed.

"Honey, Bob and Jan are bored with each other, kind of like we were a year ago. It looks bad for them."

"Too bad."

"I know we agreed to never tell anyone about what we did to liven things up. Can I tell Jan?"

"I haven't met them in 21 years, probably won't ever meet them, so go ahead if you like. You'll have to face them knowing you - or I guess we - had a one night stand, I won't."

"Thanks, honey. I think it'll help them. Now, do you remember how it looked when I took my blouse off in front of Tom, while you watched from the balcony . . .".

A couple of nights later, again in bed, Sue wanted to talk. "I talked with Jan about what we did," she said, "and it turns out they talked about doing something like that, too. Rich told her she could do anything she wanted, so long as she took plenty of pictures. He doesn't want to be too close when it happens."

"No problem," I said. "Take a cam corder or something, and a tripod, find an interesting guy, and everyone wins."

Sue cuddled closer, and began doing some serious talking and stroking at the same time.

"Honey, Jan just won't go out and find a stud."

"Well, maybe you can find one for her, or she can make up a story, instead."

"We came up with a different idea. Your birthday is next month, and so is Bob's."

"I don't want to have a birthday party with a guy I don't know, with the idea of somehow saving his marriage!"

"That's not the idea. Jan said she'd like to give Bob the pictures, or maybe a video, for his birthday."

That," I said, "is guts football. `Here, honey, is a birthday present - it's a video of me humping a stranger. Many happy returns.' And besides, how does that relate to my birthday? I don't want a video of her - or you - screwing around, thanks all the same."

"God, for a smart guy you're dumb. We want your help."


"I told her I'd help, and you would, too. To begin with, we have to make sure Bob is serious about what he says."

"If you'd let go of what you're grabbing, I could think more clearly."

A few minutes later, I had an idea.

"Sue - I'll draft a disclaimer for him to sign. He'll have to video tape himself reading and signing it as the opening scene on the actual tape Jan will use. It should drive him crazy, because he'll know something is going to happen if he signs it, and not know when. If he doesn't sign, he'll have to just shut up. If he does, it'll be right on the tape, so he can never say he didn't mean it."

"Great idea. Do it. Now, dirty old man, here's your reward. Do you remember when I squatted over that guy's erection while you were watching, and did this . . ."

The next day, I put a draft of an agreement in the bathroom for Sue to read before bed. It went about like this:

"I, Robert H_(you didn't expect his name, did you) have asked my wife to make a pornographic video tape including her, and not me, on the same tape being used to record me sign this. I promise that

1: My wife will always have custody of the tape 2: Only she and I are allowed to see it, unless she agrees otherwise. 3: I will never discuss this tape, or anything associated with it, with anyone, ever, without my wife's specific permission. 4: It can't be used for any purpose except to enhance sexual pleasure between the two of us. 5: The taping, if it's done, must be made within 4 weeks of the date I sign this."

She came into the bedroom with it in hand.

"Sue, when he sees that, especially if he signs it, he'll be so horny he won't be able to see straight."

"Honey, that's wonderful. I'll email it to her tomorrow."

"Where's my reward?"

"Well, it can start by you telling me what you were thinking when I was kneeling in front of Tom, like this, and moved his knees apart, like this, and then did this. . ."

A week later, Jan called Sue. Sue told me Jan and Bob were having a much better time together. Sex hasn't been better for years. They were experiencing pretty much what we did when we first talked about our "outside the usual envelope" sex adventure.

Bob, Jan said, has the agreement and cam corder nearby, and just looking at it gets him so excited he can't keep his hands off Jan.

"So, just the idea of it is working," I said. "Good, that was easy."

A week later, one evening, the phone rang. It was Jan, for Sue.

Sue came in after talking with her, face flushed, grinning a little nervously.

"This is a bit scary, Tony. Jan asked Bob what he wanted for his birthday, and he handed her the signed agreement and tape."

"Wow. Does she have the nerve to do something like that?"

"Honey, if you ever heard us talk about sex when we were room-mates you'd think our major was sex. But, in the end, we were mostly talk, although when we were serious about someone, well, you know. . ."

"I know the difference between sensuality and love. I know you do, too. But does she? After all, it's decoupling a whole set of emotions from the act of fucking."

