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I looked out the window as the dark gray clouds spread across the sky and I heard the thunder off in the distance. I felt the disappointment threaten to bring tears to my eyes. "Good lord woman," I thought to myself, "it's only a thunderstorm, a little bit of rain is no big deal, it'll pass quickly." I had spent days preparing for this picnic. He was flying in for a long weekend. We had known each other intimately for months, but had never met, and I wanted everything to be wonderful. I don't usually drive myself crazy trying to make things perfect, but I had found that the preparations kept the nervousness and doubts away. So I had cooked and baked, shopped for the perfect wine, and scouted the area for beautiful secluded picnic spots. Now, with only an hour left before he arrived, everything was ready, but the rain was coming down in buckets. I gave one more sad sigh, pushed the sadness away, and started thinking of a Plan B.

I thought about just setting up the picnic inside, but felt pretty silly. Why sit on blankets balancing plates on our laps when we could use the table? Besides, I giggled to myself, if he was as anxious to see me as I was to see him, it really wouldn't matter. So I cleared the table and set it for two. I unpacked the basket, put everything away, then went into the bedroom and changed my t-shirt, denim shorts and sneakers for a short cotton dress and bare feet. I stretched out on the sofa with a magazine, trying to concentrate, but my thoughts drifting to my anticipation of our finally being together. The thunder continued outside, the rain beating relentlessly against the windows, giving me that wonderful cozy feeling I get when I'm safe and warm inside on a nasty evening. There was one particularly bright flash of lightning, a horrible crash of thunder, and everything went dark. And just as I was stumbling around for a flashlight, I heard his knock on the door.

I threw the door open and pulled him quickly inside, slamming the door shut behind him. The room was pitch black. "Wow, you look great" I laughed, as I stepped into his open arms, "But you're all wet!" He laughed, a sexy sound in the darkness that made me tingle, and said "I was hoping that I could say that about you!" I slid my hip slowly against his leg and purred "Maybe you can."

I think he brought the electricity in the outside air inside with him, because every inch of my body felt incredibly alive. We had known each other for what seemed like forever, but was in reality only a few months. We spent countless hours talking on the computer, sharing many intimate moments and learning each other's fantasies. From there, we had moved to long phone conversations, the sound of his voice driving me wild as I feverishly touched myself, imagining every moment his hands all over my body instead of my own. We both realized that we had to know whether being together physically would be as incredible as mentally, so together we made plans. We had both spent the previous few weeks in anticipation, almost afraid to talk to each other, fearing something would happen to ruin our plans. But the weeks had flown uneventfully by, and he was finally here, right in front of me, and damn, I couldn't even see him!

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply. I felt my insides do a slow, wonderful turn as my entire body responded to his kiss. I forgot about the storm, the ruined picnic, and the darkness, as I returned his kiss, meeting his building passion with my own. The kiss seemed to last forever, as our hands tentatively began to explore each other. As our tongues danced together, our touches grew more insistent and he pulled me to him. As I melded myself to him, I felt the heat spreading through my body, and any doubts I may have had about what we were doing were forgotten. I stepped back, took a ragged breath and said, "Come with me, I've waited too long for this to have it be over quickly on the hall floor."

I took his hand and led him carefully down the pitch black hallway until we reached my bedroom. I took him to the bed and had him sit while I searched in the darkness for the matches. Finding them, I struck one and lit the candle on the nightstand. I carried the candle to the other side of the room and lit the other one, then returned. Soft flickering light filled the room with shadows. Finally, I could look into his eyes and see that he wanted me as badly as I wanted him, and there were no signs of doubts or uncertainties either. A shiver ran through me as a smile formed on my lips.

I was desperately torn between my overwhelming need for him and my desire to make it last. I decided to just let things happen at their own pace as I stepped toward him. I knelt between his legs and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, my lips following my fingers down his smooth, flat stomach. When my lips reached his navel, I flicked my tongue into it as I spread his shirt, slipping it off his shoulders. My hands slid slowly back up his warm chest. I stood up and took a step back, watching him intently as I reached behind me for the zipper of my dress, sliding it down. His eyes moved back and forth from my eyes to my hands as I slipped the dress off of one shoulder, then the next, holding it up with my arms for a moment or two before letting it fall to my feet. I stood, a bit nervously, before him in my bra and panties. I almost trembled as his eyes slid up my body, inch by inch, until they met mine. All my nervousness vanished as he grinned, licked his lips and reached for me.

