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I kept looking at my watch as the minutes crawled slowly by. What a waste of a perfectly gorgeous fall day, sitting inside, listening to a lecture drone on and on. I don't understand how some people love philosophy. For me, it's much too vague. I like answers. Problems are meant to be solved, not debated forever, each side attempting to prove the unprovable. Finally, the professor looked at his watch and decided it was time to stop. We gathered up our books and hurried out the door.

Outside, the air was clear and crisp. The kind of fall day that makes you think of apples and warm cider, of hayrides and bonfires, of cold nights, when you can see your breath as clearly as the thousands of stars in the sky. I walked slowly to the dorm, crunching through the leaves that had already fallen. I passed the quad, where there were a few people tossing around a football. Not playing a game, just light-hearted passing and grabbing at each other as they tried to run past the others. I paused to watch for a few moments, enjoying their laughter.

As I turned to continue on, I heard 'Oh, oh, watch it!' just as I felt the thump on my butt. I turned to see the ball laying on the ground at my feet. I laughed and rubbed my ass as one of the players ran up to retrieve the ball. "Are you okay?" he asked. I looked up at him, and saw beautiful green eyes, just the color of a shamrock. "Um, I think so," I stammered, unable to drop my gaze from those enticing eyes.

"Are you sure you're okay," he repeated in a sincerely concerned voice, as he bent to help me pick up my materials. (Understandable, since I'm sure I looked like a dazed doe caught in some driver's headlights.)

Surreptitiously, I took in every part of him as his concentration was focused on what he was doing. The wavy brown hair on his head, the head that held the chiseled features of one who knows what hard work in the sun is like, undoubtedly helping his father back home. The muscular legs coming from the tight shorts he was wearing. The outline of his every curve and bulge accentuated by the material. His arms, well shaped, but not grotesque as a body builder's, protruding from his well fitting muscle shirt, yet ending in hands that appeared so soft and gentle I suddenly wished they were touching me in all the places I love to be touched. The gentle yet dexterous fingers at the end of those hands that I immediately knew were capable of taking me to pleasures as yet unknown.

I shifted my gaze as he finished helping me, but looked back into his eyes and managed to gasp out a breathless, "Thank you," as I started back to the dorm.

"Wait. My name is Rick," he said. "I've seen you around campus," he continued, with a charming shyness and innocence that belied his obvious good looks. "May I walk you to wherever you're going?"

Suddenly time stood still. I could almost see the condensation from our breaths hanging in the air as a thousand options and answers raced through my head. I had always been raised to "look before I leap" and suddenly all I wanted to do was leap, and right into this Adonis's arms. Trying to appear as sophisticated as possible, and not over anxious, I responded with an incredibly stupid, "Yes, I'd love you...Um, I mean I'd love it." Feeling the blush starting up my neck, I tried unsuccessfully to avert my face. He laughed and we started toward the dorm.

"Do you have much to do for midterms next week?" he asked, as we walked slowly across campus.

"No, not really, " I replied, "For once in my life, I finished my paper ahead of time. I just have to proof and print it. How about you?"

"Mine are all inclass tests, except for photography. I've taken rolls of pictures, and I like many of them, but I just haven't found *the* one. I've threatened, cajoled, and begged all of my friends to pose for me, but I'm just not excited about any of them."

"What kind of photograph does it have to be?" I asked.

"The theme is 'A Body in Motion'. That's why I was out playing football. I took a roll before my friends finally talked me into playing. I imagine one of them will be good enough."

"Ah, a perfectionist...I know the feeling. Well, here we are. Thanks for walking with me." I paused at the door to my dorm, not knowing what to say, but wanting desperately to say something.

"Would you like to go the cafeteria with me for lunch? I know it's not very much, but I know I'd really like to continue this. I'm really enjoying talking to you, and I don't know when I'll see you again. And I'd hate to miss this opportunity to get to know you." He was obviously a bit nervous, as this all came out in one breath.

"Oh Rick, I'd really like that. But I have a dance class in a half hour."

