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This story is a COMPLETE work of fiction. None of the characters are real, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains adult language and explicit sexual situations and is NOT intended for minors. If you are a minor or offended by material of a sexual nature, do not continue reading this.

A Magical Weekend

I paced the floors outside the USAir boarding gates in Boston's Logan Airport. "Damn" I whispered for the umpteenth time in the past half hour. Heightened security measures wouldn't allow me to wait outside the gate itself. Only ticketed passengers were allowed beyond the checkpoint. It had been weeks since I'd last seen you and the closer to your arrival time it got, the slower the clock seemed to move. Once again, I looked at the monitor. The flight hadn't arrived, but was still on time. At least that was a plus.

A small crowd of families and friends filtered in to meet loved ones. Children ran from window to window squealing "I see Daddy's airplane!". I smiled as I watched, feeling as much excitement as they, but also frustration at having to wait at the end of a hallway that stretched forever.

Finally the monitor changed the plane's status to "IN" and I joined the children at the windows. I knew that I had no way to tell which plane was yours, but it beat pacing. Before long the first of the passengers trickled down the hall and in spite of the fact that my eyes were above most of the crowd, I craned my neck to search.

Grandparents were met with hugs; lovers by passionate kisses; fathers and mothers with smiling faces and feet that just wouldn't stay still. The hallway thinned as the crowds drifted off to the luggage carrousels. But still I hadn't spotted you. I felt the first twinge of concern as I saw the flight crew walking toward me, already planning an evening on the town.

Finally, there you were. Smiling, you walked toward me, your progress like drinking honey through a straw. As you passed through security, you dropped your carry on bag and flew into my arms. Our lips meeting with the pressures of pent up passion and weeks of need.

When we broke our embrace, we were alone. "God, I've missed you, Cindy! Let's get your luggage, I can't wait to get to the Inn." I whispered as I breathed deeply of your perfume.

Your suitcase was the only one remaining and we arrived just in time to claim it from the airline's security people. Hand in hand we hurried to the car and as I finished putting your things in the trunk with mine I felt soft hands on my back caressing me gently but urgently. I closed the trunk as those hands wound around my waist, one moving to my chest, the other to the tent in my pants.

You sighed and leaned your head on my back as your hands lingered on more sensitive parts. "It's been too long, Troy." You whispered.

I turned in your arms, took your chin in my fingers and lifted your lips to mine once more. This kiss was slower, and spoke of love as well as need. We held each other a few moments more, then parted with a sigh.

The drive to the Woods Hole ferry was a little over an hour and along the way we talked and touched and teased and made plans for the weekend. The rest of the world was forgotten. We boarded the ferry to Martha's Vineyard and found seats on the top deck, forward. It was a beautiful June day and the heat of the sun only added to the fire that burned inside us both. We weren't the only couples locked in each other's arms, but it wouldn't have mattered if we were.

As the ship throttled back to dock at Oak Bluffs we moved to the exit with purpose. At the end of the long wooden pier, we decided to walk the two blocks to the bed & breakfast that I'd chosen rather than wait for a taxi.

The Oak House was a quaint Victorian, just across the road from the beach, with the friendliest staff imaginable. The owner showed us to the Tivoli Room on the second floor. She'd told us that it was the best room in the house, and didn't exaggerate. With obvious pride, she showed us around the well appointed room and spacious bath, then quickly, left us with a smile and an invitation to tea on the terrace.

The door had hardly stopped moving before I took you in my arms. Our kisses were heated, our breathing heavy. My hand cupped your breast and I felt a small shudder and soft sigh. Even through your clothing I could feel your nipple; as hard as my cock.

You gave a gentle push. We fell together into the bed and it triggered a frenzy of unbuttoning, unzipping, untying and flying articles of clothes. We were naked in seconds and exploring each other's bodies.

My hand again found your soft, warm breast. My thumb teased the nipple even harder and the moan I tasted in our kiss was delicious. My kisses moved across your cheek as my fingertips stroked your breast as softly as a whisper, ending each stroke by caressing the nipple and squeezing it gently. My lips moved to your neck and the smell of your perfume filled my senses again.

