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I look over at you and smile, a bit nervously, as the plane begins taxiing down the runway. I'm still always a bit scared when I fly, even though I do it all the time. I twist the emerald ring I always wear around and around on my right ring finger. You take my hand in yours and smile back, and I know everything is going to be fine. In fact, I know everything is going to be wonderful. We're on our way to Cancun, the perfect spot to chase away these cold weather blues.

Three hours later, we leave the taxi and walk into the hotel. I barely notice our surroundings. You've been teasing and touching me for the entire flight and during the endless taxi ride. I've already had two wonderful, but painfully quiet orgasms, but I can't wait to get you alone in the room. By the way your pants are fitting you right now, I'm sure you feel the same. We nod and smile as the desk clerk explains the endless list of the hotel's wonderful amenities, then scurry outside to our villa.

We quickly close the door behind us, drop the luggage, and lunge into each other's arms. Within seconds, clothes fall to the floor. Before either of us realizes it, we're naked on the bed, held tightly in each other's arms. Finally, as I pause for a breath, some semblance of thought takes over and I say, "Wait a minute....we're at the beach....we can't forget our suntan oil." And I jump up and head over to my suitcase. Clothes fly in every direction as I search. With a triumphant smile, I pull out a bottle of vegetable oil and a plastic paint drop cloth, and walk slowly over to the bed, an evil little smile on my lips. "Here," I say, tossing you the plastic, "Spread this out on the bed. I'll be right back." I disappear into the bathroom.

Exiting the bathroom, I smile as I look at you lying on your back on top of the drop cloth. "Turn over and relax, close your eyes," I command as I walk toward the bed. You comply, and I admire your body for a moment or two. I climb onto the bed and straddle your hips, wiggling around a bit to get comfortable. I pour the warmed oil into my hands, lots of it, feeling it sliding between my fingers, dripping down my forearms, all the way to my elbows. I place my slippery hands on your back, coating your shoulders. Again, I pour into my hands and work my way down your back, over your ass, and all the way down your legs. I again pause to admire your now glistening body, shining in the sunlight streaming through the sheer-covered windows.

"Turn over," I again command. We both start to giggle as you try, and slide right back onto your stomach. You had no idea just how much oil I had used. Your feet trying without success to grip the now oily plastic to get yourself turned over. Finally, between the two of us, we get you turned over, and I begin the same process on your front, starting at your chest, down across your stomach, hips, and thighs, all the way to your feet. "Mmmm," I giggle as I finish, "you definitely look tasty all basted up like that. Ok, my turn." I flip over and lie down on my stomach. I try to hand you the bottle but it slips out of my hands, some of it pouring into a puddle in the middle of the bed.

Quickly getting into the spirit of the adventure, you waste no time pouring the oil into your hands, but pour it directly on me, rubbing it a bit to spread it around, but with no hope at all of rubbing all of it into my skin. I jump as I feel the first drops hit me, then moan as I feel your strong hands start across my shoulders, then down my back, toward my ass. You finish my back and tell me to turn over. I have even more trouble than you did. After all, the big puddle in the middle has spread everywhere. It's almost hopeless. Finally, after many tries, I slide onto my back, my body almost entirely coated just by my heroic efforts to get turned over. You quickly finish the front of my body, pausing only to give my breasts a little extra oil and attention. The bottle of oil is almost gone and you place it on the nightstand next to the bed, slipping only once or twice in the process.

I roll next to you, pressing the entire length of my body to yours, my hands gliding over your chest. Your hand finds my waist, running lightly down over the front of my hip, to the very sensitive place where my leg comes into my body. I shiver as your fingertips glide all the way down that line until they reach my inner thigh. Back up your fingers glide, two fingers, one on either side of my pussy, a look of surprise crossing your face as you feel the smooth, shaved skin glide under your fingers.

You struggle to sit up, spread my legs, and look down. "Mmmm, how pretty! When did you do this?"

"You didn't think it took me so long in the bathroom just to warm up the oil, did you?" I smiled back. "Your turn is next, later, after we finish our um, baking. But first, I think you need a closer view."