I saw the look of disappointment cross his handsome face, then, just as quickly, I saw the lightbulb go off, and it made me laugh. "Hmm...dancing...a body in motion....Would it be presumptuous of me to ask if I..."

"...could come along and bring your camera?" I finished for him. "I'm not sure if the teacher would allow it, but we can give it a try. Go get your camera. I'll meet you here in 15 minutes?"

"Great! I'll be right back," he shouted over his shoulder as he took off at almost a run, back toward the quad. I stood there, watching him until he was gone. "God, what a bod. I certainly would love to see that body in motion," I giggled to myself as I ran up to my room to change into the slinkiest dance costume I had. None of those frilly things I sometimes wore. This had to be the sexiest one I owned.

I found the perfect one. The thin straps, the extremely tight bodice that accentuated my breasts perfectly. Sure, I could hardly breathe, but some things are more important than oxygen sometimes and this was definitely one of those times. Besides, I found when I was around him I was unable to breathe very well anyway, so I figured it was no big deal. The leotard ran up the crack in my ass, accentuating my butt that was sensually packed into my tightest tights...hmm, I never realized how aptly named those little things were until now. Spritzing myself with my most inflammatory perfume, I was ready for, well, I was ready for ANYTHING!!

I entered the dance class and saw Rick in heated discussion with the instructor. An old hausfrau from Germany, but brother could that lady dance when she was younger, and her ability to get her message across was incredible. From teaching us "The Dance" as she called it to letting Rick know in no uncertain terms that his photography equipment was not in the least bit welcome in "her" studio. Suddenly I couldn't remember hating anyone as much as I hated her. She was going to ruin everything.

After Rick packed up his equipment he started to stomp out of the studio, yelling things about artistic freedom and Nazis and, as I recall, questioning her about exactly which species she belonged to. I was horrified until he came past me and threw a wink. "I heard that she was Hitler's sister," he grinned. "We'll get together after your class for that lunch if you like. Maybe you'll give me a private dance lesson and let me take some pictures then," he flirted with another wink. "By the way, have I told you how cute I think you are?"

Standing with my mouth agape once again I just stared at him as he walked out the door.

Needless to say, it was very difficult to concentrate on "The Dance" that afternoon. I was thinking more about "The Adonis", that I hoped was waiting for me outside. I was so distracted, I stumbled over my own graceless feet, right into Sherri, my best friend in the class. I remember bumping heads and seeing stars. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the middle of the floor, with everyone gathered around me.

Sherri, rubbing the side of her head, laughed at me. "You oaf! Are you ok? I'm usually the one causing the near fatal collisions, not you Miss Grace. In fact, the instructor even yelled at ME for running into YOU!"

"Oh Sherri!" I found myself laughing "I'm so sorry. Yes, I certainly am a graceless oaf today. I'm going to be black and blue before the day is over."

"Hmm," she snickered, "this gracelessness wouldn't have anything to do with a certain photographer that was in here earlier, would it? Or perhaps, that leotard has just cut off the circulation to your feet and your brain."

I tried to stand, and realized I had twisted my ankle. The instructor, seeing me wobble, pulled me into a chair, carefully rotating my ankle to see if I had really done myself harm. She pronounced me fit, but done for the day. "Come back tomorrow morning and we'll do some stretching exercises, my dear." It was amazing how much an ogre she appeared to the outside world, yet she was almost motherly to "her girls". I promised I would return in the morning.

Sherri, being the true, and truly nosy, friend that she was, gathered my things, and helped me through the door. I wasn't in any pain, yet I knew there would be no private dances this evening. Perhaps, I smiled, Rick might be interested in some other forms of motion, that didn't involve being on my feet. Now, if only I knew how to find him.

I walked out of the studio, stopping abruptly, my eyes opening wide in surprise, as I looked down the steps and saw one red rose, laying on the steps with a card attached. Bending carefully to pick it up, I already knew who it was for and from whom. Reading the card my suspicions were confirmed. It said, "This rose pales in comparison to your beauty, but it was the closest thing to perfection I could find, second only to you...Rick...Meet me outside your dorm at exactly 6:30 tonight. I have another surprise for you."

