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Chapter 1 By Cindy

I was out by the road on the John Deere the first time you rode by. I love spending an early summer evening mowing, the smell of freshly cut grass tickling my nose, the vibrations of the tractor making other parts of my body tingle deliciously. I clear my mind completely, and just enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the world around me.

You came up the road from behind. I didn't see you until you had already passed by. You were bent over the bike, so I didn't see your face, but I definitely noticed the powerful legs, the wonderful ass and the slim hips, tightly covered in black bike shorts. I sighed as I watched you disappear down the road, my mind imagining those slim hips between my outstretched thighs, that wonderful ass clenching underneath my hands. I continued mowing, still thinking of you, idly wondering what you were doing cycling down my road; a road in the middle of nowhere.

I was almost finished mowing when I saw your bike coming back up the road. I felt a small shiver run through my body as I slowed the tractor to watch you approach. You stopped just a few feet from me, smiled and began to speak. The tractor was loud, and I was wearing headphones, so I couldn't hear a word you were saying. I held up my hand, signaling you to wait for a moment, shut off the tractor, and took off my headphones. I smiled back and said, "I'm sorry...You were saying?" You told me that you had apparently taken a wrong turn somewhere, and now had no idea where you were. I asked where you were heading, and you mentioned the name of a town about 35 miles away. "Um, I don't think you'll make it there tonight. I hope you don't have someone waiting for you." You shook your head and said "No, but I heard about a restaurant there that is supposed to have the best steaks in all of the state. I've been thinking about a thick juicy steak all afternoon."

"Oh, I know just the one you're talking about, it's my favorite. I go there a couple of times a month. I tell you what, I was planning on going into town this evening anyway to do some shopping. If you like, we can toss the bike in the back of my truck and I'll give you a ride."

You smiled and said, "I'd really appreciate that, but only on one condition -- that you let me buy you dinner for all your trouble." Just what I wanted you to say! "It's a deal," I replied, "I'll need to finish the yard while it's still light, it should only take 15 minutes or so. I'll take you up to the house, get you a drink, and show you where you can clean up. No offense, but you are a bit, um, fragrant." You bowed gallantly and replied "Please accept my most sincere apologies ma'am. I will soon present myself as a suitable dinner companion, if you will just show me the way." We headed up to the house, chatting about the weather and other nonsense.

I showed you to the guest cottage, an old converted shed around the back of the house. Actually, it's never used, except by me. I have my PC there, and whenever I get the urge, I hide out there for hours or for days, writing like there's no tomorrow. "The bath is through there." I pointed, "I'll have to run in the house to get you some towels. I'll be back in a few minutes." I quickly went to the house, grabbed a few towels, and headed back. I walked in, and heard the shower running already. Smiling impishly, I pushed the door open with my foot and walked right in. You were just getting in, and all I got to see was one calf and a foot disappear behind the glass doors. "I put the towels on the toilet. Is there anything else you need?" The door slid back and you poked your head out, smiled, and said "Well, since you mention it, I think I got some grease on the back of my leg. Have I washed it off?" You opened the door wider, presenting the back of your leg for my inspection.

"Oh, it's still there. Here, let me get that for you." I replied as I pulled my t-shirt over my head, kicked off my sneakers, and slipped out of my shorts and panties. Brazenly, I stepped right into the shower with you. Your mouth dropped in surprise, followed by your eyes, as they quickly ran up and down my body. "Well, um," you stammered, "I can't seem to take my eyes off of you. I suppose you'll have to reach around."

I stepped forward and began running my hands over you. I melted right into your body as the hot water streamed over us. The warmth of the water and your arms around me felt wonderful. I reached down for the soap and started to rub it across your chest. I worked my hands up over your shoulders and down your arms, rubbing the soap everywhere. I worked my way across your chest and down your stomach. My hands wandered down to your hips. I could feel your hardness growing against me, but I wasn't going to touch you yet, just teasing for now. I put the soap down and pressed my body up against yours. Rubbing my breasts on your chest and my tummy across yours ... the lather allowing me to slide up and down and side to side. The sensations were making my nipples so hard. I rubbed them against your chest and could feel your cock growing still harder against my leg.

You reached for the soap and began to lather my back. I pressed my hips closer to yours as my chest slipped and slid against you. Your hands worked my back, massaging and rubbing, then worked their way down to my ass, cupping my cheeks as the soap fell to the shower floor. You pulled me close as you lowered your mouth to mine, passionate kisses, our tongues probing and lashing each other.

I broke our hold and slowly slid down onto my knees. The water ran over your shoulders, showing a trail in the suds of where I had been. The lather washed down the drain. I kissed down your chest, lingering over your nipples to nip and tease them with my teeth. My kisses ventured down across your belly and down to your hips. My fingers traced up the inside of your legs, teasing the inner thigh, until I reached your balls, caressing and fondling them.

