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The Picnic

April is one of the best months in Texas. The weather is pleasant, not hot like in the summer, not cold like in the winter. The temperature is usually in the 70s, often a light breeze is wafting through the air, the humidity is relatively nonexistent. A perfect time for a picnic.

Your seminar gets out early on this beautiful Thursday and I am waiting in the parking lot for you in my new red Mazda Miata convertible. The trunk (what there is of it) is filled with a variety of picnic supplies. Brie, Waterford crackers, Berringer's White Zinfandel, a variety of fresh fruits such as strawberries, cherries, melon and grapes, along with sour cream and brown sugar to dip them in.

You climb into the passenger's seat, leaning over the console to share a passionate kiss with me. As you lean over, your short black skirt rides up your thigh, exposing the tops of your black stockings and the beginning of your creamy thighs. My cock immediately stiffens in anticipation of our afternoon together as your mouth covers mine and our tongues gently slide between our lips, mingling with each other. Your hand gently cups my cheek as our kiss deepens, then your fingers slide around the back of my head, through my hair, pulling my mouth tighter against yours. Meanwhile, my hand touches your cheek, slides down your throat, across your blouse, gently cupping your breast. I feel your hard nipple through the silky material and gently pinch it between my fingers. You moan softly into my mouth and my erection increases. Reluctantly, we break off our kiss, knowing if we continue, the picnic will never come to fruition. We have so little time together, we want to make the most of it, and this picnic was one of our major plans.

I throw the little car into gear and we roar out of the parking lot, top down, your beautiful brown hair blowing in the wind. God, you are always a vision of beauty, but never more than right now. You look so free and relaxed, and I selfishly like to think it is because you are with me.

We take IH35 south to HWY 280, then west to Pedernales Falls State Park. Although a beautiful park, it is incredibly underutilized during the week, especially on a Thursday afternoon. I pay the entrance fee, pick up a park map and choose the most remote spot in the park. Driving through the winding road amid the live oaks and mesquite trees the sun filters through the dense foliage giving a surreal look to everything. We find the spot we are looking for and pull under a beautiful post oak tree which completely protects the car from the sun. The temperature is pleasant enough, but the sun is intense and we don't want hot seats to get back into from the sun beating down on them.

We unload the items from the back seat, along with a blanket that we will use as a tablecloth. We spread the blanket on the table and arrange the items upon it. I open the wine, pouring us each a glass. I hand yours to you and we toast our finally having the opportunity to be together. After drinking about half the bottle, we sit together on one side of the table, as close together as we can. We talk about what has led up to this moment, about the flirting, about the suggestions which started out as fantasies, but soon we came to realize that they were indeed true desires which rather scared us both the more intense they became. I spread the soft brie on a cracker and offer it to you. You open your mouth seductively and I raise the morsel to your lips. I place it on your tongue and you sensuously run the tip of your tongue against my finger as you delicately take the offering into your mouth. A spot of cheese remains on my middle finger and you reach for my hand, bringing it to your mouth and taking my finger into your mouth you proceed to lick and suck on it as I hope you eventually do to my ever thickening cock. Your eyes never break contact with mine as you minister to my finger. God, I want this woman, I think to myself.

We once again begin to kiss...oh, gently at first, but shortly our passion is building once again. We find sitting side by side on this bench is not really conducive to what we want so you sit sideways on my lap. The hardness in my lap is surrounded sensually by the valley beneath your skirt. As our mouths, lips and tongues explore each other with utter abandon, my hand begins to unbutton your blouse. Reaching in, I cup one magnificent breast in my hand, your rock hard nipple pressing against my palm. With a circular motion I both massage your breast and further stimulate your sensitive nipple. Your moans and the wiggle of your ass upon my lap combine to act as a barometer of your desire and pleasure.

