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This story was inspired by Cindy, who graciously answered my request for ideas for a story.

Found Out!
By Troy

"I love to play with my pussy while I read you letters, Richard. Right now I'm sitting here on the edge of my chair, my legs spread as far apart as they can be and my left hand is caressing the inside of my thigh. God I wish it was your hand, or better still, your tongue touching me there. The thought of your tongue sets me on fire and I feel like my insides are burning with my need for you.

"My hand just found my pussy and I'm tracing the outline of my wet, swollen lips. My clit is burning and I know that if I touch it I won't be able to hold back any longer. I can feel my juices starting to escape from my slit, sliding down to my ass. Oh GOD, it feels so good.

"I'm rubbing the slippery liquid all over the area between my pussy and ass. I'm tasting it now, licking my fingers, imagining that I am tasting it from your tongue.

"Oh, YES! I can't stand it any longer. I have to cum!!! My fingers finally work their way to my clit, fully exposed and hard now. OH FUCK! FUCK, I'M CUMMING, RICHARD! LICK MY CLIT!

"Mmmm. That was delicious! I hope you enjoyed reading about my orgasm as much as I enjoyed having it!

"As much as I hate to end here, I must. Tomorrow is a busy day and I'm gonna need all the sleep I can get tonight. Now I can sleep satisfied, as satisfied as I CAN be with just my fingers to comfort me."

"Lust and Kisses, "Donna"

As always, Donna's letters make my cock throb, and as I've done more and more frequently since my wife's death, I find myself stroking my manhood.

My fingers caress my balls and I fantasize that it IS my tongue tracing around Donna's hot pussy, tasting the nectar flowing from her body.

As I finger MY ass, I imagine my tongue probing HER puckered little ass hole and tickling her clit. I glide across every ridge and wrinkle, tasting her, rising her to new heights.

Slowly my fingers curl around my shaft. It's so hard! My eyes close as I give in to the tight sensation of my hand sliding up and down the length, building speed to match my mental picture of Donna's building orgasm.

The pressure in my balls is almost too much to bear! I imagine her grabbing my head in her hands and pressing my face into her wetness as she screams in pleasure. Her legs clinching around my head.

"Ugh!" is all I manage to utter as I watch my cum shoot from me like I was putting out a fire. But then, in a way I am.

My fingers refuse to release my half hard cock. Their stroke made slippery by the cum still leaking out. I watch in fascination as it runs in thick rivers down my stomach and is caught in the red hair between my legs. The little scar on the inside of my thigh is quivering as though it too is satisfied and I rub some of my personal body lotion on it.

That scar! I got it as a teenager when I was showing off for the "girl next door". I jumped over a fence to impress her and caught a nail that cut me just below my nuts. Another inch and I'd have been in big trouble.

Donna laughed when I told her about the incident, because I told her that it worked out pretty well! The girl I was trying to impress was so concerned; she took me into her house and cleaned and bandaged the cut. Well, one thing lead to another and before long we were in her room torturing the bedsprings.

Having caught my breath now, I decided that there was time to write Donna a quick note before I went to bed at least partially satisfied.

I told her how much I loved to have her describe how she pleases herself and how it made my cock react like it did when I was a teenager.

I told her my fantasy about being with her, slowly removing her clothes and caressing her body with both my fingers and my tongue. How I wanted to massage her feet and run my tongue between her toes, then up her legs to her pussy. But I wouldn't let her cum, not just yet. I'd lick my way down her other leg and enjoy the rest of her first.

I'd kiss her lips and let our tongues dance together while my fingers explored the wet recesses of her womanhood. From time to time I'd bring my fingers to our mouths and flavor our kiss with her sweetness.

As she starts to moan, I'd break my lips away and leave a string of kisses to her neck. I'd run my fingers through her hair as I push it away from her ear. Sucking on her ear lobe; a tiny bite; a lick all the way around her ear and then my tongue glides down her body seeking new pleasure points.

The base of her neck draws me like a string was attached to my lips and they join in the pleasure again. Then, following the ridge of her collar bone with my kisses, I find the place where her two perfect breasts come together.

As my fingers reach that small spot inside her that will ignite her passion, a thin sheen of perspiration covers her like morning dew. She shudders at the contact, but I refuse to back away.