I lightly pushed you back a step so that the water could wash the rest of the soap away. Then I took your cock into my hand. It jumped to my touch. Holding it firmly at the base, I ran my fingers down the shaft toward the head. Running my finger slowly around the head, I looked up to see you intently watching my every move. When my eyes locked with yours, I took the head of your cock into my mouth. You closed your eyes and let out a deep moan.

I slowly took you into my mouth, my hand working with my mouth to form one long tight tunnel. I could feel the muscles tense in your legs. With my free hand I fondled your balls, lightly teasing them. I pulled back, releasing you slowly. I licked up from the bottom of your shaft, to where that vein meets the head in the sweet sensitive triangle. Flicking my tongue across this, your knees almost buckled.

I ran my tongue around the head of your cock. I started off in wide circles at the edge and worked my way in to the tip, the circles getting smaller and smaller. I was rewarded with a large drop of pre-cum waiting for me when I reached my goal in the middle. I touched my finger to it, slowly pulling my finger back as it stretched, glistening between my finger and your cock. When the string broke, I brought my fingertip to my lips, savoring the taste. I took you back into my mouth, sliding in and out. My hand worked feverishly as my mouth continued to suck as deep as I could. As I moved faster, I could feel the tension building. Your moans got louder and your hips moved in rhythm with my strokes. I reached behind you to feel your ass tighten as you thrust in and out of my mouth. It was every bit as sexy as I had earlier imagined.

I knew you were about to come. I wanted to put you over the edge so I took you deep in my throat, completely surrounded by my lips, my nose pressed against your pubic bone. This sensation was all it took, you started to throb and unload your hot cum down my throat. I released you from my mouth and let your cum spray hot and sticky, all over my mouth and face.

I continued to stroke your shaft, slowly but firmly. I wanted to keep you hard. I stood up and kissed you, letting you taste your cum on my lips. The water washed away the remainder. You obviously loved all of this because I was soon rewarded with even a firmer cock that was ready for more....

Chapter 2 By Rick

...One of the benefits of riding cross country is that you build up pretty good strength, balance and coordination...which comes in pretty handy at a time like this...

With your hand still grasping my engorged cock, my mouth is covering yours. Our tongues probing, searching, exploring every centimeter of each other's mouths. Breaking away for a breath, my tongue glides along your cheek. I reach your ear and circle it, the tip of my tongue lightly running through the ridges and behind it. I take your lobe, gently nibbling and sucking on it. You are rubbing the head of my cock against your clit as I proceed down your neck, along your shoulder, across your collar bone and up under your chin. Lower I descend, between your breasts, then underneath and up along the sides. Across your exquisite breasts, I continue until my tongue teases you around the dark aureole of your nipples, never quite touching, but pleasing you in a torturous way. Back and forth, nipple to nipple, almost there, but not quite. Finally when I can no longer resist, I take your left nipple into my mouth and gently suck on it. I tease it with my teeth and flutter my tongue against it, eliciting a soft moan from your lips and a firmer grip on my cock. I take your right nipple between my thumb and finger, gently rolling it between as my mouth continues with your left.

I allow my mouth to leave your breast and continue my journey to paradise. My hands follow the curve of your torso, down your waist, over your hips, as I slowly kneel, kissing and licking my way down over your abdomen, along your pubic hair, neatly trimmed in the French way with only a tiny triangle above and nothing over your lips.

Avoiding your pussy for the moment, I turn you toward the wall, your back to me. My lips leave a hot trail along your beautiful tight ass, my tongue runs along your crack and over to your other cheek. I descend lower still along the back of your leg, lingering for several moments behind your knee. I bend your leg toward me, running my tongue along the back of your calf, across the sole of your foot. I take each beautiful toe in my mouth, one at a time and suck on them, running my tongue between them. Your moans of encouragement press me onward.

I lower your leg and turn you to face me once again. Your legs are parted in anticipation and my tongue travels slowly up the inside of your thigh. Your hips are gyrating in anticipation, but I refuse to be rushed. FINALLY, my mouth and tongue reach both our goals. Gently at first, then with more pressure, my tongue touches your hard clit. Around and around the tip of my tongue teases, stretching the sensitive tissue surrounding your clit, and in doing so, stimulating it.

I put one finger in my mouth, wetting it with my saliva. Easily, I insert it into your pussy as I continue to lick and suck on your clit. In and out I slide it, hooking the tip of it to caress your G-spot. Your response, "Oh, God," is encouraging. I remove it and put it in my mouth so that I can taste you. Next I place two fingers in my mouth and insert them both into you. Your moan is somewhat more intense this time, "Oh, yes, oh my God," and your hips press against my lips. Again I remove them and taste you. Finally I lubricate three fingers, slide them up inside you, hook my fingers and press hard, directly on your tender inner spot. Your sharp cry of pleasure, "OH, SHIT, OH JESUS GOD," tells me I have found the perfect pleasure spot. I continue to massage inside you and to suck and lick on your clit at the same time. Within moments, your hips are bucking, "I'M GOING TO COME!" your hands press my head between your legs "I'M COMING NOW, OH GOD HERE IT IS!!" and you experience a tremendous dual internal and external orgasm, "OH, JESUS, OH FUCK, GOD I WANT YOU IN ME, PLEASE, PLEASE SHOVE THAT COCK INSIDE ME, OOHHHH GGGGOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!"

