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An erotic fantasy written for Cindy... . by KENNY

(Chapter 1)

Cindy Harper pulled her little square van up to the curb along the side of the quiet and secluded residential street nestled in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley. This was the most favorite block on her entire route. Always a happy face to greet her at each dwelling.

Cindy was a postal carrier for the US Postal Service, a job she had held for some eight years. She dearly loved her job, as it gave her the freedom to be constantly outdoors, and the ability to make the acquaintance of many friends along her route.

Cindy had a very outgoing personality, and was a true nature lover. She and her , now ex-husband had come from a small remote town in central Iowa, and as soon as they had settled into the California lifestyle, she had realized that this is where she would be staying for the rest of her life.

California had everything to offer her that she desired.... A generally warm climate year round, rugged untamed mountains that were totally awesome to her sight, the miles and miles of sandy Pacific Ocean beaches for her to stroll and jog along, and even the ability to drive only a couple of hours and be in the middle of cold, crisp snowy terrain where she would hike for hours, traipsing thru the billowy white powder, just enjoying nature to the fullest.

Even in the face of the devastating divorce she had gone through two years prior, she had remained head strong to stay put, right where she loved to be.

The marriage had started off right, but, having been completely sheltered all their life in Iowa, to the point that she and Tom had both been virgins when they wed, had created problems as the years went by. The open and free sexual surroundings available to them in Southern California had led to some very strange and startling conclusions to their relationship.

First it had been just watching X-rated films. Then toys had crept into their sex life. Then they began to play fantasy sex games, even including some encounters of being tied up on the bed and taken by him in mild simulated rape scenes.

For a farm girl from Iowa this type of a lifestyle was quite spicy, and Cindy had grown to find great pleasure and tremendous satisfaction in all of these sexually gratifying activities, but still, a small streak of puritan morals inside had kept her from wanting to venture further.

No matter how perverted and adventurous she might have come to be in her own bed, alone and in private with her husband, she was not one who desired to become an active participant in anything more.

Tom, on the other hand had gone off the deep end, trying to get Cindy to consent to join the swinging scene, to which she had responded with a stern and unwavering no.

Finally, after months and months of battles over his demands about jumping right in the middle of participating in group sex, she had become turned off by Tom. Turned off to the point that she had lost all desire to even sleep with him and had resorted to only private self indulgence, alone on the couch in the living room.

Then the inevitable had happened. Her husband had started going out alone at night quite often, and finally she couldn't take it any longer. She followed him, and had caught her husband actively involved in something that had turned her stomach.

When she busted in on the gathering, she had found Tom nestled up between another woman's thighs, thrusting himself into her, while another man stood next to them, happily feeding his hard cock into her husbands mouth. That was all she could take. Cindy literally threw him out and filed for divorce shortly thereafter.

Since that time, Cindy had gone thru many changes. First it had been complete total abstinence from all sexual activities, even including masturbating, an act which she had grown to love so much thru the years in California..

Then slowly, as her needs and desires had come back, she again re-joined the ranks of the basically normal, acknowledging the natural sexual urges of the human body.

She had not as yet slept with another man, but had recently pulled out her favorite toys and had started to fulfill her needs daily, rekindling the carnal desires that she had so vividly known in times past.

She was ready for a new adventure with the opposite sex, BUT on her own terms. She was not willing to become a sex object to be traded and passed around.

Cindy wanted a man that could understand the completely wild and uninhibited sexual needs she harbored within, but at the same time be able to accept the fact that all those crazy carnal activities she so dearly loved to participate in stopped at her bedroom door, remaining private and personal between just the two of them. Somewhere out there was this man, she knew that.

Her ex-husband was the only man she had ever known, and as a consequence she was unsure of how to go about finding this special person. Hanging out in bars was for sure not her style, and being a postal route delivery person took away the ability to possibly meet someone in the workforce.

Cindy sighed as she turned off the van engine and got up to gather the mail together for this, her favorite block. Her hand moved across her lap as she started to get up, and inadvertently touched her crotch. She stopped there for just a brief moment, gently rubbing herself, then proceeded to go on with her work.

"God, I want a man", she thought to herself. " I really want a big hard cock rubbing up against me, entering me deeply and bringing me off with waves of orgasmic pleasure."

But it was not to be, not just yet anyway. Cindy was head strong in the fact that the next man she gave herself too was going to be just right for her, on her terms, the kind of man SHE wanted.

The kind of caring, understanding man that could appreciate and fulfill her desires and willingness to have sex like a wild animal with no holds barred, but at the same time be willing to love and cherish her as his very own personal soul mate, treating her with dignity and respect.

Until that time came, Cindy had resolved that she must be content with satisfying her needs the best she could. She felt a bit of wetness starting to happen inside her panties as she slung the mail bag over her shoulder and stepped out of the postal van.

"If I hurry", she thought to herself, " I could be home by 4 o'clock and in a hot bubble bath, somewhat quenching these desires". She sighed and started toward the first house on the block.

"Hi George", she said to the black lab that came out to meet her at the gate on the corner. George wagged his tail, pleased to see his friend Cindy, and put his paws up on the gate, waiting for the treat that Cindy brought him each day when she delivered his master’s mail. Cindy slipped the mail into the box, then brought out a milkbone as George's tail went into high gear. She patted him on the head for a second, then teased him with the milkbone. "Want it George.... You want it??" George barked at her, his way of saying please, and Cindy handed it to him, then moved on as George devoured the treat in one gulp and followed her down the fence to the corner of his yard, wagging happily all the way.

Next was Taffy, a furry, slightly overweight golden brown and white colored cat that always slept on the front porch in her favorite lounge chair. Taffy yawned big, then stood up stretching, arching her back and kneading on the lounge cushion as Cindy approached. Cindy, as usual took a minute and knelt down by the chair and stroked Taffy's back for her, then scratched under her chin as Taffy purred and showed her appreciation by rubbing her cheek on Cindy's hand. Cindy laid down Taffy's cat treat in the chair, put the mail in the slot, and ventured on.

These little creatures were what made this Cindy's route so pleasant. There was, however, one larger creature that she had come to know thru the years. That was Mr. Burns, Kenny Burns to be exact.

He lived in the next house and had a cat that he only called by the name "Baby".

Other than Baby, Mr. Burns lived alone and was home most of the time when she came by. He would always come out and personally accept his mail from her. They would always chat for a brief second, and generally just exchange pleasantries, but their relationship had never gone any further.

Cindy was intrigued by this man who was probably in his late forties or early fifties. He was fairly good looking for his age, and always was so pleasant to her. Yet at the same time he exuded a sense of privacy that she could not seem to penetrate. She found his distant, but pleasant ways were interesting.

As she pulled out his mail from her pouch, she noticed the article, wrapped in plain brown paper." What in the world could this be????, she thought to herself." He gets one of these every month and there is nothing to give any indication as to what it might be, except for the fact that the postmark is always from Germany.

She felt it as she strolled toward his house, surmising that it must be some kind of magazine or literature.

In her current state of horniness, coupled with the fact that he lived alone, led her mind to start thinking that maybe it was some kind of girlie or pornographic literature that he subscribes to from Germany. Even though she had never seen a foreign erotic magazine herself, she had always heard about how much more explicit and graphic they were when compared to the standard American magazine. "Wow", she thought as her voyeuristic mind went into high gear. " Would I love to look at this and get myself real hot, then just cum my brains out! I bet that's what Mr. Burns does."

"Hi, Ms. Harper", came a voice from in front of her, startling her back to reality as Mr. Burns greeted her.

"Oh, Hi Mr. Burns", Cindy replied jerking her eyes back up from the brown wrapping. "Here's your mail.... You got your magazine from Germany today," she hinted, hoping that he might respond in some manner to give her a small inkling as to the real contents.

"Oh, thanks", he replied, reaching for it.

As Cindy handed it to him, she couldn't help but notice his features as he stood there in a pair of jogging pants. He was obviously not wearing any underwear at the time, and her wandering eyes could make out the faintest outline of his cock as it hung, angling to the left a bit. Her face felt like it went flush as she looked for a brief moment, then she forced her eyes to go back to his face.

"How's Baby today?", she said, trying to cover what she felt had been a glaring stare at his crotch.

