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When she stepped onto the elevator, the first thing I noticed was her legs. They were endless. She had on a short tight black skirt, no hose, high heels, and a short black and red sweater that was cropped and just barely met the top of the skirt. Full breasts and beautiful chestnut hair. She stood in front of me and I could smell her perfume. Her scent slammed into my brain at the same time that I noticed her sweater didn't quite meet her skirt in the back. I could see the smooth, tan skin above the waist and the small of her back there. I wanted to touch it just once, and feel the warmth and silkiness of it. Just with the back of my fingers, a little pleasure stroke. Maybe if we got out of the elevator on the same floor. Or better yet, if my floor came before hers, I could sidestep her and that would require some contact, wouldn't it?

The elevator was full and we were packed in. It stopped on almost every floor of the 20 story building. My floor was 18, and she had not pressed a button, so I didn't know which one was hers. She seemed nervous, kept glancing at her watch. She had a b lack attache case slung over her shoulder and was kind of leaning the opposite direction the way women do when they carry a purse or bag. I always wondered why they put themselves through that. That's why I always carry a briefcase with a handle, no stra ps for me. Her hair was up in one of those claw-type clippy things. With little tendrils escaping to trail down her neck and over her shoulder. I had the overwhelming urge to reach up and let those tresses fall free. Run my hands through them and feel th e silk slide over my fingers. I was shocked at the thoughts that I was having. Not that I haven't had them before, but this was intense. My fiancee would be amused I am sure. But, I have had these discreet encounters before with no harm done, in fact, it was a great experience to talk about it. Sometimes these business trips last for months and I need an outlet. We have that mutual understanding.

Anyway, I stood there behind her in the elevator, grasping my briefcase and laptop, hoping that I would get a chance to at least feel her back for a moment. The elevator stopped at 18, and I made my move, took my laptop in my other hand, placed my fre e hand on her back and started to step around her. Her skin was hot, silky and smooth. I left it there for a split second and almost closed my eyes. She turned to me, looked me straight in the eye and said, "excuse me, this is my floor, too."

So, we both stepped out of the elevator. We walked to the door of the office at the same time, and after a moment of uncertainty on both our parts, I held the door for her. She walked to the receptionist and said, "Hello my name is Audrey Wright and I am here to see Mr. Parkins." The receptionist told her to go and have a seat and she would notify Mr. Parkins that she was here and then she turned to me.

"I am Sam Matthews also here to see Mr. Parkins. He must be a very busy man this morning," I told her. She checked the book and got up to shake my hand. "Oh it's so nice to meet you I will go tell him you are here." and walked away in a hurry.

I sat down by Miss Thing, a little close to her on the small leather couch. She turned to me and said, "Well, you must be awfully important to get that kind of reaction." She was a little huffy and I was not sure exactly what I had done to cause that.

"I'm from Indianapolis, actually, and Mr. Parkins flew me out here to present to their board a new software program for the advertising department." I replied.

She got all excited and turned in her seat to face me directly. "Really? That's why I am here. This is my first day and I have been hired to be an art director for the firm. Are you talking about the graphics program?"

"Yes, I think he mentioned on the phone that he had hired some new art people that he wanted to be involved in the presentation" I said.

"I am so happy to meet you, I'm Audrey," she stuck out her hand. Long manicured fingernails tipped in pale pink.

I shook her hand and introduced myself as Sam. We sat and made small talk until Mr. Parkins showed up. He greeted me and inquired about my trip and hotel accommodations. I assured him that everything was fine and the hotel was nice. He asked if we had introduced ourselves and Audrey smiled warmly and said that we were old friends. She linked her arm through mine and we followed him down the hall.

Audrey was about 5'8 in her heels and almost as tall as my 5'9. I had an interesting view as she slipped into her chair at the conference table of her legs as her skirt slipped up. Mr. Parkins introduced us around and gave the meeting a break so I cou ld set up my slides and presentation. I worked quickly, and was done before everyone was seated so I made my way around the room and spoke to many of the people about their particular roles in the company as it relates to the art department of advertisin g. How would my graphics program make a difference in their day to day duties? Did they anticipate that it would make their jobs easier or harder learning a new program and then depending on it solely to reproduce their art?