My heart was pounding so fast, I could hardly stand it. My God, I looked at my watch and saw that it was already 4:30. Only two hours to go and I was a mess. A sweaty, crippled mess. I hardly said good-bye to Sherri as I tore off (amazing how I had forgotten about my ankle all of a sudden) for my dorm, a thousand outfits going through my mind, none of which seemed quite right.

When I got inside, I tore off my clothes and ran a bubble bath. I may not have all the time in the world, but I wanted to pamper myself a bit before my big "date". As I walked in front of the mirror, I stopped to look at myself. "Not too damn bad," I told myself. I take care of myself and with the dancing am in pretty good shape. Firm breasts, a dynamite ass and legs to die for.

I climb into the tub and just completely let myself relax. The strain of the day disappeared and a calming feeling came over me. My hands lightly skimmed over my breasts, my nipples hardening as I imagined his hands on me. Ever so lightly, over and across my nipples, seeing his tongue, Rick's tongue, circling and caressing them. My hand descended over my flat stomach and a tingling began between my legs. My hand paused, my fingers running in and out of my pubic hair, pulling slightly to stretch the skin around my clit, arousing it. My finger slid between my legs, barely touching my clit, lightly brushing it, my other hand still on my breast pinching my hard nipple between my fingers. I felt his body between my legs, felt his hips between my thighs as I rubbed myself harder, slipping my finger inside myself. Harder and faster, the vision of him so intense I could almost touch him.

Suddenly, my concentration was broken by Sherri. "Damn, I caught you again. When will you realize that dorm bathrooms are not the most private place, and that sound, any sound, carries? But I don't mind. 'Cause one of these days, if I walk in on you at exactly the right time, you might finally let me finish what you started."

She made this astounding statement as her eyes raked over my body and she smiled an evil little grin. I was speechless, my fingers frozen in mid-stroke. My breathing was still ragged, the feelings had been intense when she entered. My whole body felt flushed, and I wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment or something else.

She pushed up her sleeve, reached into the tub, and released the stopper, her hand brushing against my calf as she removed her arm from the water. I stood and stepped out of the tub, still staring at her, in wonder at the steamy look she was giving me. She slowly and gently pushed me down until I was sitting on the edge of the tub. Then she knelt between my legs and began kissing her way up my thighs.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I felt as if I was somewhere else, that it wasn't me sitting here being seduced by another woman. But it was, and oh god, I was enjoying it. Her lips continued inch by slow agonizing inch up my thighs, until she breathed lightly against my clit. Just as lightly, she flicked her tongue across it. Finally, she began a slow, tortuous repetition of kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling that had my entire body twitching in pleasure.

I watched her every move as she sucked lightly, kneading my inner thighs in time with her lips. She flicked her blue eyes up to mine, and simply said 'Cum for me baby." It was like a command, and as if on command, my whole body tensed, then shuddered as the orgasm rushed through me.

After a few seconds for me to recover, she stopped, smiled, pulled me to my wobbly feet, wrapped the towel around me, and told me to go get ready for my date. I walked down the hall to my room, oblivious that my head was still covered with the lather from the shampoo I had been applying before becoming so distracted by carnal desires...first my own, then Sherri's.

When I got back in my room and looked in the full length mirror, I let out a shriek. I ran back to the bathroom, only to find the door locked. It seemed everyone had a date, and the odds of getting back in to rinse my hair was slim to none. I quickly threw on a pair of ratty old sweats and a flannel shirt and ran down the hall, looking for an unoccupied bathroom...NONE!! I ran down the stairs to the first floor and there were none to be had there either. Damn, the dating season was in full swing.

My last resort...I only had a half an hour left and I was desperate. I ran outside to the spigot and turned it on, dousing my hair with the COLD water coming from the hose. This was really embarrassing, but nothing was going to keep me from being ready for this date...except maybe the fact that I had left my keys in my room and had slammed the locked door in my haste to rinse my hair.

Banging on the door, trying to raise some attention amongst a bunch of women getting ready for a big night was fruitless. I raced around the building trying to find an open window, but the temperature had dropped and all were locked tight. I couldn't believe my luck. Was nothing going to turn out right for me today...well, besides Sherri, that is. That was pretty right at the time.

