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Chapter 1 By Cindy

Once again I was forced to get up in the middle of the night to catch a train. This time though, I didn't mind at all. The project was finally finished, and we were going to present it to the client. For the past year, my partner in our computer consulting business, Jeff, and I had been designing and developing a billing system for a hospital. Today was the day to hand over the keys, and more importantly, to get the final payment. I showered and dressed hurriedly, grabbed my overnight bag, briefcase and laptop, and headed to the garage.

Traffic was light as I drove to the train station. It was still dark and my Jeep was the only car on the road. I turned on some music, and my thoughts drifted to Rick, the billing office manager at the client. His tall dark good looks, and most especially his shamrock green eyes, caused amazing things to happen to my body every time I was near him. Determined to keep this a proper business relationship, I let Jeff handle most of the onsite visits, hiding myself away in the office, out of danger. I think his interest may have been a bit more than professional courtesy too, as more than once I had caught his eyes roaming up my stockinged legs. We talked on the phone at least once a week, and he always seemed glad to hear from me.

Arriving at the train station, I spotted Jeff sitting down near the door. Always a gentleman, he stood as I approached, and flashed that cute little smile. I swear, sometimes it's so hard to remember that he has a wife and children at home. Once in a while, he'll give me that smile, and my heart just melts. I smiled back and gave him a hug. "Can you believe it? It's over! It seems we've been working on this thing forever! God, what are we going to do now? I vote for taking a month off. What are your thoughts on the subject?"

"I totally agree," he answered, holding me just a bit tighter and longer than was necessary. "If nothing else, it calls for the biggest celebration this evening that New York can provide. "

As usual, I fell asleep on the train while Jeff finished last minute paperwork. He woke me to go over the wording in the acceptance contract. We discussed it, changing a word here and there, and printed it. I held it carefully, staring at the part about the payment due amount of $500,000. "God, a half a million dollars! Who'da thunk it?" I giggled.

"I know. We've had some pretty lean times the last two years. But, with our success on this contract, we're well on our way. I've got initial meetings set up with two more hospitals next week."

"Oh really?" I asked, raising my eyebrows, "and just when were you going to share this wonderful news?"

"Well, I only firmed up the details last night. I didn't want to wake you or disturb you if you were working on those last minute changes."

"Ok, I forgive you. It's so nice being able to concentrate on the technical side while you take care of the business side. I'm such a geek sometimes. Shut me up for weeks with my laptop and I'm happy as a clam."

"Yeah," Jeff replied with an attempted leer, that came off looking more like a silly grin, "but for some reason, we seem to get more interest when you do the presentation. Perhaps I should start wearing short skirts too."

"Oh no way!" I joked, "I couldn't stand the competition. What if your legs are better looking than mine?"

"I don't think so," he said softly, with just a hint of a sigh.

Deciding we were on dangerous ground, I took the opportunity to head to the ladies room. When I returned, all was back to normal. We chatted and made plans on what we would do with all the money. My suggestion of cashing the check and rolling around in the money like in Indecent Proposal was met with a wry grin.

The train pulled in to Penn Station and we grabbed a taxi outside. After an uneventful trip, by New York standards anyway, meaning there were no deaths nor major property damage, we arrived at the hospital. Jeff had Rick paged, and I smiled my prettiest smile as I watched him approach. I think his eyes lit up a bit when he saw me, but perhaps it was just wishful thinking.

We presented the software to the steering committee, and all went flawlessly. We ran into a few minor problems doing the actual installation, and it was after 7 before we finally finished up. I went looking for Jeff, to tell him we were all wrapped up. I found him in Rick's office, both of them looking relaxed with their feet propped up, chatting like old buddies. There was a bottle on Rick's desk and empty glasses in front of them.

"And just what the hell is this?" I asked, utterly failing to put the fierceness in my voice I intended. "Here I am out there working my buns off while the good old boys are in here with their feet propped up. Sheesh!"

"Oh, don't get your panties all in a bunch woman," Jeff laughed, "We've been planning our celebration for this evening."

"It's ok, Cindy," Rick smiled, "Jeff was asking if I had any ideas. We made reservations at one of the best restaurants in town, and he's asked me to join the two of you. Of course, that is, if it's ok with you."

The smile he gave me as he said that stopped my heart for a second or two. "Oh yes! That would be wonderful Rick! Jeff, you're a genius. Not only can we have a native guide, but now we can even write it off as a business expense."

