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The Drive By Troy

I just passed a sign that said 212 miles to go. Three hours till I hold you in my arms again, Cindy, 3 hours and 30 seconds till I feel your soft body pressed against mine.

I used to hate driving this road alone, but now I just think about you and the miles race by. And thinking about you is something I do a lot of lately.

As I listen to the radio, every song I hear reminds me of you in some way. Some remind me of the way you look: your eyes, your smile, your beautiful legs and those soft delicious thighs.

Some songs remind me of events, important and otherwise that we've shared. I still can't listen to "Shut Up And Kiss Me" without picturing a porch swing in the mountains. And when I hear "Stairway to Heaven," well, let's just say that I'll never be able to listen to that without a smile and a blush!

"I Swear" was playing the first time I told you that I loved you, remember? We were waiting for our dinner to arrive, sipping wine at Jeannier's on 39th. To this day I can't remember what it was you said to me, you were looking into my eyes and raising the glass to your lips when I heard myself say, "I love you, Cindy!"

When I realized that the words were spoken aloud my heart stopped beating. When you lowered your glass and looked down, I was sure that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't get my lips to move.

When you looked up again, your eyes shone in the candlelight and you smiled at me. The tenderest smile I'd ever seen and told me that you loved me too. Only then did I breathe, only then did my heart beat again.

But I think that my favorite musical memory started at Champs Restaurant and Saloon. We stopped for some drinks one night and the music just seemed to carry us both away. You were singing along with the music and seemed to be having trouble sitting still. I looked around to see if anyone was looking our way then slipped my shoe off and slid my foot up the inside of your leg.

You looked at me and smiled without missing a note of the song you were humming. Your legs spread enough so that my toes could complete their quest and I could feel the heat even through your panties and my sock.

Our eyes locked onto each other and we smiled. It was a contest to see who would call it quits first. I wriggled my toes and you squirmed a little more. After several minutes, you stopped singing. Your eyes took on the look I love to see, the look of a woman close to the edge of a satisfying orgasm.

I could feel the moisture that was leaking from you, soaking both your panties and my foot.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the waitress approach our table. She asked how we were doing and you giggled and said "just fine!" I ordered refills for our drinks and she winked as she returned to the bar.

Suddenly you bit your lower lip and I felt your legs grip my foot. Your eyes closed and I felt you shudder. Your sigh was long and low and ended in a smile.

The waitress startled us both as she set our drinks on the table. She smiled knowingly as I paid for the drinks. I tipped her generously and she smiled and said "enjoy yourselves!"

I don't know who blushed more, me or you, but it wasn't embarrassment that prompted you to suggest we leave.

We entered your apartment and the door had hardly closed behind us when your arms encircled my neck and your lips attacked mine. Your hunger was a physical thing that evening Cindy. As was mine.

You practically dragged me to the couch. As I sat, you turned on the stereo and eyed me like a tigress sizing up her meal.

You started undressing then, your movements slow and methodical. Your eyes never left mine as you undid you blouse, one button at a time. Gliding toward me I swear I heard a soft growl escape your lips.

Tossing the blouse aside, you unfastened your skirt. The sound of the zipper sliding down excited me. Or was it the way you licked your lips? Whichever it was, Cindy, by the time you stood in front of me, I could hardly control myself.

Your bra seemed to spring from your breasts of it's own volition and the beauty of your breasts took my breath away. I reached for them but you pushed my hands away and said "uh-uh!"

My hands fell to my sides as you danced before me. Your thumbs hooked your panties, you turned your back to me and peeled them from your firm ass. Slowly you bent, further and further till they were at your ankles.

My eyes were riveted to your rear. The perfect cheeks, the gap between them, and the damp puffy lips just visible between your legs.

God, Cindy, I wanted to reach out and grab you. But you were in control tonight, and I would follow your lead.

My eyes continued down your legs and I saw your face, watching me watching you. Your smile told me you were enjoying the tease, your eyes told me your hunger was building. You removed the panties and turned to face me again, still out of reach.

You approached and held the panties against my face. I inhaled the scent deeply, feeling myself harden more than I thought possible. You crawled onto my lap, one leg on each side, facing me.

The smell of your perfume filled my senses as I felt your hands grab my head behind each ear. You moved your naked body against me, up and down, purring with each movement.

You raised yourself high enough to bury my face between your breasts. Your hands kept me from being able to turn and taste your crinkly nipples.

Oh, Cindy, you were driving me crazy. I needed to kiss your tits, I needed to feel your hard nipples fill my mouth. But you kept them just out of my reach.

