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The Surprise

Jennifer and Andrew hadn't enjoyed the best of times these last few years, what with Andrew being away from home so much with his job, and Jennifer's health, they had fallen into that middle age trap, when nothing ever seemed to go their way.

However, Andrew had changed jobs to be nearer to home and resolved to put the spark back into their marriage somehow, but how best to do it ? Of course, all his work-mates had plenty of suggestions, as men do, but Andrew wanted to do something extra special for Jennifer, for all those years of putting up with his bad habits, and his need for sex on a regular basis. This had resulted in Jennifer usually 'doing the right thing' as she had been taught as a girl.

Andrew had come to realise just how badly he had treated her in bed, and in general. So, he planned to try and make amends somehow. He was glad to see her health approaching 100% again, and thought it was the right time to put his plan into action.

So, he made all the arrangements, secretly planning every detail, hoping that she wouldn't discover his scheming. As the day approached, Andrew's behaviour became more and more tense, but Jennifer treated it as another problem to be overcome, probably something happening at work. Then on the Friday he had planned, Andrew left for work as usual, and left a note on the kitchen table for Jenni to find when she went for her breakfast. When she saw it, her heart sank. 'So that was why he was so tense just lately', she thought 'he's got another woman, and this is the brush off, all those years I've put up with his ways. I'll kill him if I get my hands on him' Jenni looked at the envelope all through breakfast, unable to open it, fearing the words inside, and hardly able to eat, with the thought of 20 years of marriage about to end. Eventually, she picked up the small white envelope, and opened it slowly, her hand shaking like a leaf, dreading the contents, and unfolded the single sheet of paper inside.

"My dearest Jenni" it started. 'I'm right' she thought.

"I have come to realise how stale our marriage has been lately, and how much I took you for granted. Tonight I want to start over again, and start to put some fire back in our lives. All I ask is that you be ready to go out at 6.00 this evening. Wear something sophisticated but sexy, the rest will be revealed later.

Love, Andrew"

Jennifer felt a huge weight fall from her shoulders, as she realised her stupidity at suspecting Andrew of adultery. A tear formed in the corner of her eye as she thought of the man in her life, and how much she really loved him, despite all the recent troubles. She resolved to give him every chance to make amends as he was implying, and vowed to meet him half-way, after all she was probably partly to blame for their problems.

All through the day, Jenni tried to imagine what he could possibly be planning, a meal, the theatre, a film perhaps ? Around 4pm she decided to start her preparations. 'If he's serious, I'd better look my best' she thought browsing through her wardrobe. She picked out the dark green taffeta dress that seemed to accentuate her auburn hair, and layed it out on the bed. 'Hmmm, that's the one.' she thought, 'He likes to see me wear that' She then went to her lingerie draw and selected her black stockings and suspender belt, to match the frilly black panties with the high cut legs and the black lacy strapless bra. She was feeling better already at the thought of Andrew mentally undressing her when he saw her in these clothes.

She went through to the bathroom, and ran a hot steaming bath. Jennifer lowered herself in to the water, and felt all her tensions slowly melt away, as she relaxed. The sensations of soaping her entire body felt really good today, and she was surprised as naughty thoughts began filling her head. On the spur of the moment she decided to do something that she knew would excite Andrew, as she had always refused him before, so she knew how much he desired it. She took the razor she'd been shaving her legs with and soaped up her pubic mound, and slowly shaved away the curly deep red hairs protecting her labia. The sensation of removing the hair to finally leave smooth skin for the first time since her childhood made Jennifer feel wonderful, and she did something else she'd never indulged in before, having being taught that it was sinful. Slowly, nervously, she rubbed the palm of her hand over the smooth mound between her parted legs. She pushed her knees to the limit of the bath, and rubbed harder, enjoying the sensation of self pleasure for the very first time. She had heard friends discuss the act of masturbation before at those underwear parties, when the wine had flowed and tongues loosened, but had never before felt the need to do it. Now though, Jennifer couldn't stop herself, as the feelings coming from her groin made her feel really good. She experimented with insertion of one finger delicately into the outer lips of her genitals, and was surprised once more when her breasts felt all tingly at her first probings. She had of course been used to touching herself here every month since puberty, but that wasn't exciting like this; that was one of those chores all women tend to hate. As she probed ever deeper, the tingling in her breasts increased so that she let out a small moan, and with her free hand, rubbed the nipple of her left breast. Immediately it sprang up from its previously flat state, and became very erect, so she repeated the attention on the other nipple. The areola around each nipple seemed to swell, making her breasts seem larger and more sensitive than she'd ever felt them. The lubrication of the water over her as she rubbed her awakening body aided the passage of her hands. Jenni's finger drove deeper as she sought greater thrills. As she pushed deeper, her other hand massaged her breasts and nipples ever harder. She panted shorter breaths, as she orgasmed, not believing she could give this much pleasure to herself, and decided that if what Andrew had planned was a failure, then she now had some method of solace.

