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by Molly Finnegan (all rights reserved)

It was only their third date.

Cal felt uncomfortable in the bow tie and stiff, starched collar. Though he was often called upon to dress formally, he was always happier in jeans, flannel shirts and comfortable shoes.

Pulling at his collar as if to prevent strangling, he rang Sue's singing doorbell. He smiled as he listened to the eager rattling of door chains, the unlocking of bolts. He knew she would not be ready. Third date; he knew her already.

A petite brunette with disheveled hair, trying to hold her dress on with one hand, opened the door and caught his smile. "Come in, Cal Oh, I'm sorry. I got home late from work........" Sue ran back to her bedroom and Cal eyed her unzipped dress, showing a beautiful tanned back.

"It's okay. We have plenty of time." Cal sank into the soft cloth chair and picked up a copy of Politics Today. He relaxed, crossed his legs and started a long article. He thought he'd have plenty of time.

"Cal, I'm sorry. My zipper is stuck. I can't.......Would you help me with this damned thing?" He found her standing in the bedroom, her arms behind her back, gyrating in an absurd, knock-kneed dance as she struggled with her back zipper.

"Here, Sugar," Cal said, walking behind her and hugging her warmly by both shoulders. "Let me get this." He knelt behind her and tried hard to keep his eyes on the bottom of the zipper, a few inches below her waist. If he looked at those sheer black panties he would never get her to the cocktail party.

Still his palms could not resist her hips. "I think I could fix this zipper with my teeth....."


"Oh, all right, but my hands could be put to better use." He pulled some loose threads and fabric from the zipper and wriggled it free. "There," he said, "It's fixed. He slipped his hands around her still-naked waist and up to her bulging bra, where he eased two fingers into the cups, gently tweaking her nipples. He kissed her bare back, tasting the familiar cinnamon lotion.

Sue rotated her hips into his chest, bending forward slightly and parting her legs. Cal's hand reached slowly up the inside of her calves, dancing over the mesh of the black silk stockings - up, up to her inner thighs where he was delighted to find the stockings' end and a garter snap. "Sue," he begged, his fingers searching for the source of the sticky wetness.

"Hmmmmm, oh Cal!" Sue moved away slightly. "I'm sorry to tease you so. We must go. We are going to be so late."

"I know. Okay." Cal sighed deeply and stood, moving his arms up her body and finally zipping up her slim short black dress. He stood, trying to think what to do about the bulge in his pants and fiddled nervously with his cummerbund and bow tie. He marveled again at Sue's tiny stature. At 6'3", he towered almost a foot above her. He adored short women. Especially this one.

"Now it's my turn to help you." Sue stepped on a little stool where she could see him face to face. "You've got that bow tie askew!" She fiddled with his tie awhile, then nestled her hair in his chest. She loved the scent of his cologne mingled with the stiff starch of the shirt. Her hands breezed across the pleats as though they were sacred. Her mind raced ahead several hours when she could be alone with Cal.

She fixed the tie for real, gave him a warm hug and stepped down. He helped her with her velvet cape as they started for the door.

"Oh, I forgot something!" she said and raced back to her bedroom. She was only gone a moment. She flashed Cal a promising look and they were out the door.

"Did I tell you I like that little black thing you're wearing tonight?" he said as they climbed into the back of the rented limousine.

"Do you like what's under it, too?"

"Ohhh those black panties!" Cal reached across her lap and pinched her knee gently. "Can't wait to...."

"What black panties?" Sue asked.


"Oh nothing.." She was practically on his lap.

His hands reached under her arms and ran them slowly and searchingly down her sides. He felt the bra stay of her large breast, her ribs, her tiny waist. Lower he felt the top of her garter belt and the curved form below.

But he found no panty line where those black sheer one should be. "Wha..? Where?" he stuttered.

"I took them off." Sue shot him a sexy, mischievous look

"You mean you're wearing no underwear?"

"Oh, I'm wearing underwear. Just no panties."

"Ohgodohgod!" Cal moaned. "But that is a very, very short skirt! What if some of the other guys.......?"

"Well, what if they do? Anyhow, you are my date, right? What's under this dress is all yours."