"Damn girl," Jeff laughed, "I'm supposed to be the business expert while you're the technical wiz, but I didn't even think of that. Your devious mind never ceases to amaze me."

"What time are our reservations?" I asked, "Do I have time to stop at the hotel and change?"

"Not until 9:00," Jeff answered, "We thought you might need time to make yourself presentable. I just hope two hours is enough."

"Shithead," I muttered under my breath, using my favorite endearment, "Just you wait!"

We took another death-defying taxi ride to the hotel, and as I checked in and went to my room, the gentlemen retired to the bar.

Alone in the room, I once again blessed Jeff. He had gotten me a suite on one of the uppermost floors. The room was gorgeous and the view breathtaking. Just like him, I thought to myself. And he probably will take a single next to the elevator for himself just to save a few dollars.

I unpacked my bags, took another quick shower, and decided to live dangerously. I smiled wickedly as I pulled on the black stockings, attaching them to the lace garter. I passed on the bra, instead choosing a silky black chemise as a small concession to the cold November evening. The dress was next, a killer dress if I had ever owned one. It was midnight blue, and was so tight in the bodice I could barely breathe. The full skirt was short, ending a good 8 inches above my knees. It swirled around my legs when I moved. My hair went up, and I used my two prized pearl combs to hold it in place. I added a small pearl necklace at my throat. My heels were black, high enough to accentuate my calves, but not so dangerously high I worried about tripping if we had to walk a few blocks. A final look in the mirror, another wicked little smile, and I hurried back down to the bar.

Jeff stopped in mid-sentence as I approached the table, his mouth still open just a bit. Both stood as I sat down, and a glass of wine appeared magically in front of me. Finally, a bit unnerved by the unaccustomed attention, I laughed, "Ok, you can tell me, do I have toilet paper stuck on my heel or something?"

Chapter 2 By Rick

Obviously, there was no way I could tell Cindy exactly what was going through my mind at that moment. All of the incredibly erotic thoughts that I was thinking. How badly I wanted to be away from this place, with our bodies entwined, with the taste of her on my lips and the feel of her surrounding me, the touch of her perfect breasts, bare against my chest. God, the thought of those incredible legs wrapped around me as we made love was almost enough to send me over the edge and it WAS enough to give me an erection to the point I knew I better sit down before embarrassing myself.

I knew Jeff was thinking the same thing...damn him... As much as I liked them both, they had done a marvelous job coming up with the perfect billing and management package for our hospital, I still couldn't peg exactly what there was between them. I knew Jeff was married, happily from all indications, but there was a sexual electricity that just permeated the air when they were in a room together. I felt that Cindy was every bit as attracted to me as I was to her, but where did Jeff fit into this whole scheme of things?

"No, of course's just...well..." I stammered, unable to say something half way intelligent, feeling like a complete ass.

"It's just that you're perfectly lovely this evening," Jeff said, always the one with the right thing to say. I hated him even more at that minute.

When she heard that, an incredible smile and the sexiest twinkle I've ever seen, came across her face and into her eyes. I was about to become intensely jealous when it dawned on me, she was looking straight at me with that twinkle and smile.

Jeff excused himself and left for a moment. Cindy took that opportunity to say, "Do you know how cute you are when you get flustered?"

Feeling a blush crawling up my face, I just said, "Well then I must be about the cutest thing in the world right about now." Summoning up all my courage I said, "I've really enjoyed working with you and I must say I've been a little disappointed that Jeff has done all the direct work with me. I find you incredibly attractive and would really like to be able to know you better, but before I do, I need to ask you if there is more between you and Jeff than just a working relationship."

Cindy paused for a long moment, obviously giving the question a lot of thought. I didn't know if she was trying to think of a way of breaking some news to me gently or if she was really trying to analyze and answer that question to herself before trying to explain it to me. After awhile she began to speak.

Chapter 3 By Cindy

"Damn, damn, damn," I thought, as I heard the question. "Obviously, I can't yet tell him the *whole* story, but I can't lie either. Well, here goes nothing...." Taking a deep breath, I started to explain.

"Well, to be perfectly blunt and perfectly honest, no, the relationship between Jeff and me is not strictly professional. BUT, it's not physical either.

"Jeff and I have known each other for years. Way before we started the company, we used to work together, even sharing an office. We started off hating each other. I was the old-timer, knowing the systems backwards and forwards. He was the new kid, just out of the Marines, with a typical military personality that just didn't fit in with the kind of company we were. We spent the first couple of weeks avoiding each other, even though physically we were within a few feet.