"Oh, she's fine", he replied with no indication that he had felt her hot stare at his privates. "She's up there on the porch, see".

"Hi Baby", Cindy said to the cat as she looked up toward the porch. "Please give her, her treat", Cindy told Mr. Burns as she held out her hand toward him, again catching a brief glimpse of his crotch.

"Sure will", Mr Burns said, taking it. " See you tomorrow."

"OK, " Cindy replied as she continued down the sidewalk to the next house, her pussy starting to have that too familiar itch to it as she went.

Mr Burns watched her as she strolled on, savoring the beautiful view of her cute round ass, housed ever so neatly in her skin tight mid-length postal blue shorts.

"What a great butt", he thought to himself as he basked in it's perfection, watching as it twisted gently and gracefully back and forth with each step. "Oh would I love to put it to that!", his mind wandered as he continued to take in each sway and step.

Kenny loved to look at her each day when she came by. She was built just the way that he liked women, about 5' 4", firm shapely legs with nice meaty upper thighs, a rounded protruding buttocks that quivered and twisted inside her shorts as she walked, firm shapely breasts that jutted out from her chest, not too big, not too small but just the right size to fill his hands, smooth looking lightly tanned skin, semi curly shoulder length light brown hair, a decent looking face with big brown eyes and a warm attractive smile.

But above all he was attracted to her bubbly, sparkling personality that exuded a sense of intelligence and passion for life. That, above all was what he loved in women, and those were the ingredients that were so desperately hard to find, especially for a man of his age.

How he wished he was younger and could feel confident in approaching her as more than just a mail lady. For him she seemed like the perfect feminine specimen.

Kenny sighed and felt his cock flinch, and realized that he'd best return to the house before the view of her sent him into an embarrassingly erect state.

There had been many times when the sight of her had sent him into a pole vaulting mode, but standing out on the walk in the middle of the neighborhood was not the place to get turned on while fantasizing about Cindy.

Cindy had no idea he was watching and literally drooling over her. Her mind was off into thinking about how she visualized the hunk of meat between his legs looked when it got hard from looking at the dirty book she had just delivered to him. "It wouldn't surprise me if he had a huge cock", she thought to herself. "From what I just saw, I bet it is big when it gets hard !"

"Oh, god I want a man", she thought to herself. " He seems so nice too. I just bet he would treat me with the dignity that I want.... If only I could figure out a way to let him know that I would like to get to know him better."


(Chapter 2)

When the next months brown plain wrapped package came, Cindy just looked at it and wished she could find out what was inside. She thought about not delivering it and taking it home, at least for one night, to find out what was inside, but thought of the potential consequences of mail tampering and quickly changed her mind.

"Hi Mr Burns", Cindy said as she met him again at the end of his walk with his mail. " Your package from Germany is here again. This must be a really good magazine, huh. You've been getting it now for a long while." "Must be something you really enjoy, particularly since you have it sent all the way from overseas", she hinted, trying to get him to open up to her about the contents that it contained.

" Yeah", he replied. "It keeps my mind occupied for sure. I live alone you know."

"You need some friends, Mr Burns", Cindy said as she handed the article over. "It's not good for you to be so reclusive all the time."

"Yes, I know Ms Harper", but I just haven't seemed to get up the will to go thru what it takes to meet people. Every since my wife died a few years ago, I just don't seem to get out."

Cindy smiled at him very warmly, realizing that she had finally got him to say more to her than just hello. "Why don't you call me Cindy," she said. "The Ms Harper thing makes me feel like some kind of school teacher or something. She chuckled a bit as she said it.

" I'd like that", Kenny said, his heart starting to beat a bit fast at the idea. " I guess that it was just part of my up-bringing to always address someone else that way," he continued "that is unless they were friends." "If that's to be the case then why don't you call me Kenny, too," he said.

" I'd like that also", she replied with a very warm look. " After all, we are somewhat friends, don't you think? I mean, we chat every day."

They looked at each other, making eye contact that had each of them wondering just exactly what to do next. Cindy's eyes penetrated Kenny's like no eyes had done in so long, and all the while Cindy was receiving similar sensations herself. Sensations of warmth, tenderness and respect the likes of which she so desperately wanted and needed.

Immediately they both caught themselves releasing this non-verbal communication to each other, and quickly regained their composure. "See you tomorrow, Cindy", Kenny said as he quickly turned and started back up the walk, finding himself in a nervous state of confusion from the brief, but ever so warm encounter with such a beautiful lady. He was not used to such a thing, and the stimulation of such was almost more than he could take for the moment.

"Yes, tomorrow", Cindy replied, wishing that he had not retreated back into his shell so quickly.

"I've got to get to know this man", Cindy said to herself as she again continued on her route, the ever too distinct feeling of sexual arousal coming over her.

" I must be really bad off", she thought as she walked on. "Mr Burns, uh...Kenny, she thought, correcting herself, is turning me on....We don't even know each other, and already I find myself wanting him and trusting him to treat me properly.... I've got to get control of myself. I'm just horny all the time anymore, and it always seems to go into high gear when I'm around this one man. Maybe HE is what I'm looking for." "Naw, impossible!", she resolved. " I just need to get myself off real good, then I'll get back to normal."

However, no matter how much Cindy performed daily self gratifying acts on herself, her need and desire to get Kenny's attention grew more and more. When she masturbated she thought of him, and when she would reach her release, it just started over again. She had never in her life had such an overwhelming desire to get to know, and ultimately give herself to a man like the desire that she was having over this older, yet very vulnerable and tender man named Kenny. She was trapped in her own fantasy and could not figure out how to turn it into reality.


(Chapter 3)

One particularly erotic and horny day as Cindy stood in front of her full length mirror, vouyeristically watching herself fondle the hard protruding nipples on her taught breasts, she thought about Kenny and his magazines, and the idea dawned on her to create a magazine of her own and deliver it to Kenny.

He seemed so interested in the one he got each month from Germany. Maybe if she showed him her other side, her personal private and wild side, then he would come around and open up to her.

She had already resolved in her mind that he was the one to which she was willing to become vulnerable. That was a major step in her life at this point. She was totally and completely convinced that he was the right person, and she was now ready to tackle the responsibility of entering into a relationship again.

The picture idea turned her on like wildfire. She had never done such a crazy and forward thing in her life. Oh, she had posed for some nude pictures taken by her husband, but never had she exposed herself to a basically unknown person. Cindy waffled with the idea for a few days, then decided that she was going to go thru with her little game.

She searched for a few days, looking for just the right photographer that she felt she could trust, and finally came upon one in West Hollywood. He was gay, which made it even a bit easier for her, knowing that he would more than likely not be hitting on her. He also had a good reputation as a first class photographer, especially for high fashion and nude modeling. His credits even included bylines in the most recent Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition.

Cindy could hardly afford such a thing, but at the same time, resolved that if she was to do it, she would do it right.

Shopping came next on her list, and Cindy had a great time shopping for just the right things for the photo shoot. The mere thought of what she was getting ready to do had her in a state of constant arousal to say the least.

She knew exactly what she was looking for and how she wanted to appear for Kenny's photo album. It had to be something that was very revealing, but at the same time tasteful. She wanted to be enticing, but not whorish. She wanted to show him just enough to make him know that she was available to him, but at the same time didn't want him to think of her as a complete slut, well.... maybe "just a pretend slut", she thought giggling to herself as she shopped.

She found a particularly attractive light tan colored matching bra and panties set that she liked very much. It complimented her skin pigmentation quite nicely. The bra was made in a fashion that pushed her 34c breasts up and slightly together, cutting across the middle of them just at the very top of her aureoles, giving just a hint of what was underneath. The panties were not the normal high cut bikini ones with just the string up the ass look, but rather semi bikini ones that revealed just her belly button and smooth upper tummy, and also held the vast majority of her butt cheeks inside, leaving just the lower curvy portion in view. The front of them was decorated with a slight hint of white lace, and the crotch fit so neatly over her ever so slightly protruding mound of Venus that even she got turned on looking at it.

"Yes!," she said to the clerk. "Just what I am looking for."

" You gonna turn it on tonight, huh?", the clerk said. "You look delicious enough to eat right now, if I do say so myself !"