My tongue tastes the salty moisture as it leaves its trail under each breast. They quiver in response to her nearing orgasm and I take one of her hard nipples in my mouth and nurse like an infant.

She moans again as my teeth gently scrape her nipple and my tongue flicks lightly over the tip.

I sense her orgasm getting nearer and slow my fingers. Her moan now is one of frustration for she desperately wants release. I too want to experience her orgasm, so I lick my way down her tummy, around her navel, and finally reach the center of her pleasure.

I remove my fingers from her pussy and use the slippery fluids to ease a digit into her ass. One knuckle deep, I pause while my tongue makes a circuit of her freshly barbered pussy. It's like gliding over red hot ice, frictionless and I can feel every bump and crease.

My finger continues in and out of her ass, getting deeper with each stroke. I synchronize my finger and tongue to her thrusting hips. My mouth closes around her clit and my tongue tickles it even further out of it's satin sheath.

I can tell that she is about to erupt and I give her clit one last lick and thrust my finger and my tongue into her as far as I can. She gasps, and it is all I can do to stay with her through the peak.

Before I closed, I told her how my cock was trying to force it's way through the silk boxer shorts I had on and if I didn't stop now, I'd be stroking it all night. I told her good night and signed off the net.

Lying in bed, I wondered for the hundredth time what Donna looks like, what she sounds like, what she smells like, what she tastes like. We've been writing each other for about a year now and as each letter grows more intense, so does my need for her.

We "met" when the loneliness of my wife's death really started getting to me. One of the "soccer moms" I met at my son's games suggested I look into an "encounter" group on the internet. Her husband had abandoned her and their son Todd three years ago and Janet said that "chatting" with others had helped her a lot. Even though she didn't have the courage to get involved with any of the discussions, just reading the messages from others was enough.

It took a while to actually do it, but now I'm glad I did. It DID help to talk to others and through one of the groups, I met Donna (I knew it wasn't her real name, but hell, I wasn't using my real name either).

At first, our letters simply talked about the loneliness and how we coped. I'm not sure how or even who started the erotic letters, but they've helped most of all.

As Todd and my son, Tony became best friends, Janet and I ran into each other frequently and became good friends ourselves. Neither of us were ready to "date" anyone yet and having a friend to talk to appealed to both of us. Sure, we've been places together, mostly taking our sons to the movies, field trips or a quick trip to a hamburger joint; but always as a friend.

While we were watching the boys play soccer one Saturday morning, she asked if I had looked into the internet groups. I was embarrassed to tell her too much, so I said simply that I had and she was right, reading about how other people were dealing with THEIR problems helped me with mine.

I drifted of to sleep thinking of Donna. Hoping I'd dream about her again.

The next morning, Tony and I picked up Janet and Todd for a school field trip. As usual the boys quickly got lost in their own world and when we got to the school, ran for the bus so that they could be sure to get seats together.

Janet and I checked in with the teacher, Miss Martin, and she thanked us for volunteering to help keep an eye on the kids. When we got on the bus, there was a seat in the back that was empty and we sat together.

"You look like you've been up all night, Mark." she told me with a smile.

"Most of it, I guess. I had a letter that I wanted to finish while things were fresh. What's your excuse," I said with a wink to be sure she new I was teasing, "hot date last night?"

I was rewarded with that little pinch that all women seem to learn somewhere. "In a way!" she replied with a sly smile. "No, I was doing some reading in bed and before I knew it, it was pretty late."

We chatted throughout the trip to the museum and I found myself just staring at her from time to time. I've always thought of her as an attractive woman, but lately she seemed even more so.

Once inside the museum we had little time to talk, Janet was with one group and I was bringing up the rear with mine.

Speaking of rears, I don't know what it was about Janet's that made me keep watching her. I figured it was some left over horniness from last night. After all, Janet was a friend and in spite of what I tell Donna, I had no real desire for a physical relationship just yet.

When she would turn and catch me looking at her, I'd give her a look that said I was bored and couldn't wait to get back on the bus.

The field trip DID finally end and we filed back into the bus for the return trip. On the way home, Janet stood in the aisle and bent to help one of the kids clean up a mess of some kind. As she bent, her skin tight jeans were right where I found it impossible to ignore.

