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Day Dreams

The sun woke me to memories as pleasant and warm as the morning. I opened my eyes and the my first view was Cindy, smiling softly in her sleep beside me. "God, she's beautiful!" I told myself for the umpteenth time. I watched her for a while, wonderin g about the dreams she was having that made her smile.

We were laying on the sheepskin rug in front of a glowing fireplace. We'd made love till the early hours there on the floor and were too exhausted to make it to the bedroom.

As tempting as it was to wake her and continue the amorous frenzy, I felt other urges that needed tending to first. So, I got up quietly and went to the bathroom to take care of my morning routine. As I shaved, I looked at myself in the mirror and wond ered again how someone as lovely as Cindy could find it attractive. But she does, and I guess that some things shouldn't be questioned.

The terry cloth robes the ski resort provides are heavy and warm. I wrapped mine around me, grabbed Cindy's and returned to the "loving room" as we'd dubbed it. We'd been here two days and made love in front of that fireplace in the living room more ti mes than anywhere else, so the new name seemed appropriate. I covered her with the robe to keep her warm and went to the kitchenette to make some coffee.

With a steaming mug of morning beside me, I poked the fireplace back to life and added a couple logs to fuel it for the morning. I didn't have the heart to wake Cindy yet so I sat in the chair and let my mind drift…

The snow was heavy as we drove up to the cabin we'd been assigned, almost like driving through a white tunnel and I was glad we'd decided to bring Cindy's Jeep. Our cabin was at the top of a small hill looking over the slopes; or at least that's what we were told. We couldn't see a thing.

The house staff had already started a fire for us and the cabin was delightfully warm. The drive had been long and we were tired, but that didn't slow our passion even a little. The doors had no sooner closed behind us than we were in each other's arms, kissing, fondling, and trying to rid ourselves of several layers of clothes. We left a trail of clothing to the fireplace and collapsed on the sheepskin rug in front of it.

Cindy's lips were soft and hot and full of the fire I could feel building inside her. My hand went to her breast, caressing it gently. I stroked the tender underside, feeling the soft weight of her in my hand, then drew circles around the mound with my fingertips. I slowly spiraled my way from the base to the puckered pink point at the tip, then retraced my path back down. I rubbed the palm of my hand over her hard nipple and rolled it between my fingers.

I felt a sigh escape her lips into mine.

She gently stroked my cheek, her fingers tracing my jaw from ear to chin and back again. Her fingers glided down my neck to my chest and I felt a tingle as she rubbed MY nipple making it as hard as hers.

Our lips parted and I kissed her nose. She smiled as she always does and when I said "I love you, Cindy." the twinkle in her eyes softened and answered better than any words she could have said.

I kissed her chin and she tilted her head back. I followed her jaw-line with my tongue and left a damp line around her ear. She sighed again as my lips kissed her neck over and over again, my teeth gently nipping the meaty part at her shoulder.

My hand was shaking slightly from the need I felt inside my loins.

I turned Cindy to her back and leaned over her so that I could tease her nipple with my tongue. My hand rubbed her tummy in ever widening circles, matching the smaller movements of my tongue. I barely touched the crinkled skin and knew that it was driv ing her crazy. I heard her breathing become raspy and uneven.

As my hand pressed her mons, I engulfed her nipple with my lips and sucked her like a child. My fingers were drawn to the hot, wet folds of her pussy. She shuddered and moaned when I touched her clit and I knew that it wouldn't take too much stimulatio n there to make her cum. I moved to other, less sensitive places because I wanted to taste her orgasm. Feel her cum run onto my tongue and watch the spectacle from between her legs.

That image seemed to take on a life of it's own and my hunger grew with every second. I couldn't leave her breasts without paying homage to the other one though and so I treated it to the same, if slightly truncated, treatment.

Cindy's body told me that it was as needy as mine. Her hips moved in and out pressing into my hand, trying to draw my fingers deeper inside her. I slid down her body, my tongue leading the way. I kissed her mons, breathing deeply of her musky scent an d felt myself harden even more.

I spread her legs and watched as her pussy opened before me. Wet and inviting and hot. Cindy must have thought I was spending too much time admiring the view for she grabbed my head and pulled it to her with an urgency borne of need.

I kissed her lips and nuzzled her clit with my nose. I heard her moans and knew that a part of them were frustration at being denied the touch she wanted. I touched her clit with my tongue and she jumped as though it were a branding iron, but she never released the pressure on my head.

I attacked her with my lips and my tongue. I pushed a finger inside her and found a sensitive spot there as well. I could sense the point when her orgasm overtook her like an avalanche and thrust my tongue deep inside, burying my face in her flesh. The ripples started behind her belly button and traveled out in waves, I watched her close her eyes, tilt her head back and gasp for air between moans and cries of pleasure. Her heels pressed into my back with almost painful force as her body froze in a mom ent of intense pleasure.

I returned my tongue to her clit and gently spread her cum all over it, extending her orgasm as long as possible.

With a final shudder and sigh, Cindy collapsed like a rag doll. I climbed her, covering her body with mine, then her lips with mine. I felt her tongue on mine, tasting her cum, and the slipperiness as my drenched face moved across hers. We licked each other's face and the lust grew in her again, just as mine was.