I stand, grasp your ass and raise you off the floor. I lower you onto my cock as your legs wrap around my hips. I press you against the wall of the shower as I thrust, hard and deep inside you. Faster and harder, I feel my cock head touch your cervix with each thrust. In this position, the top of my cock slides directly across your already sensitive clit and soon we are both on the verge of an orgasm. Your heels are against my ass, spurring me on like a stallion as I plunge harder...faster...deeper...HARDER...FASTER...DEEPER...until. . ."OH, GOD, BABY!" I cry out, "OH, SHIT, YOU ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT AND SO DAMNED HOT!! OH, GOD, I'M COMING...I'M COMING...I WANT TO FILL YOUR TIGHT PUSSY WITH MY CUM...OH FFFUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!" I scream as my orgasm over takes me. With one last hard thrust, I unload my gooey load inside you. That last hard thrust brings you over the edge once again as well.

We are finally driven out of the shower by a lack of hot water. We each take a towel and begin to dry each other off...

Chapter 3 By Cindy

We step out of the shower, wrapping each other in soft, fluffy towels. We leave the still steamy bathroom for the main room of the cottage. It has gotten dark, so I switch on the small light next to the sofabed. It casts a tiny warm glow in the room, leaving the corners still in darkness. We slowly and leisurely dry each other, stopping often to exchange kisses, or to caress body parts that look particularly interesting.

When I remove your towel, I am quite surprised to find you still at half-mast. "My goodness, what a pleasant surprise! I'm certainly glad he hasn't fallen asleep yet. I still have plans for him. But first, I'm starved, and you promised me dinner. I'm going to get dressed. I'll be back in 20 minutes." With that, I gather up my clothes, drop my towel on the floor, and walk naked out the door, with just a hint of an exaggerated wiggle, because I know you're watching. When I get to the house, I just can't resist, I turn to face you, stretch my arms up over my head, and wiggle at you. You laugh and blow me a kiss.

I enter my bedroom and head for the closet. I bite my lip softly as I decide what to wear. Finally selecting a dark blue chemise dress, I leave the closet. I paw through my lingerie drawer, searching for something special. My hand brushes against something smooth and silky. I pull the satin teddy out and slip it on, turning in the mirror to check myself from all angles, running my hands down my sides to smooth the fabric. Satisfied, I head into the bathroom. I pull my hair up into a loose knot on the top of my head, curling the tendrils that escape with my finger. A light dusting of powder across the tops of my breasts, a dab of perfume at the base of my throat, a bit of lipstick, and I'm finished. I head back into the bedroom to slip on the chemise. Back downstairs, I grab my purse and keys, and head back to the guest house.

You are ready when I get there, waiting for me on the sofa. You stand as I enter the room, a sexy little smile on your lips. I smile back, my eyes running from the white polo shirt, stretched tightly across your chest and biceps, down to your incredibly tight jeans. "Mmmm," I say in appreciation, "yes, a suitable dinner companion, without a doubt. Shall we go?"

"In just a minute," you answer, pulling me into your arms. "You know, I thought you were cute when I saw you on that tractor, wearing that ratty old t-shirt and those cutoffs. But now I know better, you're beautiful." I blush a bit, and give you a tender kiss as thanks. The soft touch of your lips to mine chases all thoughts of dinner away. There is no hunger except the one we're developing for each other yet again. I reach up and caress your neck as your hands reach into my hair, searching for the combs that are holding it up. I hear them clink as you toss them onto the table, and feel my hair fall, soft and still damp from the shower, against my shoulders.

I kiss across your cheek, down your neck, and onto your chest as I pull your shirt over your head. I feel your hands on my hips, gathering my dress, preparing to pull it over my head. I unbutton and unzip your jeans, then lift my arms. The dress is over my head in a second, falling with a swish to the carpet. I hear your soft 'Mmmm' as you admire me standing there in my teddy and heels. I push your pants to your knees, uttering a soft grunt of surprise when I see that you aren't wearing any underwear. You step out of your jeans as you gently sit me back down on the sofa, kneeling between my legs. You pick up my left leg, stroking it as you place it on your shoulder. You do the same with the right one. Your lips come down soft and moist on the side of my knee and you kiss your way up my thigh, stroking the other one with the back of your hand. I lift slightly off the sofa, and you slide your hand underneath me, gently squeezing my ass as your lips continue their travels down my other thigh. You slowly pull your hand from under me, searching for the snaps at the bottom of the teddy. You find them and pull them apart, slowly folding the tail up onto my stomach, leaving me bottomless in the soft shadows.

