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Cherisse - Do Not Repost by Non de Plume

Finally, after years of sacrifice, struggle and discipline, Cherisse Thomas had it all together; or almost all, anyway. After graduating from Columbia School of Journalism with high honors she had joined a national newsmagazine as a reporter. Through incisive intelligence and hard work she had risen in twelve short years to National News Editor, a highly sought and powerful post. Travel was frequent but not enough to make her feel homeless. Through fierce dedication to aerobics, her body was in the best shape of her life. Slender and tall, the 34 year-old woman was a pleasing sight to herself in the morning, an accomplishment in itself and not solely dependent on her body. Her breasts were B cup but perky, with large nipples, especially when they were cold or she was turned-on. Her hips were proportional for a woman and she had no cellulite that she could see. She was especially fond of her rear-end, on which she worked many painful hours in the gym. When she was working out, her glutes were quite defined. At rest she just had a fabulous tush.

She dressed extremely well and spent a large part of her time and money on clothes. Her style was what might be called Power Woman Executive. Conservative but not asexual, she wore suits quite often but was partial to skirts and dresses and owned few pantsuits. Her evening attire, especially when going to a non-business cocktail party could be daring and provocative. No party of her friends, at least none that she went to, was completely non-business and she used the opportunity to be sexy to impress business associates. Her Upper East Side apartment was spacious and had a decent view of the East River. One of her several hobbies was scouring the considerable resources of the City for objects d'art, small sculptures, and paintings of yet-to-be-discovered artists. She splurged on her abode; she wanted it to be an extension of her taste and identity.

Over the years she had accumulated a comfortable group of friends of both sexes, although her closest ones were women. She spent many hours speaking to them during the evening and a loose affiliation went to the opera, off-Broadway plays, and skiing in Vermont and Lake Tahoe. Cherisse had gone with several women friends to Europe last summer and they had been awed by Italy's masterpieces.

Yes, she had it all; a challenging, important and powerful job, a decent apartment in the most interesting city in the U.S, excellent health, good friends, and enough satisfaction to be comfortable but not content. What she did not have was a man. This was her tragic flaw; and by her own choosing. Something had to give. She couldn't do it all and please a man also. She'd tried but it always came down to time priorities and she just didn't need a man enough to put him above everything else. Sooner or later they all demanded that. Sooner or later, she refused. Mostly now she was alone in her bed, satisfying herself often enough.

Then one day, and without her realizing it, her body slowly began to change. Recently content to masturbate once a week or even once every several weeks, she now found herself pleasuring herself several times a week and having multiple orgasms when she did so. This surprised her as her body was always content with just one when she was alone and almost always when she was with someone.

Cherisse became more inventive in her technique. One night while relaxing in the tub and casually stroking her pussy lips and clitoris she wondered what running water would feel like. Flipping the drain down, she turned on the hot and cold and adjusted it carefully to just the right temperature. Sliding forward and tilting her hips up she managed to get the rather forceful stream pounding right into her. She was surprised at how good it felt. As exciting as but different from a vibrator. She was amazed at how quickly this was building and, in no time came in a shuddering climax that washed up and down her body. Keeping herself positioned there, she found herself building to another climax, this one more vehement, and then, after awhile, another. Not quite believing it, she discovered her hips moving fluidly and her muscles tensing for yet another climax. She said to herself, "Enough!" and turned off the water. Whew, she'd better stop! She hadn't come this much ever. It sort of scared her. Oh, but it felt so good!

Always before, Cherisse had managed to keep sex completely out of her work environment. Whenever friends had recounted sexual or near-sexual experiences that happened at work things always turned out badly; boundaries were crossed, feelings hurt, working relationships damaged. Cherisse had, early on, sworn to remain completely asexual in her work environment. Lately however, she found herself getting turned on at work for no apparent reason. Her pussy would get wet, of all things. No matter that she was now masturbating every night, the tingling down there was insistent and distracting. Finally one day she had to concentrate on an important story and decided to try to beat off in the ladies room. Choosing the last stall and putting down the paper seat protector, she slid her panties down to her shoes so she could open her legs enough. She then realized that women looking for an empty stall would see them and, if they were bright, wonder why. You didn't need to pull your panties all the way down just to pee. Cherisse pulled them over her shoes and stuffed them in her purse, noting they were wet completely through the lined crotch.

