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Through the Eyes of Love [789 Words]

He opened the door and saw a room in disarray. The walls were half painted, the unpainted areas spotted with patches of pale grey filler. The old sheets, covering the two pieces of furniture, were paint splattered. The bare wood floor was also splattered with yellow paint. A young woman with a paint brush stood in the middle of the mess, facing away from him. She was wearing an old paint stained shirt and dusty torn jeans. Both her hair and face were sweaty, dusty and paint smeared. His heart leapt in his chest, simply at the sight of her. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. A goddess of beauty descended to earth. She was even more beautiful than when he left that morning. "You're gorgeous! A work of art come to life!"

The woman turned and smiled. "Oh, I am not!" Her smile lit up the bare room. He simply nodded, and walked toward her. She shook her head, and playfully backed away. Wiped her dirty hand on her cheek, smeared it with paint. In a moment her back was against an unpainted piece of wall. The young man placed a hand on her chest, caressing her breast through her shirt. The same movement gently pinned her to the wall. His other hand pushed a lock of her sweaty hair back behind her ear. Taking her chin in that hand, he kissed her passionately. His kiss told her he would give his life to spent one single night in her arms.

"You know what I like most about this shirt?" He stroked the worn stained fabric with both his hands, stroked her breasts and ribs through the cloth. She went to say she had no idea. Looking into his eyes, she read his mind. "Yes! Yes, I do." She smiled joyfully. "It is dispensable."

She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. He took a good grip on the front of her shirt, and tore it open. Cloth ripped and buttons rattled across the floor. "What exquisite breasts you have." He released her shirt, and ran his fingertips across her ribs, then along the curve of her breasts to her nipples. "I do not." She quickly shrugged off her torn shirt, looking down at her bare chest. "They're small and flabby." Bare to the waist, she placed her hands behind her head. Meeting his eyes, she smiled wickedly. "Certainly they don't deserve to be kissed.". Quickly, he kissed each breast, then each nipple. They were small and hard against his lips. Licking her nipple, he sucked it into his mouth. After sucking and licking one breast, he spent even longer caressing the other with his mouth.

He pulled her arms down, and pressed her hands to his nipples. "Take over here. I'm going further down." Laughing, she toyed with her breasts, while he kissed his way to her jeans. Squatting, he undid the press- stud with his teeth. She laughed, and applauded. Her lover stood, bowed, and knelt before her. He had more difficulty unzipping her jeans with his teeth, but managed it. Her shirt fell to the ground. She was not wearing panties. He kissed her maidenhead. Sweaty from her work, her smell and taste were both strong. "Ambrosia!" He shushed her before she could disagree. Pulling the jeans down, he helped her step out of them.

Tossing away her last piece of clothing, he concentrated on the joy of pleasuring this goddess made flesh. With his tongue, he slid along the lips which tried to hide her now glistening clit. She spread her legs and reached up the bare wall, as the tension built inside her. He gently spread her lips. Only his tongue or cock ventured into her secret places. Her lover knew she didn't like his finger inside her. Gently, he pushed his wet tongue between her sweetened inner lips. He heard sounds and was surprised when he realized they are coming from her. She didn't normally make noise, but today she couldn't control them. Neither could she control her hips as they buck and twist below his lips. He realized she must have been thinking about him. She gasped and fell silent. As if reading his mind, she muttered "I was imagining your return, an hour ago. That's why I took off my bra and panties." He licked and sucked at her, like a hungry child. Soon she squealed with pleasure, and her honey filled his mouth. He lapped it greedily.

When she recovered, the naked woman wrapped her discarded shirt around his head. Once he was blind- folded, she began removing his clothing. Slowly, stroking and kissing each piece of flesh she bared. Unexpectedly, she removed his pants and underwear before his shirt and tie. She planned to stroke his cock, then slowly remove his shirt, to leave his erect penis swaying in the breeze. "Oh, yes! Suck it, goddess of lust." At his heart-felt cry, she abandoned her plan. She thought his body was as beautiful as he thought hers. Considered his cock perfect, as he did her breasts. The woman kissed the head, and quickly sucked his entire length into her mouth.

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