I came tearing around the corner, and noticed a long stretch limo had pulled up in front of the dorm. As the door was opening, I tripped on a root in the lawn and went sprawling right into the arms of Rick as he climbed out of the back of the limo!

Our eyes locked, and those shamrock green eyes pierced my soul once again. Without even thinking about it, our lips met in a soft sensual kiss. The tip of our tongues gently grazing over each other's lips.

"It seems like I've been asking you all day if you are all right," he smiled. Oh, God, that smile. It was the type of smile that could make me feel like the most beautiful person in the world, even though I knew I probably was truly frightening shivering there in my sweats and flannel shirt, not to mention my dripping hair. In fact, I had already forgotten my appearance as I continued to gaze into those eyes.

Finally, what little sanity I had left returned in a flood as I looked down at myself. I blushed a deep crimson and wondered how I could explain this without appearing the complete fool I certainly felt to be. I stammered out an incoherent explanation, ending with "and my keys are on my nightstand, right where I left them."

Rick kindly and gently held me to him as I dissolved almost into tears. I knew he wanted to laugh, I could feel his whole body straining not to. I'm sure he didn't dare, suspecting how close I was to running away to find somewhere to hide for the rest of my life. Finally, I saw the absurdity of the situation, and started to smile. Soon, it turned into a giggle. Rick, feeling me shaking against him, probably had no idea whether I was laughing or crying until I raised my head to smile at him. Deciding it was safe, we both dissolved into laughter.

"Well," he said, "I suppose there's only one thing left to do in this situation." I had absolutely no idea what that one thing was, but I would gratefully do it. He pulled me into the limo, and said something to the driver. We drove for a very short time when the limo stopped, and the driver opened the door. We were at the back of the campus theater! We went inside, Rick guiding me to the costume and prop room. Inside, were racks of dresses, skirts, and every other piece of finery I could imagine. There was a whole wall of just shoes! I clapped my hands in delight, told him that he was an absolute genius, and practically jumped into his arms, giving him a big kiss.

Detangling himself, he pulled me over to the racks of dresses. "No," he shook his head, "this won't do. Go sit down over there. I'll pick your attire for the evening." He shooed me to the other side of the room, and disappeared into the racks. A few minutes later, he returned, wearing a gorgeous smile, and carrying the most gorgeous satin and velvet ante-bellum dress, complete with hoop skirt and shawl. It looked just like something out of "Gone With the Wind".

"I think you would look stunning in this," he smiled. He had changed already, into the uniform of a Confederate Colonel, complete with boots, gloves and saber.

"Where are the corset and bloomers that should go with it?" I teased.

"You won't be needing those," he said with a wink and my heart stopped yet again. "The corset would be a complete waste, what with your figure, and the bloomers...well, they would just be a waste of time..."

I took the gown to the dressing room and eagerly put it on. I have always been a sucker for dress-up and the Civil War era has always had a certain romance about it. A knock on the door startled me and Rick opened it just a bit. "Are you decent?" he asked and pouted just a bit when I told him yes. He came in and said, "Something you don't know about me, but I was raised in a family of nothing but women. I had my mother and five sisters and I have become quite adept at fixing women's hair." With that he proceeded to take comb, brush, and dryer in hand and within a very short time had me swearing that Scarlett O'Hara was looking back at me in the mirror. "Another thing you need to know...all men who are quite adept at fixing women's hair are NOT gay," he said as his lips descended to my neck and began kissing me. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and I immediately became wet for him, my juices running down my thighs. My God, nobody has ever had that effect on me.

He took me by the hand and led me out onto the stage. He had arranged the lighting to an extremely romantic level. He left me standing, center stage and walked behind the curtain. With a push of a button, he activated the sound system and a wonderful waltz began to play. He returned, bowed deeply and said, "Would you do me the honor of dancing with me?"

I curtsied and responded, "I would be delighted, sir."

