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The story below is intended for audiences over the age of 21. If you are under 21, please goaway. There is more for you to do elsewhere. You could:

- Read a book (I recommend _Alice in Wonderland_ - a wonderful parody)

- Watch a movie (Dances with Wolves is sobering)

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Anyone who does not appreciate erotic fiction, proceed at your own risk. The author assumes no responsibility if you are offended by the subject matter contained in this story. All characters are fictitious and any parallel to actual persons, living or deceased is coincidental.

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Love in White

The room in which you lie in bed is completely flooded in white. The walls, carpet, curtains, all a brilliant white, magical in its ambiance. With the exception of the bed there is no furniture. You wear a gown of white to match the white bed spread and linens, all light and silky with a lacy texture. Large fluffy white pillows surround your head. Your body, draped with your white gown is seductively visible beneath its opaqueness. Your brown hair, light nipples and dark pubis are the only distinct features that distract from the whiteness of the room.

As I approach, your head and eyes turn to track my movement. A smile appears and your eyes tell me you've been waiting for me. I stop at the foot of the bed and remove my white shirt and white pants. As they fall they disappear into the carpet. My body now stands naked before you.

You reach out and take my hands, pulling me into bed with you, on my knees beside you, facing you. No words are spoken, only smiles exchanged. Our eyes say all that needs to be said. I reach out to untie the bow that holds your gown together. Your hand travels from my knee, up my thigh, stopping short of my beginning stiffness. The stiffening now mixes with a wanting ache, beginning to stand. As I pull on the string of the bow it breaks and your gown falls away, disappearing into the lacy bedspread. Your body now lays naked before me. I remain kneeling beside you, a position of worship, you the center of that worship.

I reach out and touch your face, one hand lightly on each cheek. Leaning forward from my waist, I kiss you lightly from your forehead, downward. Crossing your eyes your eyelashes tickle my lips as you blink. Searching for your mouth, I travel down the bridge of your nose, across to each of your firm cheek bones, down to your chin. Finally your lips touch mine. We linger there in a gentle way, letting our lips only touch.

Your mouth opens to invite passion to our kiss. Your tongue enters my mouth, touching my tongue. Our tongues only touch, tip to tip. Our lips move in a slow passionate unison. The tip of your tongue draws circles around the tip of mine. I reciprocate, tracing circles around the tip of yours. I flick my tongue back and forth across the tip of yours. You move your head in a yes fashion indicating you would like that, pulling my head closer as my tongue flicks faster and stronger.

My hands travel anteriorly, down the face of your breasts, stopping at the outer edge of your aureoles. The tongue flicking slows to gentle circles again as the tip of my index finger runs the circumference of your aureoles. I feel tightness, creating tiny ridges of wrinkles indicating a hardness. The circles become larger as all my fingers run circles around the whole of each breast. Your breathing heaves your chest upwards for more.

Wanting to taste more of you, I break the kiss. You suck my tongue gently back into your mouth letting it ride in and out. I move my head indicating an approval of your suggestiveness. But for now I must continue my journey of your body.

As my hands enjoy the roller coaster ride of your rib cage my lips and tongue enjoy the gentle slopes of your shoulders and neck, stopping at your earlobe with each pass. Sliding down your neck, stopping at your Adams Apple to explore, I continue to the softness of the top slope of each breast. The frustration begins to build and you push me down to the hard nipples for my mouth to circle, a small cry of pleasure comes from your slow deep breathing.

Your nipples are indeed hard and dark. My mouth hovers just above one, letting my exhalation bathe it in a warmth. As I take it into my mouth you purr with satisfaction. My hand travels downward. Your sweetness mingles with my saliva as I gently suck you into my mouth.

My hand has learned to love the mystery of the next curve in your torso. Down each side to the crest of each hip. I come across the front of your hip bones to find the soft downy hair forming a triangle that is covered with dew slightly thicker than sweat. I coat a finger with this dew and reach up to taste it. I lick the underside of my finger then you take my finger and lick the other side. We both have tasted the dew of your love. The taste is of bitter vanilla bean and it lingers, tantalizing me for more.

You reach for your breasts and push the nipples together. I take them both into my mouth, sucking lightly, alternating between nipples. Your breath now knows no regular pattern. My busy hands trace hearts on the insides of your thighs from underside of knee to the crease where outer labia meets leg.

As my mouth moves down your abdomen my body position shifts, placing my head down to your lower abdomen. You roll to your side. Your upper leg raises allowing me to rest my head on the inner thigh of the other. Poised before me is your wetness, my desire. Your aroma wafts over me, intoxicating me, inviting me to taste, nibble, suck and drink freely of its fruit. It is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

This side lying position allows you a full view of my fully engorgement. As I use a hand to delicately touch and stroke your sweetness, your hand lightly strokes the stiffness before you. As my finger dips again into your well, your finger finds a droplet of love at the opening of me. You take it with your finger and I take you with mine, we taste of love again.

Parting your lips with two fingers, my other hand reaches behind you to blindly explore. You manipulate me with your thumb. I reach forward placing a full passionate kiss on you. You circle me with your tongue. Pulling you closer, I begin to tongue you, taking in your juice, running my tongue up and down. You take me, just beyond the head with a light sucking. We moan is unison.

I have found your sexual center. My actions slow as I circle it. I kiss it then lightly take it in to my mouth. You also slow down as you begin to take all of me into your soft warm mouth, drawing me out and back in. I let you enjoy me for awhile, then pull out, wanting to pay total attention to you.

The tongue circles remain slow but become stronger. Your hand won't let go of me. As you moan you press yourself fully to my mouth. Your body tenses, your grip on me releases and you cradle my head not wanting me to stop. I don't.

Your leg comes down causing your thighs to muffle my ears. You begin to thrash your pelvis as an implosion wracks you. Your body cradles itself in each wave of orgasm. My tongue never stops until I have all the juice you have to offer. My beard is awash with you.

Your orgasm gently rocks to a stop. You resume your grasp on me and begin to suck . I feel your tongue coaxing me to a fire. Pushing me onto my back, you let me go. You straddle me, take it and nudging it against yourself before you sink it fully in.

You ride with even strokes. Pulling up until almost out, it sinks in again. With each outward stroke a sucking vacuum is created. I have never experienced such tightness and muscle control.

Leaning forward, placing your hands on my chest, your hair falls forward creating a tent about our faces. I am able to reach up and caress your breasts. As I do, your actions become faster, with more determination. Up and down combines with side to side movement. From your pelvic caresses I can tell that you are about to reach orgasm again.

I am now fully into you. The stroking is short and hard. You are twitching. I am swelling. I feel as though a fuse has been lit deep in my groin burning toward my center. Your orgasm finally releases, as does mine. I explode into you. We are blinded by the white light of orgasm.

You roll off of me. Both silent and spent, I reach down and dip a finger into you. I bring the love coated finger to my mouth and lick the underside, you lick the other. White engulfs us and we hold each other until sleep overtakes my dream.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.