I push you back down and once again struggle to climb on top of you, again straddling your hips. This time though, I face away from you. My hands kneed your thighs for a few seconds. I switch to a light touch of just my fingertips as I glide them up and over your balls, then underneath, searching for that spot that makes you moan when I touch it. The growl deep in your throat, and the upward thrust of your hips, tells me that I have indeed found it. I trace light circles as your hands glide all over my ass, your thumb slipping up and down my crack.

I begin to rock, back and forth against your stomach, each backward movement moving me an inch or two up your body. My clit is so swollen, it feels unbelievable as I glide back and forth across the hair on your chest, my own juices now combining with the oil to make it even more slippery. Meanwhile, my fingers have found your cock, so hard it's twitching in its desire to be touched. I slide two fingers all the way from its base to the tip, a drop of pre-cum leaks from the top, and waits there, begging to be tasted. I lean over and touch it to the very tip of my tongue. Enjoying the taste, I lean over further, taking the entire head in my mouth, as my fingers again run base to tip, hoping to get another taste. I continue to rock back and forth against your chest.

You moan again, then say, "You know, you promised me a closer look. While the view is quite stunning, I think a bit closer might be in order."

I lift each leg over your shoulders, falling against you only once. I turn to watch your eyes close as I lower myself onto your waiting mouth. I turn my attention back to the now almost purple monster waiting for me. I slide you into and out of my mouth, the oil and my saliva combining to make wonderful smacking sounds as your hips lift in time with my strokes.

Meanwhile, your tongue dances back and forth from my clit backwards. I moan, my sounds muffled by your cock in my throat, as you lap firmly just outside the hole, finding that spot that is almost as sensitive as my clit. I continue to rock my hips slightly, showing you the slow rhythm I like the best. My thighs tighten around your ears, and it occurs to me that you probably can't breathe, but as I slide even more of your cock down my throat, my thought is that we'll pass out together from lack of oxygen. And as good as it feels, I don't think either of us will mind.

Your muffled moans and thrusts tell me that you're getting close, so I raise myself off of your mouth, turning to smile at your glistening face, and begin my little rock and slide motion back down your body. By the time my clit is moving against your belly button, I know I'm not going to make it all the way back down before I cum. I lift and lower myself onto your cock, my finger pressing against my clit. Immediately, I feel the waves of warmth start to wash over me.

Your hands grab my waist firmly, and your hips lift, impaling me on your cock. Oh god, I feel the contractions start, even though I have yet to move. I continue stoking my clit, lightly, in wide slow, slippery circles as the orgasm washes over me, the walls of my pussy contracting in time with my circles. Since I'm not moving at all, I'm sure you too can feel every contraction, and your moan tells me for sure. Finally, it ends, my body unfreezes and I begin to glide back and forth, not really full long strokes, just short little back-and-forth and side-to-side movements. This little bit of stimulation is driving you crazy, and I can tell you want nothing more than to bury your cock all the way in me, and fuck the hell out of me until you can't fuck me anymore.

I climb off you and lie down on my stomach, spreading my legs just a bit, and grinning at you. You straddle my legs, and slip inside me, squeezing my legs together with your thighs. This position brings your cock almost right into my most sensitive internal spot and I sigh in pleasure. As your strokes lengthen and become more powerful, my entire body slides up and down the bed. It slides so much that you slip out once or twice. We settle into a rhythm of shorter strokes, but still hard enough that I'm sliding back and forth a bit. My nipples harden deliciously as they slip and slide against the plastic.

Your breathing changes as you get closer to exploding. Your arms weaken and you almost fall against me, your weight pressing against me. Your slippery body slides back and forth against mine as I slide back and forth against the bed. The sensation is overwhelming and I hear the almost animal-like growl, deep in your chest. It rips it's way out of your throat in a strangled 'Ahhhhhhhrrrrrrrggggg' as you start to cum. It seems to go on forever, your thighs tightening around my hips. I feel as if I'm caught in a vice, a vice from which I never want to be freed.

Slowly, we disentangle ourselves, ending up sharing a soft kiss as I lean over you. Finally, after a few moments, I giggle, "Now, the *really* fun part. Let's go wash all this off in the shower."

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.