He took me in his arms and we danced...God how we danced. It was not the stumbling dance of a high school boy or the dance of most men at a dance. We danced as though we were floating on air, perfect in height, rhythm and step. His grace was as natural as his charm and I was wondering if this was a dream or if anybody this wonderful could really exist. If it was a dream, then I never wanted to wake up.

As we danced, his cologne filled my head, making me dizzy, crazy, lusty, desirous all at the same time. I didn't know what was happening to me, but I knew I never wanted it to stop. God, I wanted him to just dive under my skirts right there on the stage. I could easily see why the women of the time loved these skirts, my mind imagining casually sipping a mint julep and batting my eyelashes at some old gentlemen, while he ran his tongue up and down my thighs, completely concealed under the yards of satin and velvet.

This image caused my knees to buckle and I fell forward, crashing against his chest. As I looked up at him, to once again apologize for my clumsiness, I was stopped by the look in those shamrock eyes. My breath caught in my throat. It was the most passionate, yet gentle look I had ever seen. I knew, right then, that there was no hope for me. I was about to do anything he asked of me, no matter what, and love every minute of it.

Slowly, he brought his lips to mine, brushing against them, then veering off to land softly on my cheek. Just as slowly, I turned my head, until my lips found the corner of his mouth, kissing it tenderly. We came to a stop, as finally, our lips found each others, the touch sending pleasant little shocks through my entire body. He caressed my cheek with the back of his fingers and I moaned, my knees once again feeling weak, but thankfully holding this time. My hands found their way into his hair as I lightly licked his lip, with just the tip of my tongue. My eyes widened, almost in surprise, as his tongue found mine and almost pulled it into his mouth, then closed in delight and surrender. My breathing got deeper, my breasts pressing deliciously against the tight bodice of my dress. I felt my nipples harden as they were smashed against the soft fabric.

After a few minutes of this, we wrenched our lips apart, trying in vain to catch our breaths, while our eyes remained locked. Breathlessly, I said "Oh Rick! I want you so badly. Please, make love to me. If you don't, I'll surely die." I was amazed that my words came out in a soft southern accent, an accent I don't posses. I was just as amazed when he said, "Soon, but not just yet. Cindy, I want you as badly as you want me, and there's NOTHING I want more than to make love with you. In fact I knew the minute that football hit you on your sexy ass this afternoon that we would end up making love before the day was through, but this is not the time or place. It has nothing to do with wanting you or not wanting you. It has to do with the fact that the lighting crew for the current production has been here for 10 minutes watching us and I think we better get out of these clothes and into something else before the rest of the production staff shows up. Besides, as beautiful as you look in this outfit, it's really not appropriate for Chez Francis where we have reservations in an hour."

We walked back to the dressing area and picked out a tuxedo for him and a rather short but spectacular black cocktail (what a lovely word) dress for me. Added to it a string of marvelous pearls and the effect was perfect.

As he escorted me back to the limo, hand in hand, our fingers intertwined and caressing each other's hands casually, he turned and gave me what could only be described as a "knock my socks off, burn my clothes, this must be heaven" kiss. My God, nobody had ever kissed me like that before. The passion, the heat, the seduction in that kiss were beyond description. As we reached the limo, I was SO ready for him. I couldn't believe his control. Most men I had been with were really boys that I practically had to fight off. Now I was with someone I wanted so desperately and he knew how to bring me to the edge and then back off. Not completely to destroy the mood, but just enough to let me hold on by just my fingernails, as a rock climber might do on an incredible climb.

Once in the limo, he told the driver where to go. "We have reservations in an hour," he said. "Don't get us there a minute early." With his right hand he pressed the button raising the privacy shade. With his left hand he reached into the champagne bucket to get the icy-cold bottle waiting there. As he brought it toward him, a big drop of water fell from the bottle, landing on my thigh, about an inch above my knee. I must have jumped and let out a tiny squeak. His fingertips immediately reached for the drop of water sitting there on my thigh, and rubbed it in. The icy cold of the water and the incredible warmth of his fingertips circling it, made me lean my head back against the seat and close my eyes. I despise the cliché 'a firm but gentle touch', but that was because I had never before experienced it. Once again, my entire body reacted to his touch. I shifted in my seat, my thighs parting a bit, wishing fervently that his fingers would continue that delicious circling motion, all the way up my thighs.