I stepped eagerly toward him as his arms circled my waist and he pulled me close. My hands tangled in his thick dark hair, slipping down to caress his neck and shoulders, and he kissed lightly across the top edge of my bra. I gently pushed him backwards, turned my back to him, and sat on the edge of the bed between his legs. His hands lightly held my waist, and I turned my head to kiss him. His lips traveled from my lips, across my cheek and down my neck to my shoulder while his hands traveled up my back, reaching for my bra and unhooking it. He slowly slid the straps off each shoulder as he continued nibbling my neck. I trembled with pleasure and desire.

He tossed my bra to the floor, then slowly ran his hands up my sides, around to the tops of my breasts. I held my breath and leaned back against him, as his fingertips brushed against my hard nipples. I moaned and arched forward into his hands. He pulled his right hand back, licked his fingers, and returned to trace around the edge of my nipple, slowly circling to the center. He moved backwards, lowering himself onto the bed. I turned to face him, my hands reaching for him. I looked down, and saw his hard cock, making that sexy tent in his pants. I pressed my hand to it, pushing it against his stomach and running my hand firmly up and down its length. His hips lifted, straining to my touch. I circled the head with my finger, pleasantly surprised to see the blue of his pants turn darker where drops of pre-cum stained the fabric.

I slid off the bed, and kissed his stomach as I unbuttoned his pants, sliding the zipper down. I pressed my lips against the wet spot on his underwear, inhaling deeply his warm, musky scent. I slipped my finger under the waistband of his underwear, reaching for the tip of his cock. I smeared the wetness onto my finger and brought it to my lips, flicking my tongue out to taste it. He smiled as he watched my every move. I quickly slid his pants and underwear off, kissing just the tip of his cock as my hands slid them past his knees. I stepped back to admire him for a moment.

"Show me what you do while we talk on the phone." I said. He smiled, and reached his hand downward, touching his balls lightly. "Like this?" he asked. "Mmm hmm," I murmured, sitting next to him. I licked my lips as I watched his hand drop lower, searching for that sensitive spot beneath his balls. He moaned as his fingers reached it, tickling it. His cock jumped as his other hand reached for it, grasping around the base with his thumb and middle finger. He lifted his hips as his fingers slid up its length. I moved behind him, he leaned backwards against me, my lips moving towards his ear. "Does the sound of my voice make you hot?" I whispered in his ear, as my hands traced his chest and shoulders. "Mmm hmm" he murmured and he continued to stroke his cock slowly, his hips moving in time with his leisurely rhythm.

"Does it make you hot having me watching you?" I asked. Again, "mmm hmm". "Good," I continued, "because it drives me crazy." There is something so incredibly sensuous about watching a man slowly stroke his cock. I loved the sight, watching his hips move, the muscles in his thighs tighten as the rhythm of his stroke increased. "When we're on the phone," I purred into his ear, my breath against his neck, "I love to think of you stroking your cock as my fingers play with my clit, and slip in and out of my wet pussy." He moaned, his rhythm increasing as I continued to whisper all of the things I did to myself as I imagined his hands and lips all over my body. "I like to slide my fingers all over my pussy, imagining your tongue, licking my clit." I moaned. He breathed, "Do it now. Let me see."

I stood up. Sliding my fingers down my stomach and into my panties, reaching for my clit. I was amazed at how wet I was. I brought my finger to my lips, tasting the wetness and moaning, my eyes closed. I slipped off my panties and slid a finger inside my pussy, pushing my hips forward. I heard his breathing change, knowing that the sight of me did the same for him as he did for me. He let go of his cock and reached for me, pulling me on top of him. I slid up against him, stroking my clit with his cock a few times, before taking him inside me. We both gasped as he slipped in, that wonderful feeling making us both moan. His hands held my waist as we found the rhythm together, his hips lifting in time with my movements. The feel of his coarse pubic hair pressed against my clit was delicious, and I knew that an incredible orgasm wouldn't be far away.

I put my arms above his shoulders and leaned down, my breasts bouncing against his chest as our speed increased. He grabbed my ass, crushing me against him as I felt the beginning of the orgasm. I moaned loudly as I started to cum, slowing down to feel every sensation. It was incredible, my elbows buckled and I fell against him as my whole body quivered. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me tightly, still moving beneath me. He called my name as his own orgasm began. He stroked against me 5 or 6 times, crying out as each stroke delivered another spurt of hot, wet, sticky, wonderful cum. When he could deliver no more, he let out a deep purr of contentment. We rolled over, laying in each other's arms. I was speechless, so I just looked at him and smiled.

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