My hand moves to your knee and begins it's slow sensual journey along your leg. You shift slightly, spreading your legs and allowing me unfettered access to your most sensitive areas. My fingertips barely touch you as my hand glides farther along the inside of your thigh. Reaching the top of your stocking, I linger, running my finger along the edge of the lace, slipping between the lace and your sensitive skin. I feel a shiver run through your body. Higher, my hand travels, feeling the moisture along your thigh that has already come from you. Your legs part farther yet, my hand moves to the top of your thigh, skirting your aching pussy for now, running instead along the lowermost part of your abdomen, feeling the smoothness where normally the wiry texture of pubic hair would be. You had told me of this, but the confirmation makes my cock jump against you all the same. My fingers dip now, gliding through your incredibly wet folds. As I cross your clit a much more audible moan escapes your lips and a sharp intake of breath follows as I slide two fingers inside you, hooking them upward and pressing against the soft flesh between your pubic bone and the inside of your pussy. Your moan has changed to an almost mewling sound...a higher pitch the more excited you get. Applying more pressure, with a circular motion inside you, my thumb stimulating your clit from the outside, suddenly your body tenses and your legs tighten around my hand as your first orgasm washes over you. You pull my face tighter toward you and our kisses are almost painful in their hardness and intensity as our teeth press against the inside of our lips with our passion.

After you regain control of your breathing I slowly remove my hand from you, bringing it to my lips and slowly licking off all of you from it. God, your taste and aroma is even more wonderful than I had dreamed about all those times. You climb down from my lap and, taking my hand, pull me up from the bench. You reach toward my buckle, expertly releasing the clasp. You unbuckle my trousers and slowly lower the zipper, your knuckles grazing against the material, pressing against my hardness as you do. I wear no briefs, so my cock pops out of it's bondage as you slide my pants down around my ankles. As I step from them, you push me back against the picnic table. My ass sits on the edge and you guide me as I scoot back so that I am lying fully upon the table, my cock as a 45 degree angle toward my face.

You grasp my cock in your delicate hand and lower your lips upon it, engulfing my turgid shaft with your sweet, warm, wet mouth. Pulling back, the tip of your tongue circles my glans, runs across my cock head, touching the dollop of precum, pulling away with a ribbon of cum stretching from your tongue to my cock. With your fingertip you break the ribbon at the source, twirling it like honey on a knife so as not to lose it and bring your finger to your mouth and consume it. Returning to the job at hand, so to speak, your hand pumps up and down on my cock as your mouth encircles it, sucking as I have never been sucked before. God, I feel as though you are going to suck my balls right out of their sack. I've never felt anything so wonderful in my life.

As you continue, my hands are busy finishing the job they began earlier, removing your blouse, releasing your pendulous breasts to the mild open forest air. Beads of perspiration trickle down your cleavage as they sway with the movement of your mouth sliding up and down my cock, your long brown hair grazing so sensually over my pubic area as you do. Releasing your skirt, letting it fall to the ground, you step out of it and I gaze in wonder at your incredibly beautiful naked body. Your hard nipples, the wetness around your pussy lips, slowly running down along the inside of your thighs, your aroma upon the warm spring breeze. You truly are a marvelous sight, everything I have ever dreamed of and much, much more. My cock is now harder than I can ever remember it being in my life.

You stand upon the benches on either side of the picnic table, straddling the table itself, poised over my erection. Taking my cock in your hand, you slowly lower yourself upon me. In an agonizingly slow, yet ultimately erotic sensation I feel my cock contact your swollen lips...easing slowly inside of you. God, my love I can feel a totally new sensation with every inch of me that you take inside you. Finally I am totally absorbed and consumed by you. Your muscular legs raising and lowering yourself upon me. The wetness that comes from you has coated my cock and it is cool when the spring breeze blows against it as you raise yourself, exposing me to it. The warmth that overtakes it as you lower yourself once again upon me is a wonderful contrast in sensations. The look in your eyes as you gaze down upon me and the gentle sway of your breasts completely takes over my mind and body. I have become obsessed with wanting and needing you.

You bring your finger to your lips, wetting it. You then lower it to your clit, circling, rubbing, pressing against yourself as you continue to slide up and down on my shaft. As you finger yourself, I can feel the tip of your finger sliding upon the top of my shaft as well. Faster and harder you take me into you. My ass raising off the picnic table, meeting you thrust for thrust, the slap of my pelvis against your ass on the upstroke and the slap of my ass against the table on the downstroke echoes through the trees that surround us. Our moans and words of erotic encouragement mingle with those sounds to create a cacophony of pleasure throughout the forest. Suddenly our bodies shudder in unison, we both thrust toward each other and as we reach that point where we are so close we become one, our muscles spasm, locking us together as we share the throes of our individual orgasms.

As we bask in the sweet spring air, our passions subside (for the time being) and you lay upon my chest. For so long, we have dreamed of this time. For so long, never being quite sure it would happen and if it did, never quite sure of the results.

Imagine, all that worrying for nothing. Copyright, 1996 By Rick. Comments to

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