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What a glorious day it is today, the sun is streaming through my office window making the glass in the framed photographs and certificates gleam like squares of smooth silver. I look out at the students sitting in the playground and enjoy the sound of their laughter floating into my office through the open window. From the outer office I can hear the clerical staff answering students queries and tapping away at their keyboards.

I have just received a letter from another school requesting the transfer of a student's file. Almost unconsciously I place my well-manicured index finger with its long polished nail into my mouth and begin to gently run my tongue up and down its length. As my thoughts turn over the events of the past week I begin to suck on my finger as I slowly draw it in and out of my pouting lips and enjoy the sensation of my saliva covered finger sliding across my inner lips. My other set of lips begin to make their presence felt.

It all seems like a dream - Imagine meeting a person several times professionally, a concerned parent who visits the School Principal and is on the School Board. There is a strong mutual attraction but we always meet in a group situation. Looks that hold a little too long, handshakes that feel more like a silken caress and leave me wondering what his touch would feel like as it roams the curves and valleys of my naked body, over my ample breasts and between my soft moist thighs.

Last week he came to see me about his son and to tell me that they would be moving to another School District and would need to transfer his files.

He left saying that he would "like to come back and see you tomorrow as I would like to speak to you in-depth about a few issues that are on my mind if you can fit me in" all with a raised eyebrow and a seductive smile that made me want to tear the gray suit from his well maintained body.

Our meeting the next day was verbally about the student, however it was clear that this was not the prime agenda. As the conversation progressed it became a mixture of professional discussion and friendly chat liberally laced with sexual innuendoes which brought a smile to my face. We have a lot in common, neither has a partner, we are both viewed by the outside world as conservative and hardworking.

He did not attempt to hide the fact that he was running his gaze over my legs and body and breasts like a connoisseur of art appraising a new a sculpture he had found. By the time he left my office the sexual electricity between us almost crackled in the air. I was wet, my nipples were as hard as rocks and I was conscious of the sensation each time I moved and the fine fabric of my blouse brushed over them.

I saw him again that evening as it was one of our School Board Meetings. I deliberately didn't wear any underwear. He sat next to me and I could smell the mixture of his subtle aftershave and his manly scent. Each time I stood up to deliver information, sat down or got up to get a file our legs brushed together. I could feel his body heat and the gentle pressure of the outline of his muscular leg against mine from knee to thigh . The meeting ended early and as he got up to leave he let his hand brush upwards past the hem of my short skirt. His fingers flickered momentarily on the bare skin above the lacy top my stocking. I blushed. It was Friday evening and someone commented that they had a lot to do over the weekend. He said he hoped to be doing something memorable too and left looking over his shoulder and giving me a knowing little smile.

I went back around to sit at my desk I ran my fingers along my slit and it was literally dripping wet. The little tyrant between my legs demanded to be obeyed and so my fingers once again filled my hot tunnel and were enveloped by my now engorged lips. I was torn between feelings of "Oh God I must have that man" and "I must remain professional, after all he is a parent and Board Member". The word board only acted as a trigger for more thoughts about how stiff as a board I thought his cock would feel as he thrust it into me.

Driving home from this public meeting I keep thinking of how much I wanted to run my fingers through his thick dark hair as I drew his head down between my open legs so that he could relieve some of the sexual tension that his very presence created.

He came to see me the next afternoon. I had stayed behind to finish a report. All the teachers and students had gone home and even the school cleaners had finished work for the day. There was a knock at my office door and it was him. Part of me really wasn't surprised. He said he saw my car in the parking lot. I felt my heart racing and my cunt moving with tiny spasms just looking at him. I could see his cock was hard and thick through the soft fabric of his trousers. I didn't even try to look away. He saw me looking at it and smiled. All he said was, "You know why I'm here," and my encouragement was a breathless "Yes".

Before long we were kissing passionately up against the filing cabinets. I could feel the cold metal against the skin of my ass and his hardness through his trousers. As he slid his hands up under the short skirt of my expensive tailored suit and slipped my now wet G-string off I said something about locking my office door - instead he guided me around behind the Principal's desk.

As I leaned forward over my desk he ran his hands up to the top of my 'stay up' stockings and over my bare ass with an appreciative little sigh. He slowly slid his fingers into my cunt and a few moments later entered me from behind. As I felt his engorged cock fill me all I could moan was, "Oh Yes, I've been waiting for this".

After about 15 minutes we were both starting to build towards orgasm. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass more quickly. He had his hand inside the front of my blouse and was not so gently nipping my hard sensitive nipples.

Suddenly there was a knock at my outer office door. I froze. We heard a voice asking if I was there. "Hullo! Hullo! Ms Carter is that you?" To my amazement he just gave a little chuckle. He didn't withdraw from my cunt. Instead he whispered for me to be calm and smile and to leave this to him. He leant across the desk and picked up the report I'd been working on. He pulled my skirt down between the front of my legs and the desk. Then he told the security man to come in. When the guard entered my office it looked as though he was just standing behind me looking at the report over my shoulder. He calmly introduced himself to the guard and said we were both looking over some paperwork, all the while gently pushing himself deeper into my already greedy cunt as I pushed back against him. The guard smiled and left and I'm quite convinced he has no idea to this day as to what he had disturbed.

This turn of events really turned me on. All this time I could feel my cunt squeezing his huge cock more and more tightly. I felt well and truly filled but I still couldn't get enough of him. Not only did this man have a truly magnificent cock and was an experienced lover but he had an arrogance I had never experienced before. After I had been satisfied with several orgasms he turned me around and sat me down on my chair and sat underneath my desk. We heard the guard coming back down the school corridor. He told me to call the guard back and talk to him. I did - I told the guard to make sure all the heaters were off as some teachers were forgetting to turn them off. All this while he was pushing my inner thighs apart with his strong fingers and I was having the delicious experience of him fucking me with his tongue from his place under my desk. When the guard left we locked the door and turned out the lights in the inner office so we could enjoy each other much more fully, undisturbed.

As we walked out to the parking lot an hour later, it was getting dark. My pussy felt well used, satisfied and swollen from the ministrations of his mouth, cock and hands. My inner thighs were damp, and stuck together slightly when I walked from the generous loads of cum he had shot into my cunt and anus and which even then was slowly trickling down my legs. He walked me to my car and with a twinkle in his eye said in a clear voice that he and his son would be moving away from our school district the following week and "I just couldn't leave without showing my appreciation of you".

We looked the very picture of the concerned parent and conservative school principal. As we shook hands he leaned forward and whispered. "I never realized until I saw you what delight and pleasure the statement 'Fuck the Principal' holds".

I never saw him again but I think of him often while I sit at behind my desk. The perfect image of the modern high school principal.

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Copyright, 1997 By Dorothy

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