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The Fantasy By Rick

The plane touched down gently, a few minutes early in fact, as was usual with Southwest. That's the thing I like about them...almost always on time...and that was very important to me be on time. So little time was going to be available I didn't want to waste any on a cramped 737.

The plane seems to taxi forever. I know, in my mind, that it's not taking that long, but every second I have to stay in this airplane is another second that I can't be with you. The anticipation has been growing for months, the desire longer than that. My only thought at this moment is to find you in that crowded gate and take you in my arms.

Finally the plane reaches the jetway, the pilot shuts down the engines and thanks us for flying Southwest. It's nice to know that they realize we have a choice when we fly, but right now, that's not my concern...God, I'm nervous. All of the confident talking on-line, the joking on the phone all of a sudden seems a million miles away. I wish I had worn something cooler all of a sudden, but something tells me I could be in shorts and a tank top and still be flushed at the thought of seeing you...for real...for the first time.

It seems to take forever as the passengers pull their bags down from the overhead compartment...why did that woman have to bring ALL those bags on with her? There ought to be a law, I think to myself as I smile politely to her. Finally we begin the slow arduous journey down the aisleway and out into the jetway. Normally when I fly I have no one waiting for me so I don't pay much attention to what is ahead. Today however is different. My head bobs and weaves to get from behind the head of the person in front of me, trying to catch a glimpse of you. I've seen pictures of you, yet you look somehow different in each of them. Will I recognize you? Will you recognize me? The concern was over nothing, because on the last bob of my head, our eyes met and we instantly knew. It was like we had always known.

Never taking our eyes from each other, almost afraid if we did this would all dissolve into a dream, a dream we have both had many times, we walk toward each other. It is difficult for you, with all the people walking off the plane in the opposite direction you are attempting to go. Easier for me because they are now sweeping me along with them, nearly right into you.

I quickly scan your body, seeing for the first time who I will be holding soon and hopefully making love with in the very near future. I can see that you weren't being untrue when you said that your breasts were your best feature, but only the best of a wonderful combination of parts. Your lips are full and sensual, your eyes sparkle, your skin is silky smooth and your hair is wonderfully soft, just what I love to run my fingers through as I caress it. Your shape is very nice and your legs are incredible. I'm trying to remember if, in all of our writing, I ever told you that a nice set of legs in a short skirt turn me on like nothing else will, or it's just happenstance that you dressed like that. Your black nylons under your tastefully short skirt...if I didn't have an erection already just from being near you, that would certainly do it.

As I warned you I would, I place my bag on the ground and take you into my arms. Your arms encircle me willingly and our lips meet in that most wondrous of things...our first kiss. Oh, so gently at first, my lips touch yours but quickly transform into a hunger that demands to be satisfied. Our lips part and our tongues dart in and out of each other's mouths, our first exploration of each other. We pull each other more tightly against one another, your breasts crushed into my chest, our bodies completely touching in a full body hug, my erection obvious against your groin. We feel the heat emanating from each other and we love the sensation. The fears and trepidation are gone now, consumed in the flames of our ever increasing passion. We quite literally melt into each other. Our bodies molding to each other as if they were built for each other.

As we reluctantly separate, I gaze deeply into your eyes once again. No embarrassment, no shyness as you gaze back into mine. We know this moment was destined and we don't want to waste it with false modesty or embarrassment.

"So, you must be Cindy," I say with a straight face. You smile and that pleases me...God, you have a beautiful smile...I could see that much from your pictures and in person it fairly beams.

"I guess we're a wee bit past shaking hands at this point," you tease, your smile growing as you speak.

"Definitely," I respond, this time with a smile of my own.

I pick up my bag and encircle your waist with my free arm. It feels so good to have you this close, at last. "So, did you make good use of your three free hours?" I coyly ask. "Find any 'interesting' places in the airport?"

"Even better," you respond, cryptically, but no matter how hard I press, you won't expand on that comment.

Having had the opportunity to explore, you know your way around the airport quite well and taking my hand you guide me through like the seasoned traveler you are. Down escalators, through long walkways, down corridors until we reach a bank of phones for the local hotels. Picking up the one for our hotel, you call for the courtesy shuttle. As you do, I once again take the opportunity to admire you. The tight curve of your bottom surrounded by the fabric of your skirt, I find myself wondering what you do (or do not) have underneath, knowing now that soon enough I will find out, but my mind still runs rampant with those thoughts. Just part of the excitement and anticipation that have been with me since Southwest had that sale on airline tickets, and the day you actually made that call. Tentatively I reach out and touch your ass, cupping it, running my hand along it's curve. The soft "Mmmm..." that somehow manages to come from your throat as you continue to talk into the phone (how do you do that, anyway?) tells me there was no need to be tentative. My hand slowly glides up along the small of your back, my fingertips lightly tracing your spine and your slight intake of breath tells me I have found one of your "spots" of many that I hope to discover over the next two days.

After you hang up the phone, you look back at me. "You are absolutely wicked," you say, and with that you place your hand behind my head, pulling me toward you and give me the deepest, sexiest kiss I've ever experienced. My God, if a person could make love in public with just a kiss, then that's what you have just done with me. "Is that the kiss you had in mind when you wrote that note to me?" you whisper in my ear.

