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Trail Ride By Troy

I woke, as I have every morning since we met, with a smile on my face and a fire in my loins that only you can quench. I watched as you slept and thought again how lucky I am.

It always amazes me how you can sleep so soundly! Even on vacation I'm up at the usual time. Like there's an alarm clock in my head that I can't shut off.

I rose to tend to my morning routine, letting you have a few more minutes peace.

When I returned to the bedroom I just couldn't bring myself to wake you right away. I watched as your deep breathing made your magnificent breasts rise and fall. I smelled the lingering scent of the perfume you wore to dinner last night. I saw the smile on your lips and wondered what dream you were enjoying.

My mind drifted back and I smiled as I thought about the day we met, the accidental bump on the corner, the spilled groceries. Neither of us was looking for a friend or a lover that day, but before we knew it, we were well on our way to being both.

Oh, sure, we had our ups and down as we got to know each other, but somehow we survived.

I can't tell you when we crossed the threshold from friendship to love, but one day I was talking to you when I realized the truth in the way I felt. It scared me at first, the intensity, the uncertainty. But there was no denying it.

Our first night was glorious. We danced in the moonlight on my patio and as we kissed, the fires simply consumed us. Before we knew it we were entwined, flesh to flesh till dawn kissed us awake.

Returning to the present, my need for you drew me to the bed and I decided to see just how deep your sleep really was. I started by putting my hand on your tummy, rubbing circles that ended at your breasts. As my hand caressed your left breast, my lips glided over your right.

I watched your eyes for signs of wakefulness and finding only a contented smile, I grew bolder. I slid my hand down your body till your soft hair tickled my palm.

Even asleep your body reacted to my probing touch. Soon your breathing took on a more urgent rhythm.

God, Cindy, I wanted you! Needed you!

There was no mistaking your arousal and as I positioned myself over you, I could tell that your need was as great as mine.

I watched your eyes as I entered you, slowly, almost painfully slow. Each stroke pushed me deeper; deeper into you. You sighed and smiled when my pelvis touched yours and I saw the first signs of your waking then.

Your arms went to my neck.

"Good morning, Lover" I said.

"Mmmm" seemed the best you could manage.

You wrapped you legs around me and changed from unknowing participant to a woman possessed. Unsure of your reaction when I started, I was surprised at the depth of your passion. You pulled me into you harder and faster. Bucking to meet me and crashing our bodies together.

I sensed the first signs of your orgasm approaching like stampeding cattle, rumbling from deep inside you. You shook as it neared and screamed as the waves of pleasure radiated outward in ripples.

As you stiffened, I felt you tighten around me, urging me to climax with you. Your cries of release had hardly left your throat when mine joined in an atavistic chorus of lust.

As our bodies slowly relaxed and our pulses dropped from the red zone, I could still feel you quivering inside, but not so violently now. I kissed your face good morning, first your eyes, then your nose, and finally you lips.

As our lips parted, you opened your eyes and I realized that you are even more beautiful after we've made love than when asleep.

You said "Mmmm, Now that's the way I'd like to wake up every morning."

I laughed and said I'd do my best.

Sated for the moment we lay holding each other, cuddling, drawing strength and love from our contact.

Finally, nature called you from my arms and soon I heard you start the shower. You called me to join you and I didn't need any urging. We bathed each other; teasing at times, arousing each other all the time.

We toweled each other dry, and after some wrestling, some more fondling and a whole lot of kissing, I left you to attend to all the things you seem to think you have to do to make yourself beautiful.

I got dressed and dialed the stables to confirm the arrangements I'd made the day before and was assured that all would be ready and waiting for us in an hour.

I watched you as you dressed. God, I love to watch you put on your jeans, Cindy. The way your rear wiggles as you pull them up is enough to drive me insane. It brings to mind a phrase my grand dad used when watching a woman jog by. He used to say that she looked like "two puppies wrasslin' in a gunny sack!"

When you were finished, I grabbed the small bag I'd prepared and we walked over to the "chow hall" for breakfast. The day was so warm and beautiful we sat on the porch where we could watch the mountains, smell the fresh air and feel the sun on our faces. We both ate more than we usually do, but then, out here, the food just seemed to taste better.

We lingered over coffee. It was hot and strong and chased the final cobwebs from our brains.