"I don't know what she's going to do."

"Well, Sue, maybe you'll have to coach her in seduction. If you can coach her to be like you were, she'll blow Bob's socks off. Now that I think of it, maybe she'll blow something else, too. That's making me horny. Practice your seduction on me, now."

A couple of days later, Sue made an announcement. Jan was going to be spending a few days with us. "She wanted to be away from New York, to talk this whole thing over," Sue said.

"That's just fine. I thought I'd never meet them, now you've told them about what we did, and she's coming here. Sue, I can't get involved in marriage counseling."

Arrival day. Sue met Jan at the airport, drove her home in time for dinner.

What a surprise! My wife is blond, 5' 11" or so. Jan might just make 5 feet, couldn't weigh 90 pounds. She had to be Sue's age (46) but looked 30. Also blond, long hair, and so cute it hurts.

"Well, they did call us the long and short of it in school."

Jan at dinner was a charming, lovely woman - no surprise, and in those dimensions at least, much like my wife.

"Jan, what Sue and I did worked for us, but I have no idea if it would for anyone else, so be careful," I told her at one point. "We think we know how to separate in our minds sensual sexy stuff from real love-making. In fact, sometimes we say `this is just fucking' if we want only the physical part."

"I think I understand." How could a woman who's thinking about video taping a one night stand with a stranger blush when I said fuck?

Jan showed me their cam corder, and Sue wanted to try it out, too. We played with it for a while, being silly, and frankly, just getting to know each other. We had soft music in the background, nice wine, a fire going - just a wonderful time.

Much later, Jan looked at Sue, and said "He'll do just fine - as nice as you said."

"I told you so", was Sue's response.

"Huh?" was mine.

Sue responded by putting the camera on its tripod, and saying "I'll tell you about it later."

Jan said "I've had a long day, and I'd like to get ready for bed."

Sue took her to our guest suite (fancy name for a bedroom with an attached bath), I went to our room, got on pajamas (we had a guest, if she called I wasn't going to run around naked), and crawled into bed.

A half hour later, Sue came from our bathroom, wearing a robe over what looked like a nightgown I hadn't seen before. At least, my cock responded by getting harder. She turned on the CD, and romantic music filled the room.

She sat beside the bed. "Do you like her?"

"Yeah, she's so cute, and she has a personality like yours. If I didn't love you so much, and if she wasn't married, well, who knows?"

Sue took a deep breath. "Good. Tomorrow's your birthday, but you're going to get your gift tonight.

"When we were room mates, Jan and I talked about doing something really erotic, sometime. We talked about it again last week, and decided this is the something, and sometime is now. There will be no limits on what we do."

I heard the bedroom door open, and Jan came in, also wearing a robe, and carrying the camera.

"Oh oh."

She set it down behind me, facing Sue, and turned it on.

"Well?" she asked, looking at Sue.

"I think he'll cooperate. Honey, this is your birthday present, and, looking into the camera, "your present too, Bob."

Sue motioned Jan closer, and I saw her robe didn't close with a sash, but a red ribbon, the way a gift would be wrapped. And so did Sue's!

"Ever since we were room mates, we wanted to put on a private show for someone. You "- and looking into the camera - "and you too, Bob - are the lucky winners".

Sue went to her little ex room mate. "I'll help unwrap your present." She stood behind her, reached around, and pulled at the ribbon.

Jan's robe fell open, showing a white camisole. Her body was swaying in time with the music. Jan moved the robe to her shoulders, down her arms, and to the floor. I saw a shadow of pubic hair, small breasts, erect nipples under the flimsy thing she was wearing.

"Isn't that a perfect little body", Sue asked, as her hands moved from Jan's neck, over her breasts, and met at her crotch. I couldn't believe it as I saw one of my wife's hands glide between Jan's legs, palm up, fingers probing . . .

Jan stopped that, though, and turned to Sue. Soon her robe was open, too, and descending to the floor. She was wearing about the same thing Jan was. It's no surprise that my wife was blushing, all over. Bob, when he saw this, would see, through the thin material, my wife's body, too. I'm sorry to say I found that an exciting thought.