With that crude statement, Cindy surmised that the clerk must be some kind of lezzie or something, but didn't even bother to dignify the statement at all. She was far from interested in that. She was on the prowl for some male meat... some big juicy Kenny meat!


(Chapter 4)

The next day Cindy called in sick for work and headed for the photographer’s studio. She was excited and really ready for this little private exhibitionist thing, and as she drove she could feel the sexual tension building inside herself.

Dominique was waiting for her when she arrived, and escorted her into the plush studio with the set already in place. It was made up of just a tall roman like column with wispy looking palm trees scattered about. ( I can't think of the real name for them, but they are all bushy and are more of a plant than a tall palm like in Florida. They always have them in offices and expensive restaurants)

On the floor was a pale lavender colored silk fabric, slightly tossed about so that gentle flowing waves of soft sensuous cloth appeared as if it were an ocean made up of smooth rollicking waves, gently flowing too and fro.

The use of amber and pale blue lighting, accented with faint streaks of pure white light beaming every so often across the floor and back wall made for a picture that she could only imagine being the setting for some high rent playboy photo shoot. It was beyond her most vivid and seductive imagination, but then again, for what she was having to pay to get this photographer, what else should she expect.

Dominique escorted her to the dressing room where she was met by a very attractive young lady. " Cindy, this is Michelle. She will help you get prepared with makeup and your clothing. When you are ready, let me know. There's no rush whatsoever. Would you like a glass of wine?"

"Sure", Cindy replied, appearing quite nervous.

As Dominique disappeared from sight for the moment, Michelle looked at her, sizing her up. "You seem a bit tense", Michelle said. " Just relax. This is going to be a very pleasant experience, trust me."

" Well, I hope it is", Cindy said nervously. " I've never done this before, and I'm not quite sure what I am getting into."

"Not to worry", Michelle consoled her. " As you can see, this is a high class enterprise, not some floozy, low rent operation. There will be no uncalled for advances toward you from either of us. We don't operate like that at all. Dominique has his boyfriend which he has been with for over 10 years, and is quite happy. And I'm totally straight, married and have two wonderful children and a very good looking husband that takes care of me quite nicely. Just put all your thoughts of weirdness out of your mind. This is an art and a profession to us, and that's it, nothing more."

With that assurance, Cindy breathed a sigh of relief and began to relax as Dominique returned with a decanter of Chablis and a long stemmed crystal wine goblet, pouring a small amount into the glass and offering it to Cindy. "See if you like it", he said. "If not, I will send out for another type, whatever you want. Today is your day to shine, and we are here to help you to be as beautiful as you really are. Our desire is to make you as comfortable as possible and extract all your inner, as well as outward beauty, capturing it on film for posterity."

"Wow, you're deep", Cindy said as she looked at him. " All I thought I was after, was some decent looking sexy pictures to give to a friend. You're making a whole production out of this."

"Most certainly", Dominique replied. "If a picture is worth taking, then it's worth taking correctly. And you, Ms Harper are a quite attractive lady, one who deserves the best."

Whether this was just a bunch of lip service that came as part of the deal, or whether he was serious, ceased to matter to Cindy. She was getting caught up in the glamour and splendor of the moment and was swallowing his every word with much delight, growing in her confidence by the minute.

He was convincing her that she was the most important and most beautiful person on the face of the earth. He was a perfect and well trained photomaster that knew his trade inside and out. He knew that to pull the maximum out of any subject, first and foremost, took establishing the mental frame of mind within the subject that there was no one else qualified to be photographed for the moment at hand.

"Make sure you have her looking tantalizing, Michelle", Dominique said as he started to exit. " I believe you said this was to be for a special friend, your husband or boyfriend, right?"

"We'll leave it at the special friend level", Cindy said smiling as she sipped the wine. "I want to be very, very sexy, but not dirty sexy."

"You will, Cindy. You will", Dominique assured her.

About 45 minutes, a lavish hairdo pulled up on the top of her head, and a first class makeup job including a most sensual powdering of her tummy and inner thighs later, Cindy exited the dressing room feeling like the most alluring and sensuous woman alive.

She was hot as a firecracker and excited to no end about what she was doing, but not wantonly horny in the literal sense. Instead her mind was firmly set on being the most vivacious and captivating creature on the face of the earth, just exactly what Dominique and Michelle had worked to turn her into. Cindy was ready!

As she approached the set Dominique smiled and reveled in the beauty that stood before him. " Magnificent, my dear, simply magnificent!", he said to her. " A work of beauty if there ever was one."

"Thank you", she said appreciative. " I feel that way all over."

"And so you should", Dominique said smiling. "Shall we start?"

" Oh yes, I'm ready", Cindy said excitedly.

"Ok then", Dominique said. "Lets start with you next to the column there. "Just lean against it and look right into the lens at all times unless I instruct you to do otherwise. "If you don't mind me saying, look at the lens as if you want to make love to it. Think about the person on the other side of the picture, your special friend... the very lucky one... Oh you're beautiful Cindy, whomever the person is that will be receiving your affection thru these pictures will be quite pleased, believe me...."

" OK, curve your back a bit to thrust out your bosom some, and stand on your toes slightly to give shape to your posterior.... beautiful", he continued as his camera clicked away. " Beautiful... magnificent... turn at your waist and look this way now while you push against the columns with your hands.... yes, that's it.... now put one hand on the front of your thigh and slowly move it toward your inner thigh... no don't touch yourself... just slowly move it in that direction and I will get it at just the right moment.... beautiful, Cindy... beautiful...."

Cindy's skin felt like it was on fire as Dominique finished up the first roll of film. She was in a trance to his commands, and was obeying his every word to it's fullest. She was loving it!

" Ok Cindy, now why don't you find a place in the palms and look out thru the branches and open your mouth just slightly... lick your lips to make them wet... that's it, now devour the lens with your seductive powers my dear....make him want you to the fullest..."

Cindy was becoming quite aroused by this, and her mood began to quickly change as she began imagining that she was doing this right in front of Kenny. She pushed her arms forward and together slightly, making her full breasts slightly pout out from the top of the bra ... She took her hair loose and let it hang in it's long curls around her face Then without hesitation, she reached behind herself and unsnapped the bra and held it in place over her breasts as she seductively hid amongst the palm branches like a cat stalking it's prey. Slowly she lowered the bra, revealing her breasts inch by inch as Dominique's camera snapped away at her every move.

Finally she let the bra drop completely off her bosom and tossed it to Michelle who was standing just a few feet away, watching the temptress Cindy become totally engrossed in her doings. Cindy held one of the palm branches over her breasts, then slowly lowered it until finally her ripe, luscious round feminine parts were completely revealed to the camera. She placed her hands under the full perfectly formed melons, cupping one in each hand, holding them gently as if she were offering them to Kenny as a special present. Her nipples were erect and very hard, and had yet to even be touched. She was on fire and was in total belief that she was the seductress of all times.

"Oh excellent", Dominique said as he finished up roll number two. " You're a most wonderful specimen my dear. Are you enjoying yourself so far?"

" Oh my, yes", Cindy said with a heavy breath. " This is unbelievably erotic! Do all your models feel this way with you?.... I...I...mean, well... whatever you want me to do, I will... This is incredible!"

"It seems as though you were made for this, Cindy," he told her. " You seem to be quite natural.. Are you ready to go further, or do you want to take a break?"

"Oh no", she quickly replied. " I want to do it some more... I feel so sexy right now."

"Alright", Dominique replied. " A little powder on her buttocks, Michelle, then we'll shoot some laying on the fabric... Lay on your stomach and hide your breasts behind your arms for me, then slowly raise your buttocks upward using your knees to support yourself."

Cindy obeyed, and quickly found herself raising and lowering herself off the fabric, as if she was going thru a number of various angles of being taken from behind by her man. She could feel her pussy begin to become very wet inside, and wanted desperately to take off her panties and reveal herself to Dominique's camera. She was a vamp in total heat, and was loving every second of it.

She reached back and slowly pulled the back of her panties off of her butt revealing her smooth rounded cheeks as Dominique shot her from the side, then at an angle above her.

Dominique had since ceased to give her any instructions, and was letting Cindy take the shoot to wherever she wanted to go. She was doing just fine as far as he was concerned.

