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While not technically a story, I thought I'd share the thoughts that flew back and forth one day, while Troy and I fantasized about meeting in some distant city to attend a conference.

C: I want to walk off the plane, and see you waiting for me with a big smile. I want to rush into your arms.

T: I want to lean you against the car in the airport garage, lift the hem of your dress and thrust my hard cock into you.

C: I want to hear our moans of pleasure echoing through the garage.

T: I want to trace your lips with my tongue and feel your tongue play gently with mine.

C: I want to sit across from you in one of the city's nicest restaurants, my stockinged foot rubbing circles in your lap. I want you so hot that you have to button your jacket to hide the pre-cum stain on your trousers as you quickly guide me out into the parking lot, where we ravish each other in the car.

T: I want to sit in that same restaurant, the candle flickering in your eyes while I pour us each a glass of wine and loose myself in your eyes and your smile. I want to hold your hand in mine as I lean across and kiss your lips with the passion I feel growing in my loins.

T: I want to slowly undress you, caressing each deliciously revealed patch of flesh.

C: I want you to slowly undress me, watching your eyes as they devour my naked body.

T: I want to watch you slowly undress for me in the most erotic strip ever.

C: I want to watch the bulge grow in your pants as you watch me undress.

T: I want you to undress me with your hands and your teeth.

C: I want to run my hands up your sides as I pull of your shirt. I want to kneel before you as I unhook your belt, and slowly pull down your zipper.

T: I want to massage your feet, run my tongue from your heel to your toes, then around each delightful little digit, popping each in my mouth to suck gently on them.

C: I want to run my fingers through your hair.

T: I want to be late for a session because we can't bring ourselves to separate our bodies.

C: I want to not care if we miss a session, because the feel of our bodies together makes me forget everything else.

C: I want to sneak up behind you and grab your butt as you talk techno-babble to some geek at the conference

T: I want to bathe you.

C: I want to pull you into the tub with me, giggling, as bubbles and water go everywhere

T: I want to make love to you in the hot tub.

C: I want to lie on a lounge chair at the hotel pool while you rub suntan lotion all over me.

T: I want feel my cock sliding up and down your ass while I rub lotion onto your back.

C: I want you to lie on a lounge chair at the hotel pool while I rub suntan lotion all over you.

T: I want to glimpse your shaved pussy lips through the open leg of your shorts.

C: I want to tantalize you, and cross and recross my legs sensuously.

C: I want to have you lie face down on the bed, wearing only those Garfield boxers. Then I want to straddle your legs as I run my hands over your silk-covered ass, then reach my fingertips up underneath them....

T: I want to feel your nipples harden between my lips while my tongue flicks across the tip.

C: I want you to cup my breasts with your big hands, slowly lifting them to your lips

T: I want to put a piece of ice in my mouth and lick your clit.

C: I want to drip wine on your cock, then lick up every drop.

T: I want to watch as my cock slides into your hot, wet pussy. Slowly, and as deeply as I can, until our pubic mounds meet.

C: I want to feel you sliding into me, watching the ecstasy in your eyes, hearing the groan from your lips.

T: I want to feel my nose rub against your clit while my tongue licks the area just below your pussy lips.

C: I want to feel your pubic hair tickle my nose while the soft smoothness of your balls rests against my chin

T: I want to look into your eyes as you suck my cock deep into your throat while you rub my balls until I cum.

C: I want you to lie on your back, holding my waist as I slowly lower myself onto you.

T: I want to feel you guide my cock into you as you straddle my lap. And watch you roll your hips in circles, back and forth and up and down, driving me insane with my need to cum.

C: I want to move faster and faster, grinding my clit into your pubic hair

T: I want to watch your breasts swing and sway as you thrash on top of me.

C: I want you to fuck me from behind as I lean over the hotel room balcony

T: I want to come up behind you while you bend over and slide my cock into you from behind while you finger you clit.

C: I want to watch you stroke your cock

T: I want to stick my fingers into you while I watch you rub your clit.

C: I want you to watch me play with my vibrator

T: I want to hold your vibrator while I watch you in the throws of an intense orgasm.

T: I want to lie on my back with you straddling my face so I can lick your pussy as you suck my cock. I want to feel your cum drip onto my tongue and coat my chin.

C: I want the hotel manager to call the room and ask us to quiet down because our cries of passion are driving the other guests crazy.

T: I want to hire a limo to drive us to the restaurant. I'll ask him to take the long way so I can make love with you in the back.

C: I want to have to scramble to make ourselves presentable as the limo glides to a stop outside the restaurant.

T: I want you to give me the best blowjob of my life, then kiss me.

C: I want to taste your cum, then share it with you in a passionate kiss.

T: I want to drench our bodies with oil and slip and slide against each other on a sheet of plastic.

C: I want to hear you laugh as you try to maneuver around in all that. I love to hear you laugh.

T: I want to watch the sun rise while we sip coffee on the balcony after making love all night long.

C: Then I want to make love some more.

T: I want to walk along a beach at sunset holding your hand. We'd stop from time to time and melt into each other's arms and kiss long and deep.

C: I want to sit on a rock overlooking the ocean, your arm snugly around me to keep away the chill of the ocean breeze.

T: I want to order Chocolate Mousse from room service and lick it from your nipples.

C: I want to coat you from knee cap to belly button in it and then devour it.

T: I want to fall asleep with you in my arms.

C: I want to feel your softened cock nestled against my ass as I listen to your soft breathing as you sleep.

T: I want to wake you up by licking your pussy.

C: I want my first sight when I open my eyes to be the top of your head between my thighs.

T: I want to be awakened by you sucking on my cock.

C: Get real! Me? Wake up first?!?!?

T: I want to take you shopping for something incredibly sexy.

C: I want to pull you into the dressing room with me.

T: I want you to drive me crazy with the erotic, suggestive way you lick the dessert from your spoon at dinner.

C: I want to coat my fingertip in hot fudge and feed it to you, watching you suck it from me.

T: I want to look into you eyes and smile because I know that you feel the passion growing in you as well.

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