A sudden pothole knocked her off balance and she fell back into my lap. I tried to catch her out of reflex, but ended up with my left hand against her back and my right on her butt, my fingers against the spot her pussy would be.

The kids thought it was hysterical, and she seemed to be hamming it up a bit for them. She squirmed around as I tried to find a graceful way to disengage. The more she squirmed, the less I was able to move my hands and I swear that I felt a growing wet warmth on my fingers.

After the kids had a good chuckle, she finally sat in the seat and I searched for a way to convince her that my touch was purely accidental. Her face was flushed as she dismissed my attempts saying "Oh, I didn't mind, besides it kept them entertained for a bit, didn't it?"

When we got to the school everyone said their good-byes and we piled into my car to go home. When I pulled into Janet's driveway, she suggested "Why don't you and Tony come in and stay for dinner. We're having leftovers, but there's plenty."

Since I wasn't eager to go home and make dinner, I gladly accepted her invitation. The boys bounced around and voiced their approval of the idea as well.

Since she refused to let me in her kitchen, I was playing with the boys in the living room. We were wrestling around on the floor when I heard a ripping sound and felt a breeze. The boys almost doubled over with laughter.

"What's so funny you guys?" Janet called from the kitchen.

The kids were laughing so hard they could hardly talk but they managed to tell her of my embarrassing situation.

Janet came into the room and tried to keep a straight face, but failed miserably. "Come with me, I'm sure I've got something you can wear till after dinner."

I followed her to her bedroom where she opened a closet and handed me a man's robe. I asked her which boyfriend had left this behind and she punctuated her explanation that it was her ex-husband's with an elbow in the ribs.

"Put this on and give me those pants." she smiled. "I'll fix them after dinner."

She stood there with her hand out and gave no indication that she was going to leave me to change in private or even turn around, so I thought I'd see just how long she would watch. I made a production of undoing my belt and pulling it from my waist. I looked at her daringly as I unbuttoned them and slowly slid the zipper down.

I noticed that her fingers weren't quite steady as I hooked my thumbs under the waistband and started them down. I stepped out of my shoes and let my pants drop to the floor.

Her eyes betrayed her interest as they went to my crotch. Unfortunately, my cock betrayed mine as it hardened and made a tent in my boxers.

"Uh," she gulped "I'll put these by the sewing machine and fix them later." She said as she stooped to pick them off the floor. I stepped out of them and was putting on the robe when I noticed she had stopped mid way up. She was mere inches from my stiffness and examining it like a tigress eyeing her prey.

Her hand started to reach out when she caught herself and jerked it back.

She suddenly coughed and turned away to set the pants down.

"That's some scar on your leg." She said, covering her embarrassment with small talk.

"Yeah, from a stupid teenage stunt! Maybe I'll tell you about it someday"

She smiled sheepishly when she faced me again and commented on how nicely her husband's robe fit me.

Dinner was delicious. Her leftovers were better than my best efforts and Tony and I ate like it was the first food we'd had in days.

The boys were their usual talkative selves, but Janet was quieter than usual and every now and then I would catch her glancing at me. I thought I had perhaps gone too far and decided to apologize as soon as the kids were out of earshot.

As if they read my mind, the boys asked to be excused and dashed to the basement to play with a new video game. Janet started clearing the table and I stood to help her, feeling a bit awkward.

"Janet, I want to apologize. I didn't mean to get so carried away before dinner. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

"Hmm?" she said, still a bit distracted. "Oh, NO, you didn't embarrass me Mark, don't be silly, I've seen guys in their underwear before."

"Are you sure?" I asked, flooding with relief.

"Of course! Now, are you gonna help me with the dishes or not?"

She seemed to have pushed whatever it was out of her mind and we talked as we cleaned up and had a good laugh about my "busting my breeches." Still, every now and then, she'd look at me like she was trying to come to some kind of decision.

Todd came in to tell us of his victory against the evil warrior-bots from Neptune and asked if Tony could spend the night. They had built a "fort" in the backyard and wanted to spend the night camping in it, as they have at least once every weekend for the past three or four.

"If Mr. Richards doesn't mind, it's okay with me." Janet said, effectively passing the ball into my court.