"All the women in the office just fell for him and we're constantly bugging me with the 'Is he married? dating anyone?' questions. Everyone wanted me to play matchmaker when they found out he was single.

"I think the only thing that saved him was that he wasn't arrogant. He knew he had a lot to learn and was determined to learn it. I think this is what finally broke the stalemate between us. That and the fact that he's really smart and I knew I needed help.

"The project we were working on was long, and the schedule extremely tight, and neither of us had outside lives at the time, so we worked constantly. Slowly, we started to become friends.

"After months of this, it was time to install the system. We packed our bags, and went to the client. This install wasn't like your system, we were there for the parallel, and the training, and the debugging. All-in-all, we spent over a month there.

"We tried to keep it professional, we really did, but when you're stranded in some little town, in the middle of winter, for a month, just happened.

"When we came back, we tried for a while, but it just didn't work out. So, we ended it, and eventually, he left for another company.

"A few years went by, and we ended up starting CJS. That's an even longer story that I won't bore you with. Even today, when we travel together, there's always that temptation, though so far we haven't touched each other."

I stopped there, not really finishing the story, and leaving out some important details, but giving an honest answer. Jeff had returned while I was telling my story and he added, with a grin, "And damn it, it hasn't been easy!" He paused, looking at Rick, then back at me, and grinned again. "Oh oh, did I come back too soon? You want me to get lost again for a while?"

Chapter 4 By Rick

I could tell that wasn't the end of the story by the way they looked at each other, but then, who was I to judge? Hadn't I been tempted to date people in my office? In fact hadn't I come awfully close that night at the park when we had that going away party for one of my best friends and we all got a little (a lot) drunk? Had it not been for all of the other co-workers around, the EXTREMELY passionate kiss that Jody and I shared when she left would have certainly turned into a major love making session right there under the stars on that warm summer night. Mmmm...the memory still lingers...but I digress...

Plunging ahead, I just said, "Not at all, Jeff. I'm starved, how 'bout y'all?" slipping back into my Texas accent. "You won't find a better steak in all New York. They're the best I've had since I left San Antone."

Finishing our drinks, we made our way out to the street and hailed a cab. Jeff sat in front with the driver (maybe this guy wasn't so bad after all, I didn't even have to push him into the front seat) as I held the door for Cindy. As she entered the back seat, I was treated to a long glimpse of creamy thigh above her stockings. The twinkle in her eye as she looked at me, slowly readjusting her skirt, made my heart literally skip a beat. Damn, I wanted this woman!

During the entire ride to the restaurant, I could barely concentrate on the conversation. Small talk really, but Cindy's hand was next to mine on the seat and the small touches that took place between our little fingers felt like 1000 volts of electricity between us. My heart was racing as it had never before. The sexual energy was palpable in that back seat.

We arrived at the restaurant and as the cab pulled to the curb, Cindy gave my leg a slight, barely perceptible squeeze and my hand barely grazed the tight curve of her bottom as she climbed out of the cab, treating me again to a much quicker, albeit much higher glimpse of her creamy flesh. Tonight was going to be a very long evening...I hoped...

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by Tex, the maitre'd (you were expecting maybe Andre? At a place that serves the best steaks this side of San Antone? Come on now...) in his 10 gallon hat and best ropers. "This is what we call Neuvo Texan," I said with as straight a face as I could muster. That put the sparkle in Cindy's eyes once again (God a man could get lost in those bedroom eyes) and they could have melted me right then and there.

God, I had to start controlling myself, or they were never going to let me into this restaurant again.

We got a table next to the window, with an incredible view of the city. I held Cindy's chair for her as she sat, the scent of her White Diamonds making my head spin. "Thank you," she said graciously.

We placed our orders, had a bottle of the best champagne brought to our table and toasted each other until the second bottle was empty and the glow around the table was visible. The steaks were done to perfection and everyone was totally satisfied (culinarily, at least) when the last of the dishes were cleared.

Jeff excused himself once again and we were left gazing seductively into each other's eyes. The little jazz combo had begun playing in the corner and the sexiest sax I'd ever heard began to wail. Without asking, because I knew the answer, I took Cindy's delicate hand, leading her to the dance floor. We wrapped ourselves in each other and glided around the floor, melting into each other, both physically and emotionally. I was swept away by her touch, her feel, her scent. Looking down into her eyes, I lowered my head to hers and our lips met, tenderly but with the promise of kisses yet to come.