Cal put his head back on the limousine seat and closed his eyes. "Ohmydeargod," he mumbled. Then, in one swift motion he put his right arm around her as his left hand parted her knees. She opened them slightly and rotated her hips forward. Cal's hand reached her thick bush, soaked with desire. His finger twirled in her wet hair, making little ringlets before he delved deeper, deeper.

Slowly the limousine stopped. The couple looked up in surprise. They had arrived at the Governor's mansion without even noticing. The driver opened the door and Sue sprang out into the chilly air, throwing her cape over her as she moved. Cal affirmed that the car and driver would wait and caught up with Sue.

They found themselves in the alcove, looking down on the well-dressed crowd. Someone from behind took her cape as they were called. "I now present: the Governor's assistant political advisor, Susan Smith-Cavanaugh .....and her escort, Dr. Calvin Anderson."

Gloved guests clapped as the pair floated down the stairs into the marble-floored ballroom. They took cocktails and hors d'oeuvres from a tray as Governor Johnston and the State's First Lady approached. "You look ravishing!" Anne Johnston whispered in Sue's ear, giving her a little kiss. "And later you must tell me more about this hunk you have brought!"

"Good to see you, S-C!" said Rich Johnston. "Have fun, you two!" He gave Cal a hearty handshake and a sly look. "Careful how you treat our Sue," he said. "Couldn't do without 'er!" Ever the gregarious hosts, they scampered away to other guests.

Sue and Cal found a table in a cozy area of the room where the only bright light was the reflection of the rotating globe overhead, casting myriad reflecting images across them. Their faces looked kaleidoscopic.

The orchestra began a slow number. "Let's dance, Cal." She grabbed his hand and they walked to the crowded floor.

Cal grabbed her around the waist and held her tiny frame close to his. Sue reached up and grabbed him around the neck. Instantly, his hands went to her waist, his fingers searching for a hem. "Ohhhhhh," he thought. "She's in that short skirt and no underwear. With her arms up, her ass is showing!" Worried, his hands dipped farther. He could reach the very top of her thighs, the little crease of her bare bottom might be just visible.

"Uh...Sue...maybe you should lower you arms?"


"Well, your dress.....and no underwear.....and.........oh!"

Sue gave him a devilish look and lowered her arms. "Jealous, eh?"

Cal snuggled his chin onto her hair and glided her across the floor. He was getting harder and harder as her body swayed to him. He wondered how he could make it through the evening.

The music stopped and they stood on the floor. When the orchestra picked up the beat, they caught another drink and returned to their table.

"How long do we have to stay?" Cal asked mournfully.

"Oh, I have to make an appearance, Cal. Besides, I managed to get through your medical banquet."

"That was years ago!"

"Last week!"

"Years............" Cal's hand went almost automatically under the table to Sue's knee. "God, I want you so much!"

"They're playing a slow one, Cal. I want to dance with you." She grabbed his arm and he eagerly followed her to the floor. This time she grabbed him around the waist and rested her head against his chest. His eager hands went to her back, her waist, her hips.

By the time they finally reached their dimly lit table, they could not take their hands off one another. Cal's hands found Sue's knee under the table and began to rub it. Sue responded by spreading her legs slightly, an invitation. Cal took the hint and his fingers danced up, up to her inner thigh where he found a drop of the sweet stickiness he could not resist. Delving deeper, he drenched his finger, brought it up to the table and sucked it like a rare imported chocolate.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he said, "my favorite appetizer!" He took the finger then, and placed it in Sue's mouth, where she savored the taste for a long moment.

Suddenly Cal felt a slight tightening of her thighs and a movement away from his delving finger. She leaned over the table to whisper to him. "Cal, I think Allison and Bill are watching us from that table."

"Who're Allison and Bill?"

"Oh, Bill's my assistant. Allison's half ga-ga over the Gov. He wants my job so bad, and I think she'd sleep with him to get it for him."

"Will he give the job to him?"

"No. Actually, he doesn't even like either one of them too much. Too up-tight. Downright anal."

"Then what's the problem?" Cal grinned and gently pried her knees apart, massaging his way up her juicy thigh once again.

