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The Raft

The Colorado River...surrounded by the mile high cliffs of the Grand Canyon, the pastel colors of the walls contrasting sharply with the deep blue of the sky, only a few clouds for texture. We've planned this trip for months and are finally here.

Some of the finest whitewater in the world is along the Colorado, but currently we are floating along one of the calmer spots on the river and we are laying together in the bottom of our raft. We have removed our shorts and shirts for the time being and are in our swimsuits catching some sun and admiring the colors and formations that only Mother Nature could create. The weather is warm, but not oppressively so. There is a gentle breeze blowing across the water to cool us as we float along.

I look over at you, admiring your beautiful body surreptitiously as you look in the other direction at the rocks along the edge of the water. You are so sexy, even though you wear a conservative one piece bathing suit. Your eyes, even though they are averted, looking elsewhere, are so sensual...what would be called "bedroom eyes". Your lips are full and sensual and, oh God, so very kissable. I love the way they feel as I gently press mine against them, the way they delicately part and your tongue gently grazes against mine as they begin to mingle. Your neck...I love touching your neck as I kiss you...softly running my fingertips along the side of your neck, across the top of your smooth shoulder.

Your breasts are fairly large, your best feature, as you like to call them, and your large nipples are clearly visible protruding against the fabric. I am so familiar with them, I can almost feel them between my lips, against my tongue as my teeth graze against them. The thought of the way you moan whenever I do that, the way your hips almost automatically thrust forward when I touch your sensitive nipples, the way they harden at my touch, causes my cock to harden within my swim trunks, as well.

My gaze wanders farther down your body, across your stomach...a slight protrusion but oh so sexy because it's the one remaining reminder of your carrying our child. I want to reach out and touch it, remembering how it felt as she was kicking and raising a fuss, but I don't want to break your concentration right now. I want to continue allowing my eyes to take you in as you are off in another world. Lower still, my eyes focus on your mound. Though covered by your suit I know what lies there. The smoothness of your pubic area is well known to me. The feel of my mouth and tongue against your shaved pussy is one of my greatest joys, and you've told me one of your greatest pleasures. I have always enjoyed eating you, but ever since you shaved your mound, it has become almost an obsession. Not only more of a pleasure for me, but also for you. You have told me how much more sensitive you feel. That combined with how much more eager I feel adds up to incredible pleasure for both of us.

Your legs are incredible. Nicely shaped, muscular, I love seeing them when you wear a short skirt. I love it even more when you wear stockings under that short skirt and I get a flash of creamy skin as you climb into the passenger's seat of the car. I love the effect I can have on you as I run my tongue in circles and nibble behind your knee. I love it most when they are surrounding my waist, your heels against my ass urging me on as I thrust deep, hard and fast into you. Your feet...I love the effect I can have on you when I kiss the tops of your feet...when I run my tongue along the sole of your foot...when I take each toe into my mouth and suck on them, running my tongue between them, wrapping it around each of them.

"Well, what have we here?" you ask, touching my now completely erect cock through my trunks. It appears you have been watching me the last few minutes instead of the shore as I was lost in my own personal daydream.

"It hasn't been THAT long, has it?" I tease.

"Actually, love, just by feel I'd say it is quite long, but I'm a much more visual person so I think I may have to just do an actual visual check," you reply as you reach into my trunks, encircling my hardness with your hand.

A moan escapes my lips but is cut off early by your lips pressing against mine. My hand reaches to cup your breast as your hand slides up and down my cock, gently but firmly coaxing me to even greater lengths. My hand slips under the material to your suit and I can feel your large hard nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. A soft moan passes from your mouth to mine and I return it as your hand involuntarily squeezes me harder in reaction to my touch against you. The tip of my cock in now protruding from the top of my trunks and the head glistens in the sun, coated with the precum that you have urged from it's tip. We are eager for each other now and our bodies are witness to this fact. The hardness in your hand, the hardness against my palm, our musky scents upon the gentle breeze.

We maneuver around, laying next to each other in the bottom of the raft, our feet at opposite ends, pressing against the ends of the raft as our mouths find what we want to taste of each other. You lower my trunks around my thighs and slowly take my cock into your mouth. I've watched this process many times and even though I can't see you now I know how your tongue is circling my mushrooming head, flicking over the tip, tasting me. I can visualize how your lips run up and down the length of my turgid shaft, feeling every ridge and vein along my length.

I wrap my arms around your legs, encircling them. My fingers move the material of your suit to the side, exposing your glistening pink lips to the air...and to my tongue. I run just the tip of my tongue along your folds, just barely touching you with a feather soft pressure. I spread your lips farther and slowly insert my tongue inside you as far as I can. Your hips wriggle at this, pressing harder against my mouth, wanting me farther inside you, but alas, a tongue is only so long. Just enough to tantalize you, but not nearly enough to satisfy you. I proceed upward until I feel the hardness of your clit against the firmness of my tongue and I feel you gasp against my cock, the sudden inrushing of air into your mouth cooling my shaft. Then your moan as you exhale vibrating against my glans. Even over the sounds of the water lapping against the side of the raft, I can hear the sucking sounds of your mouth on me and mine on you, and those sounds somehow manage to turn us on even more profoundly than we already are.

Looking over the side of the raft, up and down the river I make sure we are still alone. As much fun as it is to fantasize about making love in public, we are not exhibitionists in reality. Indeed we are alone for as far as I can see and I tell you that I want to make love with you right now, right here on the river. We slide out of our suits and you lay in the bottom of raft, the motion of the water rocking your hips invitingly at me. Never being one to refuse such an invitation I lay on top of you (it's damn near impossible to kneel in the bottom of a raft with any control)! It is also almost impossible to get any traction in the bottom of a raft, so we shuffle back toward the edge of the raft until I can place my feet against the wall.

Taking my cock in your hand, you guide me to your opening and I easily begin to slide into you. Suddenly we float over a rock and your hips are thrust upward completely engulfing my throbbing member. We are both taken by surprise and release a sudden gasp. In our passion, we have failed to notice the upcoming whitewater, but also because of our passion we are beyond caring. The raft pitches and rolls, thrusting me in and out of you, not in a rhythmic motion as we would normally be used to, but in a frantic animalistic frenzy that lifts you, driving me deeply into you, crushing my balls against your ass then dropping you until I almost completely come out of you before catching the next lift and burying me inside you once again. The irregular motions, both forward and backward, in addition to the up and down forces the upper ridge of my cock to stimulate your clit in ways you've never experienced, bringing you to the edge, backing off then driving you to the edge once again. Our breathing is irregular, both from our sexual excitement and from the rush of the ride. Your hands are grasping my ass, trying to hold me deep within you as your climax rushes over you. You feel my cock expanding within you signaling the start of my own orgasm as we hit yet another bump, a major one, and you lose your grip. Your ass drops and my cock pops out just as my climax begins. It's almost like a slow motion movie as my contractions begin, spewing my come from the tip of my cock, sending it in ribbons outward and over your body. The first jet, always the most intense, hits your mouth, the second goes onto your breasts, the third your stomach and finally the last few drip down to your pussy where your hand rubs it into yourself.

As our senses begin to return to us, we look over the side of the raft and find that the water has calmed once again. It seems the whitewater was just a short stretch, amazingly well timed as it turns out and nothing at all dangerous. Just exciting for the moment. We maneuver our raft over to the bank and find a sandy spot to pull out for the moment, going for a swim to cleanse ourselves and continuing our journey down the mighty Colorado.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.