We danced three of four dances then remembered that we had come here with Jeff. Returning to our table, he was still not back yet. Upon sitting, our waiter returned with a note addressed to us both.


Looks like you have a big evening in store for you. The check has been taken care of and another bottle of champagne ordered. Enjoy yourselves. I'm going back to the hotel and call my wife to tell her how much I miss her and describe exactly what I plan to do with her when I get home. Hope you don't have to wait that long to do the same... Jeff

Chapter 5 By Cindy

I gasped as I read the note, reading it twice to be sure. I couldn't believe it -- he was letting me off the hook! Or was he? Did he realize that Rick meant more to me than just a way to settle that ridiculous bet?

That was what I had left out of my story. One of the reasons that CJS is so successful is that Jeff and I are so competitive. We argue good naturedly about everything, each of us certain we're right. Well, we had gotten into another one of our stupid debates, about some stupid little detail of the system, and when I finally got to the 'Bet ya' point, Jeff's eyes lit up. He immediately took me up on it, which should have been my clue to back down right there. He almost never takes me up on those bets. We decided the bet would be winner chooses. Well, I lost. And he's been teasing me ever since.

This morning on the train, he finally told me what I had to do. He wanted, as he called it, a Super-Duper Mind-Blowing Mind-Numbing Cindy Special Blow Job. I told him no way. We argued about it for a while, and the agreement became that since he couldn't have one, he wanted to watch me give one. I somewhat reluctantly agreed, but only on the condition that he kept his hands to himself.

Well, it appeared that all my worrying was for naught. Relief flooded through me. I looked up at Rick and smiled. "I don't know about you, but I can think of a much nicer place to drink this champagne." I leaned over, delicately running my tongue up his neck to his ear. I whispered, "Shall we get it to go?"

He took my hand, bringing it palm up to his lips, kissing it. "You wish is my command, my darling."

The doorman hailed us a taxi, and Rick gave the driver our destination. Then, he took me in his arms and lowered his lips to mine. The passion, in just that kiss, was enough to make my head spin. I moaned as the tip of his tongue found mine. My hands stole under his coat, under his jacket, to his chest. His fingers wound underneath my hair, to my neck, gently stroking it, raising goosebumps all over my body. His other hand slid up my leg, to the tops of my stockings, tracing one finger around the edge. He drew circles on my inner thigh, and it was all I could do NOT to squirm onto his fingers.

Finally, both of us breathless, we returned to the hotel. As soon as the elevator doors closed, I was back in his arms. The older couple already in the elevator smiled indulgently and held each others hands a bit tighter. I could have sworn I saw him squeeze her ass as they exited the elevator. And I distinctly heard her giggle. Her laughter floating down the hall as the doors closed once again.

We reached my floor and entered the room.

Chapter 6 By Rick

"God you are the most incredibly sexy woman I have ever met," I whispered as my tongue lightly circled Cindy's ear the moment we shut the door to her suite. Her response was to cup the back of my head with her hands and pull my lips to her open mouth. Our tongues mingled and explored with abandon, unable to get enough of each other. The taste of champagne was still on her lips and if that was not enough to intoxicate me, the passion behind her kiss was. Breaking away momentarily, I looked into her incredible eyes. "I want this to last," I said. "I don't want this to be a rush into passion, I want to slowly, tenderly make love with you. I want the last six months of desiring you to culminate in the most romantic yet intense pleasure WE have ever experienced," I concluded as I gently took her face in my hands, kissing her tenderly this time, the tip of my tongue lightly flicking against her upper lip, an indication of things to come.

We started a fire in the fireplace, opened the new bottle of champagne, pouring a glass for each of us. Cindy took a sip from her glass, then kissing me, transferred the delicate liquid into my mouth. God this woman knew how to excite a man.

Slowly...oh, so slowly...we began to undress one another. Turning her back to me, I began to unzip her incredibly sexy dress. I moved her hair to the side, exposing the nape of her neck to my lips. Inch by sensitive inch, my lips and tongue followed as the zipper on her dress descended lower and lower. Down her neck...along her shoulders...nibbling as I went...up along the outside of her neck to her sensitive earlobe...gently circling her ear...back down to follow the zipper down her spine, circling each vertebrae as I came to it...

Her dress dropped to the floor and she was standing there in her stockings, heels, garters and camisole. I was standing there with the hardest erection I had ever had, begging to be freed. Cindy was, much to my joy, aware of my predicament and eager to assist.