Cherisse began to slowly stroke herself now. Slowly because she couldn't make any noise. Slowly because she didn't want to come so hard she lost control. Her pussy was very wet now and very sensitive. As she stroked from her opening up over her clit a deep thrill coursed through her body. This was one of the best feelings she had ever had. It didn't take long for her body to begin its climb to orgasm and she slowed her movements even more. The tension kept building and she stopped to let it come down but not for long - she couldn't resist. Then she stopped again, stroked two or three times, stopped and dared herself to do it one more time.

That was it, over the top in a silent but deeply thrilling climax. After luxuriating in its pleasure for what seemed an eternity, she slowly came back to reality. Using gobs of toilet paper to carefully pat herself dry she decided not to put her wet underwear back on. This alone was exciting and, although now able to concentrate, she found herself thrilled at her own nautiness for the rest of the day. If some people only knew!

A few days later, in her office with the door closed and strict instructions to her secretary not to be disturbed so she could read the first draft of the departmental annual report, Cherisse was walking with her head stuck in the report and bumped into the curved corner of her spacious desk. It happened to hit her exactly in her pubic mound and sent a wildly pleasurable shock through her body. Reflexively looking around to see if anyone saw her she realized she was alone. Unable to resist and intrigued by the novelty, she pushed herself into the corner again. It felt even better than before. Yet she had to get this report read! Becoming engrossed in it again, her body moved forward as if drawn by a hidden force and the desk nudged her pussy once more. Refusing to give in to this she tried to keep reading but her body had other ideas. She said to herself, "Oh, what the hell. This won't take long." Holding the report up so that if surprised she could just back away from the desk she started rhythmically bumping her pussy against the desk. And then grinding herself against it. Before long, the desperately longed for climax came. Just one this time.

Backing away from the desk and straightening her dress, she was horrified to discover a spot right at her crotch. Oh, this was an emergency! What to do? Well she supposed she could put her long coat on and go home and change but there was so much work to do. With great effort she got control of herself and sat down behind her desk. Maybe it will dry without a spot! She resumed reading the report, sneaking looks at her crotch and worrying. After about half an hour the spot did dry but left a mark on the peach colored fabric, sort of like a watermark, like she had peed herself! Well, she would just have to stay in her room the rest of the day. You had to look hard to see it anyway.

About an hour later she got a call from her boss - staff meeting in 15 minutes! Now she was in trouble! Thinking quickly she decided to be the first person in the meeting and sitting when everyone else arrived. Gathering her papers and holding them somewhat awkwardly in front of her crotch she hustled out of her office to the conference room. Striding down the hall with no one around she breezed into the conference room. Already there was David, whom she knew desired her. Startled, she dropped the papers. David must have glimpsed her faint pussy juice stain, if he was quick and observant, which, of course, he was. His body language revealed it.

Cherisse turned scarlet, which David also noticed. They exchanged the briefest of looks that acknowledged their new secret. The meeting was uneventful. Afterward, Cherisse pretended to be reading something until everyone left. The rest of the day went without further embarrassment but she knew that David would attempt to capitalize on his new knowledge of her, without ever saying out loud what it was.

Cherisse decided that day that there must be something wrong with her.

Why had her sexual drive increased so much? Who could help her? Rifling through her Rolodex, she found her gynecologist and asked for an emergency appointment. When his receptionist said not before next Tuesday, Cherisse asked to speak to the doctor himself. Calling her back some time later, Cherisse said she must see him but couldn't talk about the ailment over the phone. Dr. Brown said, "I'll be in my office tonight. Come over about 8 p.m."

Dr. Charles Brown's reception area was standard, if upscale, bright and pleasant. Tonight, as never before, it was empty, as was the reception area. Cherisse wondered what to do when the Doctor came hurrying in.

"Good evening, Ms. Thomas. All my staff has left for the day. Please follow me. Oh, that doesn't bother you does it?"

"No, of course not. I just appreciate seeing me on such short notice."

Past the antiseptic and bright examining rooms Cherisse followed Dr. Brown into a room she had never been. Almost the epitome of a man's library, it was all dark wood, leather, books, and dimly lit. There was no overhead light, only a Tiffany lamp on an enormous walnut desk with a leather inlaid top. This could be a movie set, Cherisse thought to herself as she demurely settled into a comfortable high-backed leather chair in front of the desk.

"Well, Ms. Thomas, what can I do for you?"

