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"You're about to start on a great new adventure!" The voice surrounded me and held me in its husky tone. The rail car pulled forward with a jerk and I was on the way. I had no idea what to expect.

It was hard at first to adjust my eyes to the dark, the sunshine outside had been so bright! It was like falling into an eclipse. Cool air-conditioned air blasted over my face with a sweet kiss as the music began pumping in the background. It made my pulse jump with anticipation. As I passed under the second arch, I wondered if anything was going to happen on this ride.

That same deep voice came over the speaker again "Welcome to Paradise." he husked and then the strobe light began to beat with the music. I could hear thee passionate groans of people making love, yet I could see nothing but a long tunnel lit only by the pulsating light. A woman screamed erotically, her breath panting out after in small moans. I found my mouth was dry and there was a tingling sensation in my pussy. Despite myself, I placed my hand lightly over my crotch

The music changed beats and the rail car slowed to a near stop. On the stage before me, a light came on, there was the woman who had been making those delicious sounds. She was sitting on a chair, her fingers stroking her glistening pussy. Her large tits fell to the side and jiggled slightly as she rolled her head on her shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She grinned wickedly. "Would you like to eat my pussy?" She asked, her fingers sliding in and out of her dripping cunt. She brought them to her lips then, sucked each finger into her red lips with a painstaking slowness that sent me into total agony. I felt my fingers begin to dance over my own pussy as if they had a mind of their own.

"Come on honey, lick me." She pleaded, sticking her finger back in her pussy. I tried to get out of the car, but the lap bar held me in. I swore as the car suddenly jerked into motion, leaving me with the thought of that delicious looking pussy and her mocking laughter. The next stage held a large bed, a dark haired man was kneeling in back of a woman, her head was buried in the pillows, her muffled groans could barely be heard over the music. The man fingered her clit and rubbed her pussy. She wiggled her hips, spreading her legs more, thrusting her pussy up in the air.

The man took his large dick and rubbed it over her pussy, soaking it in her juice. He positioned it over her hole and slid inside the dripping cunt. He cried out as he began pumping to the beat of the music. I had never watched anyone before, it was almost like sensory overload! How I wanted to have a dick inside my pussy! As the woman screamed in climax, I began rubbing my clit though my shorts and panties. It had been a long time since my last lover. Fingers and vibrators just weren't enough any more. Watching these two people fuck made me hungry for a dick to ravage my own pussy. If I could have escaped the car, I would have begged the man to fuck me too.

The next scene was a woman sucking a man's cock. She was small and very petite, her long blonde hair had been pulled away from her face by a rubber band. I watched her lips slide over the man's shaft slowly. He closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure. I let my left hand reach over to my tits and began rubbing the nipples, each in turn. She took her lips off the cock and began to lick the head with slow tantalizing strokes. She licked him from his balls back to the head. All the while spreading her legs so I could see her pussy glistening and moist.

As the action become more intense and it looked as if the man was close to cumming, the car jerked forward again. I groaned with the agony of it all! My fingers pushing aside my shorts and dipping into my pussy. It was slick and wet, ready for what was next. I couldn't wait to see... As the car turned a corner, the next stage was lit in an eerie blue light. There was a man sitting in a leather chair, fully dressed in a tux and top hat. I snapped my fingers out of my pussy and sat up straight.

The lap bar jerked up, freeing me from my seat. "End of the line." He crooned.

I felt denied. I was so hot, I needed to have release, all it would have taken was one more stage! I moaned and stood up, I could feel my juice running down my leg. As the man stood and came forward, I noticed he had a thick erection bulging in his pants. I stifled a moan at the sight of it pressing against the dark fabric of his pants. He helped me out of the car, his strong hands gripping me under the arms. He pulled me to him on the stage just as the cart moved on down the tracks.

My tits pressed into his chest and I was overcome by the heat of the ride and the moment and put my lips to his in a tentative kiss. He responded by sliding his tongue inside my mouth and probing at every corner, his hands folding over my small ass, pushing me into his erection. As he pulled away he whispered in my ear, "I've been watching you. The way you fought the lap bar to lick Mary's pussy, the way you fondled your own when you couldn't escape. The way you pinched your nipples and slid your fingers under the shorts, inside the panties and probed your pussy and clit. Look what you did to me."

He unzipped his pants and stuck my hand on his hot, throbbing dick. It felt good in my hand. The skin was soft and pulled tightly over his large cock. "What are you going to do about it?"

I dropped to my knees and took the head in my mouth. I sucked it in and flicked my tongue over the swollen flesh. I slid my mouth up and down the shaft slowly, not wanting to arouse him to the point of cumming in my mouth. I wanted that pleasure reserved for my cunt. He must have felt the same, because he pushed me away and pulled me to my feet. He slowly stripped my clothes away, pulling my T-Shirt over my head, sucking my nipple into his mouth as soon as it was exposed. While he was licking and nibbling at my nipples, he slid my shorts down to my ankles.

He moved me back to the chair and sat me down. Kneeling between my legs, he slowly licked my juice from my thighs I could hear moans from the other people surrounding me, and beyond it, another train car. My lover now let his tongue slide into my pussy, he licked the length of it, not concentrating his effort on any one spot, but letting his mouth roam. The rail car was getting closer... I struggled to escape the chair before someone came though to see me getting my cunt licked, but in a quick gush of warmth, I find the idea thrilling!

My lover shoved his tongue inside my pussy and circled my clit. He flicked his tongue over it faster and faster, as the rail car slowed and stopped in front of us, I built toward a powerful orgasm. As I looked to the man who is in the cart, his prick in his hand, I screamed and bucked against my lover's face. The man in the cart began to rub his cock harder and faster as I continued my screams, my lover's tongue working my clit relentlessly, bringing yet another orgasm. The man in the cart and I came together. The sight of his cum splashing against the rail car and his hand excited me to a deeper level of orgasm.

As the car moved along, my lover pulled me onto his chest as he fell back from the chair. I reached back and positioned his dick inside my cunt. I slid up and down on his dick, his finger rubbing my clit. I began to ride him for all I am worth, driving his prick deep inside me. It had been far too long! I had forgotten the feel! He moaned and exploded inside me. I came just seconds later. Quickly I got dressed and let my wonderful lover lead me toward the exit. As we stepped out into the hot summer sun, he pulled my hand inside his. We passed the barker and he tossed the top hat, with a fifty dollar bill tucked into the brim up to the man.

As we walk away, the man mumbles.... "What some guys will do to meet a woman!"

Lost Angel

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