The entire time, I felt her watching me move around the room. I am a very assertive person and tend to get people talking to me like they've known me for years. This helps when you are marketing one of the most expensive programs available. Mr. Parkin s would be an easier sell if his employees liked me and had faith in what I could do for them.

I began my presentation and spoke for almost two hours. Then, I opened the floor to questions and Audrey was the first one with a question. I fielded it well and turned the floor back to any other inquiries. She sat there with a knowing smile on her f ace. I had the feeling there was more that she wanted to know, being the art director, but she didn't ask me any other questions. After the presentation, Mr. Parkins invited us both to lunch and we climbed into a cab. Audrey was sitting between us and I could feel her breast pressed against my arm each time the cab bumped over the streets.

At lunch, it was all business. Mr. Parkins asked Audrey there with us because he wanted her first impressions of the software. I sat back and waited while she gathered her thoughts. She said, "I think the software will provide us with something we hav en't had access to in the industry. I agree that purchasing it is a sound idea, but I have some concerns about the technical support. Who do I call if there is a networking problem or something needs to be adjusted in the program? I love the program, but I don't want to be left high and dry if there's a problem with running or supporting it."

I considered this for a moment and responded, "Audrey, I will be here for about two months after installation to train and provide you with the initial conversion. After that, I will be available to you via fax, phone, and pager. You will be able to c ontact me 24/7 if there is a problem which I will handle and fix by modem. I carry my laptop everywhere and I have a small number of accounts so that I can give top notch service. Don't be worried about support."

The lunch proceeded and we got along very well. The deal seemed to be tied up and we made an appointment to meet for breakfast to make the final arrangements for installation and to view the contract of sale. As we left the restaurant, Mr. Parkins sai d he had to get back to the office and wished us a good day. I was a little confused about this, and turned to her saying, "Don't you have to go back to the office, too?"

She smiled and said, "No, I only came in today to meet you and give my input on the software. My official start date is next Monday because I am in the middle of moving. What are your plans for the day?"

"Well, I'm not sure," I said, looking at her "why don't you show me your city?"

We set off, down to the garment district where she bought an enormous amount of clothes, we had dinner at the Wharf and walked along the lake. We laughed and traded stories about our jobs, how we got to where we were. She told me that she was a starvi ng artist in California when her mother got sick and she had to move back to Chicago. That was the best thing that had happened to her and as soon as she came into the city, she got a job as an advertising assistant. She loved the job and soon worked her way up through the company to art director. She left the company recently to work with Mr. Parkins because his company was one of the largest ad firms in the city.

We got along very well, I was not quite into shopping as much as she was, but it was intriguing when she pulled me into the dressing room to help her decide which dress to buy and did these pumps go with this suit or that one? I was shocked when she a sked me to help her with the zipper on the dress and when her eyes met mine in the mirror as the zipper reached the top, there was a spark. The room suddenly got small and I held her gaze for a long second. The dress was short, and had a flirty skirt tha t showed off her legs when she twirled. Which she did several times, losing her balance and falling against me. I caught her and she looked up at me with those sea green eyes and I almost kissed her, but didn't want to push it too far. It was almost like she wanted me to, though. She was pressed fully against me and when I didn't move, she smoothed the lapel of my suit and stepped back, looking down. She asked me to unzip the dress and she started to step out of it, I got nervous and excused myself and she said, "No, don't go, you can stay. I want you to stay Sam." So, I stayed! (wouldn't you?)