Finally, after she could no longer resist herself, Cindy rolled over on her back and slowly removed her panties, inch at a time until she finally raised her legs and pulled them off over her dainty feet and flipped them aside, laying totally naked on amongst the waves of lavender, her neatly manicured bush totally exposed to the constantly snapping camera lens.

"Yessss", she softly said, totally involved in the exhibitionistic act she was doing. "Yes, baby, I want you to see me. I want to show you myself completely my dear", she whispered as if Kenny was right there.

Slowly she opened her legs and ran her hands up the insides of her thighs as the camera continued to click away. Cindy followed its lens, looking deeply into it as she exposed herself to it from head to foot. She moved her hands up and down her velvety smooth body, caressing her breasts, gently, feeling her smooth stomach, gently running her fingers thru her pubic hairs and over the clean shaven pussy lips, wanting desperately to stop there for a minute and extend her arousal even further, but caught herself in the nick of time and retreated back, knowing that her mission was only to tantalize, stimulate, invigorate and seduce her prey with desire and unmistaken need. The rest would come later, and oh how she found herself wanting that moment to arrive.

Finally, after about 10 rolls of film, Dominique announced that the shoot was complete, and that he had everything necessary to fill her needs. Sadly, Cindy began to let go of this very magical moment and come back to reality.

She had just been on a sensual trip that far surpassed anything that she had ever experienced, and was so ready to be taken by a man that it was a good thing that Dominique was a 100% committed gay man, or she would have probably been tempted to take him right there.

After dressing, Cindy thanked them both for the most pleasant experience and left, knowing that the pictures would be developed and ready for her the next day. She could hardly wait to see what she had just done. She felt great!! So good that she vowed not to go home and do the normal.... masturbate, that is.

But rather she treated herself to a quiet dinner in her favorite Italian restaurant and thought about what loomed ahead in her quest to get the attention of Kenny. Her entire body, mind and all, yearned for his approval.


(Chapter 5)

As soon as Kenny saw the square van park along the curb a few houses down, he immediately went out on the porch, waiting for her to come his way. He had been quite concerned when she had not delivered his mail the day before.

Whether the concern was for his desire to catch his daily glimpse of her incredible ass and legs, or whether it was truly concern for her well-being, he wasn't sure, but he did know that the mere fact of not seeing her had put a damper on the whole day. He was really finding himself attracted to this woman, and was so pleased to see that she had returned.

At the risk of seeming a bit forward, Kenny waved to her from his porch as she visited with George for a second, then he briskly walked out to the sidewalk and met her half way down the block. "Hi Cindy", he said smiling. "Is everything OK?... I noticed you didn't come by yesterday."

"Everything is just beautiful", Cindy replied, her pulse starting to quicken just from his concern. "...Just wonderful", she said. "I had some personal things that I had to attend to and took the day off, but don't tell anyone. The post office thinks I was sick", she giggled in an impish way.

" Well, one needs some time to themselves periodically", he said as he basked in the sparkle of her big brown eyes. " I'm glad to know that you're OK. I was...uh...well... concerned."

"That's sweet of you, Kenny", she replied, feeling a warmth come between them that had been slowly building over the past weeks, a warmth that felt so terribly good. Kenny was truly concerned about her, and it was all she could do to keep from grabbing him and just holding him to herself in a moment of tenderness and caring need.

"Here's your mail", she said instead, handing him the few envelopes for the day, looking to catch her daily glimpse of his crotch. He wasn't wearing his typical jogging pants though, but instead a pair of tight jeans that literally revealed the clump of maleness between his thighs. As she looked, she could see the strength and manliness that he possessed, as the fat shaft pushed against his left inner thigh, creeping down inside his pant leg a short distance, the head bulging against the denim fabric.

Kenny had made no effort to create the view she was so wantonly devouring with her eyes, but yet at the same time he found himself pleased that she was looking directly at his crotch with such a blatant stare. Unfortunately it was starting to give him a growing erection that was getting ready to be embarrassing, and he stuck his hand in his left pocket to somewhat help hide it and turned from her. "Damn," he thought to himself as he did. "Why didn't I just let her look. Maybe she was really enjoying it. Jeez, I want her so bad. She's so pretty, and oh, god...her ass!"

"Sooooo", he clamored for words, "Nice day, huh?"

"Yes, a beautiful sight, uh... day", Cindy said as they strolled toward Kenny's walkway up to his house. "It's starting to become your typical California summer now. I just love it here, don't you, Kenny?"

"Yeah, I do", he replied. "I wouldn't trade it for any other place in the world. Everything around here is beautiful", he said as he glanced over at her, giving her a look that would allow her to understand that he was referring to her presence, if she picked up on it.

All too easily she did, and her blood ran hot as she did. "Yeah, I agree", she replied, "Everything."

"Well, I hate to go, Kenny", Cindy sighed, but duty calls, and I must get on with my route. "I always enjoy talking and seeing you, (a slight emphasis on the see part). Bye, Kenny", she said with a warmth that penetrated his brain to no end.

Kenny was beside himself from that brief encounter, and looking at the twisting, jiggling, curvaceous butt as she walked on was doing him no justice. He was getting a hard on, and it felt so good. So good, simply because it was out of desire for Cindy. It was not out of unfulfilled, undirected horniness, but rather it was projected toward one individual, someone that he truly wanted to be with, a feeling he had not experienced in many years.


(Chapter 6)

When Cindy arrived at Dominique's studio that late afternoon, she couldn't wait to see the pictures. She knew that there was starting to be something between she and Kenny, and was unbelievably excited at the prospect of presenting him with herself in this unique fashion.

Dominique and Michelle were, unfortunately, out on a location shoot for the day, but had left the envelope with the receptionist, with a note attached to it.

"Magnificent, Ms Harper... If you ever consider modeling as a profession, please give us a call.", the note read. Cindy could feel herself blush at the compliment and stuck the note in her pocket as a keepsake. There was no way that she could ever entertain the idea. She knew she had a very decent figure, but it was not for public display. Only the selected one would be privy to what the envelope contained....Kenny, sweet adorable Kenny.

She hurried back to her car and, once inside, pulled the 8X10 photos out, rifling thru them in a quick overview. They were first class, to say the least. Clear, crisp and revealing in just the right way. Even she was impressed by her own beauty.

Dominique had most certainly captured her perfectly. Even in the completely nude photos, he had selected just the right camera angle to leave a bit to the imagination, yet allowing the viewer to see what was necessary to create a mystique that was incredibly captivating. Even the shots of her with her legs spread open, showing her pussy, had been captured with certain shadows that had left enough to the imagination to make the person looking at her want to see more. "If this doesn't do him, then there's no hope", she said giggling under her breath.

On her way home, Cindy stopped by a camera store and went in, purchasing a clear plastic photo album that could hold up to 24 pictures. "Well," she thought," I'll just have to choose the right ones, I've got almost a hundred here."

Cindy spent the entire evening at home sorting, picking, choosing, then re-choosing the photos until she had just the right ones. She assembled them in proper order and added a front cover, done in her own handwriting, on some personally perfumed stationery. She carefully cut up a brown paper sack and wrapped it to simulate the magazine that Kenny always received. It wasn't exactly right, but after toying with it for a good while, she made it come close enough that she thought it was at least believable enough to hand to him, especially if she stacked his other mail on top of it.

It seemed like an eternity till the next day for Cindy, but finally she was pulling up at Kenny's block. Cindy was very nervous, but completely excited and stimulated at what she was about to do. She could feel the wetness start to gather inside her swollen pussy lips as she got out of the van, assembling the mail in just the manner that she had decided.

"I have to be casual", she thought, all the while her insides were racing a thousand miles an hour. She could not believe she was doing this, yet at the same time she was getting overwhelmingly thrilled at the little taunting game that she was about to play on Kenny.

"Oh, I hope he appreciates this", she thought as she neared his house.

As usual Kenny came to meet her with his normal pleasant "hello".

"Here's you mail Kenny", she said. "Your magazine came early this month, a special issue or something?" Cindy almost had to bite her lip to keep from giggling, thinking about what she was doing.

"Huh?", Kenny said. "No... I guess they just mailed it early."

"Gotta go", Cindy said, trying to hurry away. " I'll talk to you later, OK?"

