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As Kendra drove her blue mustang down the highway she reminisced about the last year of her life. She had no idea the picture she painted with her long red hair blowing in the wind and the sparkling green eyes showing her excitement. These last months had been very difficult but she had done it! She had been coming to "The Center" to work out as she lost her weight. She had been heavy all her life and a year ago had decided that at 23 years old it was time to do something about it. Today was another step in her journey and she was so nervous. Tonight for the first time she was wearing a spandex leotard. The plum color of the leotard accentuated her fair complexion. When she stepped out of the car she made a conscious effort to stand straight and hold her head up. Her heart was pounding as she made her way to the door. She still wondered if she would have the courage to take off the warm-up pants that covered her shaking legs. It was after 8:00 p.m. but Zax, her trainer, had an unexpected problem arise and had asked if she would mind coming in later. Of course she hadn't, she would do anything he asked. Kendra wondered if her eyes betrayed the way she felt about him.

Just the thought of Zax brought a pretty red blush to Kendra's cheeks. To her mind, he was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. He was six foot compared to her 5'2. Black hair that was just long enough to make a person want to run her fingers through it. She remembered how surprised she was when their eyes met for the first time. She had been expecting to see brown eyes and was shocked when she looked into the most striking pair of blue ones she had ever seen. She still remembered what he was wearing that Monday four months ago. He was very dark complected and the short red shorts he had on showed off his tan. He wore a white tank top that was tight enough that tiny wisps of curly black chest hair spilled over the top. Kendra shook herself, embarrassed. She had to get control of her imagination! She could already feel the warm wetness beginning to spread between her legs and if she were going to take off these warm up pants that would never do.

When she walked into the work out room that she kiddingly referred to as the torture chamber, she surprisingly found herself alone. Quickly, she removed her warm-up pants and put them in her bag. Kendra began her stretches recalling how hard they had been 86 pounds ago. Now her body was firm and tight. She still had to remind herself she wasn't the heavy girl that she used to be.

The door opened and when she looked in the mirror she saw Zax entering. He smiled when their eyes met. He had the most beautiful smile! Kendra was glad he couldn't feel her racing pulse right now! She wondered if Zax could feel the attraction between them. The last few weeks it had been increasing for Kendra; she felt if she didn't get to feel his arms around her soon she would die from anticipation.

Zax apologized for the late hour and they began their work-out. Tonight they were in the nautilus room. Each machine worked a different part of the body. In Kendra's imagination each machine was a different position for Zax and her to be making love in. They worked diligently, moving from one machine to another. Each station bringing a touch from Zax as he showed her the correct form.

Each touch from Zax sent a shiver down Kendra's spine. From the first, she knew she would have to devote all the discipline and concentration she had learned from her weight training to continue with the workout, but by the third station, she knew that was going to be impossible. When he touched her thigh to slightly reposition her leg on the leg press station, she knew from his smile that he could feel the heat emanating from her core. He was kneeling next to her, his face only a couple of feet from her sex as he adjusted her form, and he inhaled deeply, taking in the scent that accompanied her warmth. Zax looked into her eyes, his tongue quickly moistening his lips, then just as quickly his professionalism returned and he continued guiding Kendra through her workout. But things had obviously changed. His touches became ever so slightly more intimate, her responses more overt. A unique kind of foreplay that would lead to who knew where.

As the workout was completed, Zax complimented her on how hard she had worked and the progress she had made in just a few short months. Taking her by the hand, he led her to one of the therapy tables in the back and motioned her to lay down on it. It was time for the massage, the end of the 'torture' that made it all worthwhile. Zax pulled the curtain, leaving her in privacy to undress and cover herself with a towel. A few minutes later, he reentered the room. She was laying face down on the table, but to his amazement and delight, there was no towel covering her body. Her breasts were compressed beneath her and he stood for a moment taking in the curves of her white body contrasting with the black leather of the table. Her head was turned, looking toward him and she could see his excitement building through his shorts. Neither said a word, as Zax poured a generous amount of oil in his hand. Rubbing them to warm the oil, he stood next to her, his body only inches from her face.

He began at her shoulders, spreading the warm oil generously over her porcelain skin. Her red hair beautiful against the creamy whiteness of her body excited him. The soft moan from her lips as he began his massage excited him more. As Kendra continued to watch his excitement grow, she could see the tip of his cock begin to peek out from the leg of his shorts, which triggered an increase in her already palpable excitement. She could feel her wetness begin to trickle down and pool beneath her on the table.