I can see by the smile in your eyes as you look up at me that you are enjoying torturing me in this way. I want, need your touch and your kisses so badly that I groan and move my hips a little, hoping you will take the hint. You grin as you shake your head. "Oh, Rick...don't make me beg. Lick me, now, suck me, now, make me crazy, now...please" I ask softly and with a slight tremor in my voice. I relax as I feel you shift position, believing you would never really make me beg, but that you would enjoy having me ask. You begin softly, teasing me with just your lips, never taking your eyes from mine. As your kisses get firmer and wetter, I can feel the wetness coming from me yet again, slowly dripping and flowing downward. Your hand reaches for my breast, caressing it firmly though the soft satin. It feels so wonderful, I moan, close my eyes and arch forward into your hand.

I slide sideways on the sofa, pulling you with me. Your lips and tongue feel wonderful on me, but I want you inside me so badly. I pull your hips toward me, opening my legs wide, draping one across the back of the sofa, placing the other against the coffee table. Your lips come down on mine as you slip inside me, making me gasp in pleasure. I taste myself on your lips, which makes me moan again. Your tongue dances with mine as you slowly slide in and out of me, your fingers brushing against my neck, tangling in my hair. My hands are on your back, feeling the muscles flex with each firm stroke, making me crazy. I feel the orgasm building already, I just can't seem to get enough of you. My stomach muscles tighten as I pull my legs upward, putting my knees way up your sides, allowing you in even further. "Ooh yeah, that's how I like it baby. Bury that cock all the way in me. Oh yes, oh God, I'm going to cum fast....oh...oh..."

I groan loudly, burying my face in your neck as I go over the edge, calling your name, and grinding against you. I look into your eyes as I grab your hips, and pull you toward me, fucking you hard, and wildly from underneath. I hear you groan, hear your breathing change as you move closer to your own orgasm. I slow the rhythm, intending to take you for all you are worth, as your mouth comes crashing down on mine. We stroke hard, together, two or three more times, and I feel you grow impossibly hard and tense inside me, as you too, go over the edge. I feel the quick, hard thrusts as you begin to come, and your 'Oh God Cindy, Oh, Oh, Ahhhhhhh.....' drives me over the edge again. We come together, loudly and passionately, for what seems like forever. You collapse on top of me, exhausted and completely spent, and we wait for our heartbeats to return to normal.

After a few minutes, I reach around and pinch you playfully on the ass. "OK, this time, I really mean it. I'm famished. I think we've both worked up an appetite." We pull ourselves up, clean up a bit, and get dressed again. Then, we head outside to the truck. When we reach it, I stop, turn to you, and say "Well, I suppose it's time for the big question. Shall we put the bike in the back, or leave it here?"....

Chapter 4 By Rick

..."What bike?" I whisper as I bring my lips to yours in a soft kiss.

With a smile, you hand me the keys and say, "You drive. You've practically worn me out and I don't want to fall asleep on the road. If it comes to me not being able to give you directions, your just follow this gravel road until you come to the Y and take the left fork. Then follow your nose, or whatever else happens to be pointing forward until you see the sign that says 'STEAKS' and we're there."

We climb into your pick up and I fire up the engine. You are seated right next to me, your head on my shoulder. "I love bench seats," you whisper. "Bucket seats were the demise of romance."

I put it in gear and slowly take off out of the drive. As we drive down the gravel road, I reach over to turn on the radio. A sexy sax is playing a gritty jazz tune. "I like your choice of stations," I say, but you have indeed dozed. I glance over at your angelic face, your beautiful hair. The perfume you are wearing makes my heart race, but I've discovered that everything about you does that to me.

The driving is slow, but I don't want to wake you so I just take my time and enjoy being near you. The vents in the truck are open and the breeze from them is causing your dress to subtly creep up your legs, exposing more and more of them as we drive. You have the most beautiful legs I've ever seen. Firm, but not overly muscular, and God, Cindy, they feel incredible wrapped around my waist.

My hand drops to your leg as I drive, absently caressing up and down along your thigh, outside then inside. I'm listening to the radio when I hear you whisper, "Keep that up and we may never make it to dinner." I look over at you and you have awaken, a sweet smile on your face.

"I'm sorry, I just can't seem to keep my hands off you."

"Oh, Rick, don't ever apologize for having your hands on me. I love the feel of your hands, your lips, your tongue and your incredible cock on me," you say with a wicked grin. Your hand is now caressing my thigh as I drive, down to my knee then back up to my groin. You go up over the top of the bulge in my jeans and squeeze me gently. "My, aren't going to make it until after dinner, are you? My poor baby, let Cindy help you with your problem." With that, you lower my zipper and gently pull my rock hard cock from my jeans.

You begin by slowly yet firmly stroking my shaft with your hand. You run your hand all the way up over the head, then all the way down to the base, milking me ever so wonderfully. You then kneel on the seat and run your incredible tongue around the purple head, gently over the glans. Your tongue flutters along the underside, from my balls to the tip and back again.

