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Sally had met Justin two days previously and had thought that he was both attractive and worth seeing again. He had asked her out to dinner that night and she had taken a lot of time choosing the right clothes to wear. Eventually she had chosen a wh ite blouse with a deep neckline and a wide, fifties' style skirt. Underneath she had put on a white lace bra and panties.

After a delightful dinner at a nearby French restaurant, Justin had asked her back to his flat for a night-cap, and Sally had accepted, knowing full well in the back of her mind, what this might lead to, and being prepared to reject Justin's advances if she thought he was going too far.

After coffee and brandy, together with the three or four glasses of wine she had had with the dinner, Sally was feeling quite mellow and she did not mind in the least the advances that Justin had started to make!

They were together on the sofa and Justin had his arm around her shoulders and he had been kissing her for some time when his hand came down and rested on her right breast, then slid gently underneath it, so that he could feel its weight in his palm.

Sally felt a warm glow spread from his hand to her breast as she felt her nipple begin to harden inside its lacy covering. Justin could obviously feel it too, because his fingers began to squeeze her breast gently as his other hand came up, first to gently hold her neck whilst he kissed her deeply, and then down inside the neck of her blouse to gently stroke the soft mounds of her upper breasts.

"Justin," she said gently, " I don't think this is a good idea"

"Don't you like what I am doing?" he asked, while his left hand deftly managed to undo one of the buttons on her blouse.

"Oh, yes," Sally whispered, "but I'm not sure that you should go any further."

"Well, if it gets to the point when you stop enjoying it, then I'll stop," he said, as another button came undone and he was able to slip his hand inside her blouse and begin to stroke the other breast.

Fifteen minutes later, without her quite realising how, Justin had managed to undo her blouse fully, and had somehow persuaded Sally to unhook the fastening of her bra! His fingers were wreaking havoc with her feelings as they teased the hard buds of her nipples, and his lips and mouth had added to the torrent of feelings assaulting her body.

"Sally", Justin whispered, as he gently rolled her left nipple between his finger and thumb, causing her to gasp with pleasure, "you know I like you a lot. Why don't you stay the night here?"

"It might come to that", answered Sally, "but I'm not going to say yes or no right now. Please carry on with what you're doing - it's wonderful." She pulled his head down to renew the assault on her nipples.

Sally had already felt a tightening in her abdomen and when Justin's hand moved down onto her thigh, she instinctively spread her legs a little and groaned with pleasure. Justin needed no further encouragement and he swiftly slid his hand down under her skirt and back up to at first rest on, and then gently stroke, the skin on the inside of her thigh.

Sally was lost and she knew it. Quickly she unzipped her skirt and lifted her bottom to allow Justin to remove it completely. Justin gazed down at her body, only faintly hidden by the white lace panties and then he dropped to his knees between her p arted thighs and began to kiss the sensitive skin. Sally rested her hands on his head and lay back in the sofa, knowing what was to come, and desperately trying not to appear wanton.

"Lift your bottom", said Justin as he grasped the waist of her panties, starting to pull them down, eager to reveal the moist centre of her desire. Sally obeyed willingly and as her panties came off, the last of her reserve vanished with them.

"Quickly, Justin", she gasped, "Let's go into the bedroom."

Justin gently helped her to her feet, and holding her by the hand, led the way to his bedroom, where he swiftly removed the top bedclothes and then laid Sally carefully on the smooth white sheet. He then rapidly undressed and knelt beside the bed, wi shing to explore Sally's body further. His desire for her had been clear to Sally when he removed the last of his clothes and Sally pulled him up to lie beside her.

"There'll be time for play later", she said. "Right now I want you to make love to me", she whispered as she pulled him over to lie between her parted thighs. She felt the hard evidence of his desire squashed between their bodies and she gently wrigg led a bit higher up the bed so that the hard shaft of his manhood came to rest at the entrance to her body. She knew from the moisture flooding from her vagina that there would be no problem when he entered her and she reached down to guide him inside he r.

"Oh," she gasped, as she felt his penis slide gently into the depths of her body, "that's good, very good."