Zax's muscular hands continued to stroke her shoulders, down her back. He was standing at the front of the table now, leaning over her, running long strokes from her neck to the small of her back. As he leaned in, reaching to his limits, his hardness would come nearer and nearer to her. The tip of his cock, it's entire beautiful purple head exposed from his leg band now, would touch the top of the black leather, leaving a trail of precum in it's path. Oh, God, Kendra thought, how she wanted to touch it's tip with her tongue as it drew nearer, to taste him, to please him and be pleased by him. Oh, what sweet torture. As he drew away to move down her body, she raised a finger to the wet trail he had left behind, ran it along the trail, looked into his eyes and brought the finger to her mouth. Touching it to the tip of her tongue, then pulling it away, creating a string of his salty substance which she then wound around her finger, brought once again to her mouth and sucked off seductively. He only smiled at her and continued his work.

Moving to the back of the table, he continued his massage...down her buttocks, along her thighs, down her calves. He began massaging the soles of her feet, not with his hands but with his tongue. He reached her toes, his tongue slaloming around them, then taking each in turn into his mouth, sucking them gently. A moan escaped her lips, her legs parted slightly, allowing him a vision of her glistening pink flesh. Her other foot found his hardness and massaged it through his shorts, feeling his wetness on the tips of her toes. His moans were as urgent as her own.

As Kendra lay there feeling Zax’s hands on her she felt as though she must be dreaming. She couldn’t believe the way her body was responding to his touch. The thought of her previous actions slightly embarrassed her. Kendra couldn’t believe she was acting this way. She had never done anything like this before. She had always been the jolly fat girl who was a lot of fun to have around but not the type anyone wanted to date. She had always envisioned herself to be a rosebud that had never blossomed out. Now the rose was finally opening up and she loved it. Kendra felt so deliciously sexy.

Kendra wanted so badly to roll over and lift her arms up to Zax, but she was terrified. She didn’t have much experience and didn’t want to let Zax down. Kendra had only had sex one time before and it had been a disaster! As Zax massaged he shoulders Kendra’s mind began to wander back to her first time. Lance was his name. She thought he really liked her and that he was wonderful. But it was all a terrible joke. She wanted so badly to be loved and to be made love to just like in the movies, but Lance had other things in mind. He ended up tearing her blouse because he couldn’t get it off fast enough. Then without even removing her skirt he had yanked down her panties and thrust his huge member inside of her. The pain had been excruciating. Kendra had cried out and tried to get away but he had pushed her down and yelled at her to shut up. When he was satisfied he rolled off her with a grunt. As he walked out the door he called her a fat, frigid, bitch. Kendra could still remember the bitter taste that was in her mouth as the tears rolled down her cheeks. That was four years ago and Kendra hadn’t let another man get close to her….until Zax.

Zax’s tongue on the soles of her feet brought Kendra back to the present. She still worried that she wouldn’t be able to please him but she now knew she wasn’t frigid. Her body was definitely responding to Zax’s touch.

When Kendra heard Zax moan she knew he was as excited as she was. Kendra took a deep breath and rolled over lifting her arms up to him. Zax immediately responded and was in her arms kissing her tenderly yet passionately. Kendra held Zax close and returned his kiss with all the desire she had kept hidden for so long. They kissed for a long time. Their tongues meeting, playing and tasting each other. Kendra loved the way Zax tasted. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as Zax’s mouth moved down to her neck. Kendra ran her nails over Zax’s back and across his buttocks as he continued leaving a trail of kisses over her burning flesh, his mouth descending to her breasts, his tongue circling her large, brown erect nipples. As he took her 3/4 inch nipple between his teeth, nipping gently but firmly, it sent a shockwave straight to her pussy. She could feel herself flow more profusely than she could ever remember. How different Zax was from Lance, wanting to please her and not just himself. In fact, he seemed only to want to please her. As he continued to nibble her breasts, his hand slid softly across the smooth flesh of her belly, over her neatly trimmed mound and between her legs. She felt the roughness of his finger slide across her inflamed clit as it journeyed through her folds, his middle finger hooking as it slid inside her. She could feel his fingertip pressing and massaging that delicate spot within her. That spot that could give her sensations every bit as pleasurable as her clit, yet at the same time different. Her hips thrust forward, pressing the heel of his palm against her clit as his finger continued it's internal massage.

