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First Meeting with K.C.

I gotta be out of my mind!

Driving through Boston can be a challenge in the best of times, but when you add a mid-November squall, you better have a good reason to be out and about.

I had a DAMN good reason! At least I thought so when I left my hotel. As I get closer to my destination I'm beginning to have my doubts.

I'm going to meet K.C. at Faneuil Hall near Long Wharf. K.C.! Hell, I don't know her real name or what she looks like. As traffic grinds to a stop for the umpteenth time, I realize that I don't know anything about her at all.

Well, that's not exactly true. I know that she's blonde, 5 feet 1 inch tall, 98 pounds with small, firm tits. I know that she likes to keep her pussy shaved smooth. I know how she likes to have it licked. I even know about a spot on her neck that makes her pussy juices flow like a faucet. The problem is, I also know that I'm old enough to be her father!

K.C. and I met on the internet and have been writing each other for about 18 months or so. Her letters got me so horny that my wife even noticed (she didn't know what caused it, but she sure enjoyed it!).

When I wrote K.C. a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going on a business trip to Boston. She told me then that she lived near there and suggested that we "get together for dinner or something."

God, the fantasies that flashed through my mind. I said that was a great idea and asked her to pick a spot to meet and a place for some great seafood.

The realist in me, even then, was afraid she'd think I was too old, too fat, too . . . something. I told her what I would be wearing and that if, once she got a good look at me, she decided I wasn't her type, she could leave with no hard feelings.

Throughout my flight east, my apprehension grew. I told myself that it was just two friends meeting for dinner. No pressure! But that didn't stop me from imagining sliding my tongue up and down her bald little pussy, sucking on her hard clit till she squirted her love lotion all over my face!

It was just dinner. I had to keep telling myself that. But how do you sit across from a beautiful young woman that's told you in such detail how she wants you to satisfy her and NOT wonder if she would let you, if you asked?

As traffic finally picked up and my exit approached I realized that they are right. When it comes to women, guys do their thinking with their cocks, and mine was acting like a genius right now! It was no surprise that I decided to see this through.

"Besides," I'm sure I said aloud, "it's too late now. I have no way to call her to cancel. Not showing up would hurt her feelings."

I found a parking spot near the converted warehouse/shopping area and grabbed the jacket she will identify me by. I locked the rental's doors, took a few deep breaths (as deep as the air in Boston allows, anyway) and went to meet K.C.

Since I was a little early, I walked around the small shops in Faneuil Hall and stopped for a cup of cappuccino. I found a seat where I could be seen and sipped the coffee to get rid of the chill.

"Hi, you must be Troy!?"

She laughed a little when I jumped as if she'd poke me with a cattle prod, spilling some of the hot liquid on my leg.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you! You ARE Troy aren't you?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah! And you must be K.C." I said, instantly regretting how lame I sounded.

She was gorgeous! I couldn't take my eyes off of her and I couldn't decide if I should shake her hand, give her a hug or drop to my knees and stick my face into her crotch!

Fortunately (because I was leaning toward the face in her crotch greeting), she made the decision for me by putting a hand on each cheek and pulling my face to hers. She gave me a deep, wet kiss like we were lovers reunited after a long separation.

"It's so nice to meet you at last." she said as I willed my heart to start beating again.

"You're absolutely beautiful" I said before I realized it.

"No I'm not!" she blushed, "But thank you anyway. Let's get inside, you're shaking like a leaf."

Still admiring her, I allowed myself to be guided into the restaurant. The waiter showed us to our table and gave me a knowing wink as he left with our drink order.

We filled the time with small talk about the nasty weather, the kinds of food we liked, etc. (I realized that I knew her taste in sex, but not in food or music!). All the time, I couldn't stop staring at her.

"I'm not what you expected, am I?" she asked, kind of sheepishly.

"To tell the truth, I don't know what I expected. That's not true, I EXPECTED you to take one look at me and keep going." I admitted.

"NO WAY! After all those hot letters, I HAD to meet the man of my wet dreams." She said in a voice that would melt titanium.

It was my turn to blush now!

Good timing brought the waiter with our orders. As we ate, we resumed the chit chat that carried us through dinner. I DID find it hard to keep my mind on what she was saying sometimes, though. I was admiring her; recalling all the letters where she described herself. As far as I could see, they had all been accurate: she was indeed blonde (natural, if I'm any judge), slim but definitely not skinny. I guessed her tits to be about 34B or maybe C, just the way I like them.

Her fingers were long and slender and I couldn't help but imagine them wrapped around my cock, stroking from base to tip . . .

". . . don't you think?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you." I lied. "Maybe we should go somewhere a little quieter to talk?"

She put her hand on my thigh and with a twinkle said, "Where would you like to go?"

"Didn't anyone tell you that asking a man a question like that, with your hand there, could be dangerous?"

