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ENCOUNTER by Molly Finnegan

It was a golden-warm day by the little pond where I lie naked on my belly, a towel beneath me as protection from the sharp grassy spikes. Engrossed in my book, I was suddenly distracted by the appearance of a little fallen purple iris petal. A gentle breeze had drifted it slowly across the water. I knew the petal; I had been seeing it in my dreams for a million years. It twirled aimlessly in the green pond, finally bumping gently at the side of the bank, resting in the soft earth.

I considered moving the towel over my chilly feet when I was surprised to feel hands gently massaging my toes, rubbing them quickly for warmth.

I turned to see him and was glad for his gentle moustached smile, his kind bright eyes.

"I have seen you in this forest before." I could not hear my own words.

"And I you," he whispered.

I felt a sudden surge of need and turn, sit and jump into his arms, which swayed me left, right, twirling slowly like the little iris petal. I tred to break to see his face, but he would not let go of his snug hold on my waist. I felt his fine breath in my hair and we rocked, embracing to our own music. I kissed his shoulder as I sat on his fully-clothed lap, his hands beginning a careful massage. His fingers lingered at the small of my back and moved slowly up, up, toward my neck. I felt, but did not yet see, his smile.

He loosened his grip just enough for me to lean back and look into his eyes, to unbutton his flannel shirt, to kiss his chest. His peasant clothes melted away and I lay on my back as he spread my legs with his knees and entered me..just barely, then out, then slowly, slow-motion slowly he moved fully into me.

He stroked to the rhythm of the universe; my hips writhed and lifted to meet him, my whole body opening, begging.

I imploded suddenly, the inner throbbing inviting his explosion. Time and space vanished. The world disappeared in that moment when there was only my inner muscles caressing him as he pumped the water of life into me. For the first time, I was whole.

Core-satisfied, my hands and eyes studied his wintered face which I found as pleasant as his touch on my neck and shoulders.

The after-glow was endless, effortless.

Silently he dressed and rose to his feet, looking with love at my warm, wet body on the rumpled towel.

"When will we meet again?" I asked shyly.

"I shall always find you," he said, disappearing as quietly and quickly as he had come.

The little petal burrowed deeper into the soft mud of the little pond's bank. It was making itself a tiny nest, a home.


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