"It's okay with me, as long as you make sure no dragons or evil knights try to sneak into the house to get your Mom." I teased.

"There's no such thing as dragons and knights Mr. Richards, they're just pretend." Todd corrected me just before he dashed off shouting to Tony that it was OK.

Janet and I chuckled at their energy and finished cleaning up.

"How about some wine?" she asked as we put the finishing touches on the place.

"That'd be great!" I said, and she produced a couple of glasses.

"Would you mind getting a bottle from the basement, I need to freshen up a bit."

I told her that I didn't mind at all. Her husband enjoyed wines and had quite a collection in his "cellar." As part of the divorce she got Todd and the house with everything in it, including the wine.

Being partial to German wines, I picked a good Bernkastel Spatlese.

"G'night dad!" "Good night Mr. Richards." The boys couldn't wait to start their adventure.

"'Night boys, see ya tomorrow."

When I got back upstairs, Janet wasn't around, so I sat the wine and glasses on the coffee table and went in search for the TV's remote control. I found it on an end table next to Janet's open briefcase.

I honestly wasn't snooping, but something caught my eye and I read a little bit of a letter that was sticking out beneath a folder. It looked like one that I had written to "Donna" a week or so ago! I refused to rummage through her private papers, but something about it looked all to familiar.

It couldn't be! There had to be some other explanation: it was a letter from someone else that was just close to what I had written to my pen pal, or maybe I was just imagining the whole thing. I just couldn't see "Donna" and Janet as the same person, Donna was perpetually horny, Janet was kind of shy. They were as different as night and day!

It had to be a coincidence.

"Where are the boys?" Janet asked from down the hall.

"Last time I saw them, they were headed for the yard, sleeping bags in hand."

"Good! Find some wine?"

"You bet, all I'm missing is you and some soft music!" God, I can't believe I said that. She is NOT Donna! If I keep thinking and acting like she is I'm going to really piss her off.

"Well, here I am, and . . . here is the music."

She had changed from the tight jeans and blouse into a baggy old T-shirt. Her legs were bare and when she bent over to turn on the stereo, I could see that she wasn't wearing any panties or bra.

Damn. She wasn't making things easy!

She sat next to me and asked "I hope you don't mind me changing into my bum arounds, this is a lot more comfortable. Besides, if you can run around in just a robe and boxer shorts, I figure this is just as appropriate, don't you?"

"You bet!" I smiled.

She curled her legs under her on the sofa and sat facing me as we talked and sipped the wine. The talk was innocent enough, but I couldn't get the thought of this lovely lady sitting there with only a thin layer of cotton between me and all her glory. I could feel myself getting harder by the minute and tried to keep my hands in my lap to hide the bulge.

"Mark, I have a confession to make about why I was so distracted earlier tonight."

"Sounds serious! Who'd you kill?"

"Not that kind of confession!" she giggled. I knew she was getting tipsy because that's the only time she ever giggles.

"Remember how I suggested a while back that you check out those groups on the internet? How I said that I'd read some of the articles, but didn't correspond with anyone in the groups?"

"Sure, I read them for quite a while and it really helped."

"Well, I wasn't exactly honest with you. I DID write to a couple of people, guys actually, and they wrote back, but this one guy was different, we kept writing to each other even after the others had stopped and I've been writing to him now for quite a while. I don't know his name, where he lives or anything about him, really."

I don't know why, but I suddenly felt a pang of jealousy. I should have been happy for her. It sounded like she's finally found someone that might make her happy.

"I guess my imagination's been working overtime lately, but when I saw that scar on your leg, just for a moment, I thought that YOU might be ... Oh never mind. I know it's crazy, forget I said anything."

To say I was stunned would be understating it. But belief and confirmation are a heartbreak apart so I had to find out for myself.

"For a moment you thought I was Richard, didn't you, Donna?"

She didn't show the surprise or anger I was expecting, instead, she sat her glass down and slowly rose to her knees. She brought her hands to my face and then her mouth. I could see a tear well in her eye and run down her cheek just as her lips touched mine.

"You don't know how I prayed it WAS you." she said. "I was afraid it was just my imagination."