"Sure", Kenny replied, bewildered at her brisk appearance, then quick exit . That was not like Cindy. "Oh well", he thought as he took a brief look at that cute butt again, and turned, walking back to his porch. He scratched his cat, Baby, on the head and went inside to look at his mail.

Being surprised that the magazine had arrived almost a week early, he went to it first and started to open it. "Mmmm, strange", he said to himself, turning it over and over. There was no postmark on it, only the handwritten address of Kenny Burns. And the sweet smell emanating from it was totally unusual. "What in the world", he thought as he began to pull the brown cover from it.

He pulled it out and looked at the cover page, the sweet smell of some kind of talc filling his nostrils. "Dear Kenny", the handwritten note started. " This is my personal contribution to your collection. I hope you receive as much pleasure from the contents as I am having by giving this to you. Enjoy to it's fullest, and know that I wanted to do this just and only for you! J'et Amore', Cindy."

Having absolutely no idea what was inside, Kenny opened to the first picture and nearly fell out of his chair as he looked at Cindy, leaning against a marble looking column, wearing only the matching pair of bra and panties, her wonderful butt sticking out in all it's splendor, and her smile capturing him like no other smile had.

"My God!", he said out loud, astonished at not only the contents, but at the beauty of the contents. He flipped thru the pages, looking briefly at each one, taking in the entire essence of her perfectly shaped body. His cock was quickly becoming incredibly stiff, and so he unzipped his fly to give some room for it to expand as he started thru the pages again, this time devouring each and every crevice and curve of Cindy's body as each page continued to reveal a bit more of her, the last few of her completely nude, her wonderful butt sticking up in the air, tantalizing him to no end. Then the last page... Cindy laying on her back, her full ripe breasts flowing gently toward her sides with the nipples ever so pink and erect, her light brown bush clearly in view with just a hint of her puffy pink pussy lips available to his eyes as they disappeared down between her meaty smooth thighs. At the bottom, in small print was a phone number with a heart next to it.

Kenny's heart raced and his prick throbbed with an excitement that he had not enjoyed in years as it stuck up thru the opening in his jeans. A small stream of juice was eeking it's way out the hole at the top and he knew that an orgasm was imminent, incredibly so, without even touching himself yet.

He looked deeply at the picture of Cindy laying on the lavender fabric, smiling at him, giving herself over to him thru the photograph. He moaned softly and his cock spewed forth a small stream of white thick juice. He couldn't help himself any longer, and reached down, taking his cock with his hand he began to jerk off as he devoured Cindy, his eyes glued to the picture. His whole body shook and shuddered with spasms as he spewed forth his jism, the white thick streams floating up into the air a few inches, then landing back on the front of his opened jeans.

As his climax subsided, Kenny looked out the window. The van was now gone and he just smiled and giggled like a kid at what had just happened. He looked down at the mess he had created by not being able to control himself, then got up and went to change.

Taking off his cum soaked jeans, Kenny returned to look at the pictures again, if nothing else just to make sure that they were for real. Never had a woman done that to him before, never!!!!!!!!

Kenny had to repay her for this totally erotic and unexpected pleasure, and was just shivering at the prospect of getting to know this beauty... Getting to know her in more ways than one. He wanted her completely, fully, over and over again until they were both totally satiated and limp from the experience.

Instinctively Kenny reached down and began to stroke his still firmly erect cock again as he again flipped thru the pages, soaking up the sensual beauty of Cindy. He felt virile , he felt young and excited. In his younger days he had been able to make love multiple times in a night, taking his companion to incredible heights. He hadn't felt like that in years upon years. But Cindy was bringing him back to that point. He was ready, and knew it well.

Kenny purposely did not allow himself the pleasure of climaxing again, but must have stopped at least five times during the course of the day and jerked off as he looked thru the pictures again and again.

Finally early evening arrived, and he anxiously dialed the number written on the last page.

One ring, two rings, three.... His heart began to sink, then all of a sudden, "Hello", a voice said to him.

"Hi, is this Cindy?", Kenny said, his heart pounding in his chest. "Yes it is, Kenny", Cindy said in a soft warm tone.

"Cindy, I...uh.... well....."

"Yes", she said, gently seducing him over the phone as she, herself sat stark naked on her own bed, her heart about to leap out of her chest, her free hand gently toying with the small curls of hair that covered her mound.

"Cindy,.... well... you're just beautiful. You have no idea what a shock that was... I have wanted to get to know you for the longest and didn't know how to tell you. Each day you left I would stare holes in your rear end as you walked away. Oh, Cindy you're just beautiful, that's all I know to say."

" You can say that you want me", she replied, going into a complete tease, something she had never done in her life, but somehow felt totally comfortable in doing with him. "Would you like to have me, Kenny", she said as she rubbed her wet puffy pussy lips with her hand, turning herself on as she played the role of the temptress with him.

"Uh, well, of course", he replied, his cock ragingly erect as they talked. " Oh Cindy, you have no idea. I would love it, are you sure you know what you're doing? I mean...well.."

"Absolutely", she replied, interrupting him. "I have been wanting you too.... I really am attracted to you Kenny. I am yours for the asking."

" Well, I'm asking then", Kenny chuckled as he stroked his rigid cock, having absolutely no idea that Cindy too was masturbating, and was as completely hot as he.

" My address is 4305 East Del Porte", she said. "Come over in an hour. I'll be waiting, Kenny."

They each said good-bye and hung up the phone.

Kenny could not get it in his mind that this was really happening to him, but at the same time knew it was. He showered, cleaned up, put on his best pair of jeans, stuffing his still swollen prick inside. "No need to worry about that," he giggled as he did. "Cindy can figure that out, I'm sure."

He stopped by a liquor store and picked up two bottles of their best wine, and drove across the surface streets to Sherman Oaks where Cindy lived.

By the time he arrived, Cindy had herself worked up into a fit of heated passion that would only go away by a consummation of what she had wanted for quite a while, a big, hard loving cock planted deep inside her. To top off the setting, she even dressed in the same bra and panties that she had worn to take the pictures, and nothing else.

The doorbell rang and Cindy's blood boiled at the sound. She was so hot and horny for Kenny that she could hardly walk straight. She went to the door and opened it wide, standing there in her bra and panties. "Come in", she said with a warm wanton smile.

Kenny entered and Cindy took the bottles of wine and just sat them down on the small table in the corridor, then grabbed Kenny pulling him to her as she had never done before with any man, even her ex-husband. She kissed him deeply, running her tongue into his mouth as far as she could, pushing her breasts tight against his chest and rubbing her lower body back and forth over his loins in wanton desire.

"I want you, Kenny..... I want you right now.... Don't say a word.... Just make love to me... Fill me with yourself and make love to me", Cindy whispered as she released her lips from his mouth.

Kenny could not believe that the nice mail lady had turned into such an incredible sexually stimulated person, but never the less, he was more than ready to fulfill her request as she led him directly to the bedroom and began to unzip his jeans, letting his already hard cock flop out in front of her.

"Oh, my god, yes", she moaned as she looked at it. "I just knew you would be like that. Oh, do I want you, Kenny... Just, just simply want you!" Cindy couldn't believe that she was being such a vamp and seductress, but at the same time she knew that this is exactly what she had planned over the past few days, and she was more than ready.

She tore at Kenny's clothes, stripping him in seconds of everything, then quickly unsnapped her bra and pulled down her panties, standing in front of him stark naked, shivering with unbridled desire.

She grabbed him pulling him to the bed. "Fuck me, Kenny", she whispered in her most seductive voice. " I want you right now. I want your beautiful cock inside me.... I'm dripping wet.... Put it in me and make love to me... fuck me like I'm the last woman on earth.... Oh, god, I want you!"

Kenny wasted no time as he gently crawled on top of her, taking a brief second to kiss her sweet succulent breasts, then mounted her as Cindy grabbed his raging prick and guided it immediately into her open, gaping hot pussy.

"Oh my god, yessss", she moaned as he entered her gently and slowly, but in one smooth motion until his balls were resting neatly against her ass. Cindy raised her legs high and wrapped them around his waist and immediately began to grind and twist herself underneath Kenny as she let go of herself and submitted to the carnal desires that had been pent up inside her for so long. "Fuck me, Kenny, fuck me!!!," she moaned as they both immediately began to grind and buck on each other, neither one knowing that this was the first sexual contact either of them had experienced in years.

