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Michelle had just finished a sculpture of an eagle. She went for a stroll, soaking up the late morning sunshine. A dark haired woman in a long skirt walked past. The sculptress watched her, enthralled. The stranger went to a bus stop. Something about her stirred feelings in Michelle. At noon, the woman's bus arrived. Michelle went home and began sketching.

She imagined talking to this woman, telling her about sculpting. Daydreamed she persuaded her to model for her next sculpture. The beauty might remove her skirt, then pose in the light by the window. Michelle would caress her with her eyes, and sketch her smooth curves. "Could you turn that way?" Her model might stand for a while, her back to Michelle. Then, while the sculptress was looking at her pad, the woman might start to unbutton her shirt. When Michelle looked up, she would shrug and smile. While Michelle watched, she would coyly remove her shirt and stockings. Then turn to face Michelle, one hand on her hip. Michelle would start a new sketch. She would draw the chestnut tressed vision before her, without her underwear.

Suddenly returning to reality, Michelle looked at her pad. She was embarrassed by the drawing she'd just done and tore the page from her pad. She started sketching the woman lounging in a chair, wearing an evening gown. One of her legs was sticking from a slit in the gown, and over the arm of the chair. She put the first drawing away, in her bedroom.

The statue was taking shape by late the next morning. Michelle had moved her work table to where she could see the bus stop. She was making a miniature ceramic armchair. Her inspiration walked past. Today she wore a t-shirt and shorts. Her legs were more beautiful than Michelle had really expected.

When the bus took her away, the sculptress began fashioning new legs for her art work. Their shape was based in reality, not imagination.

While moulding the clay, Michelle found herself wondering how the woman's flesh would feel under her fingers. She was sure it was like pale brown silk. She wondered about this woman. What did she do? Where did the bus take her each noon? Maybe she was an artist, or photographer. She might ask Michelle to pose for her.

That night, she dreamed the woman did ask. Michelle smiled, but didn't immediately agree. "I would feel weird, if you were dressed!" The sensual woman smiled. Silently they disrobed, like mirror images. Each relished the other's body as it was slowly exposed. They appreciated each other as works of art, and as desirable females. Later they touched, running fingers through each other's hair. Michelle's fingers caressed silk, both auburn and pale pink. Soon, their lips meet in a passionate kiss. Then their tongues reached out and touched. The stranger was first to end the kiss. Michelle was briefly upset, as the other moved away. Smiling, she leaned back and kissed Michelle's cheek, then her neck. Soon, her lips moved down her throat to her collar bone, and down to the swellings of her breasts. Michelle stroked the other woman's hair, running her hand down across the chestnut silk, to the brown skin below.

The other woman stroked Michelle's thigh with her free hand, running her fingers delicately across the bare skin. As her lips moved down to Michelle's left nipple, her finger stroked the black haired pussy, feelings her moisture. Sucking the nipple into herself, she pressed her fingers between Michelle's outer lips. Michelle stroked her lover's lower back with one hand, and her untouched nipple with the other. As the second finger was thrust into her, Michelle's body collapsed in fits of pure pleasure.

The next day, Michelle worked looking out at her model. Today the beautiful stranger was wearing a thin cotton dress. When the wind blew, it pressed against her body, revealing every curve and contour. Michelle could make out her bra and panties. She reworked the sculpture. She kept the head, legs and chair, but fashioned a torso. The sculptress crafted a statue of the woman, sprawled naked on the arm chair. One leg was hung over the arm, leaving her invitingly open. Her new work was based on both reality and her dream.

Strangely, the next dream started with Michelle in the clay chair. Like her statue, she was naked and open. The stranger was standing before her, full clothed, wearing the dress from that day. "Do you dislike my dress?" Her voice sounded worried. As if she'd be deeply hurt if Michelle disliked this particular garment. Michelle was unsure how to answer. "I'd rather you were naked." With a smile, the other woman unbuttoned her dress. Slowly, she slipped it from her shoulders and let it gently down her arms. Just as seductively, she stripped off her bra, and then her panties. By this time, Michelle could smell as well as feel her wetness. The other woman smiled a question, and Michelle nodded. Her lover walked over, and knelt before the chair. She spread Michelle's outer lips with one hand, and gently licked her slit, starting at the bottom near her anus, and moving up to suck on her clit.

After a minute, the other woman put both hands on Michelle's taunt nipples, and buried her face in her crotch. The pointed tongue thrust deep into her, caressing places never before touched. Again, Michelle's body was shaken by undreamt of pleasure. She flooded her lover's mouth. The chestnut beauty drank it with pleasure, and kept licking until it happened again. When she recovered, Michelle stood. She asked her lover to sit in the chair. The woman smiled, and went to speak.....

Michelle woke, her hands on her bare damp crotch. Her nightie was bunched up around her chest.

The later that morning, she saw the woman walk past again. "Here is where we separate the fools from the cowards!" Michelle drained her coffee. She dashed out the door and intercepted the beautiful stranger.

The End *****

Copyright, 1996. By Allan Price.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.