Stepping from the bath, Jenni felt happy. Happy that she had overcome the taboos ingrained by her mother all those years ago. Now she might join in those saucy conversations the next time she went to an underwear party, and might even be so daring as to try out some of the 'toys' her friends had offered her. After all, if it was so easy with her fingers, then a vibrator must surely be fantastic. As she dried off, her skin tingled with a new vibrancy. As she dried her sensitive areas, she felt the feelings briefly return, especially as she admired her bare vulva and erect nipples in the mirror. She returned back to the bedroom and put on the underwear she had previously laid out. This made her feel even better, and returned to admire herself in the mirror again. Now she was almost ready for Andy. Hell, she'd have taken on anyone that walked through the door, she felt so good.

Andrew arrived home around 5.30, and immediately detected a different atmosphere as he set his briefcase down in the hallway. The house felt warm and friendly, and the aroma of Jenni's perfume filled the air. "Hi Andy" she called, "I'm upstairs." Andy almost ran up the stairs and into their bedroom. What a picture greeted him as he pushed open the door. He almost didn't recognize the woman sat at the dressing table. Her hair was scraped up on to the top of her head in a way he'd never seen her use before; she'd always worn it down. This accentuated her bare shoulders above the deep green dress that he loved. Wisps of her auburn hair flitted about her long neck. Jennifer turned to face him, her face was glowing, the freckles on her face somehow highlighted by the make-up she had applied. "Hello Andrew, I'm ready for you, like you asked."

"Yeah, I can see, you look........well absolutely great. I'll have a shower and we'll be off." Andrew stripped off his business suit, and wandered off to the bathroom in only his pants, which by now had a rather noticeable bulge in the front. He was aroused at seeing his wife looking so sexy. He stripped off his pants, stepped in to the bath and turned the controls to a hot setting. He wanted to wash away the dirt and grime of the city and be fresh for the weekend ahead. He stood day-dreaming under the hot piercing jets of water, wondering if Jenni would appreciate what he had arranged for them. Refreshed at last, he stepped from the shower, toweled himself dry and put his pants back on. After a quick shave, he returned to the bedroom and selected his other less formal suit. He dressed quickly, applying her favourite after- shave. At last he was ready. He went downstairs again to where she awaited him in the lounge. "Are you ready my love?" he asked.

"Yes" she said, "but where are we going?"

"All in good time, c'mon letís get going.Ē

Some twenty minutes later, after driving away from the city and into quiet country lanes, they arrived at the small restaurant in a sleepy little village of no more than ten houses, a small inn, and a village shop. Andrew switched off the engine as they parked and spoke to Jennifer gently. "Jenni, I meant what I said in the letter. I want this to be a new start. I want to rekindle the flame we had as teenagers in love. I've loved you all these years, but I've not shown it properly, taken you too much for granted, and now, we need to find each other again."

"Andy, I agree with you. We have been rather lost recently and I'm intrigued with all of this. You know, this afternoon I've been so excited preparing myself, and I've got a surprise of my own," she replied, thinking of the bareness concealed in her underwear. The feel of the bare skin on her silky pants was so good.

Andrew helped her from the car and they went into the restaurant. They were seated at the pre-booked table for two in a quiet corner. The mood was perfect, the only lighting was the candles on each table. They held hands for a few minutes as they discussed what they would eat and finally ordered when the waiter arrived. The evening was perfect. The restaurant was quiet that night and they were able to talk freely of the past and the future, vowing to each other a new frankness, and promising to each other to confront problems, and not to let them linger on as before.

However, it was the present that was on Andrew's mind, as he felt sure that Jennifer had no idea about the rest of the weekend ahead. Suddenly he was aware of her hand stroking his leg beneath the table. "Andy, tonight has been perfect. Let's go home and start the future" she said with a grin spreading across her face. He was right, he had succeeded in keeping his secret. "No my love, I have more planned for us, we won't be going home this weekend, I found a place away from the city. We can be completely alone, no phone, no neighbours. We can talk more of our future, where we went wrong, and we can relax. The place is wonderful. We'd better go as it's about one hourís drive from here. By the way, will this spoil your surprise?"

"No," Jennifer replied as she started to rise. "I have it with me!!"