Justin marvelled at the feelings that swept over him as his rigid phallus slid deeper and deeper into the silken depths. When he was fully in, he rose himself up on his arms and looked down at Sally, her hair spread on the sheet and her eyes wide open , but seeing nothing. Slowly he began to move inside her, and each gentle movement was matched by a sigh from Sally. Resolutely, Justin began to move faster, thrusting harder and more deeply into Sally's vagina, feeling her lift her legs and lock them b ehind his hips, forcing him even deeper, until he could feel himself thrusting against the bottom of her vagina. Sally groaned with pleasure and thrust her hips upwards to meet him. She felt the tension building and building inside her until she could bear it no longer and she moaned with delight as she felt the walls of her vagina spasm around his penis, as stars shot across the sky in front of her eyes.

Justin continued to move within her, gently slowing the rhythm of his thrusts, as he studied Sally's orgasm. He had himself not climaxed, but he knew that there would be time for that later. Sally groaned as she felt his penis slip from within her b ody and wondered what he was doing. She soon found out as he slipped down the bed and lay between her thighs. He gently kissed the soft silky hair at the junction of her thighs and Sally gasped with pleasure as she felt his tongue slide in past the out er lips of her vagina and then up to flick around the swollen bud of her clitoris. A moan of ecstasy escaped from her mouth as his tongue continued to circle her clitoris, only stopping from time to time to dip down past her inner lips and tenderly strok e the outermost edges of her vaginal tunnel.

Justin could hear that Sally was close to her second orgasm and when she put her hands on his head to pull him closer to her, he increased the speed at which his tongue stroked her clitoris. Sally lifted her legs onto his shoulders and with a cry of "Oh, God - I'm coming, I'm coming - again, please, again!" she shuddered her way into orgasm.

Justin had still not reached a climax and he watched in wonder as Sally writhed and groaned as the contractions within her body subsided. Carefully, he turned Sally on her side and lifted her upper leg, then he gently and carefully slid his still-rig id penis into her vagina, gently easing the swollen head past the outer lips before continuing his thrust in the still-twitching vagina. He could feel the walls gripping and relaxing on the shaft of his cock as it penetrated once more to the very core o f Sally's being.

Sally gasped with pleasure as she again felt the hard shaft inside her. With a groan, she rolled on top of Justin and spread her thighs, so that she straddled him, still with the hard shaft planted deeply within her. She wanted to give Justin as much pleasure as she had just experienced and so she sat up and, cupping her breasts with her hands and squeezing her own nipples to increase her personal pleasure, she began to rise up and down on the hard cock firmly planted inside her.

Faster and faster Sally rode, varying her movements so that the hard phallus of her partner massaged every part of her vagina, thrust hard against the neck of her womb or slid silkily over the folds of skin inside her. She leaned her head back as she continued her ride and she felt Justin's hand leave her hips and gently begin to rotate her hard nipples between finger and thumb. She increased her speed even more when she felt his penis become even harder inside her and she knew that he was close to h is orgasm. Moaning and writhing with pleasure under her, Justin thrust his organ deep and hard into her body and groaned with ecstasy as he felt the pressure build and build until he could finally hold out no longer. With a loud gasp of delight Justin thrust his penis to the inner core of her body as thick, white sperm spewed into Sally's already flooded vagina.

Sally continued to move gently up and down, allowing Justin to subside gently within her. Her hands slid down to her flanks, and one finger gently rubbed the swollen tip of her clitoris as it just protruded beyond her inner lips. After a few moments Sally carefully slid back, sighing with pity as Justin's now-shrunken penis left her vagina feeling empty. As she stood up to go to the bathroom she felt the evidence of their lovemaking, in the form of her lubricating juices and Justin's sperm running down the inside of the thighs, and Sally felt extremely wanton and extremely satisfied.