Cindy pushed me over and laid on top of me. Her hair streaming into my face, her eyes feral. To say she devoured me would not do justice to the way her mouth took in every part of me. She started with my neck and before the sensation of one 'attack' d rifted into memory, I'd feel her tongue someplace else. I was in heaven!

As furious as it seemed at the moment, it seemed to take forever before I felt her mouth at my cock. She kissed the blondish hairs at the base and rubbed my shaft on her cheek. I love to watch her suck my cock and when I looked down, I could tell that s he was watching me, waiting for me to watch her. Our eyes locked and her tongue started it's magic, licking from base to tip over and over again.

Without warning Cindy took me into her mouth. Completely and without hesitation. I watched my cock disappear into her throat and moaned again, trying hard not to cum right then and there.

Cindy cupped my balls in her hand and rubbed them as she moved her head up and down. My cock was shiny from her mouth and the sight and feeling of it sliding in and out was beyond description.

She sucked on the head alone and shook her head from side to side. The sounds of her sucking was the most erotic thing I'd heard. Then she grabbed my cock in her hand and slid it up and down, fist fucking me to the very edge of endurance while she caug ht her breath. She moved her tongue over the tip, collecting the pre-cum that was gathering there and we both knew that I was close.

My moaning was constant now and as much as I wanted to watch her, I couldn't keep my eyes focused. I laid back, concentrating instead on the pure pleasure she was giving me.

I felt her mouth on me again and something new. Her finger probed my ass gently, like she was unsure if I'd enjoy the sensation. I answered by pressing myself against her finger and she pushed it in a little more. It felt great! I fucked her mouth as she fucked my ass with her finger.

I started panting, forcing myself to breathe and suddenly, I knew that I couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm CUMMING!!!" I warned.

Cindy pushed me as deeply into her mouth as she could and pressed her finger deeper into my ass. It was more than I could stand. I came in a thunderously loud, almost animal sound and was glad there were no neighbors to call the police.

I felt my cum jet into Cindy's mouth and felt her swallow it as fast as it came. The swallowing motion milked more cum from me and I lost track of the world. I floated in a warm and pleasant place where there was nothing but me and Cindy, locked as one being, sharing our love, our thoughts and our needs.

Lack of oxygen dragged me back to earth. I gasped for air, moaning still as I felt my softened cock slide from Cindy's lips.

I opened my eyes to see her kneeling above me, smiling into my eyes. Knowing that she'd made me feel wonderful. We kissed again and I could taste both of us on our tongues.

We laid side by side, continuing the foreplay. We touched each other in ways learned from months of experience. It wasn't a surprise when I felt myself harden again so soon.

My hands reached for her breasts again and Cindy moaned and said "Oh yes Baby. It's so wonderful. It feels so damn good. But I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your hard cock slamming in and out of my pussy."

She pulled herself from me and moved in front of the fireplace. She knelt, facing the fire, and turned back to look at me over he shoulder. I started stoking my cock as I watched her, letting her direct the moment.

"Mmmm, nice technique," She remarked as she perched on the edge of the hearth. Never taking my eyes off my hand, Cindy spread her legs and reached her fingers to her pussy. I could see that she was wet, almost literally dripping. She pushed one finger inside of her and slowly pulled it out to show how it glistened in the firelight.

Cindy smiled and brought the finger to her mouth and it was more than I could stand. I got to my knees and crawled to her, watching her wiggle her ass in invitation. I pressed my cock against her pussy, grabbed her hips and pushed. I was completely ins ide her in one smooth, wet movement.

My hips moved with a mind of their own. I'd pull slowly out, till just the head remained wrapped in her velvety touch, then push it quickly all the way back in. I moved my hips up and down to touch different parts of her pussy with each stroke.

I reached around her to hold her breasts. I pinched her nipples tenderly, listening to her sighs increase in pitch and intensity. I moved one hand to her clit and rubbed it in small, firm circles that matched my thrusting hips. I felt the heat inside her build, literally. Her pussy was hot and ready to explode. I felt my cock swell as my own orgasm approached.

"Oh yes baby, oh yeah, oh God, oh yes," I heard Cindy moan. She braced herself against the hearth to give herself leverage and pounded her hips into mine in an attempt to draw me inside of her even farther.

"Oh, OH, OH, GOD, YES!" She cried as her orgasm took possession of her.

I brought my hands to her hips again and slammed in and out of her as fast as I could. I was beyond conscious thought. I was beyond control.

At the deepest part of my trust, I arched my back and looked toward the stars and erupted inside of her. I pulled her into me so hard I was afraid of hurting her, but for the moment, I could do no less as wave after wave of intense pleasure gushed from me to her.

When I could breath again, I realized that my arms were around her waist and I was squeezing her so tightly that she couldn't breathe. I eased the pressure and ran my tongue up her spine and kissed her shoulders and neck.

We stayed like that for a minute or two, regaining our breath and our senses. I pulled out slowly and sat back on my heels. Cindy turned to me and we held each other and kissed…

I opened my eyes and saw Cindy sitting on the floor watching me relive our arrival. I realized too that I'd absentmindedly started stroking my cock.

"Don't stop." Cindy smiled, "I was enjoying the show."

"I have a better idea." I told her and spread my legs. My cock, standing up, jerking with every beat of my heart, was all the invitation she needed and I got to watch her work her magic on me all over again.

Perhaps tomorrow we'll get to use the skies standing by the door. Then again, perhaps not.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.