Sue took Jan's hand, and brought her to the bed. I was under the sheet, but my erection was pretty evident.

Sue put the fingers that were briefly in Jan to my mouth. "Does she taste like me, honey?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She pulled away the sheet, sat on one side of me while Jan sat on the other.

"Your turn" she said to me. They both unbuttoned my pj top, then peeled it off, a different lovely woman on each sleeve.

I looked down at a hairy triangle of hair vanishing under my pj bottoms, which hid - not very well - an erect cock.

"Lift up a little, honey".

Sue began sliding my pj bottoms down over my hips. The elastic waistband hung up on my penis, then began sliding over it, revealing first one inch of shaft, then another, and another.

My mind was - what do the military call it? "Overtaken by events." This wasn't something I ever considered, but faced with the reality, my body was making its wants known. The two women, and the camera, saw that.

I looked at Jan, who was in turn staring at my crotch, and what was being revealed there. Her hand came over, almost involuntarily, and lifted the elastic, freeing my erection.

"That is nice, Sue", Jan said. "I'm afraid it looks a little too thick for me. Honey," she said, looking into the camera, "do you think that will fit in me?"

I looked at Jan - I had not been this naked in front of a woman except Sue for a long time - as she looked down at my body. I was enjoying this, a lot. My cock, for that matter, was nodding its head, too.

Sue moved to the side of the bed, pulled at the pajama legs until I was free of them.

"Don't just stand there, collect your present" Sue said, as she moved to adjust the camera.

I was acting instinctively, now.

I sat at the edge of the bed, Jan was standing in front of me. I remembered watching Sue stand that way in front of the guy she used in living out our fantasy. I reached to Jan's shoulders, pressed them downwards. She knelt willingly. I leaned back on my elbows, and my erect cock went vertical.

Jan turned to the camera, and Sue, and said "Watch me, Bob. Is this what you wanted to see?"

The camera and my wife were to our side. Jan eyes were looking first into the camera, and maybe thinking about her husband watching, then down at my erection. I watched her lower her head, and I could see her tongue reach out, and feel it caress the side of my penis. The camera was watching, too.

She looked up at me, smiled, and while holding my cock just licked it, from base, to head. But when her head moved down again, her mouth was open, and I was in it. I could feel her actually sucking, hard.

I looked at my wife, who was watching her good friend go down on me. I could see she was enjoying the voyeurism as much as I was enjoying the sensations. Now, maybe, she would understand the pleasure I had last year.

After a minute or two - only in the movies can someone stand that for an hour - I pulled myself up and took Jan by the hand, brought her to the bed.

She lay on her back, feet toward the camera.

I sat beside her, and Sue came over too, and sat on the other side.

"Jan, you are over-dressed", I said.

She looked at Sue, almost asking permission. After seeing a nod, she sat up, said to the camera "Hope this is want you wanted, honey", and slipped her garment over her head.

And lay down on her back again, an arm across her breasts, another at her crotch.

This small body, these small breasts, excited me. I leaned over her, only to have Sue take my head and push me toward her friend's breasts. As I got closer, Sue said something like "don't hide, Jan." The hand covering her breast moved to my neck, and drew me down.

My tongue played with her little acorn of a nipple, one hand began exploring her other breast, the other she moved to - in - her mouth. Her arms were no longer defensive, one holding my hand as she sucked at my fingers, the other stroking my cock.

I heard Jan take a sudden intake of breath, as though she had a mild shock. It seemed early for an orgasm. I looked up at her, saw a red, flushed face, and felt her body moving in little spasms.

Then I looked down, and saw two of my wife's fingers buried, and probing, in Jan's vulva.

I looked at Sue, who said "We agreed there'd be no limits. I wondered what it would be like to do this - look at how lovely she looks."

Jan did, just a picture of erotic pleasure, with her best friend's fingers, and now her best friend's husband's fingers, exploring her. All of this, on camera.

Her whole body was flushed, quivering. I couldn't help myself, found myself bending over, and letting my mouth go where my hand was. Jan muttered something about "no limits", and spread her legs.