From time to time, you'd brush them across my cheek, but never near enough.

Your hips undulated on my lap, rubbing your bare skin against the course material. My cock screamed at the nearness of you, desperate to feel your hot, slippery flesh surround me.

Suddenly you pulled my face to yours and kissed my lips. Or rather, you devoured them. Your hands searched for the buttons on my shirt and all but ripped them off in your haste.

With my lips still locked to yours, my shirt flew across the room and your hands flitted across my chest. You broke our kiss with a growl of frustration and tore the tee-shirt from me.

I felt your hands brush against the hair on my chest and felt my own nipples harden at your touch. You fingers were like hot coals tracing back and forth, pinching my nipples gently.

Your lips kissed their way down my neck and I felt your teeth nibble the muscles of my shoulder. Your hands slid between our hot bodies searching for my belt.

I felt your body separate from mine as you settled on the floor between my feet. With an efficiency born of need you stripped my remaining clothes from me.

I reached for you to pull you back into my arms but you smiled and pushed me back into the cushions. I laid back and surrendered to your will, to your gentle but demanding touch.

Like the sleek feline I imagined you to be, you purred as your hands and tongue worked their way up my thighs. Your teeth biting the tender flesh above my knees, your lips kissing me, tender one moment, ferocious the next. Never stopping or lingering in one place too long.

I gasped as you hands reached my cock, your touch electric. As your fingers wrapped around me I heard a moan crawl from my lips. I watched as you milked a drop of precum from me.

You licked your lips as you watched it form. Then, just as it threatened to succumb to gravity your tongue flicked out. You looked into my eyes as you coated your tongue and lips, all the while, stroking me to coax more of the salty sauce from me.

I felt my balls tighten and my cock shudder as I watched your lips slowly swallow me. Inch by inch without stopping until your teeth reached the very base.

Oh, Cindy you were fantastic! You sucked expertly on me as you moved up and down the shaft. Your tongue was alive against me circling the head of my cock at the top of each stroke.

Your hand cupped my balls and rolled them round and around, you fingers pressing the tender place beneath.

I closed my eyes and laid my head back onto the sofa. I listened to the sounds of pleasure, the wet, slurping noises you were producing and the moans of ecstasy you yanked from my throat.

My hips moved in sync with your mouth. Time stopped and just as I felt myself prepare to bathe your throat with my cum, you stopped too!

I felt you slide your body against me, higher and higher, Cindy. Your breasts surrounded my cock and you coated your nipples with the almost constant flow of precum.

You climbed me until you again straddled my lap. But this time there was no barrier between us and as you settled onto me I felt as though I were being pulled into you.

You stopped your descent just as the head felt the heat surround it.

"What do you want?" you asked me as you rotated your hips just out of reach.

"I want YOU!" I moaned.

My hips tried in vain to close the gap between us, but you kept just out of my full reach.

"What do you want?" you asked again as you tongue traced my lips.

"Oh, God, I want to fuck you Cindy!"

You settled lower, swallowing me inside you deeper and deeper. When you could go no farther your hips moved with mine, around and around, back and forth, up and down.

My hands cupped your breasts and I guided them to my waiting lips. I tasted the sticky precum and the taste excited me further. I sucked both of your nipples at once as you bucked on my lap.

You hands were braced on my shoulders and in order to hang on to you, I moved my hands to your ass.

The couch groaned in protest as we stressed it beyond limits. It could have collapsed and we would not have noticed.

The music of the stereo was drowned by the our panting and moaning.

Our bodies became slick with perspiration as we both approached that magical moment.

I could feel you sliding on me now so that my cock rubbed against your clit. I could feel your body tense, then shudder, then explode!

You arched your back and hissed at the ceiling. Your fingers gripped my shoulders and you stiffened. Your muscles pulled at my cock as if encouraging it to join in your pleasure.

I answered your call!

"I'm cumming! Ugh! God, Cindy!!"

I thrust my hips into you as my orgasm pulsed into you time and again.

"Oh, God!!"

We hung suspended in time as we tried not to let go of the feeling. My heart sounded like a drum in my ears. I felt the squeezing and quivering of your body against mine.

When our bodies could no longer hold onto the moment we collapsed together. The tiger that was threatening to devour me moments ago was replaced by a kitten, soft and tender in my arms.

You dozed for a moment to catch your breath and as I lay there holding you, I listened to the radio playing softly in the background. The song was quiet but I smiled as I heard the them sing "in the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight..."

Well, they were close!

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.