Chapter 7 By Cindy

I took a deep breath. I was feeling light-headed. I wasn't sure if it was caused by the champagne or the sexiness that was so evident in the man before me. But before I could figure it out, a wonderfully wicked idea popped into my head.

"Rick? How adventurous are you feeling?"

His evil little smile told me all I needed to know.

"I'll be right back. Have another glass of champagne, and go down the hall and fill the ice bucket."

I practically skipped into the bedroom. A few minutes later, after I heard him return from the ice machine, I slowly opened the bedroom door. I watched his eyes widen as he say me standing there, posed sexily, wearing my bikini.

"I really could use a soak in the jaccuzzi, it's such a cold night, and my neck and shoulders are all stiff from being bent over those PCs all day."

Finding his voice, and finally swallowing the champagne I had caught him in mid- sip, he asked, "Um, well, you're prepared, extremely well prepared I might add, but," he looked down at his slacks, "I'm afraid I'm not."

"All taken care of," I giggled, tossing him a black pair of shorts. "Yes, they're mine, I wear them for aerobics. But with the miracle of lycra, I think they might fit the bill, or whatever else you've got in there to fit. Let's just see."

I stepped over to him, reaching my hands down to his belt, while my lips found his. As I undid it, I slowly traced the tip of my tongue over his upper lip. After the belt, I unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks, pulling his shirt out and unbuttoning it. Quickly, I pushed if off his shoulders, my lips moving down to trace their way over his warm chest. I smoothly slid both his pants and underwear to his knees, and pushed him back onto the sofa.

I kneeled at his feet, taking off his shoes and socks, before removing his pants. Not being able to resist this tasty looking treat in front of me, I began running my tongue in circles on his inner thigh. This was greeted with a long sigh, and his head leaned back against the sofa, eyes closed. Slowly, I worked my way upward, caressing the other thigh with the back of my hand. Finally, I worked my way to his balls, swirling them around gently with my tongue. His sighs deepened into little moans.

His eyes still closed, I backed off for just a second, just long enough to slip one of the ice cubes into my mouth, swirl it around my mouth a few moments, and drop it into my hand. Starting at the bottom of his balls, I slowly licked, using the flat of my cold tongue, all the way up to the tip of his cock. He gasped, eyes flying open as I looked at him innocently.

I slid the shorts on to his legs, pulling him up until he was standing. His erection of course, took quite some fiddling with to get in there. It kept wanting to poke out from the waistband. Finally, I got it situated, and stepped back, licking the little drop of precum I managed to gather from all my fiddling. I stood there stunned and speechless. Oh my God, did he look hot. The shorts were bike shorts, and they fit him like a second skin. And never had I seen those shorts filled out so wonderfully. My heart pounded so loudly I imagine he heard it.

"Um, shall we go?" I asked, my voice not at all steady. He looked a bit nervous, but nonetheless, picked up the champagne and put it in the ice bucket, and followed me down the hall to the elevator.

Chapter 8 By Rick

It was difficult to tell which was cock or the beating of my the time we got inside the elevator. My head was absolutely swimming with desire and anticipation. I knew Cindy was a gorgeous woman, but even with the attractive business attire she wore, there is no way I was prepared for how she looked in a bikini. Her breasts are beyond description with a figure to match. Damn!

The elevator was deserted as we began our descent to the pool area. About half way down, God answered my prayers. The elevator came to an abrupt halt! We looked at each other...tentatively at first, then with an unbridled lust. The electricity between our eyes flashed four words..."I Want You...NOW."

Raising the champagne bottle to my lips, I filled my mouth with the foamy liquid. Bringing my mouth to hers, I shared it with her in the middle of a passion filled kiss. I poured champagne over her breasts, soaking her top, her nipples suddenly erect from the cold liquid, and proceeded to lick the wine from her.

To this day, I'm not sure how she accomplished the following. Removing her bikini bottom, and pressing herself into the corner of the elevator, her sexy ass upon where the handrails met. Knees bent she raised first one foot upon the handrail on the side wall, and one foot upon the handrail on the rear wall opening herself wide for me. Taking the champagne bottle she poured some of the sparkling wine over her stomach and down onto her pussy. Immediately, my mouth and tongue were upon her, tasting the combination of her juices and the sweet wine.