My tongue traced a line across your shoulder; my teeth playfully nibbled the fleshy muscle at the base of your neck and your moans told me I hadn't forgotten the spot. I followed your collar bone to the hollow at the base of your throat and licked from there to your chin. I knelt above you and kissed your chin, your left cheek, your right cheek, your eyes and the tip of your nose.

I kissed your throat again, lower and lower until my face was between your breasts. I could feel their fire on my cheeks and I used both hands to press them tightly against me. I turned my head left and right, allowing my lips to drag across your soft skin from the base of each orb to the crinkled tip. Back and forth, my mouth opening wider with each pass, my tongue seeking the stiff treat my lips felt. At last, my tongue circled your nipple. "Mmmmm!" you sighed as I inhaled you into my mouth.

I moved to your side and watched my fingers stroll down your tummy, toying with your navel and feeling the short, curly hairs just below. I flattened my palm on your mons and rubbed slow circles. You lifted your hips to press against me harder and my fingers touched the smooth skin of your pussy's lips.

My fingers moved up and down, pressing into you with every stroke. Your legs separated like they had a will of their own and you moaned each time I touched your clit. My finger was coated with your juices. I brought it to my tongue and sucked it clean and you smiled as you watched. I dipped my finger in you once again and coated your lips with your wetness. Then I kissed you, my tongue dancing across your lips seeking the wonderful tastes of you.

My need for you was overpowering and with our lips till together, I moved atop you. My cock found what it wanted and slowly entered. We both sighed as our pelvises touched and I rubbed against you.

Civilization dropped from us and we made uninhibited love. Your teeth bared as the tiger I love to see took control of you and you grunted with each stroke. Our hips were alive, pistoning up and down, round and round. I felt your heels slam into my ass, raising you from the bed to meet me. I saw the approach of your orgasm as I felt my own take control of me. The clamping of your pussy was all I needed to push me over the edge and we both came in wave after wave of pleasure and animal sounds.

I felt your legs loosen their grip as my cock softened inside you. I lowered myself to kiss you and felt the slipperiness caused by the sweat that poured from us both. Our breathing returned to normal slowly and the slight breeze was enough to chill our wet bodies. I felt you shiver slightly and with another kiss, I stood and pulled you to the bathroom and a warm shower. We played in the warm water till it started to run cool, then toweled each other dry.

We decided to walk along the beach so I dressed in shorts and T-shirt. You donned shorts and a bikini top that looked absolutely wonderful.

"Oh, God!" you said as you looked in the mirror, "I can't wear this in public!"

I laughed and said "Why not? You look beautiful in it." We left the room before you had a chance to think about it too much and crossed the road to the beach. We took our shoes off at the edge of the sand and walked to the water, intending to wade along the shore. "Brrrr" we both said as the cold Atlantic washed over our feet. We decided that perhaps the warm sand was a better choice.

We held hands as we walked the beach. From time to time you'd bend to pick up a shell, examine it, pass judgment and return it to the sea. With the cold waters, we had the beach to ourselves and we enjoyed each other, the sounds of the waves and sea birds.

We spent the day walking through town acting like the tourists we were. We shopped for souvenirs, we sat at an outdoor cafe and had a soda as we picked out the houses that we'd like to live in.

Still holding onto each other, we walked to the breakwater, a line of large stones sticking into the ocean. We walked out a ways and sat side by side, arm in arm, watched the boats go by and talked. Before we knew it, the sun began to set and the view was breathtaking.

With the setting sun, the breeze got cooler and we got hungry, for food as well as each other. On the way back to the inn, we checked out the menus by the doors of the restaurants and decided on the Oyster Bar. Neither of us was dressed for dinner so we made reservations and headed back to our room.

We undressed each other, taking turns removing an article of clothes as sensuously as possible. I removed the bikini top and cupped your breasts. You pulled my T-shirt over my head, ran your hands across my chest and sucked on my nipples. I knelt before you and removed your shorts and panties and nuzzled the small patch of fur I'd exposed.