His kisses traveled farther down as he continued his ministrations with his talented hand. Kendra's breathing became more rapid, her hips seemed to take on a life of their own as they rocked and pressed against his touch. She was unable and unwilling to control the earthy moans that emanated from her throat as the pleasure continued to build and finally explode from within her.

She expected Zax to stop, to take his own pleasure now that she had come, but he had other ideas. Moving to the end of the table, kneeling before her, he wrapped his hands around her thighs and pulled her somewhat forcefully to the edge of the table. He positioned her thighs over his shoulders, taking her knees and spreading them wide to open her to him. Zax wrapped his arms around Kendra's thighs, his fingertips on either side of her engorged lips, spreading them apart. He tasted her for the first time, and it was ambrosia to his tongue.

His tongue slid sensually through her folds, fluttering along the outside, crossing over to the other, then sliding sexily between them, letting the tip linger at her opening then thrusting as deeply as possible within her. Once again Kendra's hips raised toward his touch, her fingers entwined in his hair, pulling him tighter against her. His tongue continued its exploration, sliding upward, it's tip teasing her hard clit, circling, fluttering. He surrounded her clit with his mouth and sucked hard on her nub, nibbling with his teeth as he did so. Her moans intensified once again, her hands pulling at his hair as she ground her wet pussy against his mouth, tongue, teeth. As her climax closed in on her, her legs wrapped tightly around Zax's head, trapping it between her thighs as she lost all control yet again.

Once again she expected him to stop, but he continued to gently lick and suck on her, more gently as she descended back to normalcy, then with an increased vigor, sending her higher and over the edge once again. Over and over, she rode the crest and trough of orgasmic waves until she could take no more, begging him to stop and let her rest, but rest isn't really what was on Kendra's mind.

When Kendra couldn’t stand it any longer she pulled Zax up to her and kissed him deeply. Running her tongue over his lips she relished the taste of her juices on him. When the kiss ended she pulled herself up and looked longingly into his eyes. She could see the need and desire in them. Kendra’s body was tingling all over. She felt more alive then she had ever before. Kendra couldn’t believe that making love could be like this.

Looking around the room she saw a large warm up mat in the corner. Taking Zax by the hand she walked over to it. Still standing she turned to Zax and began kissing him again. Pulling his shirt over his head as she did. Kendra broke the kiss and watched Zax as her fingers moved slowly over his hard , hairy chest. Kendra lowered her head and let her tongue run around his nipples seductively. She continued licking until his nipple became tight and erect. Taking it in her mouth she sucked and bit it gently while her finger nails aroused the other. Kendra could feel Zax’s breathing become more rapid. She smiled as she slowly knelt before him leaving a trail of hot wet kisses down his body. When she reached his belly button Kendra placed tiny kisses around it letting her tongue move in and out of the tiny hole. Kendra was getting very aroused as she made love to Zax.

She had one goal in mind and that was to bring Zax the same pleasure that he had brought her. She wanted to bring Zax to ecstasy. Running her index finger along the band of his shorts Kendra felt Zax suck in his stomach and catch his breath. She moved her tongue from his belly button and ran it just above the band of his shorts. Moving from one side to the other. A small moan escaped Zax’s lips and he ran his hands through Kendra’s hair pressing her head closer to his throbbing body. Teasing Zax, Kendra let her tongue slip just inside his shorts and continued running it along his waistband. Kendra’s tongue felt the tip of Zax’s cock as it ran across to the other side. She couldn’t tease him any longer. She wanted to hold his beautiful manhood in her hands.

Sliding his shorts down to the floor Kendra helped Zax step out of them. Oh God, he was so gorgeous. His cock was long and thick. She couldn’t resist taking the tip of her tongue and licking slowly from the base to the tip. Kendra moved deliberately, enjoying every inch of Zax. Her tongue traced over the bulging vein on his shaft until it reached the lip that was the beginning of his beautiful head. Kendra ran her tongue around the edge moving round and round not missing an inch until her tongue pressed against the hole at the tip of his cock. Zax moaned loudly and pushed Kendra’s head once again towards his throbbing cock. Kendra grinned as she wrapped her moist lips around Zax and pulled him down to the mat. When he was in a prone position Kendra slid her body up his until their eyes were level with each other. Clasping her fingers through Zax’s she moved his hands over his head. Playfully she licked his lips and told him to stay.

