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A Photo Session

Your knock on my door startled me a bit. I was concentrating on setting up the lights for our shoot and running through the poses I wanted to have you try and I guess I was in another world.

"Hi, gorgeous! Come on in, I'm almost ready."

You entered and I could see the war in your eyes between the excitement of having me photograph you and the reality of BEING photographed. Fortunately, the excitement appeared to be winning.

You took off your coat and went to the bathroom to change into your "costume" while I put the finishing touches on the "set."

You returned wearing a simple flannel robe, and I couldn't wait to see what you'd selected.

"All set. Why don't you make yourself comfortable on the bed." I said, trying to be professional about it.

"I bet you say that to all the girls, don't you?" you grinned.

"Only the gorgeous ones!"

And you WERE gorgeous! You took off your robe and my eyes all but popped at your choice of attire. You wore a red lace jacket of sorts and a matching pair of panties.

Your breasts seemed to fight the confines the outfit placed them in and the dark circles of your nipples could be seen through the thin fabric. Your pubic hair was just visible too, more of a suggestion than a reality. And it was suggesting a lot!

I felt myself reacting in a noticeably UNprofessional way. I'd photographed many beautiful women in the past and none stirred me like you!

You seemed to notice my reaction and smiled as you positioned yourself on the white silk sheet.

"Okay," I coughed, trying hard to control myself, "let's takes some pictures!"

The camera clicked and the lights flashed as you moved for me on the bed. You were a natural model, knowing how to pose to really show off your fantastic body. After the first few frames you seemed to have chased all your concerns away and was really enjoying yourself.

I reloaded the camera and asked you to unbutton the jacket. You laid back and undid each button slowly, from the bottom to the top.

Click, your belly button revealed.

Click, click, the bottoms of your firm breasts. "God, you are sexy!" I remember saying.

You hesitated with the last button and I wasn't sure if it was a tease or you were going to call a stop to the whole thing.

You moistened your lips and smiled your decision. The button parted and you slowly revealed yourself to me.

Click! Just a hint of your right nipple.

Click! Fully exposed and hard, your nipple is the center of my attention.

Click! Click! Click! I zoomed the lens for the best view.

"Beautiful, Cindy!"

Your lips parted and your eyes betrayed the growing passion you felt. My cock betrayed MY rising passion.

You opened the other side and I saw what I've wanted to see for so long.

Click! Click!

I moved around the bed seeking the perfect angle for those perfect orbs.

Click! You arched your back and your breasts seemed to grow!

Without my asking, your hands slid up your sides to cup each breast.


Your thumbs touched your nipples and triggered them to even harder heights.

Click! Click!

I moved to your feet and shot the length of your body. I couldn't see your face for your breasts so I rose enough to see your smile framed between the breasts I've longed to have MY smile between!


You separated your legs slightly and I could see a dark spot forming on your panties.


I paused to reload the camera, but my attention was on you, waiting for me. Your breasts moved sensuously with every breath. And your breath was quickening as I watch. Your hips moved slightly in spite of your best efforts.

"OK, Cindy, would you mind working your panties for me?"

"Like this?"

You tugged at the sides pulling the elastic down. Your dark brown fur just exposed.

"Perfect!" Click! "Now the other side."


While your left hand tugged at the elastic, your right palm glided down your mound. Your fingers softly touched the exposed hair and slid over the red lace.

Your legs spread a bit farther and your fingers curled over the spot I knew your clit would be. They didn't seem to move, maybe a very slight "tapping" motion, but the effect was so erotic.

My camera's motor drive and your breathing were the only sounds I heard, besides the pounding of my heart, trying it's damnedest to pump more blood into my stiffened cock.

Your slid your hand to the elastic band and slowly peeled the panties from you. The aroma of your sex reached my nose and my hands shook in my attempts at control.

I reluctantly asked you to stop for a minute as I broke all records for reloading a camera.

You lifted your fantastic rear to allow you to slide the panties off. As I snapped away, I notice that you've shaved the hair around your labia, just the patch above your clit remained.

As I watched, your clit emerged from it's sheath, red, like it was on fire.

I snapped pictures at a furious pace, preserving the images I'd fantasized about for so long.

The camera ran dry for the last time and I set it down and switched off the lights. When I turned to look at you again, there was no mistaking the invitation in your eyes and the needs of your body.

You watched as I removed my clothes and crawled into bed beside you. Softly, gently, our bodies became one as we embraced and kissed. Our tongues explored each other, tentatively at first, then in earnest.

My big hands were never still. I ran my fingers through your hair and held your lips to mine with one hand, while the other caressed your back and slid to your ass. I probed between your cheeks and felt the moisture seeping from you, hot, sticky and inviting.

You wrapped your leg around me and our loins ground into each other. Building a fire that could only be extinguished by a greater fire.

My hand reluctantly left your ass and felt it's way up your side to your breasts. It took some doing to insinuate my hand between our bodies, but I was rewarded with a moan, and the feel of your nipples against my palm.

I broke our kiss so that I could taste the hard treat my hand was feeling. My lips left a trail of moisture down your neck to your breast.

You moaned softly and held my head to you. I suckled your nipples like I'd done so many time in my dreams. Your hips increased their motions to match your increased desire.

I rolled us over so that I was on top of you, your legs still wrapped around mine. My cock could feel the heat of your pussy and practically begged to be allowed in.

But I had another fantasy to fill first! As I slid down your body, I tasted the slight sheen of perspiration the lights and your lust caused. My tongue entered your belly button like my cock wanted to enter your pussy. Your hands held my head lightly and you fingered my hair absent mindedly.

Your pubic hair tickled my tongue when I reached it, but the smell of your pussy drew me lower.

I kissed your clit and you jumped. I suspected that all it would take to release your orgasm was another kiss there so I moved lower.

You lifted your knees as close to your chest as you could to give my tongue unrestricted access to you. I licked the puffy outer lips first, kissing them and enjoying your moans of pleasure.

I notices a drop of white leaking from you and dipped my tongue to taste it. It was ambrosia! I licked your inner lips, sucking them into my mouth and tugging on them with my teeth.

Finally, I let my tongue enter your pussy and it's heat almost seared me! I fucked you with my tongue, reaching in as far as possible to taste your sweetness.

I could feel your orgasm approach like the 3:15 express. I put my lips around your clit and flicked my tongue over it.

Your legs and hands clamped my head to you as the strongest orgasm I'd ever witnessed wracked your body. I rode with you as best I could, my tongue lashing you to greater heights. Your cum flooded my face and I couldn't lap it up fast enough.

Finally you relaxed your grip and tried to catch your breath. I slid up your inert body and kissed you again. As our lips met, my cock entered your pussy, no longer to be denied.

You moaned into my mouth and I felt your pussy grip my manhood like a velvet fist. Our hips moved of their own accord, to a pattern born in pre-history. Our breath quickened and our pulses raced.

You announced your hold on this world! "I'm cumming!" and I felt your pussy squeeze and release my cock with greater urgency. As I felt your cum make my cock even slipperier, I couldn't hold back any more.

My balls heaved and I filled your womb with my cum. Jet after jet splashed against your insides. I wasn't coherent enough to make any sounds except the guttural sounds of a man satisfied.

I could feel the muscles of your stomach and your pussy relax as our orgasms subsided. The room was silent except for our contented sighs.

As my cock softened you wrapped your legs around me, telling me not to move just yet. I don't think I had the strength left to move, even if I'd wanted to. We lay together like that for who knows how long.

As you kissed me again, we both felt my cock beginning to harden inside you.

"My, but you have a lot of energy, don't you?" you teased.

"Only for you, Cindy! Only for you!"

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