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The Jeep struggled to get up the drive. The snow had drifted and it seemed almost like we were driving through a white tunnel. Finally, we made it up the hill to our little cabin. We burst through the door in a cloud of white. Damn, it was cold in here. Our breath hung icily in the air. He dumped off the groceries, while I went for the thermostat. I twisted it, and.....nothing, no hiss, no warmth, just nothing. I tried a light switch. Nothing there either. The electricity was out. I grabbed a flashlight and headed for the electrical box. All the circuits looked fine. I flipped a few experimentally, but still nothing. I trudged back up the steps.

He was already carrying wood to the fireplace. He found the matches on the mantle and quickly had a small little fire going. Meanwhile, I gathered blankets and pillows from the icy bedrooms. With the fire crackling and beginning to light the room, he stood and turned toward me. He smiled as I stood there, my teeth chattering. "Now, we can't have that," he said as he stepped toward me.

He took me by the hand, well by the glove actually, and led me to the fire. Quickly, he unzipped his coat, then mine, pulling me to him and folding me into his arms. Tenderly, he brought his lips to mine. Just as I felt the warmth beginning to creep back into my body, the shrill scream of the tea kettle made us both jump. We poured two steaming mugs of tea and sat in front of the fire, wrapping ourselves in one of the blankets.

Within minutes, because of the warmth of the tea and of his body so close to mine, the chill began to wear off. We put our mugs on the floor and reached for each other. I rested my cheek against his chest while his chin rested lightly on the top of my head. We sat this way for a few minutes, enjoying the perfect quiet that only a heavy snow brings.

Slowly, I started moving my hands across his chest, rubbing in circles across his stomach and up and down his sides. His fingers made their way under my hair, stroking the backs of them up and down my neck. I sighed and raised my lips to his.

Tenderly, we began to undress each other until finally we were lying naked next to each other, under the warmth of the blanket.

I believe there is nothing more sensuous than lying naked under a soft blanket in a cold room, entwined with someone you really want to be with. Even in the hottest part of summer, I like to turn the air conditioner way up to re- create this feeling. Now, that's not to say that there isn't something to be said for sweaty bodies thrashing all over on top of the covers, but without a doubt, snuggled warmly is where I most like to be.

The couch was fairly small, requiring us to lie back-to- front like spoons. I snuggled back into him, pressing every inch of my body to his, even our feet intertwining. One of his arms went underneath my neck, crossing my body to caress the shoulder nearest him. His lips and tongue teased the back of my neck, eliciting a soft sigh and a smile of pure contentment from me. I wiggled my ass against him slightly, trying without hope of getting even closer.

His fingertips started down my arm. How I love to have my forearm stroked, especially on the inside of my elbow. And kisses on my neck at the same time are sure to be rewarded with a moan.

His fingers left my arm, and found their way to my hip, then lightly across my stomach, dipping lower just to the top of my curly reddish-brown hair. I parted my legs slightly, allowing him access to the softness of my inner thighs.

Meanwhile, my hand reached behind me, my fingers brushing across his hip and down the front of his thigh. I turned my head to kiss him as he sighed and pressed his hardening erection against me. I wiggled around a bit, until I felt him right where I wanted him, nestled between my cheeks.

His arm that was previously on my shoulder, dropped slowly, tantalizingly down my chest. His fingers ran across the tops of my breasts, dragging the palm of his hand back against my nipples. I jumped, just a bit, as the pleasure of his touch coursed through my whole body.

He continued this for a few minutes, using both hands to gently massage both of my breasts, rolling the very hard nipples through his fingers, then lightly tweaking them. My breathing started to get a bit ragged, and I began rocking slightly on his cock that was still pressed against my ass.

Sitting up briefly, I motioned him onto his back, then I pressed myself on top of him, every possible inch of skin touching. His cock nestled warmly between my legs, and as he shifted to wrap his arms around me, I felt the tip brush lightly against my ass.

His strong hands gently held my waist as I began kissing his neck, up to his ear, then down to his collarbone and into that sexy little hollow at the base of his throat.

I lifted slightly, allowing his cock loose from between my thighs. It sprang up and bounced against his stomach. I smiled as I lowered myself back down, trapping it snugly and safely between us.

Downward my lips and kisses traveled, down past and around his nipples. Then, I ducked my head under the blanket and continued across his stomach, down to that incredibly erotic little line of hair that runs from his navel down into his pubic hair.

