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Tahiti...A Journey Back

"Will there be anything else?" the waiter asked.

"Just coffee, please. Everything has been marvelous and I think we'll just sit for awhile if that's okay," Jack replied. He didn't think the waiter was aware that his hand was up under Jessie's skirt, the tip of his finger rubbing the wetness that had already flowed down her thigh onto her skin. The restaurant was quite elegant and the lighting was low, especially designed for romantic getaways. They conveniently had long tablecloths on each of the tables, so perhaps the waiters just assumed everyone was feeling up their dates and would have been more surprised to see everyone's hands on the table. This was, after all, Tahiti...the romantic fantasy land of every boy who had ever read Mutiny on the Bounty or seen one of the many National Geographic articles written about this island paradise.

"Very good, sir," and the look on the waiter's face told Jack that his second guess was the correct one. The waiter's momentary glance at Jessie's dress, black with a scoop neck that exposed a great deal of her abundant cleavage, also told Jack that the waiter wished he and Jack were in each other's place right now and that HIS finger was snaking upward, along Jessie's muscular thighs (God, how good they felt, over his hips, surrounding him when they made love) so close to her soft wetness that he could feel the heat emanating from her very core.

.........The vacation was one that Jack and Jessie had planned for years. They were the perfect beautiful couple. Jessie was 5'10" with an hourglass figure, although a considerably larger amount of sand could have fit on the top portion than on the bottom. She had long flowing red hair and intense green eyes that could make a man come just by looking into them. Jack was 6'1" with a muscular build and an impressive tan. Wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes that told the world he knew what he wanted and was extremely capable of getting it. All through the struggles to get beyond college, the slow beginnings in the business world, the battle up the corporate ladder, they dreamed of one day taking this vacation. Finally, when they were financially secure and all of that seemed behind them, they stood back and found complacency had taken over their marriage. Boredom had replaced passion. Repetition had replaced spontaneity. Drudgery had replaced adventure.

They had both possessed these qualities during the early years of their marriage, like the time they had made love in the apartment hot tub in broad daylight. The day was a little cool and the steam could be seen rising from the spa. They had come out for a relaxing soak and had begun to gently caress each other under the water. Caressing naturally led to kissing and kissing led to hugging until Jessie was sitting on Jack's lap with her arms around his chest. Everyone had thought they were a couple of young lovers necking. Little did they know that during the necking, Jessie had lowered her bikini bottom and pulled Jack's cock from his trunks. No need to stroke him, he was as hard as he could get just from her closeness. She shifted her perfect ass just a little on his lap and he easily slid his full length into her. As her body rocked on his, his hand was below the water, his finger applying increasing pressure to her sensitive clit...circling, stretching, pressing...until, as he began to swell inside her with the urgency of his own orgasm, she climaxed, as much from knowing he was about to come as from the pressure of his finger upon her. A private simultaneous orgasm in a decidedly public place, nothing complacent about that.

Then there was the time Jack got that speeding ticket and went with Jessie to the courthouse to pay it. They ended up having to park on the top level of the parking garage and while walking down the stairwell Jessie turned to him and told him how sad he looked and how she wanted to make him feel better. Jack just brushed it off until she pressed him against the wall and gave him a kiss that immediately aroused him. Their tongues searching, her body pressed tightly against his, pinning him to the wall. As she continued to kiss him, her hand went to his zipper, lowering it and reaching inside. Jack couldn't believe what was happening. Jessie had always been a willing partner, but had never taken this kind of control before. The graffiti on the walls, the sounds of cars circling the garage, the smell of exhaust mingling with the smell of whatever else was in this stairwell, the voices of people waiting for the elevator just outside the door to the stairwell all added to the sense of danger. My God, he thought, this is a courthouse and if we get caught it is going to be a lot worse than a speeding ticket, but he was helpless to stop it. He wanted this every bit as much as she knew he wanted it.

Jessie went down on her knees, his engorged cock filled her hand, her mouth at it's tip. Her tongue circled its head, slowly slid down the underside of his shaft, then back up along the side. A large drop of precum danced on the tip of his cock. She touched it with the tip of her tongue and pulled away slowly, the sticky string bridged the gap between tongue and cock. She looked straight into his eyes, "Mmm, I love the way you taste, Jack. You know what I like even more than that, Baby?" He shook his head, weakly. "I love the way you fuck, and I want you to fuck me right here in the stairwell," she purred. With that, she stood and bent over the railing, looking down through the spiraling expanse of stairway, raising her skirt to show the tops of her stockings and, no surprise because Jessie rarely wore any underwear, her bare pussy, open and inviting him. He guided his cock easily into her and with one thrust was buried to the hilt inside her. As he plunged himself into her, she spread her lips and stroked her clit. He could feel her fingernails against the underside of his cock, touching his balls, as he continued to thrust inside her, harder and deeper until her own touch brought her to climax and he filled her with his own. No drudgery there.

Unfortunately, the passion in their marriage had gone the way of countless others. Relegated first to second place behind work, then to third place behind something else that seemed more important at the time, and God only knew what position it held now, but it had almost gotten to the point that neither of them cared enough to even hunt for it anymore. That is what caused it, the not caring, and the not talking about the not caring. Both ended up having affairs, certainly not because they didn't love each other, because they truly did. And they DID NOT love the people they had the affairs with, but somehow those people were more exciting than Jessie or Jack saw each other to be at this time in their lives.