Cherisse was more than a little embarrassed by what she had to say and paused for an uncomfortably long time.

"What I have to talk to you about Doctor, is even more personal than a normal visit with my feet in the stirrups," Cherisse blurted out. She noticed that he seemed somewhat startled by the brazen statement and was bracing himself for what was to come.

"First of all, please call me Cherisse," she said.

"Of course, Cherisse. And you can call me Charles," Dr. Brown replied. Cherisse, despite her famous self-control, squirmed in her seat. "Doc ..Charles, my body has changed. It's playing tricks on me."

"What kind of tricks, Cherisse. Have you missed a period," Charles responded in a reassuring tone.

"No..., my desire level has gone way up," Cherisse tortuously confessed. She took careful note of Charles's reaction.

Charles was in his early forties, had a pleasant yet strong face and a full head of black hair with a hint of gray. He appeared to keep himself in good shape and was friendly, if always busy, when Cherisse saw him. Now though, Cherisse had caught him off guard. At night, no staff, in his hideaway office, he was more open. That was a definite blush. Cherisse wondered if he was hard in back of his desk.

After some time, a pregnant pause as they say, Charles responded, "Well,, we could give you some tests of hormone levels and such but we don't thoroughly understand how they regulate sexual desire. Mostly it comes from the mind."

Cherisse was somewhat frustrated by this answer and blurted "Charles, this is not a sexual situation here is it?"

"No, Cherisse. It's not," Charles answered quickly.

"Well how come I am so lubricated I'm afraid I'm making a spot on my skirt!" Cherisse could not believe she had just said that! That was outrageous! There was absolute silence as both were completely tongue tied. Cherisse knew Charles was hard now, she hoped as turned on as she was. Yet he was motionless. She had to do something.

"Could you just examine me to see if there is anything wrong," Cherisse finally asked. She knew that no physical examination could reveal the cause of her problem but she needed to be touched. Perhaps he'd go along with the fiction.

After a what seemed like an eternity, Dr. Brown said, "Yes, Cherisse. Why don't you go into the first examining room, get undressed, and I'll be there in a few minutes."

Making a slow and uncharacteristically awkward departure from the wood and leather office, Cherisse found the examining room. She wished the lights weren't so bright. Quickly stepping out of her clothes, she noticed her panties were completely soaked. Oh god how she hated the paper dressing gown. She wished she could just be naked. Deciding to don it for appearances, she leaned on the table, the dreaded table.

Presently Dr. Brown came in and Cherisse noticed he made no effort to hide his erection. "Please get up on the table, Ms. Thomas, Cherisse."

It was impossible to be graceful in the gown but Cherisse did the best she could and reluctantly put her feet in the stirrups. As she did so she pulled the gown up to her waist so she could see Charles between her legs.

Charles slid the examining stool on wheels around and pulled up to do his work. Cherisse noticed a started look on his face and realized he was seeing how wet she was and how engorged her clitoris and labia appeared. This must have been a quite rare event for a gyn.

Cherisse said, "I told you I was lubricated."

Charles cleared his throat and said, "Yes, I see." Almost reflexively, he reached for the speculum and started slowly inserting it. It slid in very easily. After shining his little flashlight up there, he declared, "I've never seen this in person. Your vagina is inflated and your cervix is dipping. One would guess you are very close to having a climax."

Cherisse rousing herself, responded "I am. All you need to do is touch my clitoris and I believe I will."

Withdrawing the speculum and without saying a word, Charles gently and gingerly touched the quite protruding bud. Sure enough, Cherisse's body shivered, first gently, then more convulsively. Charles kept stroking her clit and Cherisse's convulsions got more and more vehement. Cherisse was moaning, almost yelping now, and her body was arching up and down on the table. In a very deep and dusky voice even she didn't recognize, she commanded, "Put your cock in me now!"

Charles sprung to his feet and rapidly undid his belt and dropped his pants. His magnificent cock sprung from his boxers as he pulled them down. Stepping forward with his cock sprung upwards at 45 degrees, he came near Cherisse's hungry pussy. It had been so long since a cock had been in there. She slipped forward on the table to meet his cock which slid oh-so-slowly into her. She clamped her pussy around it wanting to suck it in. It felt so good. Soon his pubic bone was against her clit which gave her another jolt, another mini-climax. She said "Slowly. I want it to last"

Charles did as he was told, sliding his cock in extreme slow-motion into the most wonderful feeling pussy he had ever visited. Cherisse, being in excellent physical shape and now so sexually active, had a well developed PC muscle. Her pussy was almost hollow inside but clamped his cock tightly at the entrance. Every time he slid in to the hilt, Cherisse felt a wave of pleasure wash through her. He was glad they were going slow since he could come at any minute and it was only a few before he did, explosively. As his cum squirted from him, Cherisse came vehemently and wonderfully. She couldn't remember anything feeling so good.