"Why?" She said, sliding her hand toward my belt.

"Well, he might ask you to go to his hotel room." I said, thinking I was teasing a bit.

"And she might accept." K.C. told me as her hand reached the lump in my pants.

"Check please!"

As we drove north and west, she slid close to my side. Her hand slid up my leg and tugged at my zipper. When her fingers wrapped around my shaft and freed it from it's confined space, I thought I was gonna wreck the car for sure, and when she dropped her head to my lap and virtually inhaled me, I almost blew my load.

God she was good. I've never had a blowjob like this before and I was enjoying every nuance. Just as she seemed to be savoring every ridge and bump of my shaft.

I was making sure I obeyed all the driving laws. It wouldn't do to be pulled over by the police now! But, when I felt the surging in my balls, I pulled to the side of the road.

"I'm gonna cum!" I panted.

She removed my cock just long enough to say "Do it! Fill my throat."

K.C. renewed her oral attention with a vengeance. Bringing me to the brink of cuming, then she slowed just enough to let it pass. She kept this up for what seemed like an eternity, but finally I could take no more!

With an animal grunt, I loosed a giant load of cum in her mouth. It seemed to never end, but she kept sucking, kept me floating for longer than I thought possible.

The only sound in the car was her. Her sucking sounds, her breathing, even her heartbeat. I had to force myself to breath before I lost it all together.

With a wet "pop," my limp meat was released from her mouth, but still I couldn't move. I didn't want to. I wanted to revel in the feeling a bit longer.

K.C. didn't say a word. She snuggled up to me and kissed me long and hard. As my tongue entered her mouth, I could taste my cum and, as always, I found it very erotic.

"I've wanted to do that all night!" She told me.

"Thank you!" was all I could say.

As I pulled back onto the road, K.C. cuddled up to me again like a contented kitten.

The hotel was mercifully nearby and by the time we reached my room I was feeling like a king!

I removed our coats and held her close. Our bodies molded to each other like they were made to. As our lips met, my hand cupped her tight ass and she sighed her consent.

With my right hand, I lowered the zipper of her dress and caressed the flesh I'd been hungry for all night. With a shrug, K.C. encouraged the dress to fall to the floor and I couldn't believe my eyes. She was dressed exactly like the fantasy I'd described to her in a letter: a rose demi-cup bra that left her cinnamon nipples exposed; a matching tee-back panty that begged to be removed, a lacy garter and black silk stockings that ended in high heels.

K.C. did a slow turn and asked "Like it?"

"Oh, yeah! I love it!"

Again, I pulled her close and let my hands roam up and down her body. From her neck to her baby-smooth tush, I explored everything. On the last circuit, my fingers touched the clasp of her bra and it sprang open like it had a mind of its own.

Our lips met again as I gently lifted her in my arms and laid her on the bed. My kisses moved from her mouth to her cheek to her ear. My tongue traced her ear lobe then left a moist trail to the spot she'd mentioned.

Her moan told me when I found it! The more I licked and kissed that spot, the more she responded. When I sensed her orgasm approaching, I let my mouth move down her throat to her shoulders. With my teeth I pulled her bra straps from their place.

I kissed my way to the hollow between her tits, then to her right nipple. It responded as I knew it would. It hardened even more than I thought possible and begged me to suck on it. I rolled her nipple around my tongue like I was savoring a fine wine.

"Oh yes," she sighed as my teeth raked the biggest nipple I'd ever had in my mouth!

While I moved my tongue to the other breast, my hands finished removing her bra. I couldn't help but pause and admire the firmness of her bared tits.

After K.C.'s second moan, I decided I couldn't wait any longer to see the rest of her body.

I inhaled her fragrance as I moved to take of her high heels. Her feet were so sexy, especially in those silk stockings! As I removed each shoe, I massaged her foot, running my thumb along each pressure point on her sole and the pads of each toe.

With both shoes removed, I slid my hands up her right leg. The smoothness of the silk was the most erotic thing I had ever touched.

K.C. spread her legs just enough to allow my massage to be unhindered. The garter clasps released and I slid the stocking down, reveling in the touch. It was almost electric!

When I got to her foot, I removed the last of fine material and lifted her foot to my lips. I kissed her heel and slid my tongue across the sole.

Another shudder told me that she was enjoying my ministrations as much as I was. I ran my tongue between her toes. It was all she could do to keep still, but she didn't pull away.

Her toenails were the color of a good Port wine and I sampled the taste of each toe many times.

My cock was responding to every lick, getting harder and harder. But I didn't want to stop even to give it some growing room.

I repeated each delicious step on her left leg and the aroma of her flowing sex fluids was intoxicating. She wanted to cum so badly.

I eased her garter belt off, leaving her naked except for the obviously wet panties. My lips and tongue circled around the edges of the lacy material and across her smooth mound.