As you tantalize and torment me, my hand has reached over your back, pulled your dress up over your hips and I am squeezing and caressing your ass. With two fingers I am able to release the snaps from your teddy, exposing you to my fingers. I run my fingers up and down through the folds of your pussy, you are so wet my fingers are soaked and I bring them to my mouth and taste them. I slip them into my mouth, drinking your juices and soaking them with my saliva.

Your mouth is now over my shaft, sliding up and down the entire length. I can feel it as the head touches the back of your throat. I can feel as your throat relaxes and you take me even further.

My hand returns to your ass. I run my fingers all the way from asshole to clit and back again. My God, you are SO WET!!

My cock is soaked from your mouth. I can feel the throbbing coming from within. Your tongue is all over me, licking, stroking, flicking and fluttering. The suction from your mouth is like a vacuum.

I insert three fingers into your wet pussy and they slide in so easily. In and out I run them. My little finger is massaging your clit as my other fingers slide in and out of your love box. My thumb caresses your rosebud, my fingers slide in and out, my pinkie presses your clit, you moan with a mouthful of my cock, "Oh, God...". My thumb presses against your asshole, you moan again, "Oh, sweet Jesus..." My thumb begins to enter you, VERY slowly, centimeter by centimeter. "Oh, fuck, is there no end to what you can do to my body?" you say. You have stopped sucking me to concentrate on what I am doing to you, although you continue to stroke me and keep me hard.

My thumb is now all the way inside you, my fingers are in your pussy, my pinkie is circling your clit and you are rocking back and forth against my hand sending me deeper inside you. "Oh God, oh shit, oh Jesus Christ I want you inside me. Oh, please Rick, God I need you again..." You pull forward and I remove my hand from you. You climb between me and the steering wheel, straddling my lap, taking my cock and guiding me into you. We continue down the bumpy gravel road, but I've lost all concept of control. My foot is pressed harder against the accelerator. As we bump along the road I am naturally thrust all the way inside you. Deeper and deeper with every rut in the road I am slamming inside you, my pelvic bone ramming against your clit harder and faster, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. The music on the radio is now an utterly intense Buddy Rich drum solo that makes the cab of the truck pulsate. You rock your hips and press against me in a way that stimulates your clit and my cock for our ultimate mutual pleasure.

"Cindy, oh my God Cindy..." I pant.

"Fuck me, Rick, fuck me like you've never fucked anybody in your life. I want to be the only woman you ever think about making love with..."

"Oh God, oh CINDY, OH GOD..............!" I scream above the music as I reach the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

"Yes, Baby, I'm here...Cindy's coming lover...I'm coming with you Rick...oh, yeah...OH GOD, YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS............!!" as your climax comes right on top of mine.

Slowly, I release the accelerator and glance down at the speedometer: 85...80...70...60...55...40...35.............just then I glance at the road and the Y is directly ahead of us. I turn to the left and say, "It's a good thing you gave me those directions, although I didn't quite expect to need them for this reason..."

You climb off of me and back onto the seat. You gently return me to me not so upright position and zip me back up. You then say, "Oh, to hell with it," and magically remove your teddy from under your dress. "This thing is obviously just going to keep getting in the way tonight."

A few more minutes and a few more miles down the road we see the big "STEAKS" sign. I slow and pull into the driveway. "I don't know about you, but I'm just going to order the biggest thing on the menu. I have a feeling I'm going to need it to keep up my strength tonight," I grin.

With a wicked smile, you say, "I've already had the biggest thing on the menu tonight, but I'm sure they'll have something that I'll enjoy."

I'm still blushing as we walk into the restaurant..."You're cute when you do that," you tease..............

Chapter 5 By Cindy

We walk into the restaurant. It's a bit crowded, even though it's late. We make our way up to the hostess. "Oh, no," I mutter under my breath, "here we go."

"CINDY!!!!!" the hostess screeches when she sees me, 'Girl, where have you been? We haven't seen you in ages! Oh...", she giggles as she looks at you, "now I see why you've been hiding. Who is this handsome devil, and why have you been keeping him all to yourself?"

"Hi Susie. No, I haven't been hiding myself, just busy. How's Steven and the kids?" Susie pouts when she realizes that I'm am selfishly keeping you to myself. She picks up two menus and flounces off. We look at each other and smile, then follow her into the dining room. "I suppose you'll want a booth in the corner," Susie practically sneers, though with a twinkle in her eye, and a hint of a grin. "Yes, Susie, thanks....See you later," I reply as she tosses the menus on the table.

"One of the peculiarities of small town living," I sigh, as we slide to the back of the booth, "People are so nosy. I can hear Susie now when she gets home tonight...'Oooh, you should have seen that young stud Cindy brought into the restaurant tonight...' By tomorrow, it'll be all over town."

"Maybe we shouldn't have come here," you reply with a wicked little grin, "if you want to keep me your little secret."