Their desires were at such a peak that they copulated like wild animals, groping at each other, humping and thrusting their sex at one another in a fit of unparalleled passion. Within a very few minutes of sexual bliss, Cindy moaned and released herself with an orgasm that was beyond measure, Kenny right behind her as he shot his hot thick sperm deep into her vagina, coating her cervix and cuntal walls with his love juice as it mixed with hers and ran out of her, around his plunging cock, coating both their loins with sticky wet love juice. "YESSSSSSSSSSS", Cindy cried as she received him, giving back with a river of juice of her own. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK... OH BABYYYYYYYY, OH I'M CUMMING SO HARRRRRRDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE.... MORE.... OH YES..... DON'T EVEN STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME MY DEAR!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy's voice trailed off slowly as literal tears of joy flowed down her cheeks from the passionate release she was experiencing. Joy that she had only dreamed of for months..... Wanton, sexual, carnal but very loving and tender joy.

There was no end to their desire as they continued to screw, hot and hard, giving of themselves to the other in a fit of passion that is seldom achieved by anyone.

They fucked and fucked, Cindy opening her legs wide and pulling them up next to her chest as Kenny thrust again and again deep into her love box with increasingly blatant strokes, rocking her on the bed and slowly forcing her whole body upward until Cindy's head was positioned tightly against the bottom of the pillows. "Yes, Kenny, Oh yesssss... Oh you're wonderful.... your more than I ever imagined!!!! .... I can't believe it is finally happening.... Don't stop at all.... make love to me baby..... fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.....

Kenny murmured inaudible sounds of passion in her ear as he gave himself to her with long deep thrusts, all the while kissing on her neck and ears. "Yesssss baby, yes..... you're more than a dream.... you're beautiful, Cindy.... You are sooooooo good!!! Oh it feels fantastic!!!", he moaned as he screwed the wonderful fantasy lady of his dreams like he had never screwed anyone before. Her pussy wrapped itself around his bludgeoning cock taking him completely.

Cindy and Kenny went on and on for a good hour like this, never changing positions, but simply ravenly, deliriously taking each other on as never before. After two more shuddering climaxes from Cindy, and one more explosive release of semen from Kenny's love tool, they finally came to a slow and loving halt, simply holding each other tightly in their arms and planting kisses all over each others sweaty face and neck, smiling and making eye contact that only intensified the bonding thru their act of love.

" Oh Cindy, you have no idea how happy you're making me tonight", Kenny told her as he squeezed his groin muscles, making his prick flinch slightly inside her. Cindy returned the favor by squeezing her vagina tightly around his softening cock.

"Oh, if it was only half as good for you as it was for me, I truly understand, my dear", Cindy followed. " It was wonderful!"

"WAS", Kenny said. " So why the past tense.... is it over??"

Cindy looked up at him smiling and giggling. " Not if you don't want it to be over", she said kissing his chin. " The way I feel right now, I could make love to you for days!"

"How about a little wine and let's order a pizza, and we'll just see if we can work that out", Kenny chuckled as he worked, thrusting is half erect cock into her a few more times.

"God, I hate for you to get up, baby", Cindy said, holding Kenny by the small love handles at his waist. "You feel so good in me....Can't you just call on the phone for the pizza, and we'll get the wine in a minute, OK..... don't take it out... PLEEZZEEEE!!!!!"

"God, Cindy... I'd never guessed this of you in a million years!", Kenny said lovingly.

"Me neither", Cindy replied with a small giggle, "Me neither".


(Chapter 7)

Kenny reached underneath Cindy, cupping her firm ass cheeks in his hands, and slowly, very carefully rolled the two of them over so that Cindy was now on top of him, his semi-erect cock still buried inside her.

"Can you reach the phone?", Kenny asked as Cindy sat up, pulling her knees up next to his sides so that she was firmly sitting on top of his shaft, his pelvic bone tightly pressing against her clit.

Very carefully, so as not to dis-engage him from her, Cindy reached over to the night stand and retrieved the phone and set it on Kenny's chest. "Ooohh", he flinched. " Cold!"

Cindy giggled a wee bit and dialed the phone, then handed the receiver to him and started slowly rocking back and forth with her pussy, keeping the sensation of their coupling at a total awareness level for the both of them.

"Uh,...Hello....", Kenny said, removing the phone base from his chest and sitting it on the bed next to him. "Yeah, hold on...", he said. "What shall we order my dear?", he asked as Cindy looked down at him with her beautiful large brown eyes, smiling as she worked back and forth over his cock, rubbing her clit thru the coarse public hair covering the hard pelvic bone right above his cock.

"Mmmmm", she said, reaching down to his chest with her slender petite fingers to play with his nipples. "I would say sausage, but I think I got enough of that already in me", she giggled impishly.

Kenny chuckled at her silliness and with his free hand began to rub the top of her smooth firm thigh curled next to him, feeling the soft smooth skin. "Oh... I'm sorry", he said into the phone. " I was pre-occupied there for a second.... Oh, a large...uh... the works, I guess.... NO ONIONS!..... Twenty to Thirty minutes, OK." Kenny gave them the address and hung up the phone, then placed it back on the night stand.

"About twenty or thirty minutes", he told Cindy.

"Think that's enough time to make another run at it?", Cindy said as she increased her back and forth grinding, gently pulling on Kenny's nipples at the same time.

" I guess we'll find out soon enough", Kenny chuckled back as he ran his hands up and down Cindy's inner thighs, gently caressing them from her knee up to the patch of hair that was rubbing back and forth on him.

" I just have to ask you this, Cindy" , Kenny said.

"Shoot", Cindy said...."No, I mean ask away, you can shoot again in a minute," she giggled, enjoying the fact that she was so capable of feeling this free with a man again.

They giggled together, then Kenny continued. "What ever possessed you to give me that photo album anyway?"

"Oh, Kenny," she said as she screwed on his cock which was now starting to regain it's wonderful hardness inside her. " Besides getting to the point of simply wanting you, and wanting to turn you on, I got the idea from the magazines that I've been delivering to you."

"The magazines?", he replied.

"Yeah the porno magazines from Germany, you know what I'm talking about.... I got to thinking about how you must enjoy them, you've been taking them for so long, so I kinda made up my own magazine for you."

Kenny couldn't help himself and burst out laughing. "Cindy, do you know what those magazines are?", he said.

"They're girlie magazines, aren't they?", she replied with a semi confused look and a bewildered grin on her face at the same time.

Kenny just laughed again as he ran his hands up her sides underneath her arms, touching her ever so gently and lovingly. "Far from it," he said. " Those magazines are catalogs about rare plants and flowers. I cultivate unusual and rare plants and flowers in my back yard as a hobby of mine."

"Oh my Goddddddddd", she giggled, trapped by her own little wandering mind. "And I thought you were getting erotic material to read. I'm so embarrassed!"

Kenny just chuckled and pulled her down to him so that her breasts crushed against his chest and rubbed his hands up and down her back. "The flower you brought me is much better", he said as he began to slowly hump his groin upward sending his shaft into the soft silky petals of the wonderful specimine he was speaking of. "Oh you feel so good, Cindy....Sooooo good. It's been years since I've been with a woman, and you're certainly making me believe it was worth the wait."

"I guess that goes for me too", she softly said as she ran her tongue across the nape of his neck and along his collarbone. "You're EXACTLY what I needed in my life, Kenny."

With that, Cindy pushed her hands under his muscular shoulders, holding tight to him, crushing her breasts into his chest and began to meet his rhythmic thrusts in perfect harmony as they again began to screw each other with the unreleased desire that they both had held within for so long.


(Chapter 8)

The doorbell rang just as Cindy was on the verge of unleashing another spasmodic orgasm from within, and they both jumped, startled at the fact that they both had forgotten about the Pizza they had ordered. "That figures!", Cindy chuckled as she quickly came back down from her sexual high. "I guess I have to get it, huh. You most certainly can't go out there with your big hard cock waving in the air!"

