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"I can't believe the company actually let me come to this conference," I said as we shared another drink. "When I saw the brochure about a conference on a cruise, I set it on my boss's desk just as a lark. The next thing I knew, I had the authorization on my desk!"

"That's one of the advantages of BEING the boss," you reply, "I didn't have to ask anyone."

...It was obvious from the first time I saw you, that you were the boss, well, at least A boss. I noticed you as you ascended the gangway, conservatively dressed, but with a sensuality and self confidence that told me you know what you want, and ALWAYS get it...

"Would you like to dance? There's an extremely sexy sax on center stage, and it's a crime to waste music like that." You smile and nod. My God, the sparkle in your eye is so radiant. I take your hand and together we walk onto the dance floor.

...The second time I saw you, was by the pool. No longer the conservatively dressed boss, you now sported a French Bikini, which showed off your corporate assets to perfection. You were drinking a pina colada and just people watching. Personally, I was person watching...

"You really are a marvelous dancer," you say as we glide across the floor.

"You are a wonderful inspiration," I whisper as we hold each other tighter.

...The third time was, luck of luck, at dinner. You had been assigned to the same table I was at. All through the meal, we visited. Likes, dislikes, how we came to be on this cruise. After awhile it was as if we were the only two at the table and everyone else disappeared. The first thing I checked was your third finger on your left hand. It was bare. The next step would have been to slip some "family" type question into the conversation, but I didn't really want to know. The lack of a ring spoke volumes whether you were or weren't. We talked of the jazz band that was to play in the lounge that evening and agreed to meet there for a drink...

"You know, that conference starts early tomorrow, and I really need to prepare for it," you whisper. "Besides, if I don't leave now, things may get a lot more intense than I am prepared for." (I wonder if the fact that I've acquired quite an erection while we have been dancing is what gave you this hint.)

"I'm sorry, I'm really embarrassed, please don't go right now," I say.

"No, really, it has nothing to do with that. I really do have to get some sleep. After all, I am the main speaker tomorrow," you assure me. A gentle kiss good-bye and you are gone.

...The fourth meeting and I knew I wanted you. I walked into the lounge and didn't even have to look around for you. Everyone else disappeared and there you were. Short, black cocktail dress, black hose that I just knew were stockings attached to a garter belt and not those damn pantyhose. The cut of the bodice indicated there couldn't be much of a bra, if any at all. But that was all secondary to that beautiful face...

The conference was a typical conference. The same old boring business that just went through the motions so everyone could take this cruise and write it off as a business expense. Then you took the podium. I can't honestly say I remember what you said, but I'm sure it was the best presentation all day. The problem was that all I could do was think about making love with you. You were absolutely radiant up there and I know every man in the room wanted you as much as I did.

After your presentation you asked if there were any questions. Several perfunctory ones were asked, including one from myself that I can't even recall right now. Your response was, "That's an interesting question, but very specialized and I don't want to take up the rest of the attendees time answering it right now. Why don't you meet with me afterward here in the conference room and we can discuss it in detail."

Afterward, I expected others to hang around and see what the discussion and answer was going to be, but as soon as the meeting was dismissed everybody took off like jackrabbits.

"Where did everyone go?" I asked.

"There's a tour of some monastery that only allows naked virgins to be spiritual leaders. I knew NOBODY was going to stay late," you say with a devilish grin. "When I left you in the lounge last night, I thought I was practicing incredible self control, but all I could think about last night was having you inside me. I drained the batteries in my vibrator last night just fantasizing about you," you whisper hoarsely.

We embrace in a searing, soul searching kiss. We are both so desirous, we have no concept of time or place. We want each other and we want each other NOW!! Our lips are still pressing against each other as my fingers fumble with the buttons on your blouse. Your hands have found my belt and zipper and have made short work of those, my pants are down around my ankles. As I continue to fight with your buttons, I am also trying to step out of my pants, shaking my leg like a cat that's touched water trying to get them off. You gently push my hands away from your blouse and just say, "Oh, fuck it," as you pull the partially unbuttoned blouse over your head, taking your bra with it.

My mouth covers your beautiful breasts, my tongue circling and caressing each nipple in turn. Your hand has reached for and encircled my cock, stroking, pumping it. I lower your skirt and much to my pleasure, not only are you wearing stockings and a garter belt, but no panties as well. I lower you back onto the conference table, pull your ass to the edge and kneel before you. Your thighs are spread and resting on my shoulders. I run my tongue along the inside of your thigh and taste your juices already. "My God, you are already incredibly wet," I say.

"I could feel it running down my legs as I was giving my speech. All I could do is look at, and think about, you," you reply, breathlessly.

My tongue reaches your pussy and you release a moan as I touch you. Slowly, up and down through the folds my tongue explores, tasting your exquisite nectar. Finding your clit, I let my tongue linger on it for awhile, then circle and stroke it. A little harder...a little faster, your hips begin to undulate and arch, encouraging me on. My tongue flutters against you, more persistent; your moans increase; "Oh, God...OH GOD...OH SWEET JESUS...I'M COMING, DON'T STOP...DON'T STOP...OH PLEASE...OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Before you can completely calm down, I lay on my back on the conference table. You straddle my mouth, facing my feet. As you lower your pussy to my mouth, you bend over and take my cock in your mouth. Your hips bounce up and down, fucking my tongue as your wonderful mouth slides up and down my hard shaft. I grab your ass to slow it down as my tongue once again explores your pussy and clit. I then take it higher and circle your asshole with my tongue sending shivers through your body once again. I press lightly against it with my finger as my tongue returns to your clit. Faster and harder I lick and suck on your clit until you reach another climax.