"I know the feeling, I saw a little bit of a letter that I sent to Donna when I was looking for the remote. I could read just a little, not enough to be sure. At first I was convinced that it couldn't be you, then I wasn't sure, then I was afraid it WASN'T! I was afraid you'd find out and be mad, I w"

"Shhh!" She put her fingers to my lips to quiet me. "I'm GLAD it's you Mark. I think I've loved Richard for the things he made me feel sexually, but I've loved you for just as long for the things you make me feel in my heart! Now I can really have both!"

Once again, she let her lips touch mine and the electricity that flowed from one to the other was real. I haven't felt this much love since my wife passed away. I suddenly realized that I've loved Janet for a long time too, but was afraid to admit it, even to myself.

Our bodies molded to each other like the last two pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Our hands explored each other with knowledge gleaned from our letters throughout the months.

She broke the embrace and I felt like a bandage had been ripped off a wound. The concern must have shown on my face, because she smiled and said "I know, me too! Let's go somewhere more comfortable."

I followed her to her bedroom for the second time tonight, knowing that this trip would be the last for the evening.

We no sooner closed the door than she shed her T-shirt and my breath stopped completely. She was more beautiful than I had imagined! Her breasts were everything I fantasized about and she'd shaved her pussy; recently from the redness still clinging like a young girls blush.

She untied my robe and pushed it off of my shoulders. Then practically ripped my shirt from my back. I started to remove my boxers when she shook her head and said "not just yet, please?"

I was naked, except for the Hunter green silk shorts and she gently pushed me onto the bed with my legs dangling over the side.

Kneeling between my legs, Janet ran her hands up my legs. Her finger traced the scar that had betrayed me, and her touch was burning hot. My loins reacted as she knew they would as she started kissing my legs, first the left knee, then the right, then the left again, only a bit higher. Her alternating kisses worked their way up to my waist and she rubbed her face against the smooth fabric I was still wearing.

Janet kissed my stiff cock and balls through the silk, then opened the fly to expose my manhood. She bunched the soft material around my stiffness like a nest and kissed me from my balls to the tip. Her tongue slipped past her lips and she licked the pre-cum that was welling on the head.

As her tongue circled my dick, she slowly allowed it to enter her mouth. Deeper and hotter. I moaned my approval as her nose touched my pubic hair.

I wanted to watch her suck me and gently brushed her hair from her face.

Watching my dick slide in and out of her mouth was almost too much for me. I told her that If she didn't stop I was going to cum.

Switching from mouth to hand without missing a stroke, she said "I've wanted that for a long time. Cum in my mouth, I want to taste you. Cum hard and fill my throat it."

When she returned her mouth, I could feel the first signs of my imminent release and bucked my hips uncontrollably. She caressed my balls, urging them to release their hold.

Animal sounds filled the room. Grunts and guttural sounds that haven't been heard on this planet since time began. With a final thrust I filled her wish, and her mouth, with everything I had.

The first jet was particularly large and a little leaked onto her chin. Decreasing in volume, but not orgasmic energy, the next spurts were swallowed without loss.

I softened in her mouth and she let my cock slide from her lips with a soft pop.

She climbed my body till she was kneeling over me. Her smile was the mirror of my own as she lowered her lips to mine. I tasted myself on her lips and tongue. I ran my tongue around her lips and picked up the dollop of cum from her chin. Our tongues twirled around each other, playing with the slippery stuff.

"My turn!" I told her as I rolled us over so that I was on top now.

I kissed her lips, her nose, her cheeks, her chin, anything that I could reach. "I love you!" I said meaning every word.

"I know!" She said smiling.

My mouth worked its way to her breasts, covering every square inch. Her nipples were hard and large. I alternated, kiss the right, lick the left, lick the right, mouth the left, mouth the right, suck the left . . .

I discovered that the underside of her tits was a ticklish spot and I used my tongue to drive her crazy. She begged me to stop, but didn't try very hard to escape.

I slid my tongue down her body, tasting as much as I could. She tasted wonderful. I couldn't resist probing her cute little bellybutton with my tongue and she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

I knelt on the floor between her legs and looked into her open pussy as I fondled her feet and licked her legs.

"I know what you'd like to watch." she said in a husky voice. Her hand slid down her torso to her pussy and she started to rub her clit in little circles.

