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Eight years ago, when my daughter was almost a year old, my in-laws told us to take the keys for their condo in Cancun, leave the baby with them and take a week's vacation. My husband is an avid golfer, and though I don't particularly care for playing the game, I enjoy playing caddie and driving the cart around.

We were quite close with his cousin Neal and his wife Patty and we invited them to go with us. Since Neal was also a golfer, I would be relieved of caddie duty, and could lounge at the pool.

When we arrived at the condo, we opened the door and all came to a dead stop in the doorway. It wasn't a condo at all, it was a basic hotel room. One room, with two double beds. Oh shit, I thought to myself. My first 'real' vacation in years, and absolutely no privacy.

The first day or two, we had a great time. We all went out on the golf course early one morning, and spent the afternoons playing in the surf, or lounging by the pool sipping drinks with umbrellas in them. We went to see some Mayan ruins, and one afternoon, we went snorkeling. At night, we found little out of the way restaurants, enjoying some of the best seafood I've ever had. I still fondly recall the Red Snapper I had one night while we sat on a dock on the lagoon side, watching them catch our dinner a few feet away. After dinner, we went to the lounge at one of the big hotels, dancing for hours.

As we sat at the table, all of us pleasantly buzzed, I felt my husband's hand creeping up my thigh under the table. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, smiling. His fingers wandered further up, to the edge of my panties. I started squirming a bit in my seat. It seemed like he teased me like this forever. I know I was blushing, in fact Neal teased me for being drunk because my face was so red.

Finally, my husband brought up what everyone was thinking. "Um guys," he began. "Would you be offended if Cindy and I took our leave, and asked you to hang out here for a while? Then, when you get back, we'll take a long walk on the beach."

I think we all breathed a big sigh of relief. They shooed us out and we scurried back to the room. I can't say that our lovemaking that night was slow and languorous like I prefer, and I admit I had one ear listening constantly for the door. But still, by the time they returned, we were both satisfied and smiling. We took a long, slow, romantic walk on the beach that night, and when we returned, Neal and Patty were asleep.

The room only had one bathroom, and with four of us, we were forced to share. Each evening, before dinner, my husband and I would take our showers, then Neal and Patty. It was so nice that the shower was nice and big, even having a small seat in it. I remember sitting on the edge of the seat, my legs hanging over his shoulders as he knelt in front of me, licking and sucking me while I tried desperately not to moan too loudly. Afterward, we traded places, and I knelt with the water beating on my back using my mouth and hands to bring him to a quiet, but definitely pleasurable orgasm.

Other days, Neal and Patty would shower first, leaving us time to hurriedly make love on the bed. While having the bed was nice, the urgency made it a little less than satisfying.

One night, after Neal and Patty were asleep, I was almost asleep when I felt his lips on the back of my neck, and his hand on my hip. I lifted my head, letting him slide his arm underneath and reach around for my breast. Very slowly and very quietly, he used his fingers to bring me to two wonderful, but once again painfully quiet orgasms. I turned over as quietly as I could, reaching for his cock in his underwear. He was so hard, leaking precum all over the place; his underwear almost sopping. I managed to get his underwear off, and stroke his cock. He came all over his underwear and then shoved them under the bed. In the morning, he had to lie there, waiting for Patty to go into the bathroom, before slipping into his shorts. We both forgot about the underwear, and for all I know, it's still lying there, waiting to be discovered by my in- laws. He he he.

So, while the week wasn't one of overwhelming passion, and late mornings lying in bed making love, it was still very nice. We got to the airport to go home, and we waited, and waited. First, our flight was delayed for one hour, then two. All in all, we spent about six hours sitting in the airport, before the airline told us that they were canceling the flight and would put us up at a hotel. Oh no, I thought, not another night. I missed my daughter and was ready to go home.

The airline sent a bus to take us to the hotel. It was a different one than the one we stayed in, and was much nicer. But the best thing was that my husband and I got our own room! It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when we got to the hotel. We made plans to meet Neal and Patty for dinner at 7:00. We got to the room and put our bags down.

"Look at that!" I whispered.

"What?" he asked, looking all around.

"There's only one bed!" I giggled, sitting on it and bouncing. "We're alone. No one to listen for. And four wonderful hours before we have to be anywhere."

We took our time, making slow, beautiful love twice over the next 3 1/2 hours. It was so incredibly wonderful to lie naked on the bed, not worrying about being overheard, or walked in on.

Finally, ravenously hungry, we showered, dressed, and went down for dinner. I think Neal and Patty were as relaxed as we were, because we got along fabulously at dinner, having a really good time. After dinner, we went right back to our room, telling them we'd see them in the morning.

Back in the room, I was flipping through the TV channels when I came upon an adult channel. Naturally, being my voyeuristic self, I put the remote down and started to watch. I think I even unconsciously started stroking my breasts. He came out of the bathroom, stopped cold, and looked at me with the most delightfully wicked grin I have ever seen. Twice more that evening we made love, not the slow, languorous love of that afternoon, but hot, pounding, grunting, fucking each other's brains out. Finally, exhausted, we fell asleep.

About 3:00 in the morning, I woke to hear the sound of a woman moaning. I realized that we had fallen asleep with the TV on. I rolled over and snuggled into him. He stirred a bit, his arm wrapping around me. Deciding to go for it one more time, I ducked under the covers, licking, stroking, and sucking his poor exhausted cock. To my utter amazement, he got hard quickly, rocking his hips back and forth, slowly fucking my mouth.

"Hold that thought baby," I said to him, appearing from under the covers, and getting up. I pulled the blanket off the bed and headed for the balcony. I opened the door, and went out. We were about 6 floors up, and there was nothing going on down below. I didn't see a soul. However, our balcony was right next to the outdoor stairs. Anyone coming up those stairs couldn't have missed seeing us. So, being a bit modest, though I don't now know why I expected someone to catch us at 3:00 am, I draped the comforter over the side of the balcony. It prevented someone coming up the stairs from automatically seeing us, but if they were tall, or stood on their tiptoes, they could have seen the full show. I stretched out on the lounge chair and waited for him to join me.

Now, this being a true story, and not a fantasy, I have to admit that we were both about worn out. We tried for a while, switching positions, using mouths, hands, and fingers, but neither of us could cum again. But still, it was wonderful out there, the hot humid August air caressing our skin, and the thought of someone catching us, made it great just the same.

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