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Mind's Eye Lover - Part 2 By Chris

Boy, it felt soooo good the other night, making love to myself while wearing my lover's panties. I can't get over how erotic it felt to feel the silky smoothness of the fabric rubbing me, arousing me softly. My lover's going to be out of town again and I'll have to try this out in more detail. I wonder if there's something weird about enjoying the feel of women's lingerie but then I think, if it feels good to them, why shouldn't it feel good to me too? I don't want to dress up like a woman, that holds no allure for me. But the idea of having really sexy underwear on stimulates me, makes me start to swell and I have to reach down and adjust my cock in my pants. Anyway, maybe next week, I'll get to try some of this out.

(Next Week)

Well, she's off on her trip! I think I'll go shopping now. I'll look for a special pair of panties for me, maybe two pair. We have a Dillard's which has a good lingerie department and I've purchased things for my lover there so the sales people won't find it odd that I'm looking through the dainty underthings. Oh, I love looking through the lingerie! Again, its more the thought of all of the lovely breasts and pussys and asses that will be touched by this clothing that thrills me. I try to imagine what the buyers will feel like wearing each item and what it would feel like to run my hands over the soft fabric while they're in them! I love the silky feel of nylon tricot fabric. Its coolness gives me goosebumps! And then there are the Teddys! I can't help but bring back the image in my mind of my lover reaching into her crotch to snap the snaps. Lord, how I wish she'd ask me to do that for her!

I love putting lingerie on (both me and my lover); I love taking it off; I love the feel of it draped over my bare chest, being pulled down over my rigid cock then being pulled back up between my legs to tickle my balls. I love watching my lover put hers on; there's nothing as sexy to me as watching my lover slip into her panties, snugging them up against her fresh, clean cunt after her morning shower, then shrugging into her bra. I love the way her breasts strain against the fabric as she reaches back to fasten the clasp, then reaches forward and lifts each one, getting it comfortable within the lace. I love to see how the panty fabric clings to her gorgeous ass as she sits at her makeup table. She's totally unaware of how arousing and erotic she looks sitting there in her underwear! Most of the time, she wears pantyhose and I love to watch her contortions getting into them. Its almost pornographic the way the small tube of the hose expands to take her leg in, almost like the expansion of her vagina to encompass all of my thick cock when we make love. Oh, and then the final graceful movement of slipping a beautiful slip over her head, moving her legs back and forth to shimmy it down over her hips. In my mind's eye, I see her pussy lips moving with each step of her legs! Then, the way the fabric shifts as she walks and her hips make that side to side rolling motion that only women can make just drives me wild! The silky feel of that sliding on her ass must be heavenly.

Well, stop daydreaming, you old fool! You'll never get out of here otherwise, I think to myself. I find some nice panties in large, pink with a little lace but with full coverage in back which is what I like for myself so I can increase that delicious erotic feeling of the fabric on my ass. With all the daydreaming, I decide to go for some panty hose too. I've just got to find out what that feels like on my legs, on my panty-clad ass. Of course, now I have to rush home and masturbate right away, I've become so aroused at the lingerie store!

Its the end of the week and I decide to go for it! I take a nice long shower, getting myself clean paying particular attention to my crotch and asshole, I want to be clean for my lover, even if it is only me and my mind! I rub a little baby oil into my cock and balls, to make them slippery all day then slip the pink panties on. Oh, I've got an erection right away and I reach down and rub myself through the panties. Ohhh, that feels sooooo good! I reach around and slide my hands over my ass and imagine that the warm feeling it gives me is what my lover feels when I pet her this way. But I've got a whole day's work to get through! Taking a deep breath, I open the package of pantyhose and pull them from the egg. My God, I'll never fit into these, will I? Well, the package said these would fit so I start by scrunching one leg up onto both hands, the way I've watched my lover do a hundred times, pointing my foot and slipping the hose over my toes and up my calf, smoothing it as I go. Like her, I stop when the first leg is over my knee than repeat the process with the other leg. I stand up and alternately stand on each foot, shimmying into the pantyhose. Geeez, how do women stand this? I have to reach down and stroke myself more and I wonder how I'm going to go through the day with this massive erection!

I finish dressing. Ummmmm, the feel of my pants rubbing across my panty-clad ass is great! And the hose makes my leags feel the fabric of my pants as I've never felt it before. Will I last the whole day?

Well, I did, although it was difficult! I had to be careful when I went to the bathroom since I had to go 'like a woman', sitting down with my panties and hose down to my knees. I can't say that this was particularly erotic although the fear of someone potentially catching me did heighten my awareness of what I was feeling. It was arousing virtually all day to me! I love the feel of my pants rubbing me, keeping me slightly aroused constantly. When I went to the bathroom in the afternoon, I found that I'd already stained the front of my panties with the precum leaking out of my cockhead.

Thank God! The day's finally over! I've got to jerk off! I walk as nonchalantly as I can to my car and head for home and the solitude of my bedroom. I can't help but rub myself while I'm driving home and I don't particularly care if anyone sees me. Boy, it feels good! I rub the silky fabric over the shaft of my cock and I want to cum, right here in the car. But I squeeze my legs together to hold off a little longer.

Ah, I'm finally home! I virtually run into the house, shut the door behind me and lean back against it, rubbing my crotch with both hands. I unbuckle my belt and unzip my fly as I move towards the bedroom, walking out of my pants as I turn and fall to the bed. Ohhh, I've got to get inside my lover's pantyhose and I jam my hands under the waistband, feeling myself through the wet front of the panties. Oh, GOD! I can't stand it! I rub harder and cum, my hips jerking up against my hand, the silky panty material sliding over my rigid cock! Ohhhh, it feels so good! I lie back and milk myself slowly letting my heart catch up with me.

I lift my legs up and shuck the panty hose off, tossing them to the floor, lying back to reach both hands under the waistband of my panties, cupping my balls and rubbing my cum into the shaft of my cock. It feels so good! I reach with my cum soaked fingers for my ass, wiping over my asshole to lubricate it with my cum. Ohhhh, the feeling is so erotic, so wild, I plunge my finger deep into my ass, trying to scratch the itch within. I clamp down on my finger, making my balls tingle more and find that I'm getting slightly erect! AGAIN! I've never gotten erect again so fast! Now, the panties are in my lovers' way so I strip them off, wanting to jerk off again, now! There's no desire for sensuality now, I want to cum again and I beat my cock rapidly, moving in all the ways that I know will bring me off, trying to get that feeling of release one more time! Oh, OOHHH, YESSSSS. Oh God, Oh, Fuck! Fuck me lover!, uughhh! Ooooooh, aaaaahh...I don't have as much jism in me so there's not as much cum to rub on my belly but I'm tingling, there's a heat focused deep under my balls and I wish I could make it last longer but I wake with a start to find I'm falling asleep, cock in hand, dreaming of my lover and lingerie!


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