It was obvious that her pussy was as bare as I had hoped and I couldn't wait any longer. I took the elastic band in each hand and gently tugged her panties down. K.C. raised her rump to allow me to remove them with ease.

As more and more of her tender flesh was revealed, my heart raced. My first view of her love canal was a dimple just above the spot I knew her clit to be.

Lower, and the pink folds of her pussy were revealed. With each move she made, her labia opened more and more, begging for release.

On autopilot, my mouth lowered to her inner thigh. She spread her legs to allow me access, her pussy opened farther and the trapped fluids leaked out and ran into her ass.

My tongue added to the moisture between her legs as it reached the center of my lust. It raced around, tracing the outline of her sex, probing every nook and cranny. I lapped eagerly at the flowing fluids and the more I lapped up, the more she produced.

Till now, I had not touched her clit. It was so hard and red it looked angry for the neglect. My lips gingerly touched her launch button and she erupted like Mount St. Helen's; violently and long.

I didn't ease up my attack. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could, flicking my tongue rapidly over the end.

K.C.'s orgasm continued like flowing lava. Rising and falling, wave after wave. She grabbed my head in her hands and wrapped her legs around my neck. She held on like someone drowning, gasping for air and thrashing around the bed.

She rode the wave for at least five minutes. Gushing her cum on my face; making her bald flesh almost frictionless.

As she started down from her orgasm, she released my head and allowed me to breathe. I stood up and practically ripped my clothes off. My cock wanted to feel the grip of her pussy so bad it hurt. But I forced myself to wait a bit longer.

I laid down beside the most beautiful woman in the world and as I kissed her, she ran her tongue over my face to clean her juices off of me.

"That was fantastic! Just like I imagined." she said at last. Slowly rolling on top of me.

Her legs straddled my hips and she braced her hands on my chest and she started sliding her hips back and forth. Her frictionless pussy mound stroked my cock, spreading her lubrication over my manhood.

K.C. gradually increased her motions until, on a down stroke, my cock slid into her slit like it was drawn by a magnet. She sighed as she slid the entire length into her pussy, stopping only when her pubic bone collided with mine.

She paused to enjoy the fullness, then started moving her hips in circles, small ones at first, then getting bigger and bigger. I cupped each breast in my hands and massaged her nipples as she rode me like a bucking bronco.

Her second orgasm rocked her petite body within minutes, but she refused to surrender to it completely. She never missed a stroke, kept rocking and rolling on my cock like a wild woman.

Her orgasm never seemed to stop, either. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vice, milking my life forces from me mercilessly. We were no longer civilized beings in a soft bed in one of the most prestigious areas of the United States, we were like primitive man and his mate, thrashing about on the furs of successful hunts. Her blood red nails scratched my chest as animal sounds filled the room.

"I'm cumming" I grunted and grabbed her ass, trying to force my cock further into her. Time seemed to stand still as I thrust my hips off the bed and threw my head back into the pillow.

"UGHHHHHH!" was the best I could manage as I shot a stream of sticky hot cum deep into her body.

K.C. arched her back like the feline she was becoming and I swear that she growled as she felt the jet splash off her inner walls and mix with her own copious flow.

We both froze like statues. Suspended in time as our brains attempted to drag us back to the twentieth century.

K.C. was the first to move. Whether by force of will or because she could no longer hold herself up I'll never know. She collapsed onto my chest the growling cat turned into a mewing kitten.

With my softening cock still inside her, she settled herself on top of me and dozed off. I wrapped the blanket around us and allowed myself to drift off as well.

I hadn't rested very long before she stirred on top of me. My limp cock fell from her body and I could feel the flood of body fluids baste my manhood. She stopped until the flow all but ended then crouched beside me and licked and sucked me clean.

While she slurped noisily on my balls, I urged her on top of me again and cleaned our cum from her. My tongue was saturated with out sex by the time she was clean and I used the natural lubricant to good advantage by licking her asshole.

First a gentle licking to gauge her acceptance to the idea. When she pushed her ass against my face, I attacked in earnest. Her ass tasted fantastic.

So that her hot pussy wouldn't feel neglected, I used my thumb to probe her there. She jumped every time I pressed on her super sensitive clit, but she never stopped working on my cock, which was already hard and ready to go again.

From her position on top of me, K.C. had no trouble letting my cock slide down her throat. It was the first time I felt this and it was fantastic.

I moved my tongue back to her dripping pussy and gave her my all. My tongue was tired, but I vowed not to stop until I released that tiger again.

The tiger was not very far away. I lost my battle to hold back this time. Almost simultaneously she sprayed my face with her feminine fluids. As she sucked the last of my essence from my flagging cock, I finished licking her holes.

Neither of us had the strength to do anything but sleep. So, as K.C. dismounted me, we crawled under the covers for a well deserved sleep. Both of us realizing that we would need all our strength for the morning.

But that's another story!

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.