My tongue traveled through her folds, circling her clit. Taking her sensitive button between my teeth, I nibbled and licked her simultaneously. I inserted two fingers inside her moist slit, sliding them slowly in and out. When they were well lubricated, I removed one, sliding it southward, pressing it against her rosebud. Her moan along with her returned pressure indicated her willingness and I inserted my finger into her. Two fingers sliding in and out, separated only by a thin membrane of tissue, while my mouth continued to make love to her clit. A moan emanated from her throat, her hips rocked in a lustful rhythm, her excitement was building...

Just as suddenly as the elevator had come to a stop, it started up again!!

Not wanting to be as famous as Hugh Grant, we quickly righted ourselves. It was amazing how deftly Cindy was able to slip back into her bikini bottom, without skipping a beat. I, on the other hand, had a hell of a time gathering up the ice bucket, champagne bottle and my composure before the doors opened onto the lobby floor. I found myself hoping nobody was looking too closely at my face as we went toward the pool, because one swipe of my tongue along my moustache confirmed that it was covered with Cindy's erotic nectar.

Chapter 9 By Cindy

As we walked past the front desk, I smiled as I watched the desk clerk's nose twitch in unmistakable recognition. When he looked at us and took a long deep breath I had to giggle.

We crossed the lobby, heading for the pool. When we got there, two maintenance men were cleaning it. Mightily disappointed, I asked how long they would be. One suggested that we try the hot tub up on the roof. They had just finished up there, and wouldn't be returning. He turned to Rick, winked, and handed him the 'Pool Closed' sign.

We quickly walked back across the lobby to the elevators. The desk clerk was nowhere to be seen, though I thought I heard a muffled groan from the office.

Back in the elevator, the door closed and Rick moved toward me. I held up my hand to tell him to wait, then banged it against the control panel, lighting up a half a dozen buttons. "We can't expect another lucky break," I smiled as I slowly slid to my knees in front of him, "You like Russian roulette?"

I ran my hand up his thighs, and across his re-thickening crotch. Quickly, I pulled his shorts down to his knees, and took him between my lips. There is nothing in the world more sexy than feeling a cock get hard in my mouth. Quite soon, he reached his full length and thickness (and a perfect length and thickness I might add). I slid my mouth backwards, until only the head remained in my warm, wet mouth. I looked up at him and smiled.

Just then, the elevator stopped. Had we reached the first of the floors I hit? Or had someone called for an elevator? As the doors started to slide open, I slid him back into my mouth, all the way down into my throat. I resisted the urge to peek, but I saw his eyes widen. I didn't hear a sound and the doors closed once again. As he let out his held breath, his cock jumped, banging against the roof of my mouth.

I moved back again, this time sliding my tongue in slow, slippery swipes on the underside of his cock from base to tip pausing to flick back and forth against the triangle where the vein comes into the head. His knees jerked and he leaned back against the handrail with a moan. Once again the elevator slid to a stop. Again, the doors opened to an empty hallway.

By the fourth stop, he didn't even bother looking any more. My lips and tongue were working their magic, along with my fingertips on and underneath his balls, that a crowd could have been standing there and he wouldn't have noticed. I reached around for his ass as his hips started rocking back and forth, and he began slowly fucking my mouth. The feel of his hot cock between my lips, and the muscles of his ass clenching and releasing drove me to distraction. I slipped one hand into my bottoms, and reached for my sopping pussy. My moans and sighs joined his.

Finally, just as we both were panting, we reached the top floor. He pulled me to my feet, reached for my hand, and sensuously licked my juices from my fingers, sucking them slowly into his mouth. We found the stairs to the roof and headed up. At the top, he paused to hang the sign, while I walked to the hot tub. Reaching it, I turned and smiled, slowly reaching behind me to unfasten my top, letting it fall to the ground. My bottoms followed, then I slowly turned, and climbed into the tub.

Chapter 10 By Rick

After hanging the sign and closing the door, I turned just in time to see to see Cindy's bikini laying on the ground, her shapely ass descending into the water and the curve of her breast in profile as she looked back at me with that deliciously wicked grin she had a talent for flashing. Mother of God, this woman was going to drive me crazy and I was going to love the journey.

Stripping off the bike shorts (I must admit, I've never felt so endowed as when wearing them, they certainly were flattering) I joined Cindy in the hot tub. The night was cold and the steam was thick coming off the frothing water. The tub was set at 105 degrees, which was perfect for my taste. Being in a tub that hot always relaxes not only my muscles, but also my scrotum as well, causing my rather large balls to hang down nearly the full length of my still semi erect cock. The bubbleator on the seat produced air bubbles from the outside air that when combined with the hot water of the spa mixed to tickle and tease my ass, cock and balls, making my erection complete.

