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The Letter Home

Dearest Cindy,

It's hard to believe it's only been three days since I kissed you good-bye at the airport. Three days without sunshine! Three nights without YOU!

I just got out of the shower and was listening to the radio when a song came on that reminded me of you. It's Mary Chapin-Carpenter's "Shut Up And Kiss Me."

I smile every time I hear that song! It always reminds me of our vacation at the cabin last summer. It was evening and we were sitting on the porch swing looking out over the valley. The radio was playing softly and the moon was bright. We'd been there for an hour or so, watching the sun set and just enjoying each other. You had your head on my shoulder and your arm through mine when the radio started playing that song. Neither of us said a word as we listened and admired the beauty of the mountains.

I started to comment about something or other, but never got the chance. You looked up at me, your eyes twinkling, and in your sexiest voice said "shut up and kiss me!"

I put my arm around you and we kissed; full of passion, full of desire. Your lips were warm and soft and inviting. Time seemed to stop while we kissed. Even the night was quiet as our mouths rediscovered each other.

My hand touched your cheek and combed your hair back.

I love the feel of your skin! If I close my eyes, I can feel you now, Cindy, soft and smooth.

My fingers traced your jaw from ear to chin. My thumb continued and I cupped your delicious lips as we kissed.

Your hand brushed my cheek and I regretted the five o'clock shadow that grated your palm, but I reveled in the touch of your fingers. They seemed to be charged with electricity, making me tingle wherever they touched.

We kissed and caressed each other like it was our last night on earth. I looked in your eyes and felt your love fall over me like Gossamer. I thanked whatever force brought us together.

As I held your cheek in my hand I could feel your pulse quicken, keeping pace with my own. You said "I love you, Troy" so softly I wasn't sure if you'd said it or merely thought it. I smiled and said to you "shut up and kiss me!"

Do you know that you've never been more beautiful than that night? Your eyes closed, your face lifted to me and your lips slightly parted in smile!

As we kissed again, my hand glided down your neck, my thumb following the ridges of your throat. I traced your collar bone across to your shoulder as my lips kissed their way down your neck. I felt you shudder slightly.

God Cindy, just thinking of kissing you stirs my cock. It misses you and your touch as much as every other part of me does.

The same thing happened on the swing as my hand circled your left breast. Your tee-shirt felt as though it were painted on and I could feel your nipple, already hard, harden even more each time my fingers bumped over it.

My lips were enjoying your neck, your shoulder and the hollow between your collar bones. Your head was laid back over the swing and you cooed every time I touched a sensitive spot.

My hand reached under your tee-shirt and my palm moved slowly up your tummy till I could cup your breast in my hand. My thumb played with your nipple. Occasionally I'd capture it between thumb and forefinger and tug it gently, or squeeze a little moan from you.

There was no mistaking the movement of your hips as my lips dipped to kiss your nipple through your shirt. I nibbled gently on you, scraping my teeth the length of each nipple while my hand caressed the underside of your breasts.

The night air was warm, but there were goosebumps when I peeled your tee-shirt from you. I marveled at your breasts as I do each time I see them.

Lost in your thoughts, your eyes were still closed as I licked circles around your right breast. Large circles that got smaller with each delicious circuit. As my tongue traced the crease beneath your breast, your hand touched the back of my head as if you were holding a child.

Distracted by my tongue, I don't think you even felt me unbutton your shorts and ease the zipper down. My palm rubbed your tummy like it was Aladdin's lamp and I wanted to make a wish.

While I suckled your nipple, my hand worked it's way lower, my fingers toyed with the elastic at the top of your panties and slowly slipped beneath. Your closely trimmed bush excited me as it ticked my palm.

I felt the moist heat from your pussy as I rubbed your mons. The heat increased with your breathing and the movements of your hips.

I stood and removed my clothes while you watched, then slowly tugged your shorts and panties off.

"God, you're beautiful!" I said to you.

You smiled, and said "shut up and kiss me." Then you spread your legs to indicate WHERE you wanted to be kissed.

I knelt beneath you and placed my hands on each thigh. I rubbed your thighs up and down; the outside first, from knee to butt. I kissed your knees as my hands moved to the inside of your thighs.

Your pussy was before me, open and inviting. A small drop of your nectar was just starting to escape. I captured it with my fingers and brought it to my tongue so that I could taste your passion.