Zax looked at Kendra thoughtfully. He had never seen her look more beautiful. Her eyes were smoldering with passion and her lips were swollen and pouting. Zax’s hips lifted just thinking about making love to her.

Kendra once again began her quest down Zax’s body. Her lips and hands caressing every crevice. Zax tried to move his hands and touch her but she had put his hands back over his head and looked at him sternly returning to her administrations of his body. Kendra was in control now and she was going to do things her way. Zax grinned, he couldn’t wait!

Kendra could feel Zax's hard cock against her belly as she once again moved down his body. As she continued kissing, licking, sucking her way down his chest, she could feel the sticky wetness oozing from him as it traced a line on her body, hot when it touched her, cooling instantly on her skin as the air touched it, making her even wetter by the moment. As her breasts grazed over his tumultuous erection, his gasp was audible. His hips swayed seductively as his cock popped up, settling between her breasts, and her rhythm matched his as his hardness slid in and out between them. The sensation of this and of her flowing hair teasing his body as she moved was overwhelming to Zax.

She moved lower, her hair now caressing his pelvis and inner thighs as her tongue touched the tip of his erection then slid down the underside of his cock tracing the thick blue vein. Kendra took first one, then the other of his balls into her mouth, gently sucking and fondling them with her tongue as her left hand engulfed his shaft, slowly stroking him and her right hand reached between her own legs, feeling how wet she was, sliding two fingers within herself, the heel of her palm pressing against her own clit. She knew neither of them could stand this much longer. Kendra had never taken the aggressive role, but she found she relished it. She had to have Zax, she had to have him NOW...and she knew exactly how she wanted him.

Moving back up his body, her tongue traced a wet line around his ear, her teeth nibbling at his earlobe. Her whispered phrase was simultaneously seductive and demanding. "Fuck me against the wall," she said, breathlessly.

In moments, Zax had Kendra pinned against the wall of the gym, his mouth hungrily against hers, their tongues wildly exploring each other. His right hand went to her thigh, raising her leg over his hip as her hand reached for his cock, guiding it easily into her. With one long, hard stroke he was buried deeply within her and she gasped as he filled her. Their mouths still coupled, he reached with his left hand, raising her other leg over his hip, her feet interlocking behind him as she rode him. Zax's hands cupped her ass, supporting her as his cock slammed in and out of her wetness, the sensation of the rough wall behind her at once painful yet pleasurable as her body was pressed against it, Zax's passion unleashed, as was hers, for in this position her clit was directly stimulated by both the top of his cock and his pubic bone as it slammed against her.

Over and over he plunged into her, his staying power surprising her, especially in light of past experiences. She felt herself crest, subside and crest again as he continued his glorious assault upon her body. Each time she came, she momentarily lost connection with the rest of the world, focusing totally on her own pleasurable and passionate sensations, then reawaken just in time to be swept away again. Kendra lost track of how many times she came with Zax, but remembered explicitly when she felt his cock swelling within her, signaling his own impending release. When he came, it was nirvana, feeling his final hard deep thrust, his contractions overtaking him, then his seed being deposited within her very core. She had never felt so sexy, so sensual, so wanted.

As their breathing subsided, Zax gently lay Kendra back down on the mat, cuddling with her. His fingers had almost a mind of their own as they continued to lightly caress her sides, her breasts, her stomach. They lay next to each other, talking, sharing. Eventually, they realized how late it was getting and knew they had to think about going before the cleaning staff showed up for the night. With a kiss, they stood, looking longingly into each other's eyes once again and headed for the showers.

Kendra and Zax walked hand in hand to the showers. Before they parted Zax traced his finger slowly down Kendra’s cheek and gazed into her eyes. "You are wonderful," he said. As their fingers unclasped they slid languidly apart, not wanting to let go of each other completely. With one last glance Kendra entered the locker room to shower and change. Kendra leaned against the cool tile and let the hot pulsating water stream down her body. She was still tingling from Zax’s touch. Kendra smiled as she thought of Zax and all the places they could explore in the gym….

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