Sally went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower cubicle. Turning on the shower, she proceeded to wash herself all over. She started with her hair and had just rinsed the shampoo out when Justin entered the bathroom and stepped into the show er with her. He reached for the sponge and started to wash Sally's back and shoulders. When he had finished these, Sally turned around to allow him to turn his attention to the front of her body. Justin applied plenty of shower gel to the sponge and ge ntly began to wash her breasts. Despite the last couple of hours, Sally could feel that her nipples were hardening again and she felt the muscles of her lower abdomen start to tighten in anticipation. "Wait," she said, reaching for the soap, "I want to wash you too."

Quickly producing a lather from the soap, Sally started to rub it all over Justin's chest and then her foam-covered hands turned their attention to Justin's thighs. As she washed him, she gently cupped his testicles in her hand and stroked the now pa rtially swollen shaft of his penis. The movements of her hands quickly brought his organ erect and Sally quickly rinsed the soap from it before dropping to her knees in the shower cubicle and pulling him closer to her. Opening her mouth, she carefully grasped the swollen head of his cock between her lips and, taking care to keep her teeth out of the way, she slid the shaft deeper into her mouth.

Justin gasped with pleasure as he felt her moist tongue swirl around his erect penis, teasing it to even larger dimensions. He lifted his hands, first to Sally's shoulders, then, as her head began to move backwards and forwards, he grasped her head a nd helped her to achieve a rhythm that would bring him to orgasm. Within minutes, he was groaning with enjoyment as Sally continued to fellate him.

"Sally," Justin gasped, "I'm going to come in a few seconds!" With these words, Sally gently pulled her head away from his penis, now throbbing on the brink of release and grasped the shaft firmly with her right hand. Tenderly, lovingly she proceeded to move her hand backwards and forwards, staring intently at the blue-red head as she waited for his orgasm to come. After half a dozen strokes of her hand, Justin could hold back no longer, and with a loud groan he climaxed. Sally allowed the thick wh ite juice to splash onto her breasts and, as the frequency and power of the spurts died down, she carefully licked the hormone-rich liquid from the shaft of his phallus, enjoying the bitter-sweet taste of his sperm.

Finally, the two lovers quickly rinsed the sweat and sperm from their bodies with warm water before returning to the bedroom to continue their enjoyment of each other's body.


Back in the bedroom, Sally lay on the bed and thought back over the last few hours. Although she had not intended for things to happen the way they had, she had no regrets about allowing Justin to make love to her. To say that she had enjoyed it wou ld be something of an understatement. In fact as she remembered her recent experiences she felt herself growing excited again and she began to fondle her own breasts, feeling the nipples become hard buds almost the instant she touched them. In no time a t all Sally felt her love-juices begin to flow again and her right hand slipped gently down across her stomach to the tight curls at the junction of her thighs. Closing her eyes, Sally imagined it was Justin's hand caressing her as her finger tips came to circle the tender bud of her clitoris, causing it to swell and become even more sensitive.

Sally was so occupied with the feelings that she was producing in her own body that she did not hear Justin enter the room. The sight of Sally, naked on the bed, one hand stimulating the swollen peaks of her breasts, the other circulating gently on t he triangle of hair between her legs, brought him to a dead stop. He stood there and continued to watch as Sally grew even more excited and the movements of her hand became more probing, more invasive.

By now, Sally was close to being overcome by her feelings once more. She started to push her fingers further past the outer lips of her vulva, using the upper parts of her fingers to rub over her clitoris, whilst the tips started to open and penetrat e the opening to her vagina. She spread her legs further apart to allow her hand to wander even further when she suddenly felt a hand come to rest on hers, as it rotated gently on her vulva.

"Don't you think I should help you?" said Justin. "It's even more exciting with two!"

"Oh, yes please", sobbed Sally, as she quickly removed her hand from her body.

Justin knelt beside her on the bed and used one hand to part the outer lips of her vagina as he slid two fingers of his other hand down the cleft and over her clitoris, now as hard as a cherry stone. Quickly, his fingers settled into a steady rhythm, circulating over her clitoris and stroking the inner lips.

Within minutes, Sally was lost in ecstasy again, her hips lifting from the bed , craving for penetration. Justin saw her need but did not satisfy it with his penis. Instead he inserted two fingers of his other hand into her body and gently began to stroke the inner walls of Sally's vagina, then he began to move them in a circular motion within her body, causing Sally to gasp at the unexpected sensations he was producing.