I stood as you knelt to return the favor. I felt your lips in my pubic hair as your chin moved my cock back and forth. It rubbed against your throat and tapped the underside of you your chin with each heart beat.

"Mmmm. I like that!" I told you, as your hand slid up my leg to cup my balls.

You looked up at me and said "How `bout this?" and pulled your head back slowly, my cock sliding along the underside of your chin. Suddenly it sprang before your lips and tongue and you licked the precum from the tip. You lips parted and I saw my cock slowly disappear into your mouth until your nose once again touched my hair.

"Oh, yes" I moaned, trying not to thrust my hips into you. I felt your hands reach around my legs and grab my ass for leverage and you moved your head back and forth, sucking me like never before. The sight of you inhaling my cock and the delicious slurping sounds was almost too much.

Just as I was about to step beyond the point of no return, I felt you loosen your grip on me. I heard my cock POP out of your mouth with a kissing sound and you smiled, knowing the torture you were putting me through.

You moved toward the bed where you knelt on the edge and the sexy wiggle of your ass was all I needed to see. My hands caressed your ass as I slid my wet cock up and down your pussy. I felt the heat of your pussy on my cock head and was drawn to it. I watched as I entered you, smoothly and without stopping until I saw your ass shake with the impact of my hips.

"Mmmm, now THAT'S what *I* like!" you cooed. Your hips and mine found a rhythm. I changed positions from time to time to rub the length of my cock along your clit, drawing a sigh from your lips and a shudder from inside you.

I could feel your orgasm, as always, starting deep within. I pressed my thumb against your ass and pounded my cock in and out as fast and hard as I could.

"YES, Fuck me, Troy. I'm cumming!"

Your breasts were swaying wildly from your motion and the sudden impact of our bodies. I transferred my grip to your hips and pulled you into me, harder and harder. I felt you cum. I heard you cum. I came too.


The world stopped as our hearts pounded and our breath came in gasps. I stood staring at the ceiling, my eyes closed as if praying for the moment to endure. You dropped your head to the bed and pushed against me one last time.

"That was fantastic!" we said together. Then laughed. My cock softened and I pulled it from you slowly, all shiny and wet with both of our juices. You turned, sat on the edge of the bed and reached out with your finger to catch some of the liquid for a taste.

"Mmmm, a delicious appetizer!"

Once again you took me into your mouth and sucked me clean. Then you stood before me and we kissed. I could taste our sex on your lips and tongue and you were right, it WAS a delicious appetizer.

One hunger sated, we washed and dressed and walked to the restaurant to satisfy another.

I'm not sure how you did it, but before I knew it, I was eating raw oysters on the half shell and enjoying it. But it was nothing to compare with the rest of the dinner. It was fabulous! As we enjoyed the feast, we talked to catch up on the time we were apart, we sipped a wonderful wine the steward had suggested and we smiled into each other's eyes. When coffee and dessert were finished, we strolled back to the inn in the light of a nearly full moon.

Our lovemaking that night was tender and slow. We lay in the bed kissing and caressing each other, building the fires slowly this time. We told each other of our love without speaking a word and our sighs mingled with the breeze blowing in the windows.

We slept the sleep of contented souls that night. My arm was across your tummy when my eyes opened the next morning. I felt you stir and said "I had the most wonderful dream last night. I dreamed we were on an island paradise together."

"That was no dream, love. It's really happening." you smiled and dozed off again to finish the dreams you were enjoying.

I left you sleeping and dressed enough to go downstairs for coffee. I made a fresh pot in the kitchen and carried two mugs upstairs. I found you, the blanket around you like a toga, on our private deck outside our room and sat beside you.

We sipped the hot coffee and discussed the empty house next door. We talked about how we could fix it up, what colors to use and what changes to make. You'd found some journals next to the bed and brought them out with you. They were written by lovers that shared the room before us and told of the wonderful times they had here. We read them to each other, smiling at the things they talked about. The chill morning breeze drove you inside as I wrote our entry, telling future guests some of the wonders we've discovered.