"Oh, Baby, I want you to fuck me from behind," you gasp.

We climb down off the table and you bend over it. My cock is wet from your saliva and your pussy is wet from your juices so we are both plenty ready. You take my cock in your hand and guide me into your hot, wet pussy. I slide in easily. I try to control my strokes but you have got me so wired with lust that it is impossible. In and out, I thrust, filling you with my cock, my balls slapping against your ass with each stroke.

"Give it to me harder, baby...oooo yah...deeper...just like that...oh, God, yes...harder...faster." You have reached under yourself and are stroking your clit as you say this. "Oh, shit, I'm going to come again. Oh, lover, come with me...come with me this time...fill me with your hot come..."

Faster, harder and deeper, I pump into you. Your words inflame me, spur me on...






As you go over the edge, so I do as well. My contractions come incredibly hard and my cock is buried to the hilt as I fill you. Over and over I pump into you until it is running down your legs.

Exhausted, I bend over you and hold you tightly.

Just then, we hear what sounds like someone clearing their throat.



We turned toward the noise, and saw Mr. Smith, the chairman of the conference. His collar was loose, his face was red and sweaty, and by the telltale bulge in the front of his pants, it was obvious that he had been in the room for a while. He took off his glasses, mopped his forehead with the back of his hand, and croaked "Ms. Jones, I realize the topic of your speech was 'Elimination of Sexual Tension in the Workplace', but I think you may have overstepped a bit with your um, demonstration of one way to alleviate the problem."

"No, Mr. Smith," I replied, looking haughtily down my nose at him and making no move to either cover myself or hide my disgust, "I believe it is YOU that has overstepped. You have obviously been standing here quite a while. And I think you should leave, NOW!" Surprised by the calm forcefulness in my voice, he practically bowed his way backward out of the room.

I looked at you, still standing there with a surprised look on your handsome face, and laughed. "I'd like to enjoy you for the rest of the afternoon. Oops, I mean enjoy the rest of the afternoon with you. Shall we go back to my cabin?" We dressed slowly, intently watching each other's every move, feeling the heat slowly building anew, but more controlled this time. Finished, we walk hand in hand back to my cabin....


Arm in arm, you show me the way back to your cabin. We make love all afternoon, exploring each other's bodies, gaining the most intimate knowledge of what excites the other. For instance, I find that running the tips of my fingers lightly along your lower spine sends shivers right through you. I find that lightly flicking my tongue along the sensitive area just behind your knee will elicit the most erotic moan from your throat. Between making love and exploring each other, we talk. We find that we are both adventurous and that NOTHING is beyond trying for either of us, whether it is mental, physical, emotional or sexual. We agree that while spontaneity is a wonderful thing, a fully planned or at least outlined encounter can be very erotic, ripe with anticipation.

First we plan on our dress. You will wear a short black cocktail dress with a scoop neck which enticingly accentuates your beautiful breasts. You will also wear black stockings and stiletto heels. Your hands and arms will be covered by black fingerless gloves which reach almost to the elbows. A diamond necklace will adorn your neck. You will wear NOTHING else. I will wear tight dress denims, a white turtle neck, an Armani jacket, Gucci loafers and NOTHING else.

Together, we walk to the main dining hall and join our other dinner companions. The menu is marvelous, as it always is on a cruise. We begin with escargot in a wonderful garlic butter sauce. An endive salad is next with the chef's dressing. Poached salmon with lemon butter and garnish is the main course. Cherries jubilee finish out the meal.

Between the endive salad and the poached salmon is when it all began. As we are chatting with our dinner companions and with each other, my hand is running along the inside of your thigh. Just casually, up and down...I reach the tops of your stockings and run my finger along the band.

Your hand is, likewise, running up and down along my thigh. Your fingers trace along the inner seam of my denims until they reach the ever growing bulge in my pants. The material is so tight, you can feel the outline of my circumcised foreskin through it. You run your fingertip along the ridge of my cock and across the head, making me involuntarily wriggle my hips and press against your touch.

My finger continues to trace the edge of your stockings. As I do so, my knuckle lightly brushes against your wet pussy. My GOD, do I get a shock...unbeknownst to me, while I inexplicably left you alone to shower, you shaved your pussy. Right now, speechless, my hand is pressed against your bald mound, your juices oozing out and onto my fingers. I look deep into your eyes, a look that fairly sears into your soul as I take my hand, put it to my mouth and taste you. My hand returns and without taking my eyes from yours I slide first one, then two, then three fingers inside you. Our dinner companions are so involved they pay no attention to us. As my fingers slide in and out of you, my thumb is pressed against your clit. We continue to talk, our eyes never leaving each other as your hips begin to slide back and forth on the chair. Rocking back and forth, you increase the pressure against your clit. Your eyes begin to glaze and I can tell your climax is getting closer and closer. Your breathing is more rapid, but only I notice, because only I know what is happening. You swallow hard, your eyes blink faster, your neck is flushed...all the signs of being on the verge of an orgasm. Then I feel it...your pussy tightens around my fingers, your juices flow freely over my hand and onto the seat, your breath catches and I know you are coming right there in front of those oblivious people.

Your eyes return to the sexy sparkle they normally have. I remove my hand and lick my fingers clean. I take your hand in mine, bring it to my lips and give it a kiss as my eyes look at you and I give you a wink...............

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.