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This was her first weekend away from her husband and son ever and she was simply going to relish being alone. No one knew she was here except her family, no one from work could call and she had no worries for two days. After a long train ride this morning, she checked in the hotel and shopped for the afternoon but now, before dinner, it was time for relaxation.

She had just gotten out of the tub where she had soaked for an hour in warm soapy water, letting it caress her lean, tanned body. She dried off in the bathroom and hanged the towel up over the shower curtain rod to dry. She walked to the centre of the hotel room and ran her hands absentmindedly over her nakedness. Before she knew it she was standing at the window with the drapes partially open and she was playfully pinching her nipples. Within a few minutes she was getting that feeling in her loins that made her a little weak in the knees. Leaving the drapes open a bit, she moved to the king size bed and lay on her back in the room.

She thought briefly on the train about touching herself in her seat or even in the bathroom and although she never got up the nerve to do it, the thought of it was enough to get her a little damp. Now, in the privacy of the room she could do what she pleased and there were no fear of interruptions.

She reached down in between her legs and rested her hand on her freshly shaven mound. Her middle finger lightly stroked in circles on the outside of her vagina and her ass automatically lifted off the bed. She let a loud moan out of her mouth and allowed herself to press her finger into the wet folds. With a familiar rythym, she stroked her wetness with her finger with the long red nails. The sensation was what she had been waiting for since she made herself damp on the train. The tingles were already rising in her and she was starting to massage her pussy a bit faster, rubbing the spot between her opening and her clit with her right hand, and pulling lightly on her left nipple with the other.

She remained that way for several minutes when she heard a few voices in the hall. She opened her eyes but continued to rub her cunt and play with her tits. The voices got louder as they neared her door but subsided as they passed. When they were right outside her door her heart was pounding in her chest but she never stopped playing with herself. She moved to the middle of the huge bed and spread her legs. Grabbing at her cunt and reaching underneath herself with her left hand to part the cheeks of her ass. She placed her finger on her asshole while continuing to rub her clit with the other. The wetness was starting to run out of her pussy and down towards her ass. She got some on her finger and managed to push the tip of it into her pink anus. That was almost enough to make her come but she wanted to make it last and have a huge orgasm.

She got up off the bed with her thighs wet and ran to the bathroom. She returned with her trusty hairbrushes and crawled back on the bed. She lay on her tummy and positioned the wooden handled brush at the opening to her cunt. She pushed it and it slid in easily. She lay the plastic brush face up on the bed and lay on it so the bristles would press against her wet fold as she lay on it. As she lay down, the bristles on the head of the wooden brush played with the cheeks of her ass and the handle squirmed around in her wet box. She started grinding and pressing herself into the bed below her and rubbing on the bristles of the plastic brush. Again she heard voices in the hall and she had to bite on the blanket not to moan too loudly. She wanted to wait but the closeness of strangers made her orgasm come on too quickly for her to stop it. She started to come, a rush of heat and tingles hammered her groin and shot through her ass and legs. She squeezed her ass tightly as she came and pulled the brush handle upwards in her as she did she moaned loudly and rolled on her back as she came harder and harder still. She wanted to get up and walk around the room as she came, just to enjoy the freedom of being completely alone and naked. Rolling back and forth on the bed, she grabbed at her cunt and tits and started pulling on them harder and harder as the waves rushed through her. Finally she lay still, enjoying the tiny tingles that slowly crawled under her skin as she enjoyed the empty silence of the room.

She fell asleep for a few minutes and then got up. She cleaned off her brushes for the next time, got dressed and went down to the dining room for dinner.

As she sat in her chair she thought about her pussy on the seat and she started to get wet again. She put it out of her mind until she finished dinner. And then she went back to her room.

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