Andrew paid the bill and they returned to the car, the sky just beginning to darken, the sun dipping beyond the horizon, leaving a wonderful orange glow on the few clouds. As they left the car park, Jennifer laid her hand softly on Andrews thigh, and asked. "Are you going to let me in on this, or do I have to wait?" "No, you'll have to wait, though I can say that you'll love the place." Jennifer sighed contentedly and settled back into the seat, and fell asleep for the remainder of the journey. Andrew was able to study her for odd moments, and became more and more aroused by the sight of his wife sitting alongside him looking extremely sexy. Her chest rising and falling with her sleepy breathing, the cleavage between her white breasts, accentuated by his favourite dress, the hem line of which had risen with her shifting on the seat, so that the tops of the stockings were now visible with the first signs of her flesh peeping out. Andrew felt his groin stirring again as he admired his wife's body, in amazingly good shape for her age. When at last they arrived at the cottage, Jennifer stirred from her slumber and blinked the sleep from her eyes, trying to see where they were. This was difficult as they were deep in the countryside with no street lighting to see by, she could only see what was illuminated by the carís headlights. Andrew's door was open and she could see he was groping around near the door of the cottage, looking for the key in the pre-arranged place under a flower tub. Jennifer couldn't believe her eyes, even in this light, the cottage looked fantastic. Finally he found the key, and opened up the door, and illuminated the cottage, returning to secure the car.

Jennifer stood open mouthed. "Come on in, my love" he said, "This is my present to you, for all those years of drudgery" Jennifer walked in to the hallway, and couldn't believe her eyes. The cottage was obviously very old and had been renovated to become a holiday home. It was kept in its traditional style with Oak beams, and the walls were simply red brick with no rendering. The furniture was superb, with sumptuously upholstered chairs and oak tables. The kitchen was huge with all the utensils imaginable. "Come and see the bedroom" Andrew urged, and took her by the hand. Jennifer gasped when she walked in to see the most wonderful four-poster bed with lace trimmed curtains. "This is where I plan to spend much of our weekend!!" Andrew said, a grin passing his lips. "Oh yes, Andy, it's heaven, but first, let's talk"

They talked for an hour or so and agreed upon the principles that would be the new foundation for their years ahead. They also agreed on a new frankness. For too long they had both obviously needed more, but neither had said anything. Jennifer started, by telling of her afternoon in the bath, but didn't reveal her secret just yet. "Let's take a shower together" she said, "That's been one of my ambitions for some while". So they went to the bathroom, adjoining the bedroom, to find the most enormous bath. The fittings were all gold. Andrew turned on the shower to get it warmed up and they started to remove each otherís clothes.

When they reached their underwear, Andrew now revealed one of his fantasies to her "Jenni, I want to get in the shower like this." Jennifer almost looked shocked, but agreed to his request, and they stepped into the jets of hot water. Immediately, the water adhered Jennifer's silky pants and bra to her skin making them transluscent. Andrew was in heaven and couldn't resist touching her. He ran his hands from her stomach up to her breasts. He massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples to a state of erection. Every contour visible through the sheer fabric. Jennifer took his hand and steered it down to the top of her panties. "Claim your prize lover" she begged of him, and immediately his fingertips slid beneath the elastic, pushing ever downwards. Suddenly he realised that she had no hair resisting his motion. His already alert penis, sprang to a hardness he never knew possible. "Jenni, is this the reason for your orgasm today ?" "Partly, it set me on the way. I want you to put your fingers inside me Andy, I want you to make me cum."

She had felt his reaction and pushed his sodden shorts down to release his throbbing manhood. "I want to lick him, and suck him," she told him, "Oh please, I've wanted it for years. It seemed that both had wanted a lot more from their sex life, but had been too afraid or shy to ask each other. Now nothing was going to stop their needs. Andrew pushed his finger between the outer labia and she seemed to melt at his touch. These things they were about to explore were just fantasies before. She had been bought up believing oral sex a sin. Andrew reached to unhook her bra and let her pointed breasts fall from the cups. They were still as firm as ever and his hands now explored them like never before. Meanwhile, Jennifer was grasping his tool and began to masturbate him as his finger probed her inner parts. He found her clitoris easily in this unadorned state. He rubbed his palm over the velvety skin revealed by her afternoonís work.