It was a short walk to the stables where John met us. He told us that "Chico" and "Reggie" were ready when we were and pointed to two of the most beautiful Appaloosas I'd ever seen.

John introduced us to our mounts and winked at me in admiration and surprise as you lithely jumped up on the smaller Chico.

While you patted Chico on the withers, I looked over the picnic saddlebags that "Cookie" had prepared and swung my leg over Reggie's back. With last minute directions and the a final urging to be careful, we pointed the horses south and left John and the ranch behind.

You asked where we were going and I told you that John had recommended a nice place for a picnic near the base of the mountains.

The horses were well trained and responded to our clumsy signals like the experts they were. We rode into the countryside side by side, laughing and chatting. We talked about everything and nothing. We pointed out things of interest to each other. We had a ball.

After two hours or so, we finally drew near the mountains and followed Johns instructions to a path that crossed a rocky outcrop. As we got to the top, we both gasped at the beauty stretched out below us.

A small waterfall cascaded down the rocks and ended in a pool of the clearest water we'd ever seen. The willow trees near the pool looked ancient and presented a perfect spot for our lunch.

Reggie and Chico seemed to sense that this was our destination and were anxious to get to the shade of the trees. We walked them carefully down the rocks and entered Eden.

We tied the horses beneath a tree and removed their saddles and packs. We saw to their comfort then walked about to explore this beautiful world.

It was indeed beautiful, the kind of place you see in movies and wish you could find. I made a mental note to thank John when we got back. IF we ever decided to leave.

The water in the pool was cool to the touch and very inviting. Even though I'd brought our swimsuits in the carryall, I suggested we go skinny dipping and was surprised when you started undressing.

It became a race to see who could get their clothes off first and you won by mere seconds. The sight of you standing there waiting for me had the usual effect and you smiled when you noticed how quickly I'd risen to the occasion.

We waded into the cool water and felt the some of the stiffness leave our bodies, the stiffness caused by the saddle anyway!

We swam to the waterfall and stood beneath it, letting the water crash onto our heads. Like you were reading my mind, you drifted to my arms and our lips met. Our arms embraced each other and the rest of the world faded away.

I felt your hands slide up and down my back, lingering on my rear. Even in the coolness of the water, your fingers were hot where they touched me.

My right hand caressed your neck and shoulders while my left marched down your spine, so soft, so shapely.

You traced my lips with your tongue and I smiled at the erotic pleasure of it. You sucked my lower lip into your mouth and I heard a moan escape my throat as you tugged ever so gently. You kissed my chin and nibbled it lightly between your teeth.

I leaned my head back as you kissed your way down my throat to my Adam's apple, then across to my left shoulder. My head rolled to the right, relishing the feeling, moaning into the cascading water.

Your tongue left a trail of fire across my shoulder to my neck, then to my ear.

God, Cindy, you excite me like no woman I've ever known.

You completed your erotic tour back at my lips. Your breathing was getting faster and your nipples were hard points against my chest. Your hips were moving against me; rubbing me, fueling my lust for you.

I kissed your neck as you leaned your head back. I lifted you slowly from the water to expose more and more of your sweet body to me. You braced yourself on my shoulders and leaned back as your breasts were drawn to my lips.

I suckled you like a child. Except that my hunger would not be satisfied there. My hunger was too intense.

Without releasing my hold on you, I carried you to a large rock just to the side of the falls and set you gently on it, just above the water. My lips continued their feast of you, lower, across your stomach.

You laid back on the rock and watched as my questing tongue slid lower still. Your legs wrapped around my head as I found what I wanted, what I needed, what I craved.

You sighed and whispered, "Oh Yes Troy, Yes."

Your body became the center of my world, Cindy. I couldn't get enough of you. The aroma of your sex and the taste of you had me trapped in a world of carnal pleasure. A world I never wanted to leave.

Your hand held my head to you as your moans grew louder, more urgent. Your hips moved against my face, guiding me to the right spots to maximize your pleasure.

I heard you say "Oh God, Troy, I need you inside me!" and after one last taste, I lifted you back into the water, back into my arms.

Under the waterfall, you wrapped your arms around my neck and kissed my lips, tasting yourself on my tongue.

I felt your hand grasp me and guide me to you. As I slid into you, your legs wrapped around my waist and you moaned into my lips.