"Are you kidding?" I laugh, "Oh no, call me horrible, but I just *loved* that green look on her face. Besides," I continue, snuggling closer, "had we stayed home, we wouldn't have had that most wonderful ride. I don't think I'll ever ride down that bumpy road again without a smile on my face."

Aside from a few touches under the table, a few shared glances, some wonderful conversation, and a delicious meal, dinner passed uneventfully. You put your arm around me and I snuggled close as we finished our coffee and waited for the check. Susie was busy with a customer, and only gave us a knowing little smile as we left the restaurant.

Back in the parking lot, you pull me into your arms once again. "I want to hold you like this all night," you whisper softly against my neck, "And what I'd really love right now is some slow jazz and you in my arms." "Mmmm," I reply, "that does sound wonderful, but you forget where we are. About the only dancing we'll find around here is a smoke-filled redneck bar, where they check the size of your belt-buckle before they let you in. But I have a much better idea. Let's go for a ride."

It's a beautiful, clear, warm night as we drive out of town and back onto the gravel road. We have the windows down, and the radio low, so we can hear the crickets and tree frogs make the night come alive. About two miles from my house, I tell you to turn right onto an even smaller gravel road, that leads down into the woods. We pull into a little clearing and you park the truck. You walk around to my side as I turn up the radio, smiling as I hear the slow sensuous music coming from the speakers. You pull me into your arms and kiss me deeply. The crickets and tree frogs have quieted momentarily and there is no sound except for the soft music coming from the truck. We begin to sway together and I feel a soft caress on the back of my neck, I'm not sure if it is your fingers or the light breeze, but it feels wonderful.

The song ends, but still we remain, slowly swaying together, everything forgotten except the feel of our bodies held tightly to one another. Eventually, the night creatures forget about our presence and become noisy once again. I go back to the truck, and retrieve a blanket from behind the seat. You help me spread it and it floats gently down on top of the pine needles. We lie down on our backs, looking through the tree branches at the clear star-filled sky.

"Rick," I murmur, "I'm very glad you got lost on my road. It doesn't seem like it was just a few hours ago, does it?"

"No, it doesn't" you answer, "and I'm glad too."

I roll over on my stomach, my chin propped on your chest. "Do you want to know what I was thinking when I saw you ride down the road this afternoon?" You nod, caressing my cheek. "I only saw you once you had passed, so I only got the rear view, but the first thing that came to mind was the image of those hips between my legs. And I just wanted you to know, that the reality is even better than what I imagined. And if it's ok with you, I'm going to shut up now and seduce you."

"I can live with that," you smile, lying there with your eyes closed.

I pull myself up, and straddle your hips, smiling down at you. Your eyes open to watch me slowly pull my dress off over my head and slide it over your face before tossing it to the side. I shiver just a bit in the night air, and run my hands up and down my sides, my head tilted back, my eyes closed. I lean over to kiss you, and your arms wrap around me and hold me tightly. I pull backwards, pulling you with me, until you're sitting. I pull your shirt up and over your head, bending down to lick and nibble your nipples, working my way upwards, over your chest, up your neck, over your chin, and to your lips. I lick your lower lip with just the tip of my tongue. You reach your tongue to mine, and when they meet, I suck it into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue.

I push you back down, and quickly unbutton and unzip your jeans, pulling them off and tossing them to the side. I am astounded as your already hard cock practically jumps into my hand. "Rick, " I laugh, "I am truly amazed and impressed. Either I am particularly good, or you are, next to me of course, one of the horniest people I have ever met. But, I want you to just lie here for a few minutes and think pure thoughts. Because what I really want is to put your soft cock in my mouth and use my talents to make it hard."

"But it's awful hard (no pun intended) to think pure thoughts with you so close," you protest, "And now, with the thought of what awaits me, it may be a truly impossible task."

We lie quietly for a while. Every few minutes, I surreptitiously take a peek. You're so quiet, I begin to think you may have fallen asleep. Your breathing is deep and regular, and I'm very tempted to just cuddle next to you and sleep myself. But, I just can't resist. I slowly, quietly sit up, bending to you, and lightly kiss your lower stomach. I then begin to work my way downward, bestowing feathery light kisses as I go. You stir, just a bit, but your breathing doesn't change. I smile and continue on, more tiny little kisses up the shaft toward the very tip. I carefully and gently lift you and slowly bring you into my mouth. You stir a bit more, and I hear a tiny little moan, but your eyes remain closed and your breathing deep.

Enjoying this thoroughly, I take you all the way in, my tongue slowly, leisurely, wrapping around your stirring cock. Still your eyes remain closed, but there is now a tiny hint of a smile on your lips. I move to position myself between your legs, lying on my stomach. My light feathery kisses on your thighs become firmer and wetter as your sexy scent seems to reach up and grab me. I inhale deeply and my breath comes back out as a ragged sigh. I reach my tongue underneath your balls, searching for that sensitive spot. The moan I am rewarded with this time is a bit louder, and you sigh 'Oh Cindy, that feels so nice."