I watched in erotic fascination as she fulfilled one of the fantasies I'd described to her many times. My eyes were glued to her fingers as my mouth marched it's way ever closer. The smell of her sex was driving me crazy as my tongue reached out to lick the smooth flesh between her pussy and her asshole.

She felt my presence and stopped her manipulations. "Don't stop!" I breathed and coated my tongue with her leaking fluids.

I lifted her legs and put her feet on my shoulders to give me better access to the rosebud between her cheeks. Still watching her attend to herself, I licked circles around her asshole and it quivered in anticipation. A stream of white liquid ran from above to add flavor and lubrication.

I pressed my tongue hard against her asshole and was rewarded with a moan of unexpected pleasure. Her hips started moving and I kept my tongue still and let her motions guide it to the most sensitive spots.

"Lick my pussy!" she pleaded with me. She grabbed my hair to emphasize the urgency of the request.

I licked my way from her ass to her clit, pressing my tongue deep into every yielding area. When I reached her clit, she jumped as if I'd touched an exposed nerve. I gently kissed and licked her clit until it was accustomed to my touch.

I used a finger to penetrate her nether region and curled it so that I could massage the inside of her pussy from behind.

Her moans increased in ferocity and her motions became less regular. I could feel her body tensing for the sprint to the finish line and I doubled my efforts with my tongue. I was sucking for all I was worth when she came.


Her legs gripped my head and her hands pulled me so tight into her that I thought I would drown in her wetness. I worked myself free enough to get some oxygen and continued my labor of lust.

She arched her back and froze, eyes and mouth open in mid-scream. Every muscle was stiff and still except for those involved in her orgasm. I could feel them clamping and releasing my finger and sucking at my tongue like they were trying to pull me inside.

Suddenly she sighed and collapsed. She was like a rag doll, unable to lift her arms, legs or head.

I eased out from my position and bent to kiss her. "I love you, Mark!"

"I know!" I answered as our lips met again.

I lifted her and moved her farther onto the bed and we laid there holding each other when something came between us! Revived by the intensely erotic activities, and the closeness of this beautiful lady, my cock announced that it needed further attention.

With a smile, Janet rolled me onto my back and straddled me. Her breasts mesmerized me, dangling so close to my mouth and I could feel the heat from her pussy as she lowered it onto me.

"It's been a long time for both of us, but I can't wait any longer." Janet said as my cock entered her like it had a will of it's own.

Slowly she swallowed my sex in hers as I watched. Inch by inch until her bald pubis pressed against the silk boxers I'd forgotten to remove.

She felt the cool, slick cloth and smiled. "I like this! I could stay like this forever!"

As she rose, her pussy tried to grab my shaft like it was loathe to relinquish it. As she lowered back down I was pulled into her deeper and deeper.

Her pussy was so very tight and I was afraid to move for fear of hurting her, but she quickly chased those fears away. She picked up her pace, in and out, varying the length of her stroke. Then stopping and putting all her weight on me trying to force me in even deeper.

Her hands rested on my chest and she played with my nipples while she rotated her hips around my pivot. My nipples hardened with her touch as hers were doing to mine. I cupped her breasts in my hands and brought the nipples together and into my mouth. I suckled both at once and listened to the wet sounds of our love.

A moan!

A sigh!

A whimper!

The springs of the bed protested the activity it hadn't witnessed in years.

The heat in her love furnace grew to a fever pitch. Her movements became primal. She threw her head back and called on the gods to give her release.

Her entreaties were answered!


As I felt her warm cum coat my shaft and her spasms grip me, I added my voice and cum to the mixture. I thrust my hips uncontrollably. Up, Up, harder!

"FFFUUUCCCKKKK! I'M CUMMING!" was all I could manage. Then the world stopped, I couldn't feel, hear or see anything for what seemed an eternity.

Suddenly, I felt Janet relax and lay her head on my chest. I heard my heart pounding and thought I would surely deafen her. I saw the most beautiful woman in the world. And nothing else mattered.

As I joined Janet in contented sleep, the first for both of us in some time, I smiled as I thought about how glad the boys will be that they'll get to spend a lot more nights in their fort from now on.

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