I watched in the mirror as that dress slid down her thighs. Her eyes met mine in the mirror and she slowed the progress of the dress and it was the sexiest thing I have seen a woman do. She was looking at me with these huge eyes in the mirror, and I w as watching as inch by inch this dress slipped lower. Over her collarbone, to the top of her breasts. I was wondering there would be a bra there or not. I soon found out that there wasn't as the dress slid over her nipples one by one. They were rock hard , and her breasts were really full. I instantly had a vision of what they would feel like in my mouth, dark dusky around the tips. Textured and hard at the same time. I wanted her, there was no denying that. But I knew I shouldn't and I wasn't sure what her motive was with this little strip-tease.

"Have you ever wanted to do it in a dressing room?" she asked in her husky voice. I could picture her as some torch singer in a lounge with that voice, singing some song like "My funny valentine" to a piano and her husky voice belting the lyrics.

"Um, yes, actually, I've thought about it a time or two." I replied.

The dress slid down to the perfect stomach, she was tan everywhere. I could see the really small downy hair at the top of her pelvis now. My god, I thought, does she even have underwear on? No, she didn't, the dress was at mid thigh now, and her small triangle of hair covering her pussy was in full view. She dropped the dress to her feet as I unbuttoned the top of my shirt. It was suddenly incredibly warm in the small dressing room. She stepped over to me and put her hand on my face so gently. I look ed at us in the mirror, me in my suit looking so proper and businesslike. Her, standing against me totally naked except for stiletto heels, garter belt, and hose. I couldn't stand it anymore and I leaned into her. She brought her arms up and wrapped me i n them as she pulled me to her mouth. Just as we were going to kiss, she said, "Ask if you can kiss me, Sam."

"Can I kiss you, Audrey?" I asked.

She answered by softly brushing her lips against mine. I let it hang for a moment before I brought my hand up to the small of her back to the same exact spot I had admired in the elevator. The mirror showed her incredibly tight ass and the curves of h er legs from the high heels were enough of a view to get me incredibly excited. She deepened the kiss and I pulled her tighter to me, we were lost in a sea of mouths hot against one another as I sucked her tongue into my mouth. We continued this for a fe w minutes, to be honest with you, I couldn't wait to have her breast and nipple in my mouth, among other things. I knelt down and took one in my mouth while I rolled the other one between my fingers. She gasped and shoved her breast full into my mouth. I took this to mean that she wanted it harder and I softly bit down on the nipple.

She shook with that, and moaned as she dropped her head back. I laved her nipple with my tongue and then switched to the other one. I slid my hand down her beautiful stomach to the top of her thigh and she whispered, "please love me". That was all it took, soon my hand found her clit and she was arching against my palm. I pushed one finger, then two, then three inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. That did the trick, she was bucking against my hand now and her nipple was firmly in my mouth. We were standing up in the middle of the dressing room but from our position I could not see her face. I stood up, and she whimpered her disappointment. I murmurred, "just for a second baby, you'll see, we'll both see."

I turned her facing the mirror, and leaned back against the wall, taking most of her weight against me. I could see the dawning in her eyes and the excitement as my hand descended once again to her clit. She was beautiful to watch, she wanted to look everywhere at once. I had both arms wrapped around her, one hand crossing under her breasts to pinch her nipple, and the other buried deep in her pussy. I had three fingers inside her and my thumb on her clit. She would close her eyes and then open them and watch my tan fingers work magic on her clit. I was nuzzling her neck and kissing her back, alternately sucking and biting along her shoulders, to the nape of her neck which earned me a quick indrawn breath. That was her spot, women all had one, on th e back somewhere. I concentrated on it, biting, sucking, licking, as I worked her pussy slowly and then faster and faster. She blushed from nipple to pelvis as her orgasm came to her, she was shaking and shivering as her hips jerked against my hand.

I watched as her body slowed, and her head dropped to my shoulder. She put her arms up behind my neck and hugged me to her. "That was wonderful," she said. She turned and started to reach inside my dress pants. I stopped her, and said, "Darling, we ha ve all night for that, let's buy this sexy dress and get out of here."