Sally's hips were now moving rapidly up and down as she tried to force the penetrating fingers deeper within herself. Justin removed his hand from her clitoris and continued to thrust the fingers of his other hand in and out of her writhing body. H e changed his position slightly so that his two fingers became three, causing Sally to scream with pleasure.

"Oh, God! Justin - don't stop - it's wonderful"

Justin wondered just how far he could go with Sally. He slid his free hand under her writhing hips and bathed his index finger in the moisture flooding from Sally's vagina, then he carefully slipped it between her buttocks until he felt the tight ros e-bud of her anus. Sally's own movements caused his finger tip to penetrate slightly and her hips stopped for a moment, then, with a deep passionate groan, Sally continued the downward thrust of her hips and Justin's finger sank deep into her body. Jus tin now started to move both hands backwards and forwards, penetrating both the secret places of her body at the same time.

Sally had never indulged in anal play of any sort before, but she was swept closer and closer to her orgasm by the feelings his stimulating fingers were arousing.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! - again! Again! Again!" she screamed hoarsely as the twin penetrations reached their ecstatic conclusion and Sally climaxed for the third time that night.

Justin felt the muscles of her vagina clench and grip his fingers and the index finger buried in her rear experienced similar contractions, which slowly subsided.

Justin's penis was throbbing with the need for relief and he gently removed his fingers from within Sally's body and rolled her onto her stomach on the bed. Then he parted her legs and lay between them, the head of his penis just at the entrance to h er vagina. Sally felt it there and lifted her buttocks slightly to allow him to enter her.

One quick thrust brought him to the bottom of her vagina and she could feel his pulsing organ within her. He slowly withdrew it, so that just the head was inside the warm tunnel and then thrust himself into her once more. Sally yelped with the sweet pain of his penetration and awaited the next thrust.

Instead, Justin lay on her and whispered in her ear. "Have you ever tried anal sex?" he asked.

"No," she gasped, the thought of it causing shivers to run down her spine.

"Would you like to?" Justin continued, moving gently within her, keeping her feelings on the boil.

"Anything," she gasped, "anything you want, only please be gentle"

Justin lifted himself from her and knelt between her parted legs, then grasped her hips and pulled Sally up into a kneeling position in front of him. Carefully, gently he parted her buttocks, exposing her rose-pink anal sphincter to his gaze. A shud der went through her body as she felt him guide his swollen phallus until it pressed against the tight bud.

"Relax," he said. "I'm so wet with your juices that it'll just slide in"

He leaned against her slightly and she felt the swollen penis head start to open the tight muscle. Slowly, relentlessly, Justin continued his penetration of her, until he was all the way in, his balls in their tight sack pressed firmly against her bu ttocks.

Sally had never felt so filled out in her life. She'd not had many lovers, but none had been so adventurous as Justin. The hard shaft buried deep in her body, where no man had penetrated before, was pulsing, evidence of his desire. Justin slid his hands past her hips and cupped her breasts, the hard nipples seeming to burn into his palms. He started to move within her, slowly withdrawing an inch or so before pushing the rigid shaft back to the very depths of her willing, wanton body.

Justin increased the pace of their coupling, plunging faster and further into her than ever before, at the same time slipping one hand down to her recently vacated vagina and stroking his finger tips over the still-swollen clitoris. Sally thought tha t she had experienced the heights of passion but her previous orgasms were as nothing compared to the one that she could feel building within her now. Justin's thrusts were hard and fast now, the shaft of his penis being withdrawn to almost its full len gth before forcing its way back into the tender depths. Sally's vagina went into spasm around the fingers buried in it, and her anal sphincter gripped and relaxed around the hard shaft, which suddenly pulsed and emptied a load of heavy, white sperm into her lower regions, as Justin let out a roar of passion. They both collapsed onto the bed and Sally felt Justin's penis grow slack within her before he gently withdrew from her battered body and gave her a tender kiss.

Sally hardly felt the covers being pulled over her as she drifted into sleep.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.