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After much consideration, I have decided to pen my own story. What you see here is my first attempt ever at an erotic tale. It isn't real in any way, just a fantasy of mine, that I thought others may enjoy. Anyhow, I'd be really like to hear comments on the story, anything from grammar to how to make it more exciting. I'm a tad disappointed with the male oriented nature of this, I think that if I were to do it again, I'd like to incorporate more pleasing things for women. With enough encouragement, maybe I'll make another one. With that, enjoy! (

------------------- First Kiss by Chris -------------------

That evening was like many others, we had all met at her house to watch television, but in reality, it was more of an excuse to talk with each other. She sat there across from me, on the couch, her long hair falling gently on her shoulders. The clothes she wore were concealing, but did little to hide the raw beauty of her body. But more impressively was the beauty that shone from within her. Her smile confessed a caring for those few she called true friends. Her eyes offered a glimpse of the sweet soul hidden behind them. Her skin looked soft and inviting, and her hands seemed as though they could soothe any tired soul. Her body was only hinted at through the baggy t-shirt and flannel she wore. The soft curve of her breasts often caught my eye as she sat there that evening. They weren't the size that immediately draws the eye of a man. Rather, they were of a more conservative size, a size that complimented the rest of her figure. As I sat there, soaking in her beauty, she caught me several times, gazing upon her body. When I noticed her staring back, I'd look away, but by then it was too late, and each time, I'd look back to find her smiling, softly.

Eventually, we all grew tired, and one by one, the numbers of our group dwindled, until finally it was only her, myself, and a couple that had been sitting in the corner all evening, kissing each other, and never, ever, leaving each other's arms. As the late show ended, the couple stood, and announced their intention to leave, and promptly showed themselves the door. She stood up to walk them to the door, but they had left before she made it halfway across the room.

"They're gunna have sex." She bluntly stated, with a grin.

"Gee, you think? What gave it away, the part when she was stroking him off, or when he kept bouncing her in his lap?" I sarcastically asked. "It seems weird to think that our friends are having sex. I mean, these are the people we laugh with, and chances are, those two are sweating and moaning right now."

"I don't know, I don't think it's that strange. I mean, I sometimes think about our friends in a sexual way, don't you?" She asked, taking a seat next to me on the couch. At this point I was rather stunned. I wondered if she had ever thought of me that way, but I didn't had the guts to ask her.

"I... well... maybe... I guess I've fantasized once or twice about some of our friends." I couldn't believe myself. Here I was, sitting across from the subject of many of my wildest fantasies, telling her that I had these thoughts. Looking back it really isn't that big of a deal, but at the moment, it seemed profound.

"So who have you thought about?" Now, there are several times in a person's life when they want to move to Nevada, and live the rest of their natural life as a hermit hunting small rodents. This would be one of them for me. I felt my palms begin to sweat, and my cheeks begin to blush. I was at a serious turning point in my life. I was either going to confess my feelings for my friend, or continue to watch her from afar. I made my decision.

"You." The word escaped my lips before I even realized it, and before I finished saying it, I wanted to suck it back in. All she did was smile her sweet smile. Several minutes passed as we sat there watching the tv, though I was more staring at it, still trying to comprehend what I had just said.

"What about?" she asked. What was I to do? Tell her of the thoughts of sucking her breasts, or tasting her sweetness? Of feeling myself slide into her soft, wet mouth? Of her spilling my cum on her breasts? Though I was willing to tell her of my thoughts of her, this was all happening too fast, so I chose the most appropriate fantasy I could.

"A kiss. A slow, soft kiss." I said. And it was the truth. Time and again I had dreamed of tasting her lips. I had imagined them to be soft and sweet, to feel like gentile caresses against my lips.

With that she leaned to me, looked into my eyes, and pressed her lips to mine. It was wonderful. She parted her warm lips, and took my lower lip between hers, softly sucking on it. I reached up, and ran my fingers through her dark, fine hair. We sat there for what seemed like an eternity, slowly kissing. Our tongues licking at each other's lips. It was wonderful. I thought of nothing but her lips. After some time, she pulled away from me, and replaced her lips with a finger to silence me. She then took my hand, and led me up the long staircase to her room, closing the door behind us. Her room was dimly lit, with a large bed in the center, not at all how I had imagined it to be, but none the less, I felt at ease in it.

