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Summer was always the loneliest time of the year for me. While all my friends were off taking week or two week long vacations with their husbands, I was left at home with noting to keep me company but the afternoon soaps and a vibrator.

I don't know when Charlie lost his desire for me. It just seemed that making million dollar deals and foreclosures seemed to get him off better than I ever could. I don't think he meant to be cruel, or hurtful. There was no doubt in my mind that he loved me, but he just wasn't there for me physically.

It was late August when I felt the touch of a man again. It had been almost ten months since I had been stimulated by anything more than a hard chunk of plastic and two C cell batteries. I was raised conservative, Catholic and told to respect my wedding vows. But on that hot August afternoon, I suffered from a momentary lapse of reason. I was dressed in a thin T-shirt, small holes had begun to show in different spots in the fabric, but I still wore it, It had been Charlie's and being in it some how made me feel closer to him. I had on tight jeans cut offs that would have left little to the imagination and a pair of light canvas tennies. "Days of Our Lives" had just started when there was a knock on the door. I thought absently about grabbing a light jacket to put over my hole filled T, but my hand was already on the door. I pulled it open and there was a city worker on the door step.

"Hello Miss. I wanted to ask if you could let me in the back yard? We were doing some line work and my safety hat fell back there." He blushed slightly. He was handsome, a few years younger than I was. Muscular and tall, sandy brown hair and gray eyes. As I was studying him, I noticed that his eyes had fallen to my chest. I was very aware of the hole exposing my lift nipple. Unsure of what to do, I asked him if he would like to come in, I could show him the way to the back yard. I figured, I would have a chance to fix the T-Shirt when he wasn't looking. He smiled and stepped inside the house, his eyes never leaving my nipple.

"Nice T-Shirt. The... color suits you. Brings out your... uh... eyes."

"Thank you." I noticed that I was no longer feeling any sense of shame or embarrassment, only excitement. I glanced down at the man's crotch and saw a large bulge appearing against his jeans.

We stood there for a moment admiring each others bodies, impure thought flooding both of us. I couldn't believe what I was wishing he would do. I knew if he made any advance toward me, I would not stop it. It had been so long since I had felt a man stroking my pussy with his cock, or felt his tongue on my clit. I needed him to touch me more than I had ever needed anything.

As if reading my thoughts, he moved forward and slid a finger into the hole, stroking the nipple. "Are you alone?"

"Yes." I gasped. "Until six or seven."

"Mmmmmm." He moaned, wrapping his arms around me and pulling my body to his. "That's quite a bit of time. You sure your husband won't be early?"

I laughed bitterly. "If he is anything, he'll be late."

He put his finger under my chin and pulled my face to meet his. He looked so handsome under the mist of my tears. "Do you want me to make love to you?"

"Yes. Please."

He nodded and eased his mouth over mine. In a hungry and passionate kiss. I let my arms snake around his body and returned his kiss, trying to control my animal lust. It had been so long, I wanted this to be more than a five minute fuck.

My hands roamed his muscular back as your lips remained locked, his hands cupped my breasts, his fingers pulling at my nipples. I pressed into him, feeling my panties cling damply to my pussy.

"Let's go up stairs." I suggested.

"No, not in the bed you share with him." He growled.

I nodded and led him to a small guest room down a short hall from the living room. He pulled his shirt from his pants and began to unbutton the work shirt. Letting it fall off his shoulders and drop to the floor. What a pair we made. I could see my loneliness mirrored in his eyes, only he had the haunted look of a man who only wanted to forget. I only wanted to remember...

I took a long time to just stand there and look at his body. It was fantastic. His muscles were chiseled and well defined, yet he wasn't too pumped, there was still a pleasant wolf-like hunger look to him, lean, taunt, eager. His chest was smooth, hairless and glistened under a thin coat of perspiration.