My licks, nibbles, and kisses continue upwards over your balls. By the time I travel all the way to the tip of your cock, you're fully hard. I pull myself up to my knees and lower my mouth on you, taking you all the way in to the back of my throat, then slowly back out again. I continue the process, increasing my speed, my head bobbing until your hips begin thrusting in rhythm with me.

"Oh God, Rick, I can't stand it anymore, I want you thrusting like that inside me." I moan as I climb on top of you. I slide up against you, stroking my clit with your cock a few times, before taking you inside me. We both gasp as you slipped in, that wonderful feeling making us both moan. Your hands hold my waist as we find the rhythm together, your hips lifting in time with my movements. The feel of your coarse pubic hair pressed against my clit is delicious, and I know that another incredible orgasm won't be far away.

I put my arms above your shoulders and lean down, my breasts bouncing against your chest as our speed increases. You grab my ass, crushing me against you as I feel the beginning of the orgasm. "Oh yes, Rick, oh I'm going to cum! Ooooohhhh", I shout as the orgasm takes control of my body, slowing down to feel every sensation. It is incredible, my elbows buckle and I fall against you as my whole body quivers. You wrap your arms around me, holding me tightly, still moving beneath me. You shout "Oh God, Oh Cindy, Oh Yeah, Oh Baby, Oh Fuck, OHHHH" into the night as your own orgasm begins. You stroke hard into me 5 or 6 times, crying out as each stroke delivers another spurt of hot, wet, sticky, wonderful cum. When you can deliver no more, you let out a deep purr of contentment. We roll over on the blanket, lying in each other's arms. I'm speechless, so I just look at you and smile...

Chapter 6 By Rick

...In turn, I smile back at you, and we just continue to lay there, arms wrapped around each other, keeping each other safe from the rest of the world. We doze, your nose nuzzled into my neck, the scent of your perfume, your sex and my sex all mingled into a deliciously erotic experience.

When we awake, the sun is just beginning to come up over the horizon. The sunrise is beyond description with a mingling of red, orange and yellow hues. The air is cool but refreshing against our bodies and there is not a sound. The night creatures have gone to their own homes and we are utterly alone together. We make love once again, but this time it is slow and sweet. The kind of "get your coffee and relax" morning kind of love that transcends words like "horny" and "lust" and reaches the pinnacle of emotions like "love" and the wonderment of just waking next to someone that you really want to be with.

Afterwards, I pick a daisy from the ground and place it in your hair, help you up and help you dress. "Cindy, do you know that it is just as erotic for me to help you put your close back on as it is to help you take them off? I've never felt this way about anyone or anything before..." Your finger on my lips cuts off my statement.

"What we have found is perfect for right now," you say. "Let's take this one experience at a time and just see where it all leads. I know there are issues in my life, and I suspect there are in yours as well, that are effecting us right now. Rick, I NEED to be with you at this point in my life, and I think you NEED to be with me as well. Let's not question the fate that caused you to take a wrong turn down my road. Let's just enjoy it for now."

"Agreed," I smile, and run my fingertips over your cheek and down your neck.

We fold up the blanket and return to the truck. Driving back, you sit close to me, your arm intertwined with mine. You lean over and whisper in my ear, "Do you have any idea how much I want you right now?"

"Of course I do, because I want you just as badly...but, my love, you are just going to have to wait, because I have a special evening planned if you let me borrow your vehicle for an hour or so."

Intrigued, you agree. I drop you off at your house and disappear for about an hour and a half. When I arrive back to your house, I disappear once again, but this time into the kitchen with a few bags in my arms. "No peeking!" I insist, as you begin to follow me into the house. You remain on the porch and I return about 15 minutes later with two large glasses of fresh squeezed, sweetened lemonade.

"Since you shared what you felt when you first saw me, I will do the same. I was nothing but frustrated when I figured out that I was lost, but when I saw you in those 'ratty cutoffs and t-shirt' as you so eloquently put it, you looked like a princess to me. I have never seen such a dynamite pair of legs coming out of ratty cutoffs before, and I must say, my dear, you have about the sexiest curves I have ever seen and that t-shirt did nothing but accentuate that fact. So, for all your hospitality and generosity, I am going to treat you like that princess all day today. I will cook a wonderful meal for you, I will draw your bath, I will wash your body and I am going to make love with you like you have never experienced. After that, I will be your majesty's servant, both in the house and in the bedroom and you can do with me what you will, your highness..."

As you relax on the porch, a cool breeze blowing across from the west, I am in the kitchen. The aromas and sounds coming from the open window entice you to take a peak, but a true princess would never stoop to that, so you humor me in our little game. When the sun begins to set, coloring the sky with purple and fuchsia tones, I join you in another glass of lemonade. The color and wonder are so intense that we are speechless. Finally I invite you to come in and prepare yourself for dinner.