We headed for the shower and bathed each other till our skin wrinkled. We dressed for our last day in paradise and went downstairs to breakfast. The breakfast our hostess had prepared was wonderful. We ate well and set out for adventure.

Since the water was much too cold to swim in, we decided to rent mopeds and explore the island. After some faltering lessons on our pint-sized mounts, we headed toward Gay's Head on the other side of the island. Traffic wouldn't allow us to ride side by side, so you blazed the trail. I was surprised when you turned off the main road but the less busy road and the beautiful farms were a welcome sight to us both.

We stopped from time to time to enjoy the beauty or just stretch our legs. Martha's Vineyard isn't a large island, but the mopeds were slow going.

Once such stop was near a newly mown field on a road to nowhere. We pulled to the side of the road, behind an ancient stone wall. We could see the farmer mowing the next field over, or rather we saw the machines moving about. Sitting sideways on your seat, you took off your helmet and shook your hair loose. I walked over and put my arms around you, standing between your knees. Your lips sought mine and the kiss would have melted an iceberg. Perhaps it was the vibration of the moped, but you were unmistakably horny and the realization stiffened me immediately.

My hand went to the back of your neck and I drew my fingers along it from your scalp to your shoulders. Your hand went to my chest and I could feel my heart beating against your palm as your fingers tickled my tiny nipples.

Our lips still together, I cupped your breast and squeezed softly. Your hand rubbed the bulge in my jeans and we both moaned softly. I heart the ziiiip of my jeans opening and your hand felt cool against my hard cock. It lay in your cupped hand and you massaged me from the tip to my balls. I moaned again.

I put my hand on your thigh and slid my fingers under the hem of your shorts. The leg openings were large and allowed me easy access to you. I felt your panties, wet and sticking to your shaved skin. My thumb pressed against your clit and moved back and forth.

"Fuck me, baby!" you said "Here! Now!"

You stood and moved to the waist high wall. You glanced at the farmers in the next field and smiled. You pulled your shorts and panties to your ankles then bent to lean against the wall. I stood behind you and rubbed the head of my cock against your pussy to get it as wet as you were. I pushed the head into you and moved it up and down. You pushed back against me and I pushed until my pubic hair brushed your ass.

I pulled back slowly and tightened my ass to slam back into you. I varied the speed and power of my thrusts and left just the head of my cock inside you one time. You looked back at me and with a snarl you took over. I put my hands on my hips and watched your ass vibrate with each thrust.

You arched your back and tried to stifle the cry as your last thrust pushed you too far. I felt your hot cum on my cock and slid my hips back and forth slowly, watching your whole body vibrate.

I was very close to my own orgasm when you collapsed to your knees. You turned around and gulped my cock, fucking me with your mouth. I held your head in my hands and moved my hips slowly, barely in sync with you. Your hand went between my legs and I felt your finger on my ass. It pushed in and out just enough.

"I'm cumming!" I warned. You either didn't hear or didn't care for you increased your pace. As you felt my cock swell as it prepared to explode, you pushed me deeper into your throat and swallowed my cum as fast as I could give it to you. You didn't stop sucking till I softened in your mouth.

I guess my cries as I came were louder than I thought. We heard a horn behind us and turned to see the lights on the farmer's tractor flashing off and on. We realized that he was too far away to see much and it struck us as funny. I helped you to your feet and we both bowed in that direction, pulled up our pants, donned our helmets and hit the road, still laughing at our brazen performance.

From time to time I'd see you shake your head as we rode as if to question your sanity, but still you smiled.

The smiles were still on our faces as we pulled into a little deli for lunch. As we got off the bikes you almost fell over from laughing and I couldn't help but join you. We got some strange looks from the family sitting at the picnic tables, but I suspect they were nothing compared with the looks they'd give us if they knew WHY we were laughing.

I sat next to you at the table and as my weight hit the bench, the table started tipping. I managed to stand before we both hit the floor with our meals, but it started the laughing all over again. As we ate, we talked about the things we'd seen: the gorgeous little house near the beach, the flowers growing wild in the field nearby and the miles of woodlands; anything but that farmer's field.

