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The Chair

by anonymous

I walk into a room where eight men are seated on three couches arranged in a "U" shape. In the centre of these couches is a very comfortable looking contour chair in a black leather. This chair is a couple of steps up from the floor where the couches are. Not quite a stage, but most definitely the centre of attention. Three track lights illuminate the chair, while the rest of the room is dimly lit. I am what these men are waiting for. They are all dressed casually, a couple smoking cigarettes, one even passing a joint.

As I walk into the room, they are all gentlemanly enough to stand and welcome me in. I am dressed in my favourite Levis, boots and t-shirt. I've chosen a very sexy pair of black t-back panties to wear under my jeans and my full, braless, 36-D breasts are firm and bouncy. And real. My nipples harden as I approach the chair. I am aroused with anticipation of what will transpire here.

No words are spoken beyond 'good evening'. Soft, sexy, nondescript music is playing. I sit on the end of the chair closest to the centre of the room and pull the tie from the back of my natural wavy red hair and give it a good, hard shake. My nipples rub against the material of my white t-shirt as my breasts jiggle. I smile. I feel sexy. The joint makes it's way to me and I take a good drag. That's all of this that I will need.

I smile again as I stand in front of the chair with my legs slightly spread. The track light in front of me illuminates my entire body as I begin to slowly rub my hands up my body starting at my bottom. I wriggle a little as I bring my hands around to my belly and then up to my breasts. This feels so good. My nipples are doing their best to cut through the cotton t-shirt. I give them both a healthy pinch with a little twist. My panties start to get damp. I close my eyes and bite my lip. I am so turned on.

A little moan escapes my throat as I sit back down on the end of the chair and start to remove my left boot. One of the gentlemen on my right gets up and pulls them both off for me. For this, I put my arms around his neck and give him a very big, wet, horny kiss. This also gives him a rather big erection. Very nice. Now, with my boots off, I am free to lay back on the chair and start to unbutton my faded, tight 501s. But first, I must run my hands up my body again, this time starting at my knees, up my inner thighs and again to my breasts. I have to concentrate, I don't want to go too fast.

As I undo the last button of my jeans, I turn over in the chair and sit on my knees so that my beautiful behind is pointing right at the centre couch. The 'oohs' and 'aahs' from the men as my ass is freed from my jeans is intoxicating. My thoughts are to get naked as quickly as possible and fuck and suck and suck and fuck every man there. But I tell myself to slow down. They are here for me and I am here for them.

The chair allows me to roll over onto my shoulders and feet to finish removing my jeans, my pantie covered mound arching into the air. My jeans join my boots back behind the chair with a toss, well out of the way. My left hand follows the inside of my left leg up to my screaming-to-be-touched clit. I can't help but to give it a quick rub, my juices already collecting on my panties. I rub my aching pussy for a brief moment, long enough to soak my fingers in my own juices.

Spreading my legs, I quickly bring myself forward, straddling the midsection of the chair. I land on my belly at the foot end of the chair with my fingers in my mouth, sucking away. I do taste good. From the reaction I get, the men in the room highly approve and would most likely wish to join me. With that, I reach down and start to masturbate, my ass again in the air. I contain myself, though. I still don't want to go too fast. I slowly lie back on the chair, my fingers again in my mouth. I still have far too much on.

Reluctantly, I remove my fingers from my mouth. I love the taste of pussy. But it is much easier to remove a t-shirt without one's fingers stuffed into one's face. Besides, I want to play with my tits. Off it comes, over my head and onto the pile with the rest of my clothes. Again, I shake my hair causing my tits to jiggle. The only thing left to take off are my very, very wet panties. But first, I think I'll suck on a nipple.

I start to lick my left nipple like it's an ice cream cone. Big, sweeping licks that really make it wet. Then I flick my tongue around the hard nipple. This is so torturous. But before I can suck my left nipple, I must lick on the right. All the while, my pussy is getting wetter and begs for attention. Soon, my love, soon. Just then I hear a groan of pleasure from one of the men on my left. They are enjoying my show. Good. So am I.

Letting myself breathe for a moment, I turn and once again straddle the chair with my back to my audience. I grab the back of the chair and start to rub my still covered pussy on the back rest of the chair. I hump and grind myself on the chair, swaying my head back and forth as if to further entice my lover beneath me. My orgasm is very close and to stop now might mean starting all over. I let myself go as I continue to fuck my beloved chair. My moans and growls clearly audible to the men in my audience. In my pleasure I hear from behind me a single 'yes'.

With tiny beads of sweat collecting between my heaving breasts, I turn and face my men to see that most of them are now naked. Those who aren't are very close. No man is un-aroused. One is even giving another head. With that sight, I clear my throat, brush the hair out of my face and slide to the foot end of the chair. 'That looks good' I say, licking my lips. I then stand, turn around and drop my absolutely soaked knickers to the floor. Three sets of hands grab for them before I can reach to retrieve them.

Slowly I sit back down on the edge of the chair and spread my legs. My trimmed red bush glistens with my wetness. It is time for some serious masturbating. With my left palm, I start to rub my swollen outer lips. They are very wet and slick with my cum. I bring my palm up to my mouth and give it a lick, once again tasting my own sweet juices on my hand. My right hand finds my left nipple and gives it a squeeze while my left hand dives into the wonderful wetness between my legs. I spread my lips and find my clit and from there there is no stopping me. Alternating between rubbing my clit and inserting my fingers into myself, I rub and I pull and I buck and I fuck and I arch and I moan and I growl and I finger fuck myself into a frenzy. It feels so damn good that I can't stop!

Breathing heavily through my nose with my fingers again in my mouth, I open my eyes to see my eight men surrounding me in my bliss. They, too, are masturbating. It is my turn to utter a single 'yes'. They must not have waited long to join me since it looks as though quite a few are very close to cumming. I take my fingers out of my mouth and gently rub my belly. Just then, one of the men on my right shoots his load onto my chest and it starts to run down between my tits. As if on queue, the rest follow by shooting their spunk all over my tits. One, two, even three at a time squirting their delicious cum all over my waiting, heaving breasts. The one who earlier was giving head stuck his tongue to my nipple to catch some of his friends' spew. As I kiss his mouth, he shares some of his prize with me…

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.