"Well...." Sue said, a bit hesitant. "It's just that......." But she suddenlybrightened. "Oh to tell with it! To hell with those two! Let him eat his heart out. They can't hurt me. I'm pretty solid with Johnston and his wife, too!"

"So I gathered." His hands had found the soft tuft of wet hair. He twirled it around his finger, making little curls.

"You're too far away, Darlin'," Sue grinned. "Move over here next to me."

Cal changed chairs until he was beside her and stretched over until he was close enough to smell her cinnamon lotion. "This is nice," he said. "I like it when that green strobe comes around and lights up your face." Just then it came around, lighting the table as their lips touched.

From the corner of her eye she could see Allison, seething.

Sue's hand caressed Cal's throat and moved down his shirt, finally unbuttoning his suit buttons.

"I like that," Cal said. "Your hands on my chest. But my desire seems to be moving south."

Sue giggled as her hands went lower, into his lap. It was a tricky maneuvering around the cummerbund, but she found his zipper and undid it smoothly. She tried to look nonchalant as she pulled out his half-hard cock and held it steady in her little hand. She could feel it growing slowly in her palm at the same time she felt her own juices start to flow again.

They had a long tablecloth which hid most of their actions, but Sue was aware of Bill and Allison's critical eyes and knew her rival was watching their movements. At that moment, she did not care. Slowly the white light passed across their faces as the slow, soft music played on, heightening their desire.

For appearances, each held a wine glass from which they occasionally sipped as their other hands were more erotically employed.. They wrapped elbows to drink, then drank from one another's kisses. Sue was glad the governor was schmoozing in another part of the ballroom.

Cal's nimble doctor's hands played mercilessly between her legs: in her juices, her hair, her clit, her honey bucket. Suddenly he felt her body tighten.

"Are you all right, darling?"

"Oh, you know I am....." Sue groaned.

"You look a bit flushed. May I prescribe a shuddering cum?"

His words were enough to push her over the edge. As her body tightened and her back arched, she covered her mouth with a cocktail napkin to muffle her moans. Cal stopped his playing and held her venus mound firmly with but one finger inside her to enjoy the spasms which came and came, and came again. He could feel, finally, her throbbing become softer and he smiled, knowing his cupped palm was filled with her thick juice, mingled with her unique, thinner cum.


"Ah Cal.......!"

Several seconds passed before she could again attend her lover, but soon her hand found his rock hard shaft and she began playing at the inside, just below the head. Then, her other hand still on her wine glass, she began to pump him, milk him. The blue light swung around, highlighting their lustful faces. It moved then to her rival Bill, who could not hide his envious face as he watched the love-making pair.

Cal spoke hesitantly. "Be careful, darling. I might come and then......"

"Oh please do!"

"But how.........?"

"Leave that to me. I will take care of it. Just come. Please Cal, come to me!"

He had to trust her. It was too late to turn back now. Her dancing fingers and silent pumping pushed him to the edge.

"Sue.......I'm............going to........."

Sue grabbed her partially-filled wine glass and placed it under the table. Cal could feel the cool glass rim against the head of his throbbing member. "Let me catch your sweet, mingled with the sweetness of the wine."

He heard her words as if from faraway as he felt the familiar tightness in his groin and thighs. His balls moved and the vein of fluid swelled.

The white light moved slowly across now, and caught Cal with his eyes clamped shut, the unmistakable twisting of his features as he came again and again.

Sue heard Allison gasp as she caught Cal's cum in the glass, the excess flowing over - down the glass, down the stem.

The dark green light scanned Allison's eyes, staring in disbelief at the pair. Cal slumped slightly in his chair, but soon recovered and gave Sue a loving if perplexed look.

Sue brought the glass - wine red and opague white -up to the top of the table. She stirred the mingled liquids with her finger and placed the finger to his lips.

Sue lifted the glass then and proposed a toast. "To you, my agile lover!" she said and the two glasses clinked. She looked at Bill and in a loud voice added, "And to you, Allison and Bill. To your health and success!"

Smiling, Sue lifted the glass, threw back her head and tossed her long hair back around her shoulders.

Proudly she raised the glass to her mouth and drank in one long gulp.

The red strobe came around, casting a rosy glow on the faces of lovers.


Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.