As he worked on her pleasure, she started to explore his torso, running her tongue across his own nipples. She sank to her knees, reluctantly forcing his finger to leave her vulva. Her lips met the head of his rock hard penis, and slipped over gently. He gasped at this new experience. "Oh my Jenni, how I've wanted this." She was encouraged by his comments, and took him ever further into her mouth, exploring the shaft with her tongue. She began a sucking action. All that talk at the clothes parties made this seem so natural. She seemed to know instinctively what to do with his penis. Ever faster and harder she sucked on him, and Andrew was now moaning with sheer pleasure until he could take no more "Oh, Jenni this is so wonderful, but I'm going to cum, so if you don't want to swallow my load, come off now." Jennifer decided she wasn't quiet ready for that so removed herself from his shaft, she could feel the seed welling up for release, and cupped his taught scrotum in her hand. She helped him to finish of by grasping him, and masturbated him fast. She was surprised by the volume and speed of the discharge when it came, and directed it on to her breasts, coating them with his white seed. "Rub your seed into me" she asked him, and he willingly complied.

Andrew now removed the rest of her underwear, though he struggled to remove the sopping stockings from her legs. Now it was his turn to pleasure his wife, and just as she had done, he ran his tongue down her body, tasting his seed on her nipples. He pushed her breasts together and licked the cleavage they formed. Lower he went, running the tip of his tongue into her tummy button, then on down to the shaved pussy that awaited him. This was a marvelous feeling that he never had expected. He licked her mons enthusiastically, probing lightly the inner lips that protected her clitoris. As he did this, he felt the heat build in her and her lips seemed to part for him. As he increased the pressure, her clit became harder, seemingly matching his own erection. It pushed through the inner labia lips, all pink and hard. He took it gently in his lips and she had her first orgasm, shuddering at his touch. "Oh my Andy, that's so wonderful, keep going, I need more." As he continued to suck her, he pushed his index finger as deep as he could into her receptive vagina, and she responded with bigger and better climaxes.

They dried each other off, sensually rubbing each otherís sensitive parts. Andrew took her in his arms and they kissed each other like teenagers, not having experienced this kind of kiss for many a year. He took her up into his arms and carried her to the bed, placing her gently upon it. He stood back to admire her body, taking special delight in that shiny, swollen mound between her legs. "Come to me" she implored, and he climbed up alongside her. They drew the curtains, so that they were now enclosed. "I think I would like to kiss your man again," she told him and swiftly she moved to take his drooping penis into her mouth. She coaxed it back to life, which didn't take much effort, and sucked him again, Andrew hardly believing how successful this idea to rejuvenate their marriage had become. This time, Jennifer didn't withdraw, she had decided to taste his seed, and took his cock deeper still into her mouth, probing the shaft with her tongue. At last he exploded once more, and she took it into her mouth, drinking him dry, as he grasped her head, pulling her closer to him. She returned to kiss him.

For many minutes they embraced, their kiss becoming more and more passionate. Andrew asked her to place herself over him so that he could eat her pussy. She moved over him and her body quivered with anticipation as she struggled to keep herself from sitting on his face. Once more he probed her sexual lips and once more Jennifer orgasmed at his touch. She took her breasts in her hand and massaged them roughly, the nipples rock hard and sore from her attention. Andrew's hands were massaging her bottom, and discovering the cleavage it formed, he managed to push a finger inside her as she squirmed above him.

Almost exhausted, they collapsed into each otherís embrace. "Andrew, why have we waited so long to discover such great sex?" "I don't know," he replied "and we haven't even penetrated yet!"

They slept for a short while and Andrew was awoken by Jennifer returning from the kitchen with steaming migs of coffee. "Here my love, something for you before you penetrate me !!" she grinned. They drank the coffee and once more returned to their embrace. "Andrew, I have this need to talk frankly to you." she told him. He looked worried, what was she going to tell him?

"I want you to fuck me hard. I need a good seeing to my new lover. I want your stiff cock deep inside me, now" Andrew was surprised at her language. He had never heard her use such words, but they had agreed to openness and frankness. "I'd be delighted!" was his reply as her hand returned once more to coax him to life, although the process had started at her request. Jennifer lay back and spread her legs wide for him, her labia falling apart, wet with desire for his loving. He moved to tease her with the tip of his penis. "No, don't tease me, get him inside me." He couldn't hold back and pushed inside her hard. She gasped. "Yes, like that, hard, push in hard. Fuck me hard my love" Andrew supported his weight over her and her legs moved up his sides and rested on his shoulders, tightening the wall muscles of her vagina around him. Faster, deeper he went, until they reached climax together. "Oh yes," they cried out in unison "Oh Andrew, I love you. We were so stupid to drift all those years. Don't lets ever do that again. I need this. I need you." "Jenni, I couldn't agree more. This is the start of something really good for us. We must hold on to it, to each other. I want to share myself, my body with you forever."

They adjusted their positions and climbed into the sheets, falling asleep in each others embrace, their marriage repaired, their love life rejuvenated. Copyright, 1996 By Neil.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.