She told me to lay back on the bed, and I, not wanting to argue, willingly jumped onto her bed. She smiled at me, standing at the foot of her bed. She reached up to her shoulders, and slid the sleeves of the flannel she wore off, letting it fall to the floor. She slowly undid the buckle of her belt, and then the button of her pants. In a move that, to me, took forever, she ever so slowly unzipped her jeans, and pulled them open to reveal the soft skin of her body beneath. She slowly slid her jeans down over her hips, letting them fall to her ankles, and stepped out of them. She pulled the white tshirt she wore over her head, and stood there, in nothing but a pair of white lace underwear, and a matching bra. She reached behind herself, and unhooked her bra. One at a time, she then slid the straps of her bra over her shoulders, and held it there, against her chest. She smiled at me, and let it fall to the floor. She slid her fingers beneath the band of her white underwear, and slid it over her smooth hips, and then stood there before me, completely naked.

"Is this what you were imagining when you looked at me tonight?" She asked, smiling. I simply nodded with a smile.

She began to run her hands across her chest, caressing her breasts. She would take each nipple between her finger and thumb, and pinched them softly. Sliding her hands down her flat stomach, she let out faint sighs. Her fingers slid down her thighs, and up over her well trimmed mound. She ran her fingers through the soft hair, and between the full, swelling lips. I could see the dampness on her finger and in her hair as she touched herself. Slowly her finger slid in her pussy. As she began to stroke herself, I could hear the sounds of her wetness. She removed her hand from between her legs, and proceeded to climb onto the bed, and crawl to me, offering me her wet finger. She slid it into my mouth, and I gratefully sucked her sweetness from her finger. She smiled as she watched me do this, and asked if I wanted more. I looked into her eyes, and again, was only able to give a nod to her question. She pulled my shirt over my head, running her long, soft fingers across my skin as she did. She pinched at my nipples, as I let out a soft sigh. I felt her hands caress down my body to my waste and unbutton my jeans. I watched as her hands unzipped them and them off me. She smiled when she saw the bulge in my silk boxers. My cock was harder than I can ever remember it being. Here I was, in the middle of one of my fantasies, and the fact that I was enjoying it showed.

"Lay back, and you can have another taste." she said, pushing on my chest. I slowly laid back, not taking my eyes from hers. She moved up on the bed, sitting aside my head. I could smell her wonderful smell, and as she parted her legs, resting her knees aside my head, I saw her wet pussy above me. It was beautiful. I could see the wetness along the slit, and wanted desperately to pull it to me. Slowly she lowered it to my lips, and I gently kissed it. A short gasp emerged from her lips as I did, showing her approval. I slowly ran my tongue between her folds, feeling her wetness against my tongue and lips. She began to rub her pussy against my face. I felt her wetness flowing over me. I wanted to drink it all in. As my tongue met with her clit, my hands began to squeeze and caress her ass. I sucked gently on her clit, letting it slip in and out of my lips. My fingers began to slip up and down the cleft of her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. And as my tongue slid slowly into her pussy, my finger began to rim her ass. She let out the most beautiful moan. I began to push my finger deeper and deeper into her, making small circles, as my tongue slid faster into her.

She raised herself from my lips, and moved down my body, straddling my hips. I could feel her wetness against my hard cock. As she sat, she slowly rolled her hips, allowing my cock to slide between the wet lips of her pussy. Her breasts hung in my face, as I felt her hard nipples brush my lips. I took one in my mouth and sucked it hard, gently nipping at it with my teeth. I felt her lean forward, and position her self above me. Slowly she lowered herself down around me. I felt my cock slip inside her. I felt her wetness running down my shaft. Slowly she stroked faster and faster, letting moans of pleasure escape her lips. She pulled her nipple from my lips, and took one of my own in her mouth. It felt so wonderful. I felt her teeth bite it gently.

"Be as rough as you want." I moaned. With that, she bit down on my nipple with a ferocity I couldn't imagine. She took the other one between her fingers and pinched it. Somehow she knew just when to back off, never letting the pain overcome the pleasure. My hands caressed her ass again, slowly moving to her pussy. I stroked at the stretched lips, feeling her wetness cover my fingers. I then returned to her ass with my now wet and slippery fingers, and began to rim her ass once more. Her hand reached behind her, pushing my finger into her ass. Slowly I began to stroke my finger in and out of her ass, moving deeper each time, her finger sliding in and out with mine.

I began to feel my orgasm building at the base of my cock. I could tell by her heavy breathing that she was nearing the edge, too.

"Cum in me." She moaned. I felt my orgasm begin to work it's way up my hard cock.

"I'm close." I breathed heavily. I wanted her to know. I wanted her to cum with me. I wanted this to be the most wonderful experience for both of us. And at that moment, I felt my hot cum shoot into her pussy. She yelled out, and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock as I let my cum flow into her body. She arched her back, my hands squeezing her breasts, as she came.

Our movements slowed. My soft cock slowly slid from her pussy. I could feel my own cum mixed with her own. She lowered her lips to mine, and kissed me deeply. She then slid her sweat covered, naked body along side mine, and rested her head on my chest.

"Boy, that was the best kiss I've ever had." I said with a smile.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.