The rest of the day was blissfully peaceful. We walked the cliffs high above the ocean and sat on a huge rock and watched the ships sail past and the clouds drift by. The breeze turned chilly and we thought we'd better head back `home'.

Still following your lead, we took a different route back to the inn. The clouds grew ominous and the air quite cool before we got back to Oak Bluffs to turn in the bikes. We stopped for cappuccino to warm us and noticed the first drizzle of rain starting to fall.

We made the inn just as the occasional sprinkle turned into a hearty shower and by unspoken agreement, went to the swing on the porch. My arm kept you warm as we watched the rain and listened to it's pattering on the roof. It muted every sound around us and added to the feeling that this was our private world.

The sky grew dark and lightning flashed. We kissed and looked into each other's eyes and yours would sparkle with each heavenly flash. The wind changed directions and blew the cold rain on us so we abandoned the swing, damp of body, but not of spirit.

Back in our room, I lit the candles next to the bed and barely got the covers pulled down before you were undressed and shivering. You crawled into bed and waited for me to warm you.

I laid beside you and you drifted into my arms. Like the night before, we took our time. Our kisses were softer and slower, our caresses tender. I slid my hand up and down your back, feeling the softness of your skin. My hand lingered on you butt and my fingers moved up and down between your cheeks.

You lifted your leg on top of mine and raised your knee. My hand caressed your thigh and I felt the heat at the top of it. Constantly moving, my fingers barely touched you at first, then I increased the pressure entering your private domain a little more each pass.

You were incredibly wet. My fingers slid in and out with the wet sounds I love to hear. Your sigh was felt against my lips more than heard as I rubbed the hard nub of your clit, feeling it grow beneath my fingers.

My cock swelled and rubbed against your tummy as I slowly moved my hips. I felt your hand snake between us to stroke me.

I started to rise and move on top of you. You placed your hand on my chest and told me "Uh uh, it's my turn, Love."

You pushed me to my back and straddled me. My cock was pinned beneath you and I felt your pussy lips part to slide on either side of it. You slid slowly back and forth, coating me with your wetness. You were sitting up, your hands on my chest smiling as you moved.

Without warning, I felt myself slip inside of you. The soft, wet heat surrounded me and you just sat there, not moving for a long time. Your eyes were closed and your lips smiling.

"God, this feels so good!" you said softly then started to move your hips in circles above me. Your movements started out slow and long and occasionally you'd stop again and press down onto me. But before long you increased the pace of your hips as well as your breathing.

I cupped your breasts in my hands and gently squeezed your nipples.

"Ohhhh, Yes" was what I imagined I heard, too quiet to be certain.

Your hips moved with less control now. Faster and shorter movements. Constantly changing position, chasing the pleasure from one spot to another. I tugged gently on your breasts, quietly asking you to bend down. I held your breasts together and licked your nipples as you rubbed the length of my cock along your clit.

I was getting close to cumming when I felt the first tremor in you. I sucked your nipple into my mouth and my hips joined yours, torturing the bedsprings.

Both of our breathing was ragged. Each knew the other was close, but wanted to stretch out the pleasure we were feeling.

Suddenly you couldn't hold back any longer. "I'm cumming, baby" you said as you bit your lip. The lightning flashed and the thunder rolled, both outside the windows and inside of you as your orgasm raced through your entire body. You sat upright, tossed your head back and tried to suck all of the air from the room. Your hips pounded into me.

"Ugh! I'm cumming!" I cried and thrust my hips up into you with each spurt of pleasure.

"UUGGGHH! UUGH!" The final spasms left me and took all my energy with them. I felt my body go limp then felt yours slowly lay atop me, your head on my chest.

We laid together like that for a long time catching our breath and listening to the thunder drift out to sea. You finally lifted your face and kissed me softly. "I love you, Troy." you whispered.

"I know!" I smiled. "And I love you too, Cindy!"

You rolled to my side and was asleep in seconds. I lay there watching you and drifted off to sleep hearing your words echo inside my mind. We may be leaving in the morning, but I promised myself that we'd return some day and capture some more magic in the Tivoli room by the sea.

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