They both discovered the truth, and to their great credit and the strength of their love they forgave. They also knew that their marriage couldn't survive another infidelity and if they didn't want this to happen again they would have to find a way of putting the passion back into their lives and keeping it in first place from now on. They sat down and for the first time in what seemed like years they talked. Talking brought up things that they had wanted yet never actually obtained and that subject brought up Tahiti.........

The waiter left the coffee and departed with a slight nod. This was, after all, Tahiti and he knew full well he was not to return until summoned. Jack touched her softness with the tip of his finger and the short gasp, silent yet noticeable to him alone, told him how aroused she was. They didn't speak, didn't kiss. They did, however, look deeply into each other's eyes as this was playing out. Her eyes told him how much she was enjoying this. The slight enlarging of the pupils, the subtle widening of her eyes told him how much she desired him. The way his lips parted slightly and the tip of his tongue barely touched his upper lip for a brief moment told her how much he wanted to give her pleasure and in receiving pleasure she would be giving him pleasure as well. Slowly, deliberately, he circled her clit with the tip of his finger, feeling her protruding organ hard against it. As his finger moved, his tongue moved in perfect sequence with it, barely past his lips, but the implication was clear. As she stared at his provocative tongue and felt his more aggressive touch she was propelled headlong into an intense orgasm that soaked his fingers and her seat as well. Slowly, as she came down from her experience, he removed his hand, and brought his fingers to his lips and cleaned each of them in his mouth. God, he loved the taste and the fragrance of her. To him there was no more powerful aphrodisiac in the world.

They departed the restaurant into the warm night air. It was not totally dark because of the full moon which dominated the evening sky. They walked perhaps a half a mile up the shore to some rocks they had noticed earlier while they were exploring. The rhythmic crash of the waves upon the shore accentuated the feeling of complete seclusion. The only sound was their breathing, the only presence they felt was themselves.

"How did we lose this, Jessie?" Jack asked as they walked along the shore.

"We lost our focus, somehow. When we first got married, the only thing I ever thought about was you, and the only thing you ever thought about was me. As time went on and more things became a part of our life, then we had to divide our thoughts to other things. Our problem was when those other things became a larger part of our thoughts than each other," was Jessie's response.

"I don't ever want to lose that focus again. I can live without all of those other things, but I can't possibly live without you, without your love," Jack replied. Taking her in his arms he said, "Jessie, I want you to know here and now that you are, beyond a doubt, the most intelligent, the most beautiful, the sexiest, the most wonderful woman in the world and I will always love you."

"Then love me...right here...right now..." she said with a smile that would have lit up Broadway.

The first kiss was as gentle as a feather on a breeze. His hands on her face, his lips delicately brushing hers. Lightly, his tongue brushed across her lips, which parted and willingly reciprocated the action. "God, I love you, Jessie," Jack whispered as his lips gently kissed completely around her ear. Her moan was both response and encouragement.

Slowly...this was, after all, Tahiti and there was no reason in the world to rush...they removed each other's clothes. Jessie's breasts glowed in the moonlight, her nipples large and hard from the gentle breeze blowing off the ocean. Her eyes sparkled as she looked up and down Jack's hard body. He wasn't muscle bound, but definitely in good shape. His chest well shaped, his stomach flat, his cock already erect and ready for her. She reached for him and instead of stroking him, began pulling him toward the water. He followed like a willing puppy...what else was he to do?

They played and frolicked in the water, feeling once again like the teenagers they were when they began dating. Splashing and wrestling, hugging and squeezing, kissing and caressing. Jack lifted Jessie out of the water as someone would lift a sleeping child and carried her from the water to the rocks.

Perfectly flat, as a table top, he sat her on the edge of the rock and knelt between her legs. Her legs were salty from the ocean water, yet her pussy was still as sweet and spicy as any time he had ever tasted her. This was truly his passion. He loved the way she reacted to the touch of his tongue against her. The way her hips arched, pressing her pussy harder against his mouth. The way she moaned, softly at first, then stronger and louder the faster his tongue pressed against her. As his mouth pressed against her, sucking her clit into his mouth, fluttering his tongue against her, she lost it, her juices covering his face as the intensity of her orgasm washed over her.

"Oh, Jesus, Jack...Fuck me! I want you...need you inside me...please baby..." Jessie pleaded.

Standing between her legs, her ass against the edge of the rock, he entered her. Her legs encircled his waist, his hips thrust back and forth, her heels against his ass, urging him deeper. He bent, cupping her breasts in his hands, circling her nipples with his tongue as he continued to thrust up inside of her. His touch against her nipples sent sparks directly to her pussy, arousing her once again. Reaching down, spreading her lips she touched herself as his cock continued to slide in and out of her. Bringing her finger tip to her lips, she tasted both of their flavors, mingled together, then reached back and continued to press and circle her clit. Her breathing became more rapid, her excitement excited him even farther. Faster and harder they both moved and pressed their bodies together. Their excitement was overwhelming...closer...faster...closer...harder... so close, until they finally exploded together in an overwhelming climax that left them both breathless and exhausted. Jack climbed onto the rock, laying next to Jessie in the perfect night air. Together, their hands lazily caressed each other, they watched the stars and counted the satellites as they passed across the Tahitian sky. They could not recall a time when they were more in love.

This was, after all, Tahiti...the land for a new beginning...for a journey the best times of their lives.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.