My heart is racing so fast it's difficult to respond, but I manage a weak, "Um, yes, well, I wasn't even thinking of anything near that...I don't think I could have even imagined that..."

"Well, lover, I think anybody that witnessed that probably has a pretty good idea what we have in mind for each other later on...maybe even sooner than later...and that was what you said you wanted, as I recall," you tease. Although looking around at the people staring at us, I realize it's not really a tease at all.

Once again, you take my hand and lead me out to the sidewalk. "Our shuttle should be here in a few minutes," you say as I drop my bag to the ground once again. It's obvious that you have already been to the hotel since you don't have a bag with you. Suddenly I'm wondering what you HAVE been up to for the last three hours. "Research," is all you say, apparently having read my mind. Now I wonder if I ever told you how much I like a woman who can play cat and mouse. Probably didn't need to since we seem to both have a talent for that game on-line.

While waiting for the shuttle, we discuss options for dinner and sightseeing, in case we choose to do any. We both think, even though we have a short time together, it might be nice to get out and see some of the sights. We're discovering (perhaps we really knew all along) this weekend is not just about is about getting to know each other better than we can on-line. We both know this is a rare opportunity that will probably not be available again and we really want to know each every way...not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

The shuttle pulls up to the curb and we notice a small crowd has gathered round. Seems the van will be full on the way to the much for the privacy question that I posed the other night to you. Taking my hand quickly, you pull me toward the van to ensure that we are the first ones on. It is actually a large van with a capacity of maybe 12 people, with bench seats three deep. The very rear seat is situated off center because of the spare tire along the back corner of the van, therefore seating only two in that seat. This is where you guide me to.

After we are seated, we watch the rest of the passengers load on, fitting snugly on the remaining seats. Everyone is crammed on so tightly they are forced to look ahead, or else have their nose in the ear of the person next to them. The van takes off smoothly from the curb and the noise level increases dramatically. Seems the rest of the passengers are in town for the same convention and know each other. The talking and laughing completely occupies the attention of the others.

I feel your hand upon my knee and I place my hand upon yours. I don't think much about it, as I would probably do the same with anyone I was just out on a date with, until your hand begins to gradually go higher on my thigh.

I had told you that in the beginning the first move would be yours and I would only do as much as you were comfortable with. That kiss was a pretty good indication of your decision, but this was just too obvious to misinterpret...the sky is the limit, from here on out, I thought.

Getting bolder, in a "chicken and rooster" sort of way, I moved my hand higher up your thigh, as well. Every time I moved my hand, yours moved higher still. About three quarters of the way up, my hand now well under your skirt, my fingertips touched the lacy tops of your stockings. My cock, which was about three quarters hard by now, immediately grew to it's full hardness. Your hand, sensing this, moved even higher along my thigh until the edge of your hand was lightly touching the hardness of my cock. I, in turn moved my hand higher, my fingertips slipping under the edge of your stockings, my hand feeling the moisture that had run down between your legs. Looking at your legs now, I could see the black lace of your stockings contrasting against the creamy flesh of your legs. The shine of moisture was clearly visible and I knew you were wet for me, that you wanted me every bit as much as I wanted you.

Your hand now moved until it was completely cupping my erection. You squeezed my cock and I could have sworn I was going to come right then and there, but somehow I managed not to. Your scent was delicate, yet detectable, rising to my nose. I didn't think it possible, but I got harder still for you. My hand moved higher still on your leg, my fingertips intending to press firmly against your panties, pressing against your clit. Instead, they slipped directly into your pussy, unhindered by panties after all. As they entered they forced out a rivulet of your juices that ran down the crack of your ass, accumulating on the seat. God, I've never felt anyone so wet before. Turning my fingers so that they could press against your g-spot I massaged inside your wet pussy. Your hips began to slowly rock back and forth as my fingers massaged you inside and my thumb pressed and rolled against your inflamed clit.

Your breasts began to rise and fall, their rhythm increasing with your excitement. Your breathing was becoming more labored, you hips moving in ever increasing tempo as I pressed and rubbed and stimulated you. Your hand was going wild on my cock, squeezing, rubbing, circling me. My hips were thrusting against you as much as you were thrusting against me.

I could feel your body tense...then suddenly it shuddered and your intake of breath and the gasp that followed were audible only to me. Everyone else in the van was oblivious to what was happening. As you came, you squeezed harder on my cock and the rubbing was feverish. Just as you were coming down from your climax, mine soared, filling my pants with my hot liquid. Fortunately I had the good sense to wear dark slacks so that the wetness didn't show very much at all.

Removing my fingers from within you, I brought them to my lips and tasted them...Mmmm, my first taste of you...already I knew I would never be able to get enough of you. Your finger rubbed across the dollop of cum that had seeped through my pants and you tasted me, also for the first time. We then shared a kiss, mingling our tongues, our flavors, and our anticipation grew. Beyond what we had thought possible...perhaps beyond what was safe...but that would remain to be seen...

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.