Cindy jumped up, yelling at the pizza man to hold on, and quickly put on her robe, closing it tightly around her. Kenny handed her a 20 dollar bill that he quickly snatched from him jeans pocket and she scurried down the hallway, giggling all the while as she went.

When she had gotten the Pizza and had closed the door, Kenny came down the hall to the kitchen, still naked, his red swollen manliness waving in front of him.

"God that's beautiful", Cindy said looking at the stiff pole covered with their juices, as it waved back and forth in front of her. She set the Pizza down on the table and then reached out, taking it in her hand, feeling it's strength and dimension.

"Before you get carried away, let me get the wine", Kenny said with a chuckle, as he pulled away from her and went in to retrieve the wine bottles.

Cindy took her robe back off and tossed it into one of the chairs in the kitchen, giggling as she did. "Look", she said, opening her legs a bit. "I was going crazy to keep from laughing when the pizza guy was here. I was trying to pay him, get the pizza and everything, and cum was running down the inside of my leg, see. If he had only known, huh,." she giggled. "I think I better go clean up a bit. Open the wine and I'll be right back."

Kenny smiled and gave her a kiss, running his tongue over her full soft lips, and Cindy reached down giving his cock a brief squeeze while they embraced, then left to clean up.

When she returned Kenny had one bottle of wine open and had already poured two glasses of wine for them. Cindy pulled one of the chairs out from the table and turned it so it ran parallel to the table. "Sit down right here, dear", she said.

Kenny obeyed, sitting down, his erection pointing straight up, curving slightly to the left a tiny bit as usual, the head still bloated and flared, purplish in color. Cindy brought herself over him and took the stiff rod in her hand, rubbing it back and forth over her clean slit, poking her clit at the tiny hole in the head of the cock. Slowly she worked the engorged head into herself, then slid slowly down on it till she was sitting directly on his lap, her legs dangling over his thighs.

"There", she said as she squirmed around a bit to get herself comfortable. "Feel OK to you?"

"Great", Kenny replied, "but I thought we were gonna eat."

"We are", Cindy said, smiling as she opened the pizza box and pulled out a triangle, the cheese hanging off the sides. " Here", she said, giving him the first bite.

It was a meal of all meals as Cindy would feed him bites, then take some herself, then she would lay the rest down and begin to screw on his hard cock for a while. On and on they went, eating, screwing, sipping wine, screwing, cleaning each others lips with their tongues, screwing, then starting all over again until about half the pizza was gone and the first bottle of wine had been partially consumed.

"That's enough for me", Cindy said. "Go ahead and have some more if you want, but there's something else I want to eat."

With a sly, seductive grin, Cindy raised herself up off Kenny's lap and knelt down on the floor between his legs, circling his cock with her dainty hand, admiring it as she looked at the stiff swollen shaft with the hairy sac of balls dangling beneath, hanging slightly over the edge of the chair. She placed her tongue right at the base and slowly licked up the underside of the hard pole clear to the tip, tasting the juices of herself which covered the entire shaft, all the while looking bright eyed at Kenny who was watching her every move.

"Ohhhhh", he groaned softly as she licked down one side back to where the cock met his groin, then back up the other, swirling her tongue around the pole as she went. She turned her head sideways and placed her lips against the underside of it and placed her tongue on the swollen vein that ran the length of the shaft and carried his juices to the tip when he came. Up and down on it she went, holding the cock steady with just her thumb and first finger at the base and caressing his balls with the other hand.

It had a long time since she had experienced the distinct pleasure of manipulating a cock with her mouth, and the excitement of the act was quickly returning as she licked and kissed all over it, finally returning to the bulbous head, and taking it between her soft lips, sucking on it gently.

"Ohhhh, Cindy, baby...", Kenny moaned softly as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back. "Oh, my god, YESSSSS!"

Cindy raised up a bit on her knees and slowly took the first few inches of the shaft into her mouth, her tongue swirling and darting back and forth on it as she sucked, collapsing her cheeks in the process. The concept was coming back to her quickly as she began to bob up and down on it, using her hand to manipulate and stroke the lower portion. Slowly her mouth began to take form around the massive stick of malemeat and she began to replace her hand with her mouth as she worked herself down over it until she could feel it's head touching the back of her throat. Almost gagging, she came back up, then started down again as Kenny's body began to twitch with excitement. A few more trips up and down on him, and Cindy was back to the understanding of how to deep throat a cock, something that she loved to do.

With one felled swoop, Cindy sent her lips gliding down Kenny's cock, and took him into her throat, the head penetrating and pushing it's way deep into her. With no hesitation at all this time, Cindy's throat opened up and took him in till her lips were buried into his public hair and were surrounding the very base of him.

Kenny pushed upward with his hips, moaning. "Oh, god Cindy.... Oh that's so.... Oh, jeez baby....Uhhhhhhhhhh, Yessssss, do it......" Cindy's juices were flowing strongly from this, and she reached down between her legs and began to rub on her swollen slick, wet pussy lips, inserting a finger into herself and curling it around to her G-spot, flicking it with her fingernail, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm as she raised up a bit more, letting Kenny begin to take over with his thrusts and screw her mouth.


Beads of perspiration broke out all over Cindy as she sensed both his pending orgasm and her own as she briskly ran her finger into her sopping wet pussy, rubbing back and forth over her swollen clit with each stroke, riding the wave of heightened orgasmic pleasure right along with her lover as he pumped himself into her mouth.

With one loud moan, Kenny began to erupt into her waiting orifice, sending thick streams of hot gooey cum into her throat as he spasmed again and again shooting load after load into her as she swallowed feverishly, trying to keep up with him, all the while having a quite volcanic orgasm go off inside herself. Her hips spasmed again and again as she humped her finger, releasing hot juices that were finding their way downward and out all over her hand and fingers, coating them with her love juices.

With one last spasm, Kenny relaxed, half sitting in the chair, his entire body spent from the explosion as Cindy finished off her eruption with a few last spasms and moans. Slowly she came up off his spent prick, cum running out the corners of her smiling mouth and looked up at him with delirious affection and passion as he sat, completely fulfilled and satiated from her actions.

Cindy slowly kissed up from his softening cock, along his stomach, stopping to tongue his navel, leaving a trail of male sperm mixed with her saliva all the way up to his neck and chin. "You taste great!", she said smiling, then kissing him, letting him also taste the last bits of his orgasm. She then raised her cum soaked hand up and licked a bit of the juices from the fingers, then offered them to Kenny who happily took them into his mouth and licked them clean, sucking on them, tasting the sweet essence of her womanhood .

"Oh, Cindy", Kenny said softly as he put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close to him, feeling the hot skin of her breasts crush against his chest as she lay angled up over him. " Oh Cindy, you make me feel so good again... I feel like I'm young all over... I truthfully had given up on anything like this ever happening in my life again, then out of nowhere, YOU come along! Oh, you're so wonderful!"

Cindy gently cuddled against him for a few minutes, basking in the warm feeling that she was receiving from him. The exact feeling of respect, warmth and tenderness that she so desperately had been longing for.

"You're far from being old", she softly told him as she hugged against his chest tightly. "Maybe the calendar says you are, but that's not what counts. It's how you feel inside. How you perceive yourself to be. Don't ever stoop to even eluding to that again, Kenny. You are what you allow yourself to be, and to me age doesn't count, its the heart and actions that count.".... "And, you, my dear Kenny, got a LOT of action going on", Cindy said raising up and playfully changing the mood back into a festive occasion.

"Want some more Pizza?", Cindy said brightly as she stood up.

"Only if you smear it all over yourself and let me lick it off," Kenny said, returning to a playful mood.

Always up to taking on a challenge, Cindy grabbed two pieces, on in each hand and began to smear them all over her breasts, tummy, and even opening her thighs, she ran one of the triangles back and forth across her pussy lips, leaving nothing uncovered with the red pizza sauce and various pieces of cheese, etc

Kenny laughed at her as he looked at the mess she had just quickly created all over her body. " Hey, you forgot your butt", he said, taunting her crazy streak.

" No I didn't", she replied. "I left that for you to do."

"My pleasure," he said as he twirled her around and grabbed the last two pieces in his hands. " Cindy, you've got the best looking ass in the world", he told her. "Every day when you walk away from my house I just look at it and marvel. I mean, you got a great butt on you girl... well the rest is awfully damn good too, but your ass just sends me into orbit."