He heard my giggle from underneath the blanket as he bobbed his cock around, trying to find someplace nice and warm. I grabbed it, holding it lightly with two fingers just below the glans, as I firmly ran my tongue from base to tip in a warm, wet lollipop lick. Still holding it, but shifting my grip slightly so that I could begin tiny little strokes as I licked from tip to base, not stopping, but instead running all the way down his balls.

Around and around my tongue snaked, from the sensitive spot underneath, around to where his leg comes into his body, across, and to the other side. Graciously, he bent his knees, pulling them up toward his body, which allowed me even better access underneath and all the way back to his asshole. He gasped as my tongue traced around it, probing just a little.

I think the combination of this extremely vulnerable position and the fact that with the blanket, he couldn't see what I was doing, was incredibly erotic. I ran a finger around the tip of his cock, and was greeted with a warm, wet ooze. I used this and gently pressed my little finger against his ass, gauging his receptivity. I smiled as he pressed forward onto it. I scooted up just a bit and thoroughly kissed the head of his cock before pressing it to my lips, and slowly guiding it into my mouth.

After a few minutes of my attentions, his breathing was getting ragged. "Oh God, Cindy," he moaned, "Come up here baby." Somewhat reluctantly, but with one last wet kiss, I appeared smiling from underneath the covers.

I rocked just a bit against his thigh, so he would feel the warmth of my wetness, and know that pleasing him also pleased me. His fingers reached down, circling the wetness of his thigh, before he brought them to his lips, licking them sensuously.

I moved over until I was straddling his hips, squirming slowly until his cock rested almost against my clit. Slowly, I lifted up, and lowered myself onto him, my eyes closing in near-rapture.

"Mmmm baby," I whisper, "You feel so good inside me. I want to stay just like this forever!" But quickly, the need took over and I began rocking back and forth against him.

His hands reached for my breasts, cupping them lovingly, pinching the nipples lightly. I moaned and rocked a bit faster, sighing "Oh yes Baby. It's so wonderful. It feels so damn good. But please baby, please, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your hard cock slamming in and out of my hot pussy." I pulled myself off of him, pushed the blankets aside, and moved over to in front of the fireplace.

I knelt, facing the fire, and turned back to look at him over my shoulder, still lying there on the sofa, absent- mindedly stroking his cock as he watched my every move. "Mmmm, nice technique," I remarked as I slowly turned back around, perching on the edge of the hearth. I stuck my fingers in my mouth, more for the effect than for any need of wetness, and slowly traced down my tummy.

I spread my legs, never taking my eyes off his hand, and reached my fingers down to my pussy. God, it was so wet, almost literally dripping. The heat of the fire was intense against my back, and I could feel another fire starting at my clit. It was so swollen, I could see it when I looked down. Lightly, I touched a finger to it, the contact causing the muscles in my thighs to clench.

As if in slow motion, he sat up on the couch, never taking his eyes from my fingers. I reached further, and pushed one finger inside me, slowly pulling it out to show him how it glistened in the firelight. Well, that did it. He was up and over to me before I finished sucking it.

I turned back around, wiggling my ass in invitation. On his knees, the head of his cock pressing against me, he grabbed my hips and pushed. And that was all it took. One push and he slipped all the way in. Deliberately, he began stroking, almost all the way out, then quickly all the way back in. He reached both arms in front of me, one going to my breast, the other one for my clit.

He matched his circles on my clit with the strokes of his cock, and in no time, I was groaning and pushing back against him, trying vainly to get more of him inside me. His lips were on my neck, nibbling, biting, kissing, sucking, and driving me wild.

"Oh yes baby, oh yeah, oh God, oh yes," I moaned as I leaned forward, bracing myself against the hearth and moving my hips in time with his strong, hard, smooth strokes. "Oh, OH, OH, GOD, YES!" I moaned as I felt the heat radiating through my entire body. I froze, not even breathing, as the orgasm crashed over me.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me so tightly I could barely breathe as he headed rapidly toward his own mind-shattering orgasm. He released me, but still held my waist tightly with his long strong fingers, as he looked down at us, my ass quivering and shaking as he pounded into it. Finally, he could hold it no longer, and let go with a moan, slamming into me one last time, as he emptied all his cum into me, shaking with the force of the contractions.

We stayed there like that for a minute or two, regaining our breath and our senses. He leaned over me and ran his tongue right up my spine, making me gasp. Slowly, he pulled out and sat back on his heels, and I turned to him for a kiss.

He whispered in my ear, "I think we ought to get back under the covers before we freeze."

"Oh," I replied with an impish grin, "Is it cold in here?"

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