And to my surprise, they did, wandering slowly, all the way up to the hem of my dress, which had slipped way up during my shifting. His other hand went to the back of my neck, as he gently pulled me toward him, again lowering his lips to mine. My hand reached into his jacket, wandering across his chest, down his side, and to his hip. Losing his impeccable control for just a moment, he twisted slightly, so I could plainly feel his erection pressing against my forearm. Briefly, I let my hand wander across his lap, pressing against him firmly for just a second or two before continuing back up his chest.

I felt the moan in his chest rather than heard it, as he pulled me to him, so that I was sitting across his lap, his arm cradling me, almost as if I were a baby. His lips reluctantly left mine, traveling across my cheek, to my ear, and down my neck.

Suddenly, I almost fell off his lap as the car came to abrupt halt. We looked out the side windows and saw nothing. We turned, to look out the back and saw a horse's nose.

Directly behind us was a horse drawn carriage, the kind young lovers take through the park on lovely nights like tonight. We looked at each other and read each other's mind, yet again. "How adventurous do you feel?" he whispered, in a voice so sexy I could feel myself getting wetter than I already was.

"As adventurous as you..." I replied with a wicked smile.

Lowering the privacy screen, he said to the driver, "Pick us up at Chez Francis in three hours."

He opened the door and gallantly helped me from the back of the limo. In doing so, my skirt slid up even farther, exposing the creamy flesh above my black stockings and giving him a quick flash of my pantyless pussy. Immediately, his erection was visible through his trousers and I knew I had him out of control.

We quickly made our way behind the limo to the carriage. The driver began to protest that he was off duty, but Rick whispered something to him and he beamed. He looked at me and tipped his hat, motioning us aboard.

"Whatever did you tell him?" I asked, still with a faint southern sweetness.

"That you have a terminal illness and your final wish is to make love in the back of a carriage going through Central Park," he grinned, and to this day I'm not totally sure he was teasing.

We climbed into the carriage, actually more like an English Hansom in that it was covered and enclosed. It had shades that would pull down, completely enclosing the interior, and although these were seldom used, they were perfect for our needs.

We were no sooner inside the carriage when Rick took me in his muscular arms and continued where he had left off minutes before, although with much more urgency now. One hand on the back of my neck, fingers running through my hair, his lips on my mouth, my cheek, my ear, my neck, my throat. He seemed to be kissing and licking me everywhere at once. His other hand was on my leg, under my skirt, already well above the tops of my stockings. He was now like a man possessed. The incredible control he had shown earlier had transformed into an incredible desire. Never had I felt so wanted by a man before. Nor had I ever wanted a man as badly as I wanted him that very minute, as he discovered when his fingers FINALLY reached my sweet spot.

I was literally dripping with excitement when his hand touched my pussy. My juices coated his fingers as he rubbed me, up and down along my folds, avoiding direct contact with my clit, but stretching the skin around it to stimulate it, none the less. I nearly came when he whispered, "I want to taste you," but managed to just respond with a throaty, "Oh, God, yes..."

He knelt between my legs, my skirt was, by this time, wrapped around my waist. He raised my legs over his shoulders and his sensual lips descended to my eager pussy. His tongue worked magic on my sensitive skin, tenderly running in and out through my folds. He reached his arms over and around my legs so that his fingertips were on either side of my pussy. He spread my lips wide, exposing all of me to his gaze, my clit protruding from it's sheath, completely open to him. The tip of his tongue circled first my opening, then ascended oh so slowly to the tip of my clit, gently circling, then fluttering directly against me. Oh, Sweet Jesus, this was the most incredible feeling I had EVER experienced! Between the motion of the carriage over the cobblestones, and his incredibly talented tongue against me, I knew this was a sensation I would probably never again experience if I ever let him stop. So, I let my heels slide over his shoulders, brought my knees together around his ears, and thrust my pussy up into his face, determined to keep him trapped right where he was for at least a year or two.

