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It was nearly Christmas, so it was time to go shopping.

He walked through the crowded mall, watching the tight ass of a young woman striding along ahead of him. As she had stepped out of a store, she had nearly bumped into him, and he had caught the faintest whiff of a delicate scent in her long blonde hair. His crotch tightened at the thought of burying his face in the soft strands, nuzzling her soft neck, licking behind her ear, breathing in the scent of her hair.

He paused in midthought. I've got to shop! But the sight of her upturned ass, taut against the thin fabric of her dress, kept him walking at her pace, in order to enjoy the sight. Where am I ? he thought, glancing around at the stores he was passing. He was unaware that she had stopped walking ahead of him until he stepped right into her.

"Oh, excuse me," he stuttered into her ear, his jeans-covered hard-on poking deeply into her firm, fabric-covered ass. She turned to face him. As she did so, her hair swung around and brushed against his shoulder, then across his neck.

Her blue eyes went wide, and he could actually feel the blood rush into his groin.

She was tall, nearly six feet, and had a deep vee down the center of her dress. Despite himself, he looked down from her eyes and saw the upturned swell of her sweet breasts pouting outward against the tiny dress buttons. Her nipples hardened as he stared, and he felt a wave of pure lust wash over him, causing his knees to grow so weak he nearly stumbled. He looked back up at her face.

"That's okay," she said. She began to turn away, then looked deep into his eyes. "I was just going in here," she smiled sweetly. He followed her gaze at the sign on the door.

"Victoria's Secrets," it said.

He stepped past her and pushed open the door for her.

"Thank you" she murmured, neatly pirouetting around him.

He followed her inside, then hovered nearby, his heart pounding. He absently fondled the panties spread wide on a display table covered with a lace tablecloth. He watched her pluck some lingerie from a rack and run her fingers across the fabric of a black teddy, then pick it up by the crotch and examine it.

"No snap," she mused aloud. She wandered over to another display. Again she examined a teddy, this time picking it up by the bottom. "This has one," she murmured. She gently teased it off the hanger. She glanced around, apparently looking for a dressing room. He caught her eye and she smiled. She seemed to hesitate a moment, then stepped toward him.

"Would you mind doing me a favor?"

He smiled his reply.

"I just want to know if this would look sexy on me. I would like to have a man's opinion, if you don't mind."

She held the teddy up to her dress.

'Oh god,' he thought.

She spun around, clutching the lingerie against her. "Let's find a dressing room," she said over her shoulder. "You don't mind?"

He grinned. "No," he said weakly.

She walked toward the back of the store, and he followed, his eyes fixed on the sway of her hair, the curve of her hips, the thin line of her spine curving first left, then right as she walked. She reached a rattan door, and placed a dainty hand on the knob. "Is this okay?"

He nodded.

She gently turned the handle, making a slight, adorable grimace at the effort. He stepped alongside her and put his hand over hers. He squeezed, harder than he needed to, and twisted the knob. He pushed against the door, which gave with a slight pop. She gasped at the pressure from his hand. He let go, and she slid into the dressing room. She made no effort to close the door behind her, so, after a moments hesitation, he stepped inside and pulled the door closed behind him. He wondered if anyone in the store saw him do so.

The dressing room was tiny, and he was standing almost on her heels. Her fountain of hair was spread across her shoulders right under his chin. She turned so that her back was almost to him, and without looking up, she began to unbutton her dress. He could see her hands at work between her breasts. She's taking off her dress! The anticipation made him feel dizzy with overpowering desire. He wanted to moan aloud. She wiggled around, and leaned back, just brushing the tip of his enormous hard-on against the top of her ass. She straightened, suddenly, and unbuttoned faster, almost to her navel now. He rotated his hips ever so slightly, and she stepped away from him and turned around, facing him. She looked right into his face and pulled her dress away from her shoulders. She shrugged her arms out of the sleeves, wriggling as she went. Her thin lace bra burst into view, her nipples clearly visible through the fabric. She kept her eyes locked on his face, and kept pulling the dress down, past her breasts. He saw the curve of her waist, the soft, feminine rounding or her stomach, the top of her white panties.

His breath rasped from his throat, now. He felt his toes curl inside his shoes. Still she pulled her dress down, over her hips, exposing the vee of her panties, disappearing between her clenched legs.

She bent forward, lifting her leg to slide the dress over her shoe. She balanced on one leg, and he saw her breasts press together as she balanced on first one, then the other foot.