Readers, if you want to experience something too erotic to describe, you've got to feel what it's like to have your tongue, and your wife's fingers, both buried in someone else's cunt. Her fingers would touch a spot, get a response, then guide me there. I tasted Sue's fingers, Jan's juices. . .and remembered that sometime soon Jan's husband a video of her on the bed, legs apart, with Sue's fingers, and my mouth, on and in her. That added to the erotic excitement.

Jan had a huge shuttering orgasm, almost convulsion like.

My cock was leaking fluid, it wanted the comfort of a cunt. I pulled away, and moved between Jan's legs, only to be told to change my position so the camera could see, too.

Now Jan was in front of me, I was kneeling between her spread legs, with Sue and the camera watching from the side.

I leaned forward, my cock insisted on that. Jan reached to provide last minute course corrections, but then came the next too-erotic-to-describe experience.

"I'll do that", Sue said, putting one hand on my target's lips, and spreading them with her fingers a little, while the other brought the head of my penis to them.

"Now, honey, take your present" Sue said. Jan was using body language: her feet were flat on the bed, legs bent, knees apart, raising her pelvis, `presenting' her cunt to a cock belonging to her friend's husband, and having that friend guide that cock to her cunt, while knowing that her husband would be able to watch this too, and no matter what, not be able to stop it from moving ahead.

She was so wet, but at first, so tight, that I thought the skin of my cock would be peeled off as it entered. "Harder" Jan said.

"Oh, God, Bob, I hope you like seeing another cock in me, after all the years it's only been yours", came from Jan. That other cock finally did get in!

After a few minutes, the sensations dropped from 12 on the Richter scale to just sensational. Jan's hand, with wedding ring attached, was coaching my penis where to go, where to touch. It's my own perversion, but wedding rings touching penises not part of the marriage excites me.

Sue was just sitting, watching my erect penis, now very wet, move in and out of her friend.

Some minutes later, she said "Honey, I feel like we are kind of even now, for what I did last year. I want to try something. Jan, can he take you from behind?"

We uncoupled, Jan rolled over, raised herself on hands and knees, and looked into the camera - it was to the side. "Keep watching, Bob."

I moved behind her, took her hips in my hands, and once again my cock found its slit. I cycled her hips in and out, and watched her small ass bump against my pelvis with each pull. Her hips were so small the motions were almost like masturbating, but masturbation never had such a wonderful tightness, and wetness, and warmth.

Sue moved in front of Jan, and said "Pay attention, Bob." She pulled off her camisole. Now Bob would see as much of my wife as anyone ever did.

"Still no limits, Jan?", she asked.

Jan responded by extending one of her hands towards Sue's crotch.

Sue had a different idea.

"Can I watch, close up?" there were two "Yeses", from two very distracted people.

Sue rolled onto her back in front of Jan, and moved her head head under Jan's, legs pointing away.

Jan stopped moving into and away from me, now my hips were doing the moving. I looked down, and saw Jan's ass, and below it, my erect penis, glistening, moving in and out. Ejaculation wasn't far away.

Jan's head moved down - they kissed! "I always wondered what it would be like to kiss a woman like that," Jan said.

Ejaculation came closer.

Sue began moving under Jan.

I saw her stop when her mouth was about under Jan's breast. I could tell her mouth was reaching upward. I know I saw Jan's head lower to one of Sue's breasts, while I think Sue was tonguing Jan's. At least, there were some other components in Jan's movements now, it wasn't just being driven by my hips banging into her.

Controlling ejaculation while this was going on was not easy, but was nothing compared to what happened next.

Sue began again to move further under us. In a moment I felt her head bump into my thighs. I opened them a little, and soon felt her breath, her fingers, maybe her mouth, playing with my scrotum, while my cock continued to move inside Jan.

Jan was supporting herself on her knees, and hands. Sue's body was between Jan's arms. Jan looked down, along her body, and Sue's, to see what was happening.

"No limits, Sue" she said. There was a pause in Sue's activities, and she agreed: "No limits".

Jan turned her head, and actually stuck her tongue out at the camera, turned a little more to look at me over her shoulder.

"That feels so good, but Sue's only giving, not getting," she said. "Let's fix that."

She moved from holding herself up with her hands, to her elbows, one on either side of Sue's hips. I watched as she, with head to one side so I could watch, brought her hands to either side of Sue's vulva, and spread the lips.

