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Last night, about midnight, I got ready for bed. We're going through a particularly cold snap right now, so I huddled under my flannel sheets, blanket, and comforter, trying to get warm. After lying there for 10 minutes or so, I began to feel the blood circulate back into my fingers and toes, warming them.

I relaxed, trying to clear my mind so that I could fall asleep. When I'm really tired, but can't fall asleep, I play this little game, I suppose it's sort of like counting sheep, because I never remember finishing. Starting at my toes, I focus on each body part in succession, thinking about it relaxing. My toes, my feet, my ankles, my calves, my knees, my thighs....

As I felt my body relax, my thoughts drifted away from my little 'game' and into a little fantasy. I imagined you walking into the room that was cast in shadows by the almost full moon shining off of the snow that fell over the weekend, bending over to brush the hair from my forehead, and kissing softly over my forehead, down my nose, and finally, to my lips. Then, I imagined you pulling the desk chair over to the edge of the bed, getting comfortable, and saying "Cindy, show me what thoughts of me make you do."

Still under the covers, my hands started running down my sides, across my hips, down my outer thighs, then back up. I used my fingernails to lightly trace big circles on my stomach. I placed both hands on my breasts, still covered by the flannel shirt I wear to bed when it's cold. I pressed my palms flat against them, then slowly started moving my hands, again in a circular motion. I switched from using my palms to my fingertips, lightly pinching my nipples, swirling the soft flannel around them as they hardened.

Sometimes I'm certain there is some sort of circuit running straight from my breasts to between my legs. As my nipples hardened and I arched my back against my hands, I could feel the wetness flowing, not in any great flood, but just as slowly as I was caressing my breasts. My fingers reached for the buttons of my shirt, undoing them and folding the shirt open, but not taking it off. I ran my fingers over my upper chest, down between my breasts, and underneath them, my fingers brushing against my nipples, now bare.

While my left hand attended to my left breast, my right hand dropped between my legs. I slid my feet against the sheets, my knees raising the blankets, my legs parting only slightly. I reached, using two fingers, for the soft shaved skin of my labia, one on either side. There was just a tiny bit of stubble, since I had shaved Saturday, just enough to tickle my fingertips. I pushed and pulled my lips together, still using only two fingers, indirectly stimulating my clit. I felt my nipple that I was caressing get just a bit harder. My hips pushed up against my fingers.

Still, I imagined you sitting there watching me, absent- mindedly running your hand across the bulge in your pants, aroused, even though with the covers, you couldn't see exactly what I was doing, only imagine it.

This image excited me and my finger reached between my lips, searching for the wetness that I was sure was there. I still kept my legs somewhat together, my knees perhaps 6 inches apart. I love touching myself, driving myself somewhat crazy with the indirect stimulation of my clit, until I can't stand it anymore, and I spread my legs wide, my finger reaching inside me, just a bit, then running straight to my clit. My thighs and stomach muscles quiver involuntarily as soon as my finger brushes directly across it.

I continue the long back and forth motion, from my rapidly hardening clit all the way down to my pussy, then just a little inside. I squeeze the cheeks of my ass together as I rock my hips back and forth with my still leisurely rhythm.

My thoughts return to you, still sitting on the bed, watching, an almost pained expression on your face. You reach down, unbutton and unzip your pants, your now hard cock jumping out.

I imagine pulling the covers off, my left hand dropping down to spread my labia and my finger switches from the slow back and forth to a somewhat faster circular motion. Oh, god, it feels so nice. Every few seconds, I have to stop the circles, to keep the feeling and not cum right away. During these 'breaks', my finger wanders down and inside me, pulling more wetness up towards my now aching clit.

You're still sitting at the edge of the bed, now firmly stroking your cock, not in any hurry, just keeping in time with my rhythm. I watch you stop to spread the precum around the head with your thumb. I moan and decide I can't wait any longer.

Faster and faster my finger circles, still with no hard or direct stimulation, almost just a strumming vibration against my clit. My hips thrust back and forth, my legs spread as wide as I can possibly spread them. My breathing now louder, deep breaths in through my nose, out through my mouth.

I bring myself to the brink, and stop, instead plunging my finger inside and pulling it back out again. My whole body is tensed, still, waiting, for my finger to brush over my clit once again, knowing that one touch is all it's going to take.

