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The Holoroom I

The air was cool as we walked hand in hand down the deserted street. The streets were always deserted when we walked. That was precisely how we had programmed them to be.

The recreation room in our home was atypical, to say the least. While other families had sixth and seventh generation Segas, full wall TV screens and killer stereo systems, we had the first (and at this point, only) holoroom. Some would say it was a rip-off of the holodeck on the old Star Trek series, but it was actually inspired by the even older Ray Bradbury novel, The Illustrated Man, specifically the short story, The Velt. Completely programmable, we could have any configuration we desired, any location, any number of participants. At the beginning, though, where this adventure takes place, we still preferred the company of only each other to having other participants around.

The air was filled with the pungent smell of a rain that is just beginning. Slightly damp, slightly dusty, slightly earthy. The rain had just begun, but it's intensity was rapidly increasing. Lightning in the distance...a roll of thunder...the smell of ozone in the air. We both knew what a thunder storm did to our sent it out of control.

As the sky continued to darken, my hand tightened around yours and I pulled you along the sidewalk even faster. The rain was becoming more intense, rivulets of water flowing down the street, splashing against any obstacles such as rocks, tires, speed bumps. Before we were completely soaked, I led you across the street, the water rushing over our shoes as we crossed, and into St. Mary's Cathedral. As the huge wooden door slowly closed back into place, a thunderclap that sounded as though it was directly above us shook the building. I pulled you tightly against me, my mouth covering yours, our tongues immediately probing and searching. It had begun, and once it had begun, we know from experience, it was unstoppable.

The cathedral was immense, a mixture of the best of the old and the new in liturgical architecture. The ceiling was domed and painted, reminiscent of Michelangelo. The statues were finely carved with the elegance of rare woods, the pews were richly upholstered with the finest fabrics, the columns were adorned with precious metals from around the world, the floors were plushly carpeted and the altar...ahh, the altar was spectacular, it was huge, made from the most perfect marble we had ever seen.

Our kisses had progressed to caresses. Somewhat more controlled, our lips gently touching, my tongue circling your lips, your gums, your teeth. My mouth slid along your cheek, down your neck, under your chin, as my fingertips caressed along your back, down your spine. As I reached the small of your back, you jumped, as you always do when I reach what we have fondly dubbed your "shiver spot". The gentlest touch there always elicits an intake of breath, a thrust of your hips toward me, then a soft moan as you exhale. You have several such spots...behind your knee, along your ankle, at the crook of your elbow, along the inside of your thigh, but none as sensitive as the small of your back.

You react by reaching down and cupping the bulge in my jeans. With each flash of lightning, each report of thunder, my cock jumped within your touch, such as a body will jump on those doctor shows when they try to revive someone with cardiac shock. Same principle really, what with the electricity in the air, your hands acting as conductors for the charge that is present all around. The power you have over me is at once fascinating and frightening.

I took your hand and lead you farther into the cathedral. Up the center aisle, our hands brushing against the hand rubbed wood that forms the edge of the pews. So soft, yet so strong at the same time.

We reached the railing around the altar and opened the gate which gave us access to the sanctuary. We entered and immediately embraced once again with the passion we originally had upon entering the church renewed. Our kisses were deep and wet. We were consumed by our desire for each other, oblivious to our surroundings and never concerning ourselves with the nature of our actions. Taboo? We didn't know the meaning of the word.

My lips were on your neck, my tongue lightly running along your collarbone as my fingers deftly unbuttoned your blouse, sliding it from your shoulders, exposing your magnificent breasts. Cupping them gently in my hands, I ran my tongue down your cleavage. Kneeling in adoration of you, I took first your left, then your right nipple into my mouth. My teeth gently nipped them, bringing them to erection, even as I was coming to erection myself. You removed your shoe, massaging my hard cock through the tight material with the ball of your foot as my tongue continued to travel around your breasts, licking and sucking them with abandon.

My hands descended down along your waist, down to your hips, my fingertips lightly tracing around your waistband. Unbuckling your belt, I slipped it from the loops with my right hand as my left found your snap...SNAP!...your zipper...ZZZIIIIIPPPPP!...your mound..."MMMM!"... you moan as my finger slid along your wetness. I could feel the hardness of your clit with the tip of my finger as I rubbed it along your folds. Your pussy was shaved smooth, just a hint of a triangle above your mons. The feeling of a shaved pussy against a probing finger is second only to the feeling of a shaved pussy against my tongue, and that was my next mission.

In one fell swoop, I slid your pants down your thighs and as you were stepping from them I encircled your waist with my hands and lifted you easily onto the edge of the altar. You gasped as the cold marble touched your ass, but quickly became accustomed to the sensation. You leaned back on your elbows, watching as I spread your legs, knelt before you and placed my mouth against your wet pussy. You were so incredibly wet, your aroma permeating the air, your taste wonderfully tangy. I can never get enough of the flavor of your excitement. I love tasting your sex, in fact I could literally eat you for hours as you climax over and over again. This day was no exception and I took to my mission with relish. My tongue lightly fluttered against your lips, in ever widening concentric circles, until I was circling in such a way that I would run against your ass on the lower arc of the circle and against your clit on the upper arc. Your breath quickened with each revolution. I slid my finger inside of you, lubricating it with your juices then pressed the tip against your anus, slowly entering you as my mouth and tongue concentrated on your clit. My middle finger up your ass, my thumb entered your pussy, both sliding in and out simultaneously, massaging either side of the thin membrane separating your two most intimate openings. The tip of my tongue fluttered against your clit, your hips thrust against my face, completely covering it with your juices. (God how I love the taste of you, how your flavor lingers on my lips even after we have make love, how your aroma stays with me on my mustache so that I can have you with me all day long.) Your breathing became faster and more shallow, your moans echoed off the high ceiling and off the limestone walls. Your hips thrust against me even faster as your orgasm became imminent. You grabbed my hair and pulled my face tightly against your wetness as your hips arched back and forth smearing your pussy against my nose, tongue, lips and chin, your cries guttural with the passion that overtakes you during climax.

You pushed my face away and slid from the hard marble of the altar. You turned and bent over the altar, your breasts pressed against the cold hardness of the marble, wanting the hot hardness of my cock inside you. "Oh, god, I want you so bad...please, fuck me, now...put your hard cock inside me and fuck me hard lover...," you hoarsely whispered.

Standing behind you, my cock fully engorged I guided the tip to your beautiful pink folds and filled you with one long hard quick thrust. As if possessed by the devil himself, I rammed my cock fully inside you, pulled back until almost fully exposed then slammed back into you. Each thrust elicited an, "Ugh..." from your diaphragm as I filled your pussy with my hardness. Your hand reached underneath and you touched your clit and caressed my balls with your fingernails on each stroke. My hands were on your hips, pulling you toward me, burying myself inside you with each pistoning stroke.

"I can feel you getting bigger inside me...," you pant..."I can feel your head expanding..."

And so it was. My cock head swelling as it always does to signal my approaching orgasm. My balls tightened up to the point they were indistinguishable, the contractions beginning in the small of my back, traveling to the base of my cock then running in waves along my entire shaft, forcing my come into your tight pussy, filling you with my lust...with my love.

We remain together for several minutes until my cock becomes flaccid and slips from your warm depths. We dress each other slowly, admiring each other's bodies, comforted by the knowledge that we have each other and belong to each other and we would have it no other way. Hand in hand, we return down the center aisle and open the massive door to the cathedral.

The sun was shining, and the streets were deserted, but then the streets were always deserted when we walked. That was precisely how we had programmed them to be.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.