Mmmm! I love the taste of your pussy, Cindy!

I needed to taste more of you. I licked my way up your thigh until I could smell your sex. The scent drove me crazy, but I didn't want to rush. I licked the other thigh till I got to the spot where your leg touches your body and I licked the crease I found there.

My tongue made a circuit around your pussy, being sure to catch every drop of precious liquid you presented me. I pressed against the spot between your pussy and ass and my nose worked its way inside you.

As I slid my tongue up and into your pussy you grabbed my head and held me against you like you were afraid I would quit.

I couldn't have quit if I'd wanted to darling, I needed to taste you, to tickle your hard little clit

Oh, Dear Cindy, I wish it was YOU here rubbing my cock as I remember that night.

Your breathing came faster and faster, more erratic. Your moans increased in volume and duration. Your hands help me tighter against you.

My tongue had a mind of it's own, gliding from spot to spot, probing as deeply as it could.

It seemed that I licked you for hours. God, Cindy, I loved it!

I could sense your orgasm rising from the depth of your soul. Your legs clenched; your pussy itself seemed come alive.

You threw your head back, pushed your hips into me farther and announced your release to the world. Your cries of pleasure echoed across the valley below like the world was as glad as I for your pleasure.

As I continued licking you, trying desperately not to let a single drop of your honey escape, your thighs gripped my head almost to the point of being painful. I never noticed, I was in heaven.

When you relaxed, it was like someone had cut Pinochio's strings, you collapsed on the swing, moaning softly. Your hand was still on my head, but your touch was tender now, loving, caressing me gently.

Sitting beside you again, you returned your hand to my hair and pulled me to your lips. We seemed to melt into each other for a time.

The taste of your pussy and the feel of your tongue excited us both. You let your hand slide down to my chest where you played with my nipples.

Then your hand slid down to my cock, hard as a rock, like it always is when I'm near you. Like it is right now, Cindy.

Your touch was so tender, so soft, so loving. Your fingers encircled me and slowly slid from end to end.


You looked into my eyes and smiled. "My turn, Love!"

You kissed my chin, my throat and my chest. You nibbled gently on my nipples. All the while, your hand continued to stroke me, bringing so much pleasure.

I watched as your tongue licked the precum from me. You kissed my cock from tip to base. Your tongue left a slippery trail as it traced it's way back to the tip then around and around the head.

As you allowed me between your lips, I smiled in pleasure. I reached out to stroke your hair and shoulders.

Your mouth took more and more of me, sending waves of ecstasy throughout my body. As you moved up and down I moaned almost constantly.

It was all I could do to hold back the flood that wanted to rush into your throat. The agony was delicious! You kept me at the point where I wanted to cum so bad, needed to cum, but could still balance on the edge.

Afraid I'd loose control, I pulled you up. My cock jumped like it was angry at me for interrupting it's pleasure.

As our lips met, you moved to straddle me. You teased me a bit, rubbing your pussy against my cock.

Without warning, my cock entered your hot pussy. Deep and fast. You sank onto my lap with a sigh. You wiggled your hips to settle in.

God, Cindy, it felt so good. Your pussy gripped me in exactly the right spots, exactly the right way!

I cupped your breasts, one in each hand, as you sat up and pressed harder onto me.

The swing creaked as you moved: up and down, back and forth and in small circles. From time to time you would stop and press against me.

I pulled your left nipple to my lips and inhaled it as you resumed bouncing on my lap. Each stroke you make brought both of us closer to climax.

I could feel your muscles tighten around my cock as your movements became less controlled. You moved faster and faster and moaned louder and louder.

Just as I thought I could hold it no more, you jerked yourself upright and pressed as hard onto me as you could.

"I'm Cumming!" You said!

I echoed your cries as I felt my own orgasm take control of me.

Neither of us moved. Externally that is. I could feel your vaginal muscles gripping and releasing me, milking my cum from me. I could feel my own muscles convulsing, forcing the cum out in jets. I could feel your stomach muscles quiver as you slid over the peak.

The mingling of our fluids was slippery and I could feel the wetness coating my balls and dripping onto the porch.

"Mmmm, That was terrific!" I said.

You smiled, wrapped your arms around my neck and said "Shut up and kiss me!"

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.