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Letters to a Lover By Charlene

I have been gone now for over three weeks. My days have been more and more consumed with visions of you and our renewed time together. We have been corresponding all this time and the content grows more erotic each passing day, until by now I am desperate for you. Slowly the time passes and my hunger grows. I send this last morning message for you to chew on with your coffee.

I see you sitting at your computer, still a bit rumpled from sleep and still a bit foggy from dreams. Your skin is still warm from your bed. I see you still wearing the tee shirt that you sleep in, your legs bare. You are up early anticipating a message from me, I love it that my words draw you from your snug bed. Here you sit with the first cup of coffee steaming but untasted beside you. I squirm happily at my machine thinking of your growing erection. My fingers begin to tap out the words that are my fantasy.

I think of the first morning I will again wake beside you...Sunday. You wake first as you usually do. I feel you waking through my dreams and begin the slow rise to awake. Little by little I feel you breathe on me, touch my hip, stroke the bare skin you find there, drift your fingers along my arm and back down my side. I am greedy for your touch and I lie quietly hoping you will not stop...and you do not stop.

Your fingers find the cleft between my cheeks. You probe the sensitive places there until you find the warm moist folds of labia that wait for your touch. I cannot pretend I am asleep because it is necessary to move my hips to your touch, necessary to give you a better angle, necessary to allow the pleasure to heat up and spread.

With this movement you line up your body along mine, your knees fit behind my knees, your hips meet my hips, your belly lies against my back. You lean into me and whisper in my ear, " like this...don't you..." I hear your words at the same time I feel your erection press the same place your fingers have skillfully opened. I cannot help but move my hips again to allow you to enter me from behind, " like this..." Yes I do...I do like this...and I know that you know that I do. And you know that I know that is why you are here. And we both know that we resonate, respond to each other is ways hard to explain away with notions of technique or practice.

I lean toward the edge of the bed and reach over the side and find a place to hang on. I lock my elbow and press back to receive you fully. I am surprised once again how well we fit. I lose the ability to tell exactly what is you and what is me; I lose myself in you and the pleasure of you.

I make a rapid thrust backward and you touch my cervix. The fire flashes and my thighs are hot and the heat travels upward from the inside...belly...chest...even my mouth...filled with heat and pleasure. I thrust again and...again...I'm going to, feel as though I will blast open from the heat and pressure. I open my knees and thrust again...and you take up the rhythm and push forward to meet me...again...faster now...and it has you too now...I feel your fingers grip my shoulder and your movements fall into a familiar pattern. I am lifted upward by the need...I cannot wait...I'm not in control...and I hear you...

"...coming..." you say in a quiet voice. And as I am rocked by my orgasm, you burst with your own. I am flooded with your heat and passion. I feel the shudder that takes you...and the smaller one that follows. I melt into you and the melt into me...

You, looking for a word or two from me. The idea of you, excited and with a half erection, for some image I spin, is turning me on.

Would that I could be on the floor between your bare knees and tend to that determined erection, my tongue can taste you, my mouth feels your growing interest, your hand drifts down to twirl a strand of my hair and I don't hear you typing anymore.

You lean back a bit in the chair to give me a better angle and your breathing takes on a patterned quality. Unlike me, you are a very quiet partner, your eyes closed, your pleasure inward.

I take all of you into my mouth at once and in that, become a part of you once more;I swallow to see how that feels and I can feel the reflex throb of your response At this minute it is hard for me to tell what is you and what is me;the mix of warmth and sensation is very intoxicating and I feel myself growing very excited and I moan...hmm-mm...I feel your fingers search for my breast and then grasp my nipple and the feeling fills me and I moan again...hmm-mm...the rhythm is strong and compelling now. You reach down and pull me upward to your lap where I swing my legs over your legs and push myself down on you and you reach far inside me to touch my cervix and I believe you have no idea how that feels, no idea...hmm-mm...I am instantly brought to orgasm and I fling my head back and let it happen...hmm-mm...

And it happens in two back to back swells that shake my legs and set me to stroking your erection with my body...hmm-mm...the sensation is filling my body, my skin is on fire, my eyes burn with it...hmm-mm...I am singing a song of pleasure.

I feel you come up to me and match the rhythm. Now there is a purpose surfacing, a need directing your action, a desperation expressed with body movement; and you say, as calm as a side comment "...coming..." and I come just to hear you speak. And you come in a burst that shakes you, you shudder again, and I come again. As your body relaxes, you shudder again. But I feel another wave building and I want it and I say it "...more..." and you move toward me and it

I hear myself laughing, and I hear you laughing, and I think this couldn't be something just any two people can do, it isn't a question of is our is something we make together.

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