For several minutes, Cindy and I lay back, melting into the relaxing waters of the spa. The stars over head were incredibly bright because we were high above the city lights and there were no lights at all on the roof. Her rather large breasts floated and swayed on the surface of the water, and from time to time I would stretch out on the top of the water, my cock breaking the surface like a periscope, in a teasing invitation to her. By and by, the desire for each other quite outweighed our desire for relaxation.

Crossing the spa toward her, I knelt on the floor of the hot tub. She was seated, and as I came toward her she spread her knees to allow me to kneel between them in front of her. Taking her face in my hands, I kissed her delicately on the lips, the tip of my tongue just barely caressing her full mouth. My hands traveled down her neck, along her shoulders, down her arms. Proceeding along her back, then circling around her sides until my hands were cupping the undersides of her beautiful breasts, holding them, raising them up out of the water, her nipples immediately tightening with the exposure to the cold air, bringing them to my waiting lips. My mouth and tongue alternately circled, licked and sucked her nipples, her breasts pressed together so that I could attack both at the same time.

"God," I thought to myself, "how I would love to have my cock nestled between these beautiful breasts, fucking them." The image of my purple head peaking out the tops of them then disappearing again as my hips thrust between her beautiful globes...the sight of ribbons of cum hitting her chin, her lips, her cheeks...maybe someday, I thought.

But back to the situation at hand (so to speak). Taking a deep breath, my tongue descended between Cindy's breasts, down under the water over her stomach, along the hairline of her pubis and between her legs. Pulling her to the edge of the seat, my finger tips pulling her lips apart completely exposing her lips, pussy and clit to the water and the bubbleator that was directly under her, constantly pulsing against her sensitive tissue. My tongue swirled and circled her clit, swollen not only from desire but even more so from the warmth of the water. Releasing the air from my lungs I forced a jetstream of water and air toward her cilt. It effectiveness was evident by the way her hips jumped and rocked. By placing my mouth on the seat, I could take in air from the bubbleator and continue my ministrations to her now lust filled body. Over and over I applied this technique, staying underwater for at least ten to fifteen minutes. With my mouth covering her clit, I brushed it alternately with my lips, my teeth, my tongue. Her hips rocked against me, her hand entwined in my hair pulling my tightly against her pussy as her orgasm began. Even through the water, I could hear the moans and cries coming from her, emanating from her chest and lungs. Continuing to assault her pussy and clit, Cindy came over and over again. Finally when she could stand no more, she grasped my face and physically pulled my head out of the water.

Just inches away from her face, staring into those incredibly gorgeous sexy bedroom eyes, my heart was thundering inside my chest.

Chapter 11 By Cindy

I was speechless as I felt his lips and tongue caressing me underneath the water. It was without a doubt one of the most incredible sensations I had ever felt. In no time at all it seemed, I was lost completely in wave after wave of orgasm. Finally, the sensations became too much, and my desire for him too overwhelming. I pulled him up out of the water.

Breathlessly, I asked, "How did you do that? No wait, don't tell me. I'll just continue to believe that you possess talents I should never question." And with that I pulled his lips to mine in a kiss that I hoped he would remember forever.

Slowly, I let my hands wander down his chest, tweaking his nipples lightly, then fluttering down his stomach, and outward to his hips. Down his outer thighs my hands traveled, then back up, caressing his inner thighs, kneading gently. Finally, I reached his balls, cupping them gently. They felt weightless in the water, yet I knew they were heavy with his need for release. A release I couldn't delay for him, or for myself, any longer.

I motioned him over next to me and had him sit on the edge of the seat. I slid around, up, and onto his lap, our lips never parting. Holding the base of his cock firmly in my fingers, I slowly guided it into me. I lowered myself down onto him, sighing with the perfect fit. My legs wrapped around behind him, pulling him even further into me. I paused, overwhelmed in the feeling of our bodies as one. It was as if it were meant to be.

Chapter 12 By Rick

As Cindy's legs wrapped around me, pulling me deeper inside her, I released a sigh of pleasure that mixed with her own. I could feel her ass gently resting on my balls, our pubic hairs intertwining, her nipples hard against my chest. We kissed, lightly, my tongue barely touching her lips, her tongue, her teeth, her gums. Our tongues slowly, gently explored each other, touching, wrapping, skimming the underside, along the side. Not a lost in passion groping, but a slow deliberate mapping of each others mouths. Our faces were wet from the water and our kisses were every bit as wet.