"Well, do something with it then", she said giggling sexily and sticking it out toward him, wiggling it. "Don't tempt me!", he said back, as he bent over and ran his tongue up her crack, then kissed each luscious cheek before slapping the two pieces of pizza on them rubbing them all over the firm round globs of meaty flesh, giggling and laughing all the while, running one piece down between her legs and sawing it back and forth over her pussy, then back up her crack over the tight squinting hole between her ass cheeks.

Already he could sense his cock starting to come back to life as he played with her butt while she bent slightly over at the waist, looking back at him over her shoulder, watching him have his delightful little time smearing the pizza all over her rear.

Kenny stood up and pulled her up to him, rubbing his lengthening cock in between her ass cheeks, pulling her close to him and reaching around to her front with his hands to fondle and continue to smear the pizza all over the breasts and smooth flat tummy, clear down to her bush.

"Come on baby, lets go take a shower", Kenny said.

" Don't you want to eat the pizza off me", Cindy said playfully sticking out her lower lip in a pouting fashion.

" Just one bite", he said turning her around, sucking the sauce off of each of her pert sexy nipples. "I think I would prefer to taste the real you, and I don't think you're Italian are you."

Cindy chuckled and put her arm around his waist as they walked down the hallway and turned left into her bathroom.


(Chapter 9)

Kenny lathered very inch of Cindy's body as she returned the favor, mainly stroking on his now resurrected cock. The warm flow of the shower sprayed downward on their bodies as the two of them looked deeply into the others eyes, lavishing in the connection that they seemed to be making with each other. Not a word was spoken for the longest time as they stood there, exploring each others outside with their hands, and making contact with each others inner soul with their eyes.

Finally, after a long period of time, Kenny reached for her and pulled her close to him, holding her tightly as his hands explored over the small of her back and onward, down over the meaty cheeks of her rear, the rear he had lusted after a thousand and one times when she brought is mail.

"Oh Cindy..... Cindy.....", was all he said as they embraced each other with the warmth and secure feeling of their bodies pinned tightly together, Kenny's erection rubbing back and forth over her tummy, slipping and sliding between them.

"Yes, I know Kenny", Cindy replied softly. " This seems so right, doesn't it?"

"Cindy....", was all Kenny could say as he caressed her, then leaned down and placed his lips to hers and passionately kissed her again and again.

"God, Cindy... How many times am I gonna want you tonight. I can't get enough of you!"

" A million and four", she said giggling, as she reached between their bodies and circled her fingers around this hard pole. " God, Kenny, I want you again, too."

"Turn around", he said. "Turn around and lets do it that way this time. I've drooled over your butt for so long... I just gotta have you from behind."

"Are you asking or telling...", Cindy replied, giggling at the lustfulness he was showing over her ass.

"Which one will work?", he said back.

"Either one", she giggled.

" Oh baby, just turn around!!!", he told her, chuckling. "Let's do it!"

"Your wish is my command, master", she said starting into a little submissive game with him.

Cindy turned around and bent over at the waist, wiggling her luscious ass at him as she leaned against the tile wall with her hands.

"Oh jeez, you just don't know", Kenny spoke as he placed his hands on the backs of her thighs and slowly ran his palms up over the curvy, smooth ass cheeks, then back down, again and again as he marveled at the sight before him. Finally, after waiting as long as he could, he moved forward to her and took his cock, finding her smooth, clean shaven, open pussy lips, pouting and waiting. He slowly, very slowly entered her as he stared down, watching himself disappear into her velvety smooth love tunnel, entering her until his lower stomach pressed against the meaty soft ass cheeks that drove him crazy.

"Oh god!!", he softly moaned, closing his eyes for only a brief moment, savoring in the feeling that he was receiving being nestled up against her in this manner.

"Yes, baby", Cindy said as she looked back over her shoulder at him, seeing that he was totally enraptured in what she was giving him. She felt so good seeing him desire her like that. "Yes Kenny... fuck me... fuck me and pound yourself against my ass.... Oh that's so good... You feel so big inside me... Screw me!!"

With one hand Cindy reached back between her legs and searched for his balls with her fingers, lightly scratching them each time he thrust into her. Kenny pounded into her, bouncing off the soft ass cheeks in total happiness as he fucked her for all he was worth.

"Oh baby", he said breathlessly... "Oh god is this fantastic!! I thought you felt good in the other positions, but this is just simply unbelievable.. Oh Honey, YESSSSS!!!!!!"

Cindy returned her hand to the wall to help stabilize herself as she began to push backward toward him each time he thrust forward, making him pound into her hard. He felt unbelievably good as he filled her to capacity, his cock head pushing against her cervix each time he slammed into her.

Bending her knees just slightly, she opened herself up more and took the unmerciful thrusting that he was giving her. Never, had she ever been screwed with such carnal passion. Kenny was literally slamming himself against her like she truly was the center of his whole being. She worked hard back at him, wanting to give him just as much of herself as she could. She wanted to please him, and herself.

"OH GOD!!!!", Cindy began to moan as she could feel her climax building in intensity.

"OH GOD.... FUCK ME, KENNY!!!", she said with gritted teeth, completely into the unbelievable pounding that he was giving her from behind. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!!!... OH, YOUR COCK IS SOOOOOOO GOOD..... FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!.... HARD!!!!!... ALL THE WAY!!!!!.... OH, YESSSSSS!!!!... OH GOD, KENNY..... I CAN'T TAKE IT..... I CAN'T HOLD BACK!!!!!.... I'M GONNA CUMMMMMMM!!!!.... CUM WITH ME, HONEY!!!!..... I WANT YOUR HOT CUM IN ME!!!!... SHOOT IT DEEP!!!!... CUM WITH ME!!!!!...... OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!....."

Cindy bent her neck upward and arched her back, pushing hard on the tile wall as her orgasm started. Her thighs shook and her knees went weak as Kenny came into her again and again with hard pistoning thrusts as Cindy began to feel like her cumming was shooting outward thru her pussy, spurting and jetting thru her vaginal passage all over Kenny. She shook and spasmed again and again as Kenny held her by her hips and gave her every inch of his engorged cock. Finally with a screaming "UGHHHHH", Kenny slammed completely into her, holding, nearly clawing at her hips with his hands, and began to release jets of sperm deep into her as he too shook and became totally engrossed in releasing an even harder and more orgasmic climax that any of the earlier ones of the evening,

"OHHHHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDDDDD!!!!!!...... UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!.... OH YESSS!!!", Kenny screamed as his whole body shuddered and shook as he squirted and squirted deep inside the lovely Cindy, his cock buried in her to the hilt from behind.

It seemed like an eternity, but more realistically about 20 to 30 seconds, the two spasming, cumming, shuddering, shaking individuals pushed hard against one another with their sex, locked tightly together and experienced the most climatic, volcanic eruptions that either of them had ever experienced in their life.

As they slowly came to a finish, Kenny shaking at the hips a couple of quick times, they collapsed into the bathtub, not able to stand up any longer. They were both panting and breathing as if they had just run the final leg of the 440 meter relay in the Olympics.

Finally, still breathing and gasping for air, they looked at each other, and started giggling in between their gasps. Giggling, and chuckling, completely satisfied with the experience they just had gone thru together.

"God, Cindy", Kenny finally said as he regained a bit of his composure, but was still gasping every so often for air. " What can I say????"

" Nothing!", she said back, her breasts still heaving slightly, their spent orgasms starting to run out of her totally flaciated pussy, out on to the bottom of the tub. "There's not a damn thing either one of us can say to describe that! The words haven't been invented!!!"

They both just hugged as they sat there, limp and nearly lifeless, in the bottom of the tub while the spray from the shower cascaded down on them, gently soothing and caressing the both of them.


(Chapter 10)

"Hi Cindy", Kenny said as he traipsed down his walkway to meet her, a smile covering the entire width of his face.

" Oh, Hi Kenny", Cindy said returning the gesture. "Your magazine came today", she said handing him his mail.

"Oh thanks", he replied, looking to see if it had a postmark on it this time.

"Good", he said looking back up to watch the most beautiful and voluptuous ass he had ever seen, twist and sway from side to side as Cindy went on her way down the street.


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