For a few moments, neither of us moved. We relished the pleasure that each gave to the other. But soon we surrendered to the urging of our bodies, moving against each other faster and faster. Losing ourselves in the passion.

You clasped your fingers behind my head and leaned back, letting the cascading water crash against your breasts.

The pool churned as we crashed into each other.

I heard your cries echo off the rocks as you surrendered to the powerful orgasm that raced trough you. I moved faster and thrust deeper. Each time our pelvises touched a new shock wave seemed to ripple through you.

Your legs pressed me deeper into you. Your body held me tightly, massaging me, urging me to join you in pleasure. I felt myself slide over the edge of my own orgasm. As powerful as any I'd ever felt.

"Oh God Cindy, I'm cumming! UGHHH! Ughhh!"

It was all I could do to stand as the hot jets crashed against your insides.

We seemed to float in time as well as the waters of the pool. Buffeted by forces older than man, we drifted, happy and contented.

"Oh Cindy!" I heard myself sigh as if from a far away, distant place.

Slowly, like swimming in honey, we reentered this world. You pulled yourself to me, wrapped your arms around my neck and we kissed one more time.

We stayed like that for a long time, your arms and legs around me, my softened manhood still nestled in your warmth.

With a final hug and kiss, we separated and swam to our equipment. We dressed in our bathing suits and set out the excellent lunch that Cookie had prepared for us.

We were famished!

From the salad to the chocolate mousse, the meal was perfection. Cookie had thought of everything, even a couple bottles of a great California wine.

As we satisfied the needs of our tummies, we both became more and more playful. I untied the top to your bikini expecting at least a token protest. Instead you surprised me by reaching for the chocolate mousse and putting a dollop on each nipple. You winced at the cold, but looked into my eyes and in your sultriest voice said: "You want some dessert?"

I most certainly did!

You pushed me to my back and bent over me, presenting your chocolate covered treat to my lips. It was the best mousse I'd ever had, Cindy and I licked it ravenously!

"Now I want some dessert!" you said and started tugging at my trunks.

I offered no protests as you peeled them from me and reached for the mousse again. You dipped your fingers in the mousse and covered my manhood with the cold confection.

You brought your fingers to my lips and painted them with the chocolate. Then sensually licked the remainder from your fingers as you looked into my eyes and smiled.

You bent over me again and I felt your breasts press against my chest as your tongue licked away the pudding on my lips.

I was under your spell as your tongue flicked from place to place. Always leaving pleasure and stirring my lust.

I gasped as you licked circles around my nipples. They were unbelievably hard as your teeth gently scraped across them and you sucked them between your lips.

You left a moist trail down the center of my tummy to my belly button. Your tongue tickled me there and I shivered slightly in anticipation.

I watched as you kissed your way lower. Our eyes met and you smiled as your tongue tasted the first of the chocolate mousse. Slowly you ran you tongue around me, lingering here, darting there. You were driving me nuts, Cindy, but I was in heaven!

You licked from end to end, over and over, lapping up the pudding, exciting me more and more. Finally, your lips kissed the very tip and I felt your hot tongue sliding around me. As you allowed me farther into your mouth I held my breath, afraid even that simple effort would break my concentration and cause me to loose control prematurely.

I moaned as you moved your lips up and down on me, each stroke getting longer and longer until your lips touched the base of my shaft.

Oh, Cindy, you are magnificent.

You always seem to know exactly what to do to bring me to the brink of an intense orgasm. Then you back off just enough to keep me at that point till I think I might go insane from my need for release.

I felt myself pop from your lips and before I could moan in frustration, you wrapped your fingers around me and slowly stroked up and down. You varied the pressure and speed and before I knew it I was again at that magic place were only you and I exist.

I felt the pressure build deep inside and tried in vain to delay the inevitable.

"Oh Cindy, I'm Gonna CUM! Oh, Yes! ... I'm Cumming, Cindy! I'm Cumming!!!"

My body convulsed as my orgasm took control. In spite of that you never let up. With your other hand you cradled my balls and rubbed just beneath them.

"UGH, God, Cindy! UGHHHH!"

Slowly, my body returned control to my brain and I ordered my lungs to fill.

I watched as you rubbed me against your lips like you were putting on lipstick. Your eyes twinkled and your lips glistened as your slid your body up mine.

Our lips met in a slippery, salty kiss and I was glad I told John we wouldn't be back till well after supper!

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