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Mind's Eye Lover By Chris

You know, it seems like everywhere I turn, I can find stories about lovely ladies with time and toys on hand and how they can masturbate for hours it seems. Yet I never see any stories about us guys masturbating! Well, it's time for a man's point of view, so to speak.

I'm a healthy robust guy and I usually jerk off in the normal, manly way. You know, pop a skin flic in the VCR, whip my meaty tool out, slowly pound it while watching some pussy licking, cock sucking and hot fucking then speed up for the cum shots and, wham, bam, thank you hand! This is ok, usually, but one weekend when my wife had gone to visit friends, I got tired of the quickies and got to thinking. When I really try to please my lover, I take my time with her and explore her slowly, letting the sexual tension build. Why can't I do that to me?

So I thought about what I liked doing to my lover, things like making her stretch out blindfolded and naked on the bed, then slowly brush her body with a silk scarf or teddy. Or making her lie on her stomach and pouring oil on her back and slowly rubbing down her back to her ass, making her push her ass up in the air so my finger will go that little bit further to her puckered asshole.

By now, I'm getting hot thinking about this, so I go into the bedroom after grabbing the vaseline and baby oil from the bathroom. I love the feel of silky panties on my lover; love caressing her entire pussy with my whole hand. So why shouldn't that feel good to me? I feel a little self- conscious but, what the hey, nobody's here but me. So I get a pair of my lover's panties, the nylon ones that feel so cool and slippery, and slip into them. I close my eyes so I can "see" my lover and I start to touch myself, first lightly brushing my nipples to get them hard. Then I slide my hand down over my panty-covered cock. Oh, I can feel it pulse and the panties are wet around the tip where precum has started flowing. I reach lower, to hold my balls. Then, as I pretend I'm fondling my lover's twat, I slide my middle finger back and forth, like I was sliding it between the lips of her pussy. My balls separate, one to each side of my finger and it "feels" like my lover's pussy through her panties! I inhale sharply and my legs spread farther apart and my cock is starting to throb and I know all I'll have to do is slide my hand on it, and I'll come.

But no, my lover needs more, so I lighten my touch and reach up to rub my nipples. My balls feel hot from nearly cumming and I have to clench my ass where the panty has slid up my crack. I take a deep breath and relax a minute, lightly feeling the tip of my cock under the edge of the panties where its wet, like my lover's pussy.

I reach over and get the baby oil and pour some onto my nipples, massaging then harder, pinching them until it hurts. I've got to get more room for my rock hard dick so I slide the panties off then brush them over my chest. They're discarded now; my lover's hot, too hot for any clothing now. I take the oil and drizzle it over my cock letting the cool oil hit the underside of my cockhead, where that sensitive ridge runs around it. My cock jerks as I involantarily squeeze my asshole at the shock of the cool oil Holding the oil in my left hand, I palm myself, again with my middle finger "fucking" my lover's pussy. I pour oil over my hand and "feel" it trickle over my lover's pussy lips surrounding my finger. I push my finger down further, almost to my asshole where the oil has collected. With my left hand, I wrap the shaft of my cock. Its oily and hot and I pull up and down on it. I can feel the heat rising in my head and I pull my knees up so my finger can "fuck" my lover's cunt and asshole at the same time, and, and,OH....not yet, I sigh, not yet. I stay perfectly still, not moving at all because my cock's throbbing and I have to squeeze my asshole and balls real hard to keep from coming.

I slowly pull my hands away and squeeze my legs together as I roll to my side. I reach for the vaseline, lubing up my finger to make it smoother for my lover. My asshole's all ready for me with oil so I push my finger in slowly, the same one I "fucked" my lover's cunt with, then slowly out and back in. Oh, I feel hot and my balls are throbbing again. I push my ass back against my finger, trying to get the best penetration. My other hand reaches the head of my cock and wipes the precum oozing out of it all up and down the shaft. Now my oil and cum covered hand feels like my lover's pussy! I "fuck" my lover harder now, we can't hold out much longer. My hips start bucking sending my finger into my lover's asshole farther on one stroke and my cock deeper into her cunt on the other. Faster, my prick is getting harder and hotter, I can feel my balls starting to squeeze as my asshole clamps down on my finger. "Fuck, Fuck me" I cry out as I climax. OH, OH, I hiss as my cum squirts up onto my nipples. I cum 5, 6 squirts, my hips jerking a little less each time.

As I catch my breadth, I twirl my finger in some of the cum on my chest and kiss it off my lover's lips in my mind.

The End ('til next time)

Copyright, 1996 By Chris. Comments to

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