The air of the enclosed room was becoming hot and sticky. The smell of her hair mixed with the faint scent of her sex, a delicious aroma of aroused woman.

He leaned back against the closed door, entranced by the sight of her. He saw the faint sheen of moisture between her breasts as she straightened, dropping her dress to the floor. She smiled slightly, the reached slowly upward until her hands met under her bra. With practiced ease she unhooked it, pulling it wide, allowing her breasts to plunge outward. His breath hissed through his clenched teeth. The surge of lust that rushed through him made his body convulse a little. 'See what happens,' he told himself, ' just see what happens.' His stiffness throbbed so hard it ached, and he clenched down. 'We are in a dressing room!' he shouted silently. His senses were so heightened that he could hear the soft hum of the air conditioner, the muted sound of the store music, and the faraway murmur of voices.

She had been pulling on the teddy, and got it to her knees. Then she stopped. Bent over at the waist, she smiled up at him. His skin burned with need.

"Oops!" she laughed. "I forgot about this." She hooked her hands in her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them.

His head swam. He clenched his hands at his sides. His pulse pounded at his temples, and in his groin. 'No one will believe this!' he thought 'I don't believe this!'

She stepped back into the teddy, and slowly pulled it up. She hooked her arms through the shoulder straps. She reached down and fumbled with the snap, pushing it into herself with two fingers. She paused.

She looked him in the eyes and smiled. "What do you think?"

Words would not come. "God!" he groaned.

He reached out, looking at her face for a sign of her desire. She leaned towards him.

"Oh, what the hell," she muttered. She held her arms out to him, gently touching his shoulders. He took her into his arms, sliding one hand down her back, crushing her to him with the other. Her face nestled into his chest, and he burrowed his nose deep into her hair, inhaling her. He cupped her ass with both hands, the gently lifted one leg up around his waist. The unsnapped crotch of the teddy fell away, and he cupped her wetness with his hand. She felt like warm, slick syrup. Her face pushed harder into his chest. He ran his fingers slowly, insistently, through her wetness, and she sagged against him. He fumbled, one-handed, with his zipper.

"Hurry" she whispered, rocking forward against his hand. "Ohhh!" she hissed into the front of his shirt.

He freed himself from his pants, and felt the gentle scratching of the lace where the crotch strap of the teddy hung down between them. He eased it aside, and touched her with the tip of his hardness. She squirmed back and forth, her uplifted leg rubbing against his side.

With a firm, unending push, he sank into her as deeply as he could go. Her head snapped up, and she licked frantically at his neck. He pulled just as firmly out of her; she licked his chin and tried to reach his lips. He paused, and she wiggled her ass from side to side. He clutched her tighter, then abruptly pushed back into her, and began to stroke in and out of her.

He reveled in his possession of her, her wetness and warmth, the tickling of the lace teddy against his chest. Her forehead dropped against his chest, and he knew she was watching as he plunged all the way inside her, then pulled nearly all of the way out. He did this over and over, and she began to pant loudly, matching him thrust for thrust.

Her head snapped back up, and she leaned away from him, until they were attached only at the waist.

She looked directly into his eyes. He could see that her face was shining with moisture. Her mouth opened and closed, and her eyes grew wide.

"Give it to me!" she whispered fiercely.

"You want every drop?" he gasped.

"I'll take it ALL!"

He clenched his jaw, and pulled her leg up higher against his side. He pushed into her again, and yet again, savoring her depths. Her body shook as he pounded into her.

"Oh, now! Oh, right now!" she breathed.

He felt the release building inside him, and saw her eyelids flutter. Her hands clutched tightly at his shoulders, and she pushed frantically against him. He felt his toes curl, and his fists clench, and he pushed as far inside her as he could go, then released his own warmth into hers.

She froze, and quivered, and made tiny mewing sounds. They clung to each other, until finally, after a long, drawn-out sigh, they both went limp. She pulled herself slowly backward, and bent down to put on her clothes. He zipped his pants.

"What a mess!" she exclaimed. She looked up and laughed, then took her panties and wiped herself vigorously. "Here," she said, and tucked the wet panties into his pants pocket. She quickly pulled on her dress, and picked up the teddy. He opened the door a crack, and peered out. He could see a woman standing out of earshot, facing away, looking at some bras. He stepped out, and she followed.

They walked toward the front of the store, and as she passed the rack where she had picked up the teddy, she hung it back up. The woman looking at the bras glanced over.

He smiled at her. "Try that one," he said, straight faced. They walked out of the store, and collapsed against each other, laughing.

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