She took my hair in her hands and guided my lips to her waiting breasts, her erect nipples. Gently the tip of my tongue touched them, then circled the dark aureole surrounding them. My mouth covered them, sucking gently at first then harder and harder. I took them between my teeth and gently nipped them. God, they were big, nearly marble sized. As I held them between my teeth, the tip of my tongue fluttered across them. Cindy moaned with pleasure, her head tilted back, as I stimulated her breasts. The harder I sucked, the faster her hips moved, back and forth, fucking my cock as I attended to her breasts. She was in control, arching her hips in such a way that the top of my cock stimulated her clit with each thrust of her pelvis. Faster and harder she rocked, so far back that I practically slipped out, then crashing into me again, burying my cock to the hilt inside her pussy. Closer and closer she got, we both got...harder and faster until Cindy stiffened, arching her back until she was laying flat on the water, her contractions coming swiftly and involuntarily, her arms outstretched, flailing in the water in the throes of a massive orgasm. Her moans, her sighs, coming between short gasping breaths as her whole upper body thrashed in the bubbling water, her legs clamped around my waist, keeping my tightly within her. Determined to make this last as long as possible, still I did not climax, and shortly, Cindy's muscles relaxed and she was able to once again sit up. Even though I had managed to delay the inevitable, I knew it could not be far off.

Chapter 13 By Cindy

"Oh my God," I whispered as I slowly came back to my senses. Quickly, because I sensed how close he was, I spun around on his lap, facing away from him now, pressing my ass tight against his stomach. I moved a bit forward, giving him room, as he reached down, grasping the edge of the seat with his fingers. It gave him enough leverage that he could stroke hard into me, the force rocking me back and forth in the water.

His moans turned to gasps and pants, and I knew it was almost time. He grabbed my waist, circling it tightly with both hands, and crushed me onto him. I reached down, between my legs, between his legs, my shoulder dipping low in the water, until I found his ass. Quickly, I slipped my finger inside, searching for that spot. When he practically screamed, I knew I had reached it.

Within seconds, he was over the edge, calling to God as he exploded into me. His thrusting slowed, then stopped, as we both sat there breathing like we had just finished a marathon, which I suppose in a way, we had. Slowly and gently, I removed my finger, and turned to peek at him over my shoulder. His head was back against the edge of the hottub, eyes closed, and contented smile on his lips. I smiled as I disengaged myself, crawled next to him, and rested my head on his shoulder.

Chapter 14 By Rick

As she lay her head on my shoulder, my arm wrapped around her, my fingers lazily running up and down her side. I turned my head and we lightly kissed, then lay our heads back against the side of the tub. It seemed like FOREVER since the evening started, but the feeling of complete relaxation and contentment that we shared now was so peaceful I could have died a happy man if God had decided to take me right then and there, but it seemed he had yet other plans for me...indeed for us.

As we lay there, we heard the access door open slowly. Glancing over, I could see Jeff...hmm, was that his name...I'd been thinking with my cock for so long this evening I couldn't even be sure I had the right name...slowly walking toward the hot tub. Seeing the half shocked, half dismayed look on Cindy's face as she looked over at him, I then looked back to his face, which held the biggest "cat that ate the canary" grin I had ever seen.

"I figured I'd find you kids up here," he said lightly.

Still trying to figure out what was going on, I looked at Cindy and said, "What's going on...?"

She said, tentatively, "I'm not quite sure. I have an idea, but..." then, looking inquisitively at Jeff, she continued, "The note...?"

"Oh, come on, Babe, I was just cutting you a little time. It didn't take a genius to figure out that you two wanted each other like a kid wants a Super Sega, but you didn't seriously think I was going to let you out of our little bet, did you?"

"Well, to be honest, I knew it wasn't your style, but there is a first time for everything..."

"That's true, but tonight isn't going to be one of them, so you're just going to have to pay up," he said with a chuckle.

Still looking confused and feeling even more confused than I looked, I ventured on, "Would somebody please let me in on whatever is going on here?"

"What do you think, Cyn, should we tell him? Nah, let's just show him..." and with that, Jeff proceeded to disrobe.

"Geez, Jeff, we've been kind of busy. We might need a few minutes to..." she stopped as she casually reached for my cock. "Well, no, never mind..." she said as she wrapped her hand around me, finding the answer to her concern.

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