I escort you through the room, skirting the kitchen so you cannot see what awaits you. I lead you upstairs into your bathroom and as you open the door you gasp. The claw tub is filled with steaming water, a layer of bubbles dancing on top of the water. On every shelf there is a candle, the flames dancing and reflecting off the mirror. The scent of Opium perfume surrounds us as I begin to unbutton your thin white cotton blouse. You have discovered one of my secret passions is to see you in a white blouse, your breasts dancing underneath as you move, the dark color of your nipples enticingly visible through the thin material. As your blouse falls to the floor, my tongue runs from your neckline, between your breasts and circles your navel. Unsnapping your tight jeans, I lower them to the floor. One quick lick across your clit is all I do.

I help you into the tub and you ease into the steaming water. I take a large sponge and squeeze it over your shoulders, the water and bubbles cascading down your breasts, shoulders and back. I gently wash every part of your body. I never touch you in a sexual way, but the entire washing is extremely erotic in it's gentleness. You lay back as I lather your hair, running my fingers firmly through it as I wash your hair. You sigh as the feel of my fingertips massaging your scalp relaxes you. My hands descend slightly and squeeze and massage your shoulders. Again your response tells me you are enjoying your royal treatment...

The bath over, I help you out of the tub and proceed to dry you off, gently blotting the water from your glistening body. I then apply a moisturizing lotion over every inch of your bare skin with a firm touch. While this is not intended as a sensual overture, I can tell that it is effecting you in that way.

Into the bedroom, on the bed is a royal blue satin robe that I help you get on. As you reach into the pocket you find a small box. Opening it, you find two simple diamond earrings. You begin to protest, but I insist they are just a trifle, yet a token of my thanks to you. Besides, every princess should be wearing diamonds when she makes love...

Leading you down the stairs to the kitchen, I stop and turn to admire you. I gently take your face in my hands and bring your lips to mine. An almost innocent kiss, yet the electricity that crosses our bodies is incredible. I catch my breath and continue down the stairs.

On the table are two glasses of Beringer's White Zinfandel. I go to the stove and remove the dishes I have been preparing. Angel Hair pasta, with bay scallops..."A specialty of the cook," I announce as I bring the steaming plates to the table. We raise our glasses in a toast to each other, clink them together, and sip...aaahhhh, exquisite heaven. We eat our meal and discuss the events of the last 24 hours and their impact on our lives. Nothing is really settled, but we are content with this moment the way it is and are accepting of that. After the meal, I clear the table, clean the dishes and replace everything where I found it. "There," I say, "You can't even tell a man has been in the house."

"On the contrary, my love, this beating in my heart tells me surely that a man has not only been in this house, but is here as we tells me also that if this man doesn't have desert, then this woman does..."

"Oh, love, I have a most splendid desert in mind..." With that, I lift you from your chair and set you on the table. I untie the robe and let it fall to the sides, exposing you completely to me. I reach behind me and pull out a bowl of Cool Whip (much better for this type of thing than that canned stuff) and proceed to place a dollop on each breast, on your stomach and on your pussy. I begin by swirling my tongue around and round each nipple, slowly cleaning them of the whipped cream. Proceeding down to your stomach, my tongue probes and searches in your navel to clean out every speck. My journey continues to your marvelous pussy, the center of my desire, and yours as well. Ever so slowly and softly my tongue caresses your clit. Your hips come off the table to greet me, to assist me in bringing you to climax.

I place two fingers inside you as I continue to lick and caress your clit. With hooked fingers, I find your G-spot and press against it, finger tips circling and pressing, stimulating you internally as my mouth and tongue stimulate you externally. Your hips are going wild now, churning, pressing, thrusting. "Oh, Rick...Oh, yes, right there...just like that...oh, baby a little harder now...yah, just like that...Oh...OH...OH SHIT, YES...OH GOD, OH SWEET GOD, YES...I'M CUMMING...OH GOD I'M CUMMING...OH RIGHT NOWWWWW!!!!.......

I climb upon the table with you and straddle your chest. I apply more whipped cream between your breasts and lay my engorged cock between them. You press them together as I fuck your tits, sliding in and out between them, coating my cock with the sweet cream. "I want to taste you," you say, opening your mouth and inviting my cream covered cock into it. You raise your head to take me. I place my cock in your mouth and continue to thrust my hips back and forth while your head remains still. It's incredible to watch as my cock slides in and out of your mouth. As I get closer and closer, I warn you that I'm about to come. "I want you to...I want you to come in my mouth so I can swallow all of your love..." As my contractions begin, "Oh, God, Cindy...I'm CUMMING!!" you take me deeper into your mouth. As I begin to pump my load down your throat I can hear you gulping my cum, taking me inside you and drinking me down...oh, fuck, there is nothing more incredibly erotic than a woman that would do that for a man. A woman with no hang-ups, a woman who loved EVERY aspect of the sexual experience.

Our hearts return to normal, eventually, and we look around at the whip creamy mess we have made all over ourselves...and giggle...

Now, your highness, as promised...what is your bidding???...............................

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.