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The Dream

Dear Cindy,

Let me see if I can tell you my dream. Like most dreams, it was a little fragmented but I'll try and fill in the gaps.

I walked into your bedroom. The light was low, only the lamp next to your bed was on. You were sitting up, propped by a couple of pillows, reading a book. Your legs were pulled up. You were wearing a flannel night gown (it was white with a small flower print) and a pair of white socks. I smiled, thinking that few women could look so sexy in the same outfit.

I sat on the edge of the bed and put my hand on your leg, tickling the inside of your knee with my fingers. You lowered the book, looked at me and smiled. Your smile alone was enough to fire my passion!

You leaned forward and I met you half way in a kiss. It started as just a peck, but built quickly, our lips melted into each other and our tongues danced with each other.

The book fell to the floor as you straightened your legs and wrapped your arms around my neck. My arms found their way around your waist and I scooted up as I laid you back onto the pillows.

We continued kissing each other, deep, hot, wet kisses. Our breathing getting more and more irregular. I could almost hear your heart pounding. I was sure mine was going to leap from my chest at any minute.

At last we were forced to come up for air and I looked into your eyes and saw everything I wanted in life in there. I touched your cheek and traced your features with my fingertips, barely touching your skin.

My fingers combed your hair and I couldn't resist kissing your forehead. Then the ridge of your nose, then the tip. God I couldn't stop kissing you, Cindy!

While I kissed you and ran my fingers through your hair, my other hand found your left breast. I felt the heat through the soft flannel and was drawn to it. Your breast was firm, yet yielding to my touch. Your nipple was hard as a lemon drop.

My lips moved to your neck. You turned your head to give me freer access and I took advantage of the soft skin you offered.

Your perfume, almost faded by the day, mingled with your natural fragrance in a way that excited me; excited me in ways I can't describe in words. Fortunately, you are an expert at reading my body language, and as your hand explored my body there was no doubt about what it was telling you or the effect you were having on me.

My tongue traced patterns on your delicious throat and chin. I could feel you shudder from time to time. Whether it was a tickle or passion I'm never sure.

The pressure in my pants was growing uncomfortable and my need to feel your touch was great so I stood next to the bed and removed my clothes as quickly as I could. Your eyes followed my every move.

I laid on the bed next to you and was relieved when your warm hand engulfed me.

While my left hand paid homage to your right breast, my lips did their best to entertain the right. Even covered by the flannel, your breasts fascinate me. Your sensitive nipple seems to beckon me almost constantly, and it's there my lips were drawn.

Anxious to taste more of you, I slid my hand down your body, over your tummy, pausing slightly to feel the heat of your mons, then lower, lower to the hem of your nighty. As my hand worked its way up again, this time underneath, against your soft thigh. You separated your legs enough to both encourage me and to give me access to your pussy.

God, Cindy, your pussy was hot and wet. As the flannel bunched at your waist, my fingers slid the length of your opening. Just deep enough to stir the moisture there and stoke the coals of passion further.

Your hips thrust and my fingers were drawn deeper inside you, so hot, so wet, so delicious! I felt you moaning from deep inside your body and smiled inside.

I rubbed circles around the sheath protecting your clit. She poked her head out to receive my attentions as another moan escaped your throat.

My fingers were almost dripping as I brought them to my lips. I licked you from all but one and used that to paint your desires on my lips. I kissed you then and we shared the taste of your sex, exciting us both even more.

Delirious with desire, I kissed my way down your body, down your neck, stopping briefly to kiss your nipple one more time, then lower, lower to your stomach, then lower still. I kissed the trimmed hair on your mons, pausing only for a moment.

God I wanted you, Cindy. Wanted to taste you, wanted to make mad, passionate love to you until we dropped from exhaustion!

My tongue circled your pussy, swollen and ready. I licked and kissed your outer lips; up and down. Then the oh-so smooth skin beneath your opening, covered in your escaping fluids.

Your inner lips called to me and I answered with a ferocity that surprised us both. My nose tickling your clit, fully aroused, fully exposed. When my tongue slapped it gently I thought you would lose control. I backed off my assault and tried a gentler approach.

Your hands griped my head and you embedded your heels in my back. Whether for support or fear I'll never know. I took your clit into my mouth and sucked slowly, gently, the way you do my cock. Your hips moved in the rythum older than man as your orgasm approached.

You were so hot Cindy, so incredibly hot. And just watching you, hearing your and tasting you, I almost went mad with desire.

I could feel your release arrive like a runaway train; unstoppable, powerful. You arched your back and screamed as a wave of hot liquid flooded my mouth. Your pussy pulled at my tongue, trying to bury it deeper inside you. Your hips thrust up and you crushed my face into you.

I was delirious. I was excited. I was in heaven!

Your finally collapsed onto the bed like a beautiful doll. A smile on your face and a quiver I could still feel inside of you. I moved up beside you again and arranged your hair. Hair thrown out of place by the violence of your joy.

You looked at me and spoke the only words I remember in my dream. You said "I love you" and we kissed again, mindless of my drenched face.

Your hand sought and found my cock. I almost lost it at your touch, so gentle, so loving. But you knew what you were doing and the need (but not the desire) quickly passed.

You smiled at me and rolled on top of me, straddling my waist. You leaned forward and kissed me and when you straightened, your pussy inhaled my cock in one long, deep thrust.

Your pussy was hotter than I thought possible, Cindy. You gripped my cock tightly, your muscles drawing me in as deep as my length allowed. You moved your hips, slowly at first, in circles, then simply back and forth. Oh you are good!

Your breasts, still hidden by the cotton fabric, were right in front of my eyes. I reached up with both hands and cupped one in each hand.

I heard my uncle once describe a woman by saying her chest looked like two puppies 'wrassling' in a gunny sack. Looking at your breasts move in your nighty, I suddenly understood the full meaning of that phrase.

As I massaged your breasts and teased your nipples, your hips were busier than ever moving up and down, back and forth, left and right. I just lay there, afraid to interrupt your rhythm, afraid to move, concentrating on the pleasure you were giving me.

Your movements became less controlled. It was obvious that I wasn't the only one about to cum. I couldn't hold still any longer. I thrust my hips up to meet you and we quickly found an easy synchronization, trying our damnedest to prolong the pleasure, but knowing we were both too far gone.

I don't know who's screams of passion and lust were first. It hardly matters. The result was that we came at the same time or so nearly that no one could tell differently. We both cried out in sounds of both joy and almost pain as our orgasms fed off of each other and we lost ourselves in paradise.

I could feel my balls tighten and my cock convulse as each jet of hot cum shot into you. Mixing with your cum there was too much for the limited space and I could feel it run down my balls like molten steel.

We were frozen in our moment of pleasure, hardly able to breathe, not wanting to move. I could still feel you squeezing my softening cock, vibrating inside. The world stopped moving, the bedroom disappeared and we floated, joined in love through a velvet world, soft and pleasurable.

How long we drifted I don't know. When the world returned, you were laying on my chest, my cock still inside you, making the most contented sounds.

I wrapped my arms around you and you lifted your head to kiss me again. Soft and contented.

You laid your head back on my chest and smiled. I covered us with the sheet, held you tight and joined you in the sleep of the sated!

It was the best dream I've had in a LONG, LONG time, Cindy.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.