After a few minutes Charles reluctantly withdrew and was soon acting visibly anxious. This was a very dangerous accident that had ruined other doctor's careers and lives. A single slip, a single moment of abandon and his life might be ruined. Cherisse knew immediately what was bothering him and asked, gently, for some paper and pen. She hastily but expertly penned a "For whom it may concern," letter admitting the incident was initiated by her and absolving Dr. Charles Brown of any culpability. When he read it, tears welled up in Charles' eyes and he kissed Cherisse's face and eyelids and cheeks. He was so relieved.

In spite of the intense thrill of the incident in Dr. Brown's office, Cherisse remained chaste, except for her own increasingly frequent and inventive self-ministrations. She just did not have the time to hunt for a lover and certainly not the inclination to endure the indignities of the bar scene. One way she had learned to cope was to sit at her desk with her legs crossed a certain way and swing the upper leg just so. She was able to make herself come without appearing to a casual passerby to be doing anything the slightest bit elicit.

At least it appeared that way to everyone except David. The first time he caught her, he came rushing suddenly into her office with papers in his hand and started talking before looking up. He caught just a moment, just a glint in Cherisse's eye, that she might have other things on her mind than business. He stumbled just a moment and Cherisse was thankful he appeared to dismiss it rapidly.

The second time Cherisse was not so lucky. This time she had been at it for awhile and her eyes were closed and mouth open when she heard a sound and looked up to see David looking questioningly and with great interest at her now flushed face. They did not speak. David's eyes said, "I know what you were doing." Cherisse's eyes answered, "Yes, I'm so bad. I can't help myself."

Cherisse found herself glancing at David's crotch and noticing a now growing bulge there. David, becoming self-conscious, walked over to the door and closed it, then sat down on the couch. He said one word, "Continue." The word was electric and the first open acknowledgement of the tension between them. Cherisse now had no choice but to continue. She started swinging her leg again but this time did not close her eyes, fascinated instead with watching David slowly stroke his cock through his pants. The pressure for climax was extreme in them both now and Cherisse uncrossed her legs and pulled her skirt up enough to stroke her pussy through her panties. Suddenly David grunted and Cherisse came marvelously herself. They shared a moment, just a moment. David got up and started to move toward the door. Cherisse knew he had to go to the bathroom to try to prevent the spot on his trousers from becoming too big. She said, "Come back. I will have a present for you."

Oh she was wicked these days. Walking to the women's room a discreet time after David left her office, she removed her panties and put on the fresh pair that she always carried. Back in her office, David finally came in and stood at her desk. She held out her fist and put her wet panties in his hand. He reflexively brought them to his nose and, quite to Cherisse's delight, groaned and grunted for several seconds and then rushed off to the men's room again. He told her later that he had come spontaneously a second time and was quite pleased with and amazed at himself. He told her also masturbated at work.

Somehow they ended up at dinner that evening, David had called her or vice versa, she didnŐt recall. It was inevitable, the attraction between them was now so animal that niceties and inhibitions they once had had vanished. Luckily, or by plan, they ended up at an intimate, yet uncrowded Italian restaurant with very private booths. Cherisee had her hand on DavidŐs lap and was totally fascinated with the feel of him. She had had enough of stroking herself, this was much more interesting. His ability to get hard repeatedly also fascinated her. Now, partway through the antipasto, she had his zipper down and his cock out. With great difficulty, she avoided plunging her mouth down on his cock. In the meantime she contented herself with getting to know this beautiful organ. What a curious thing a cock was, so soft to the touch but complex, with veins and ridges, and yet demanding in its turgidity. She knew that soon it would be inside her and this gave it another dimension or identity. Here was an instrument of her pleasure, of her loverŐs pleasure, and of the joining of their bodies, however too brief it always was. She could not take her hand off it and learned much that evening of how to eat one-handed.