I take one more deep breath, hold it, and flutter my finger back across my clit. Oh god, the walls of my pussy clamp tight, the only muscles moving as the orgasm washes over me. I imagine your cock inside me, being squeezed by those smoothly contracting muscles, wondering if it would feel as good being squeezed as it does to do the squeezing.

Finally, I can stand the touch no longer. My fingers leave my pussy, and slide up over my stomach, leaving a trail of their wetness. I bring my finger to my mouth, flicking my tongue out to taste it, then bringing it all the way into my mouth, sucking my juices off of it. I sigh, a deeply contented sigh. I button my shirt, turn over onto my stomach, wrap my arms around my pillow, whisper "Good night lover. Thank you." and fall asleep with a smile on my face.


I entered the most private of inner sanctums, your bedroom, as softly as a whisper. The moon reflecting off the new snow gives more than ample light and I see you lying in bed, shielded from the cold beneath your blankets and flannel.

My mind pictures your naked body, lying as an offering to me and I sit in a chair next to your bed. You are SO beautiful that I can't take my eyes off of you!

Your head turns slightly and an errant lock of hair falls across your face in a futile attempt to hide your beauty. I reach out before I realize it and gently brush the hair back in place and can resist your charms no longer. I touch my lips to your forehead ever so gently, then lower to that cute little spot between your eyes that crinkles when you laugh. Then down the ridge of your nose to your sensuous lips.

Your kiss stirs my cock to life and my need for you is strong: but I have something else in mind tonight.

"Cindy, show me what thoughts of me make you do."

I see you move under the covers. As your hands slide down your body, it is all I can do NOT to touch. Back up to your tummy. I can't quite make out what you're doing but your smile says you are enjoying it.

When you reach your breasts my pulse quickens. Even though I can't see what you're doing, I can image it, and the pictures increase the bulge in my pants.

I almost missed the slow slide of your right hand back down your body, palm flat against your stomach, then your knees rising in the moonlight to make a tent of the covers. I sensed, rather than saw, your hand reach the center of my need!

From the motion of your hips, I could tell that your ministrations were exciting you, as they were me. I notice my hand rubbing my ever-stiffening cock but can't remember my brain issuing the command to do so!

I can see your shoulder move as you extend your reach. Are you exploring deeper into your wet charms? Or are you rubbing your juices over the spot just below your pussy, the spot I love to lick?

You look my way and smile and I have to have some relief. Your gaze follows my fingers as I open my pants and free my cock from its cramped surroundings. I put one foot on your bed to spread my legs.

Since I don't want to rush my pleasure, I fondle my balls, heavy in their need for release. I squeeze them gently and tug, wishing it was your lips tugging on them.

You peel the covers back and it takes all my concentration to keep from erupting at the sight. The soft hair protecting your clit glistens with your dew. The aroma of you wafts toward me and almost breaks my resolve.

My hand grips my shaft and I stroke in time to your motions. Long, slow strokes that tickle the sensitive ridge around the head of my cock. I spread the precum that begins to leak over the head with my thumb.

Your moans signal your approaching orgasm and I match your increasing speed. Our breath is deeper, louder, almost a gasp. My eyes are riveted to your fingers as they get closer and closer to your clit. Your clit is so hard and I imagine it the button that will fire a rocket through your body.

Your fingers thrust deep in and out of your pussy as you verbalize your need to cum NOW!

My hand is a blur on my cock but I no longer extend my stroke to rub the head, knowing that it would take only a touch to release the jet of hot, slippery cum. I watch you try to delay your orgasm and sense MY determination to wait for you slipping.

Suddenly, you take a deep breath and press the launch button between your legs. The rocket's fire radiates from your pussy in visible waves of pleasure. I watch your muscles clamp and release the fingers still inside you.

There is nothing more beautiful and erotic than watching a woman in the clutches of an orgasm! As my cock spasms and erupts in my own "petite morte", I am torn between the pleasure it brings and the frustration of NOT being able to watch you any longer.

When my eye are able to focus again, I see you touch your wet fingers to your tongue, then lick your nectar from them. I long to taste your cum, to feel it's heat on my tongue. As my cock softens, it jumps a bit at the thought, just enough to remind me to save that for another time.

With the return of my senses, your image fades and I wonder if it happened at all. The last thing I remember is a contented smile and a whispered "Good night lover. Thank you."

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.