We left the store, giggling at the shop keeper's face when we both walked out of the dressing room. There was a tell tale flush on Audrey's face and I am sure the woman could smell her scent on the air. I was a little surprised when she took my hand a s we raced across the street and hurried to her apartment. I told her as we went up in the elevator that I needed to get my things from the hotel, she said, "Don't worry about that now, we will get up in time for you to get ready for our breakfast meetin g. Hell, we might not even sleep at all."

Her apartment was an open and airy loft with stairs rising out of the center of the room to the second floor. It was an open stairway and it breathed space and art all on it's own. She had a number of modern art pieces on the walls, each lit with it's own spotlight. There was a central sculpture of two bodies locked in an embrace. It was about three feet high, and stood on a pedastal at the window. I walked around it while she was fixing us a glass of wine and the sculpture struck me intensely. You c ould not tell where one body began and the other ended. The artist had created an incredible way of melding the two bodies together so that you weren't sure if they were making love, or if it was one person. Depending on the angle, it looked like one wom an, at another angle, you could distinctly see two people entertwined in making love. It moved me and I commented on it.

"Oh, thank you," she said. "I wasn't quite sure if I was the only one who got that idea or not. When I sculpted it, that was my idea but sometimes you see what you want to see, not what others see."

I could only stare at her, here was this incredibly beautiful woman who was a piece of art all on her own, and she could create this sculpture that made you want to learn the meaning of making love. I asked if the other pieces were hers, and she said yes. I was blown away. Audrey Wright was certainly an intriguing woman, to say the least.

She handed me a glass of wine, a nice red merlot that was aged perfectly. We sat down and I took off my suit jacket and loosened my collar again. We talked for hours about her art, what made her inspired to create something on canvas or sculpt what sh e was picturing in her mind. She was unfolding to me like a flower in the first tentative days of spring. Carefully, I peeled back layer by layer and soon felt like I had known her for an eternity instead of just one day.

Soon, we knew we could not wait any longer and she silently took my hand and led me up the stairs. I was impressed by her room, once again a study of open airiness. There were bookshelves above the bed along the wall that had lights behind them, so th at the small art pieces displayed there seemed as if they were glowing. She lit candles all around the room, and ran water in the tub in the adjoining bathroom. She undressed slowly, enjoying my eyes watching her as she moved around the room.

She turned on some music and I heard the slow strains of some Enya come from the ceiling speakers. The track changed and the next song was from a movie soundtrack but I could not place it. I knew the song was by Paula Cole and it was sexy and she did a little strip tease for me. When the lyrics said, "tie me to the bed" she got a sparkle in her eye. She was slowly rolling down the stockings, facing away from me with her leg up on a bench. I could see her pussy gleaming in the candlelight and I knew s he was wet and ready. I watched as she laid the stockings aside and came to stand before me. She slipped my shirt off and began undressing me. She unzipped my pants and reached inside to cup me. I jerked involuntarily at her slight caress as she stroked me fully. She took my hand and we stepped into the tub. Her tub was huge, with jets all around and a little bench seat. She seated herself in front of me, and we continued to talk about places we had been and things we had seen. I caressed her with a sof t sponge and we washed each other with tenderness, but there was an urgency building and we both felt it.

I positioned her on one of the benches and lazily played with her nipples. They were slick from the water and soon tightened into a hard nub. I pulled her to me, with her legs wrapped around me and found a jet that was shooting water between us. I pos itioned her over the jet so that it shot straight into her hot pussy. She gasped at the unexpected pleasure as I fingered her clit. She came with a force like I have never seen. I could feel her contractions clear up to her naval. She was gasping for air and begging me for something.

I led her out of the tub after that, and she was still shaky from that orgasm. I cannot imagine how it must feel to have that kind of pressure concentrated inside you. It must be like the fullest thrust. I dried her off, and took my time worshipping h er body. I kissed her knees, the backs of her thighs. She stood there and tipped her head back, sighing her pleasure at my attention.

"You have given me so much pleasure already, will you let me make love to you?" she asked.

"Soon" I said.