From her lover's face she felt the ember-glow of mutual attraction and the opening of each of them, the peeling away of layers of defense. The courage to say, in many ways, "I want you. I desire you. I want to taste you. Do with me what you will"

As they hurried back to her apartment they couldn't keep their hands from roaming over each other's bodies. Completely without shame in the taxicab, they fondled and stroked and passionately kissed. As Cherisse fumbled with her keys at her door, David was stroking her ass, her perfect ass. Once inside, Cherisse said, "Please, David, let's go slow. I want to remember every detail."

They went directly to her bedroom and one by one did a slow striptease. They both had bodies to be proud of. Cherisse went first and when David was done she knelt in front of him to worship his enormous and straining cock. She wanted to taste his cum. She wanted to intimately know every inch of his masculinity. Slowly licking his balls and sucking them one-by-one into her mouth she relished every wrinkle, his smell, his obvious enjoyment of her ministrations. Licking the underside of the shaft of his penis, she gradually worked up to the head, still without encircling it. His cockhead had a very pronounced crown surrounding it and Cherisse nibbled at it with her full lips. She was driving him crazy and loving it. Finally coming to the head and licking the slit, she slipped it through her lips. He gasped and his cock strained even more. Cherisse now plunged her mouth down the shaft until she could feel the head nudge the back of her throat. David was moaning. She now had a mission. She wanted him to come in her mouth right now! Faster now, she felt his balls contract and the muscles in his legs and his ass, which she was now embracing, tense. She knew it was close and soon, with a loud almost scream, he blasted salty cum into her mouth.

Swallowing as rapidly as she could she didn't want to lose a drop. Slowly he calmed down and Cherisse realized how close she was to coming. Standing now and kissing David passionately, she positioned her legs around his thigh so, with just a little movement she could rub her clit on him. She was already wildly turned on. It didn't take her long to come in a shuddering climax. Her legs and arms held him tight as her head was thrown back in total ecstasy. They collapsed on the bed.

After a few long and delightful moments of recovery, they rolled around together to feel their bodies against each other. Cherisse rolled over to get spooned by David and then he rolled over to get spooned by her. David got on top and then Cherisse sprawled over his manly and hairy body. They had not spoken since the restaurant. The method of communication they were using now was so much deeper and honest. David was kissing and sucking and pinching her nipples now and it felt so good. It was a direct line down to her pussy and she started moaning. David felt powerful now that he could arouse this beautiful and desirable woman, one he had desired for so long. His cock just wouldn't stay down, not that he wanted it to.

Leaning over and kissing her nipples, he moved down her flat stomach, below her navel and grazed his lips over the down above her pubic hair. Then moving into the dark, uncut (but not virgin) forest of pubic hair the intoxicating smell of this very aroused woman transported him into another plane of reality. Moving further south he lightly licked her already soaking wet thighs and then her labia. Her legs spread to accommodate him and he found her swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth. She reflexively thrust up to meet him and he grasped her so-fine asscheeks in his hands. Licking in earnest now he wanted to taste, to eat her. He found the bottom of her vaginal opening, the spot between her anus and her hole and teased it with his tongue. Moving up he inserted his tongue as far as he could into her cunt and then licked up over her clit again. Now he knew she was close to coming so he clamped his mouth around her mons and flicked her clit with his tongue. Almost at once her legs squeezed his head as her body arched in a climax that lasted for at least 30 seconds. David kept his mouth on her mons but did not flick her clit, he knew how sensitive it must be. Soon her body relaxed and he gently removed his face. It was smeared with her wetness and he loved it, loved the odor, loved the moment.

His cock was rock hard and he moved up to her inviting crotch and rubbed his cock up and down her labia, feeling the intensity, the slickness, the importance of the moment. He was about to enter the woman he desired for so long, the woman he loved. Yes, he loved her! He finally had to admit it to himself. Not able to restrain himself any longer he slipped, oh-so-easily into her, all the way to the hilt. It felt like heaven, like home.

Cherisse said, "It feels so good, David. You have the best cock, the best! David, please fuck me hard now."

That was all he needed. Letting go he allowed his body to have its will, which was to pound, very fast and hard now, into this lovely and unbelievably sexy woman whom he loved. Pounding furiously and bumping her pubic bone with every thrust, the two of them were transported into mutual ecstasy and orgasm.

Afterward, they lay together for a long time, maybe hours, just basking in the glow of the best sex either of them had ever had, by far. The next morning they realized that this was a big event in their lives - possibly life-changing.

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