However, the effect of this was to make his tongue feel even better. Oh God, it felt so unbelievably good. My hips, with a will of their own, started rocking back and forth across his face. My breath came in short little gasps as his tongue seemed to be everywhere at once.

"Oh God Rick, yes baby, lick it, suck it, Oh God," I breathed, my voice urgent, losing all traces of its earlier accent as a moan escaped my lips.

He moaned too, burying his face even further, closing his eyes. His body began rocking back and forth following my rhythm. There is nothing more exciting than the obvious excitement of a man when he's giving pleasure. He wrapped his arms around my hips, pulling me even tighter against him, flattening his palms against my lower stomach. I could stand it no longer.

I felt the hot, tingling feeling start at my fingers and toes simultaneously, racing up my arms and legs until my whole body went rigid, tense, waiting.....

I squeezed my eyes shut tight and held my breath. His lips closed over my clit, and with one last suck, the breath rushed out of me in a strangled 'AHHHHH'. He plunged two fingers deep inside me, and I felt myself clench around them, trying to pull them in even further as my pussy squeezed and released. It seemed to last forever. Just as it ended, he fluttered his fingers inside me, and brushed his lips softly against my still pulsing clit.

"Ugh" was all I could manage as another one started, washing over me once again. My eyes widened in surprise. This time, my whole body quivered, the feelings exquisite. I could stand it no longer, and I pulled him up, his lips to mine, lavishing little kisses all over his face, which was dripping with my juices.

My fingers ran down his body, anxious, searching for his belt, pulling it open in my urgency to have him inside me. Fumbling, I somehow managed the button and zipper. Reaching inside, searching for the waistband of his underwear, which to my surprise wasn't there, my fingers brushed directly against the head of his cock. It was incredibly hard, straining to my touch, and wet with precum. I spread it all over, until the entire head was glistening. I reached further down, wrapping my fingers at the base and pulling upwards, coaxing out even more. I brought my fingers to my mouth, sucking them greedily as I pushed his pants down over his ass with my heels.

Again using my heels against his ass, I pulled him up and toward me. I slid down even further in the seat. We maneuvered until his cock was poised at my opening. He paused, just for a second, looking at me. God, that gaze was so hot, so incredible.

"Oh Rick, please baby, PLEASE, give me that hard cock. I want it, want YOU, so badly," I whispered. With a groan, and the urging of my legs, now wrapped tightly around him, he plunged home with one stroke.

I gasped, and then moaned, as I felt him fill me. Again, he paused, just for a second, for our minds to catch up with the incredible sensation in our bodies. He slowly pulled back, almost all the way out, as we both gazed down at his cock, glistening in the shadows, covered in both of our juices.

We tried a slow stroking, but the need and urgency in both of us was overwhelming. I squeezed my legs even tighter around him, not letting him out, not ever again. He rocked against me, his pelvis and pubic hair tantalizing my clit. His fingers reached for my face, stroking my cheek gently.

This combination of his gentle stroking of my cheek, combined with the now ferocious stoking he was giving me down below, was the most unbelievable thing I ever experienced. The heat and passion coming from him, combined with his care and tenderness made me light-headed.

I pulled myself up, pushing him backward to the floor on his knees, and I wrapped my whole body around him. Our movements, now timed perfectly with each other, quickly reached a speed that had us both panting. The grunts and moans he rewarded me with combined with my own, echoed in the carriage.

I reached the peak first. I arched my back away from him, my head thrown back, my eyes and mouth open wide, as I once more felt the waves wash over me. This one was the strongest, the most incredible, and I never wanted it to stop.

I was still in the middle of mine, when his started. A long, low, groan ripped deep out of his chest, as he came. I could swear I even felt him explode inside me, the spurts of almost burning cum splashing inside me, so much of it, it filled me and started running back out, in little streams around his quivering cock.

We fell into each other's arms, gasping for breath, our hearts racing as we held each other tightly. Tenderly, almost lovingly, we kissed. I had never before felt such ecstasy, satisfaction, and exhaustion.

After a few moments, we heard a soft clearing of a throat. The driver announced that we were at the restaurant.

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