Sue was so wet, and her engorged clitoris was standing there, very exposed.

"You can help, Tony".

I couldn't help myself. Pushing hard into Jan, I reached around her head, and put my hand on her wrist. "That's the idea," she said, as I slid my hand over hers, to my wife's cunt, and began stroking her.

Sue's legs spread, her knees came up, and I suppose couldn't help tilting her pelvis to make herself even easier to see and touch.

Jan looked over her shoulder again at me. I nodded, and she smiled. She turned so that she could look into the camera, and with her head still to the side, lowered herself until she could bit at my wrist. She moved a little, head downward now, and I felt her bite at the back of my hand, which was still over hers.

Another movement, and I felt her mouth and tongue on my knuckles, which were just over Sue's cunt.

There was a final movement.

I felt her tongue follow my fingers into Sue, and begin working there.

Sue went rigid.

I couldn't help myself, and began erupting into Jan.

Jan moved forward, and had her head well between Sue's legs now, and was moaning, too. My thrusts were making her head move along my wife's vagina, everything was happening at once.

Sue later told me there was cum everywhere, including some that fell on her face.

After a while, I sagged to the side, in erotic overload, taking Jan with me. All three of us, Jan in the middle, were in an embrace, for what seemed like a long, long time. Later, Sue told me she came when I did, and so did Jan. I was too distracted to notice, and - shame on me - too selfish at that point to care.

Somehow it was my turn in the middle, with two women stroking and kissing me.

It didn't take too long before my cock began filling again. I didn't expect that to happen for a week!

When it was mostly erect, both women moved down. I saw Sue's hand take control, move it to her mouth, while Jan licked at and under my balls. Then Sue offered my cock to her friend, and her small mouth went over it.

At last Sue straddled me, and lowered herself onto me, while Jan watched.

We moved together for a few minutes. Sue rose and fell, exposing, then accepting, a well used, wet cock. This was making love. Sue began making the "MMMM mmm" noises I knew meant she was having an orgasm. So was I. It didn't matter who was watching. What happened earlier was erotic, sensual. What was happening now was why we marry people - two people, in love, loving.

Jan, afterwards, said it best. "That, boys and girls, was the real thing."

Somehow, it all ended with little Jan huddled with her back to Sue, spoon position I guess it's called. And Sue, wrapped around Jan, was in turn wrapped by me.

Our bedroom, with the lights out, is beyond dark, it's black. We fell asleep, Jan embraced by Sue, Sue embraced by me. It was hard to tell where one of us ended and the other began.

At one point I awoke with an erection, and with a little motion, found a nice place to put it.

I awoke again to find my hands being held to breasts, sometimes Sue's, sometimes Jan's. At another time a hand would stoke my penis, or my hand would find a vagina, sometimes with another hand already there, enjoying the moisture, and warmth.

By itself that time would pass for world class sensuality, but in these circumstances it was afterplay, and friendly, erotic, and in a way I can't quite explain, loving, too.

The sun rose, we awoke, embarrassed, I guess, by what happened.

Then Jan, bless her, broke the mood. "Let's not forget an important part of this. Let's go to the video tape!"

Production values stank. Audio was awful. But it was pornographic. And erotic.

"Bob will love this - I hope" Jan said.

"Do we get a copy?" I wanted to know.

"Nope. It's my tape. In fact, even if you come down to meet Bob, Tony, I don't think I'll show it. I hope you don't mind, but I don't want to get into swapping or anything. I promise that only Bob and I will ever see again."

"Well, Jan, we did it. We did a sex show, who would have though it would have happened 20 some years after we talked about it?"

Jan left that morning, with her husband's birthday present.

There are several after words.

1: Jan told Sue things went well between her and Bob, but that although Sue (and I) could visit, RON's (pilot talk for remain over nights) are probably not a good idea. Even Bob said that would be too tempting, and too disturbing.

2: This adventure helped me understand a little better the path my wife followed to get to where she is today, and added to the things we talk about when sex gets a little too plain.

3: I began fantasying about what later turned into the last one of our "pushing the envelope" adventures.

4: Comments, especially if they are flattering, or helpful, are welcome.

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