I took her to the bed and kissed down to her pussy, for the first time tasting her and loving the feel and texture against my tongue. I felt her moving around and soon she had me on my back and turned to sit on my face as she leaned over me and I felt the first tentative sweep of her tongue. I was so excited, she was aware of how hot I was for her. I had been all day, and hiding the proof of that had become increasingly more difficult. She took me fully into her mouth, sliding her tongue up and down, sucking and licking until soon I came with a great shudder in her mouth. I pushed her head to me as my orgasm came and she sucked down all of it. I slid my hand up to her ass as I licked her pussy and slid my finger in her ass. She came in a heartbeat a lmost as soon as I slid it inside. She was fucking my face and my finger at the same time.

We rolled away and I cradled her in my arm as we both got our breath back. I laid there for at least an hour until I noticed that she was sleeping quietly. I slipped out from under her and began lighting more candles. I wasn't done with her yet. I fou nd the cd player and slipped in a track of Enigma. I looked for the stockings that she had taken off earlier and found them on the bench. Glancing under the bed, I saw what I needed and soon had the stockings secured to the bed frame. I found another pai r so that they would be long enough, and tied them together, making a slip knot at the end. I slipped this over first one wrist and then the other as she slept soundly. I tightened the ties over her wrists and went downstairs to see what she had in the f ridge.

A cursory glance in the cabinets proved useless, I opened the fridge and soon found what I was looking for; a half full bottle of champagne, strawberries, whipped cream, and a peach. I took my treasures up to her room and glanced at her sleeping face again. She was in for a big surprise. I took a sip of champagne and swirled it so that my tongue was cold. I bent over her and took her nipple in my mouth. She stirred as I poured a little champagne in her belly button, the cold feeling woke her and she opened her eyes to see what it was. She started to raise her head at the same time that I slid my hand to her pussy. When she realized that she was truly tied to the bed, her pussy gushed over me. "Oh, god, Sam, how did you know?" she asked.

"Lie back, baby and let me take you" I said.

I traveled down her body with the champagne, spilling more than I drank, but it tasted so good licking it off of her skin. Then, I blindfolded her and she started squirming over the bed.

"Oh, god, please, fuck me like this Sam, I need to feel you inside me. Please, fuck me, I need you." she pleaded.

"Audrey, you have to let me do this my way, remember, you are not in control here, I am and I will fuck you when I'm ready to." I said firmly.

She was really squirming now. I slipped up and kissed her deeply, pressing my body fully against her. She was whimpering and begging, biting my mouth and begging me to fuck her. I slipped a strawberry into her mouth and she ate it, moaning at the plea sure of taste and texture. Next, I applied some whipped cream to each nipple and took my time licking it off. I had intended to draw it out, but she was really arching against me and begging me to fuck her. I turned her over (there was enough room in the hose to cross her arms above her head) and raised her hips up. I ran my hand over her back and pulled the thick glossy hair back gently. I grabbed her thighs with one hand and entered her in one quick thrust. I had to hold onto her hips to keep her on t he bed as I fucked her slowly. She kept trying to go faster, so I held her back for a few minutes. My legs were soaked with her wetness as were hers. I reached around and slid my finger over her clit and then came back to her ass.

"Sam, fuck me baby, fuck me really hard. I want it all, give it all to me." I pushed in full tilt, and felt her expanding around me as I fucked her ass with my finger. She exploded and I felt the walls quiver with her orgasm. I came at the same time a nd we shuddered together. I fucked her with hard thrusts each time she quivered around me.

We lay there in the afterglow of our mind shattering orgasms. Once our breathing slowed down, she turned to me and asked with a sly grin, "What is your full name? What is Sam short for?"

I laughed and said, "Samantha Marie Matthews".

Snshngrl26, aka Tammy November 7, 1998

Surprised? Why is it that we only think men can fully fuck a woman? A hand is sometimes more fulfilling than a cock. Not that I don't enjoy them, and I am primarily heterosexual, once in a while, the feel of another woman is too tempting to resist.

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