I offered to turn a fan on, but he only shook his head and came toward me. He pulled me in his arms and began a deep kiss. His tongue darted into my mouth and I could feel my knees go weak. I leaned into him, his strong arms catching me and pressing my body to his as I let my tongue slip beyond his lips. His rough hands sent shivers down my back, I could feel my nipples harden as he reached my shoulders, cupping his hands over them, pulling me back at an arch. His mouth reluctantly sliding from mine and slipping down my chin to my neck. He lingered at the base, kissing, licking, nibbling at my skin. The air hung still in anticipation as he slowly eased his tongue through the hole in my T shirts and flicked it over a nipple. I couldn't help myself. I cried out then, desire burning through me like a brush fire. There wasn't one part of me that didn't want him to touch or taste, I wanted this man to know each inch of my body.

His teeth hooked into the fabric and pulled it roughly away from me. I could hear the shirt tear from my body. There was a moments guilt, a breath of hesitation as I thought about Charlie, but I opened my eyes to the man who held me so strong in his arms. He smiled at me before returning his head to my chest. His smile was roguish and tender all at the same time. Hungry and tempting as his eyes glistened in that moment when they met mine. My hesitation buried like his head between my breasts. The guilt swept away as his tongue swept over my nipples. The ruined T shirt pushed out of the way, hanging from me like cobwebs as he pulled one nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently, circling it with his tongue.

He moved to pick me up in his strong arms, he took me to the guest bed and carefully set me down, sprawling on top of me, his hands clawing at the zipper of my cutoffs, in passion or frustration he managed to find it, and tear it down splitting the seam along the crotch. He managed to rip them from me, panties and all.

His hand slid between my legs and he began to rub his index finger over the surface of my pussy, rubbing the lips, tickling them with his knowing touch. I could feel the moisture grow inside me. Rushing to the surface like a tide, I could feel it begin to trickle along my pussy down to the crack of my ass. He let his mouth fall from my nipple. He let his head rest on my stomach. I let my hands curl into his hair. I gripped him close to me, enjoying the closeness of a man, knowing that in just this one small breath of time, I was not alone in my desperation. I was needed. I was wanted. And there was nothing else that mattered. His mouth found mine again and we kissed, long and slow, our hands webbing together as he rolled to his back and carried me with him, I had never been so bold as to stride a man as if he were my own steed, but it felt good, his warm, throbbing cock pressed to my ass.

With no words, he took hold of his cock and slid it into my wet pussy, his hands pressed to my hips then, guiding me down onto his shaft. He rocked me slowly, pushing me up and then back down. I could feel the length of him inside me, stretching me, filling me as it were my virgin awakening. Before long I caught the rhythm and he didn't even have to guide me. I made love to him slowly and not only with my body but with my soul. His face melted into a haze of fantasy and reality. The sharp outlines of his jaw misting in the heat, wavering and morphing in a face I had loved so dearly for most of my adult life. The salted hair, the growing wrinkles around the eyes. Oh his eyes, that had been what had drawn me to Charlie. Those deep eyes, I always thought I would drown there, suffocate in their depths. I let my head fall back over my shoulders as I rode the wave of my orgasm, it began as a slight tingle of electricity and before long surged though me like a bolt from an electric chair. My body shivered and bolted against him, I found myself biting back Charlie's name, letting out a scream of pleasure that sliced the stake air.

He rolled me to my back then, a fire in his eyes, he braced himself over me and pumped his hips savagely. Driving himself into me faster and faster, his breath coming in panting grunts that soon turned into moans and cries of pleasure as he tensed and drove his seed into me he cried out, and for a moment I could see tears burning behind his eyes. He sighed and rolled off of me. We lay there in the growing darkness, the silence heavy but comfortable as we shared each other's tenderness, cuddling close together. Both of us watching the clock on the dresser, the numbers dragging on one after the other. 6:45 glared out at us. As it changed to 6:46 he rolled close to me and kissed me deeply. Without a word he slid from my arms and the bed and began to pull his clothes back on his body. As he buttoned the last button on his shirt he smiled. He opened his mouth as if to talk, but only smiled and nodded. Turning, he walked out of my life.

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